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Penn UltraFlite Panels make it Rock

Penn UltraFlite Panels make it Rock
Penn UltraFlite Panels make it Rock

Penn Elcom has launched UltraFlite, a revolutionary new 100% recyclable flightcase panel material which is a game-changer in the world of flightcase manufacture.

Utilising this in a building project will dramatically reduce the weight of flightcases, adding to all the positive consequences this brings in a tough and highly durable solution.

Penn Elcom has always been a pioneer of flightcase technology and the incredible next generation UltraFlite has been developed after two years of extensive R&D coupled with Penn’s vast experience in the field.

Around 80% lighter than traditional wood-ply flightcase panels (approximately 1.6kg per square metre) it will be of interest to anyone in the rental, staging, installation and venue sectors who has kit needing to be flightcased for touring or transportation as well as for installations where (light) weight is crucial.

The UltraFlite panel’s skin features a honeycomb structure that makes it incredibly tough, extraordinarily light, durable and resistant to liquids and weather.

It has been created to meet the needs and demands of contemporary and future flightcase builders, who can dramatically reduce case weight by an impressive 30 to 40 per cent on average by utilising UltraFlight in a case design.

Transporting heavy wooden boards around the world will become a thing of the past and this will make a hugeE difference to cargo, shipping, air freight and general transport costs.

It will also save some trees! Any contribution to reducing deforestation and climate change, however small it might appear, is worth instigating and switching to UltraFlite will mean less wood is needed globally across the flightcase industry. Taken collectively, the potential green impact is massive.

UltraFlite maintains the ultimate utility and strength expected from premium flightcase products, it is extremely stable, and the panels can be cut, drilled and punched just like traditional flightcase panels.

The hardened skin is a highly stretched polypropylene fibre composite sandwiched around a hexagonal core, so a flightcase built with UltraFlite will resist projectiles and liquids including chemicals and others. It is perfect for numerous weather scenarios like rain, humidity and moisture and is also fungi resistant.

As well as making it seriously sustainable, the panel’s skin and honeycomb structure need fewer resources to produce, and their longevity means that fewer replacement panels will be used and needed over the lifespan of the equipment being protected.

Enhanced lightness also equals less overall transportation costs with less fuel consumed to get the kit from show to show by road.

In short, UltraFlite is a really great choice for more eco-friendly technology based, future-proofed flightcases that rock!

26th April 2019

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