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Robe Celebrates 25 at Prolight+Sound 2019

Robe Celebrates 25 at Prolight+Sound 2019
Robe Celebrates 25 at Prolight+Sound 2019

Germany – Robe celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and is extremely proud to be attending Prolight+Sound 2019 as one of the market leading brands. The high-profile stand – Hall 12 Booth D10 – will reflect this exciting journey.

There will be another spectacular and unique live show, which will feature the concluding chapter in Robe’s “Lost Worlds” trilogy, which began in London at PLASA 2018. The show will play every hour on the hour and the accompanying lighting design will be utilising products from all the latest Robe product ranges.

Robe uses the strategic importance of the expo and its cosmopolitan international visitor base to highlight several important new products.

The T1 Profile, launched at LDI 2018, is specifically designed to fulfil the challenging requirements of three very diverse disciplines: theatre, television and touring, all in one comprehensive fixture.

The revolutionary new MSL (Multi-Spectral Light) LED light source is impressively bright, yet the T1 Profile is full of theatrical subtlety.

With CMY colour control, a radical new custom colour creation system and wide ranging CCT control from 2700K to 8000K, all variations of colour are possible.

A closed optical system prevents dust and dirt, and the precise needs of theatrical dimming are catered for with Robe’s ultra-smooth 18-bit dimming system, while the high CRI provides the natural and harmonious skin tones so fundamental to theatre and television and film applications.

The plus and minus green channel and Cpulse flicker-free management are other strong features for TV, films, video shoots and other camera and vision systems applications.

All this is combined with accurate framing shutters, a dynamic focus-tracking zoom, variable frosts, bespoke breakup and aerial gobos, animation wheel and prism, offering total control for finessing and fine-tuning the most demanding of designs for theatre, television and touring.

The T1 Profile FollowSpot has a digital camera on the head and can be connected to the RoboSpot BaseStation as part of Robe’s popular remote follow spotting system which is perfect for use in theatres, TV studios, concert halls, auditoriums and other assorted venues.

The T1 Wash is the latest fixture in Robe’s amazing T1 LED series of products specifically designed for theatre, television and touring.

Robe’s revolutionary MSL (Multi-Spectral Light) LED engine is right at the heart of the T1 Wash, providing an impressive output of 10,000 lumens.

Using either the Fresnel or PC lenses, the T1 Wash delivers the specific type of light output required by theatres and television studios. Like its T1 Profile and T1 FS counterparts, a closed optical system prevents dust and dirt.

CMY colour control and DataSwatch filters include a selection of pre-programmed colours accessible via the next generation RCC (Robe Colour Calibration) algorithm, and wide ranging 2700K to 8000K CCT control ensure that all variations of colour are possible.

The precise needs of theatrical dimming are addressed via the new L3 Low Light Linearity dimming system which takes ‘smoothness’ to new levels of delicacy and refinement.

The high CRI of 90+ provides the excellent natural skin tones required for performance and broadcast scenarios.

For television work, there’s a plus and minus green channel, while the implementation of Cpulse flicker-free source management will ensure that the T1 range is a rock-solid reliable source for all vision systems including HD and UHD cameras.

There is also a precise +/- 90° rotatable individually controlled internal barndoor system.

The flexible zoom range is 7° to 50°, a beam shaper tool and a graduated scrim with 180° rotation, plus light and medium frosts offer full and detailed control for all lighting designs in theatre, television and touring.

Robe’s brand new IP65 rated iPointe combines innovative ingress protection with the spectacular effect features of the MegaPointe – the best product on the market in its category to date – making the iPointe a truly unique and incomparable all-in-one fixture.

Perfect for festivals, concerts and outdoor events or any scenario needing to deal with inclement or unpredictable weather, the iPointe is a bright, powerful multifunctional luminaire that works equally well as a beam, spot, effects and wash fixture.

The ingenious ingress protection has been designed and developed diligently over two years by Robe’s R&D team and comprises a series of interconnected filters and air chambers which prevent water ingress into the fixture.

There’s also a unique new dust-free environment for the optical, gobo and colour systems eliminating the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

The iPointe’s impressive light source is a 310W lamp which has been specially developed for Robe by Osram. It produces a brilliant, crystal clear, razor-edged beam, adjustable from a tight, punchy 1.8° to a wide 42°.

The beam can be accurately shaped and positioned by using the smart framing shutters.

Both static and rotating glass gobos produce precision in-air effects and projected images with a sharp, high-contrast flat field.

An inventive new effects engine can produce 12 varying beam and ‘flower’ effects, taking this winning combination of creativity and weather-resistance to new levels.

Thanks to its cool design, the iPointe offers seamless cross-usage with MegaPointe, featuring the same DMX control in a well-protected, water-resistant housing.

The SuperSpikie was launched at PLASA 2018 and has already been trailblazing…

Bigger, brighter and bolder, the SuperSpikie takes the single beam light look to new heights!

It is four times brighter than the original Spikie (launched in 2016) and with the addition of aerial rotating gobos, it becomes a neat little effects machine with even more looks to blast through its substantial high quality 165mm front lens.

The zoom is wider, going from a tight 3.5° beam to a nice soft wash at 42° and the CMY or RGBW colour mix options both offer a rich array of shades and hues.

In a fraction of a second the SuperSpikie can change from a razor-sharp beam to a fabulous rich wash light producing a single shadow light output, vital for TV and theatre productions.

A range of in-air effects using different combinations of the aerial gobos, prism or flower effect feature make it a versatile stage, set or studio luminaire which can be mounted in any position, while the fast and continuous 360°pan and tilt rotation adds yet another dimension for all to enjoy.

The SilverScan is the first of Robe’s special edition “silver” range to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary and Silver Jubilee!

The SilverScan highlights 25 years of Robe lighting fixtures and their continuing evolution resulting in new advanced technology whilst bringing moving light design back to its roots: a small, good-looking performance-based LED scan.

This fixture revisits the spirit and pioneering days of moving lights and combines it with the latest technology and best engineering available, offering all the features everyone loved from the ‘scan era’, when the concept of moving lights became etched in the consciousness of the entertainment technology industry.

Speed, outstanding colours and beautiful gobos have always been Robe’s top priorities and these are all exceptional in the SilverScan.

The 350W white LED light engine provides over 9,000 lumens, giving an extra bright beam with an even flat field and an incredible 20,000 hours of operation.

Smooth colour transitions and vivid, radiant colours can be created using the CMY colour mixing system and colour wheel, with seven rotating or nine static gobos added for outstanding projections and mid-air effects.

The seamless zoom can go out to 27° at its widest, while the minimum 9° zoom produces a retina-piercing beam that can be trimmed with an ultra-fast stepless iris for even more potency.

Robe’s flagship LED wash-beam products – the Spiider and Tarrantula – and the popular small LEDBeam 150 are also now available with a fabulous new lens coating.

This protects soft plastic lenses against “surface scattering”, even when scrubbed repeatedly, enabling a brighter output with more contrast and a better overall look.

Anti-static properties prolong the time period before the lenses will collect dust and create white maps on the lens surface.

This proven technology, originally developed to protect eyeglasses that are cleaned daily or car headlights from UV radiation, scratches and cracks from road debris, is customised and patented specifically for entertainment needs.

It brings countless other benefits including longer intervals between cleaning, bright and clear lenses, no scratches or marks, and higher light output.

Eminere 1, 2, 3 and 4 is a new linear range of LED fixtures for architectural and entertainment use designed for a wide range of exterior and interior applications.

Assorted lens options cover all possible uses from flood lighting to wall grazing, wall washing to accent lighting. Robe’s unique 18-bit colour mixing resolution ensures extra fine colour tuning as well as smooth dimming at low level intensity. The fixtures are IP 67 rated and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Available in 1, 2, 3, and 4ft. sizes (300 / 600 / 900 / 1200mm respectively) with RGBW single chips as standard, the Emineres are very easy to control, one pixel per foot.

These fixtures are great for both permanent and temporary installations, including multiple architectural and architainment scenarios like indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial buildings, hotels and offices in addition to historic buildings, assorted venues, plus events, festivals and concerts.

Robe Anolis Divine 72 is the newest fixture from the dynamic Robe Anolis Divine range and features a true narrow beam angle of 6°, absolutely no passive light output and a serious long throw of 120 metres.

Combining its high output, refined colour mixing and excellent quality of light, Divine 72 is a luminaire designed to unleash creative potential across architectural, commercial, industrial, artistic and entertainment installation applications.

The Divine 72 is powered by 72 high powered single-chip RGBW LEDs giving a near infinite range of colours and hues and an authentic clean, crisp warm white light at 7200K with a CRI of 70.

The 6° narrow beam makes this fixture ideal for highlighting fine details in landscapes or on building facades as well as in combination with other Divine range fixtures.

Robe Celebrates 25 at Prolight+Sound 2019Robe Celebrates 25 at Prolight+Sound 2019

26th March 2019

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