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Hawthorn Supports ITV Studios to Deliver the Drama

Hawthorn Supports ITV Studios to Deliver the Drama
Hawthorn Supports ITV Studios to Deliver the Drama

UK – ITV Studios Global Entertainment unveiled their spring drama slate to a packed audience of international buyers at its second annual drama festival. Held at London’s iconic Roundhouse on 20 February 2019, the event saw 330 delegates experience a range of new titles from ITV Studios’ production labels and leading independent producers. Creative technical event production company Hawthorn supported the ITV Studios team to showcase some of the most exciting and powerful dramas soon to launch to the international market. Featuring a spectacular 360-degree projection, the Hawthorn team delivered full technical production for the Drama Festival including lighting, video, sound and draping.

With the event showcasing programmes such as World War Two drama World On Fire and screen adaptation of Malorie Blackman’s Noughts + Crosses, content was key. Designed to immerse the audience in a world of storytelling and make the most of the impressive birdcage architecture, Hawthorn collaborated with event production designer Matt Gates to deliver a spectacular 360-degree projection solution. A main hero screen, measuring 14.3m x 6.79m, was created using two of Hawthorn’s Barco UDX-4K32 projectors, delivering full 4K playback. Over 65 metres of custom-made voile draping were then installed around the venue’s iconic pillars to allow the content to seamlessly run out from the central screen, completely enveloping the space. A staggering 19 Panasonic RZ970 laser projectors were used to display content between the pillars, creating nineteen screens that worked alongside the hero screen to create the 360-degree experience. Five disguise media servers were used for playback, managing a whopping 2.9tb of content, produced by agencies Zealot, Ignition and I Drew This.

It wasn’t just the video content that delivered an immersive audience experience. Hawthorn partnered with in-house sound company Britannia Row to create a 5.1 surround sound system. repurposing the in-house equipment to introduce cinematic audio. The surround sound, combined with the 360-degree projection, created a completely immersive viewing experience for the audience, putting them right in the heart of the action.

With the video content taking centre stage, a simplistic lighting design was used to enhance the event environment whilst ensuring the on-stage panel speakers were beautifully lit. Working alongside the in-house lighting rig, the team installed new front, side and back lighting using Claypaky Scenius Profiles. Not only did the fixtures effectively light the stage, they also ensured minimal light spill onto the 4K hero screen. The pre and post screening drinks space was enhanced with larger than life props, supplied by ITVE, and lit with a combination of Hawthorn’s Robe PATT 2013 and PicklePatt fixtures alongside GDS battery uplighters.

Scott Rooney-Ashby, account director at Hawthorn said: “We were absolutely delighted to have been chosen to deliver the technical production for the ITV Studios Drama Festival. The fantastic in-house events team at ITV Studios always strive to turn the traditional screening experience on its head which is technically challenging but endlessly exciting for us here at Hawthorn. The final solution put the audience right in the centre of the storytelling, making the most of the iconic Roundhouse birdcage to ensure they were completely enveloped by the spectacular new drama content.”

Adrian Last, EVP, director of ITV Studios marketing said: “Our ambition for the second annual ITV Studios Drama Festival was to create a fully immersive screening experience which put our customers at the very heart of our new drama content. Hawthorn, working alongside our creative agencies, were able to deliver a solution which ingeniously utilised the iconic Roundhouse space, with jaw-dropping results.”

9th April 2019

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