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Drummer Beats Anxiety

Drummer Beats Anxiety

USA – Drummer and prolific YouTuber with over ten million views, Alex 'Rudi' Rudinger has recently upgraded his setup to include USB audio interface iD44 and two ASP880 eight-channel mic pres giving him a total of 20 possible inputs, four from the iD44 and eight from each ASP880 - and opens up a world of possibilities when recording drums.

A passion for playing and recording drums is evident in his video stream, which he has more recently added to with one revealing his behind the scenes studio rig. Describing his workflow: “Of course, having the computer within arm’s reach is important,” he says. “My iD44 and ASP880s are in a rack that I keep back behind my drum kit, along with a laptop stand.

“When I'm done tracking something, I move my laptop across the room to my desk where I keep my studio monitors. I used to have a cheaper interface that I kept there for playback (so I wouldn't have to unscrew my interface from the rack behind my kit all the time), but since the iD44 is quite portable and compact, I've taken to just unplugging it and moving it to my desk. Just another thing I like about iD44.”

Using the new Audient gear to track himself 99 percent of the time, Rudi relies on this technique to keep his mental health in check. “Being able to record myself is a monumental tool for my own improvement on the instrument,” he says. An extremely important tool too, as he attributes conquering an “immense fear of failure” to this unwavering dedication to his craft. “Like many people, I've struggled with fairly severe depression and somewhat crippling anxiety at varying points in my life,” he admits. “Drums have allowed me such a phenomenal platform for growth as a human being, much more than I think anyone really realises.

“There was even a point when I genuinely thought I’d never be able to perform live. Somehow my passion for drums and music has always managed to outweigh those mental health issues just enough to force me out of my comfort zone.”

Today Rudi is in good shape, doing regular live session work and touring with bands like The Faceless, Revocation, Conquering Dystopia, Good Tiger and Threat Signal. He also teaches via Skype and has a “very cool fill-in gig coming up” proving that hard work and dedication really can get you where you want to go. “In addition to just being something that I love to do, [drums] have also truly made my overall quality of life better. When I say: ‘drums and music make me happy,’ I really mean that in more than just the ‘instant gratification’ sense.”

12th April 2019

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