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Barco’s new LED series offers outcome driven solutions for all indoor LED applications

Barco’s new LED series offers outcome driven solutions for all indoor LED applications

Barco is introducing its newest LED series. Over the past years, high-resolution LED has established a certain dominance as the core technology in the world of display visualisation, and its use cases are booming across many segments. Barco’s XT series is specifically designed to provide premium quality and reliability, addressing a broad audience in a wider range of indoor LED applications.

The XT series offers spectacular visual performance, high reliability and great operating flexibility, and is suited for many indoor applications including corporate business and visitor centres, boardrooms, television studios, design centres and control rooms. “Barco has a long history in the LED market,” says Nicolas Vanden Abeele, senior VP entertainment. “With the XT series, we are bringing our high-end LED solutions into markets where Barco has been present for many years, but where LED has never been the leading technology. Now we can offer them three complementary display technologies: projection, LCD and LED.”

With 16:9 being the dominant aspect ratio for video, PowerPoint slides and other content types, it makes sense to have a visualisation canvas with the same format. Each XT LED tile has a 16:9 aspect ratio which makes it easy to create native Full HD or UHD screens. It allows the displaying of your video content in full without compression or unused canvas. Introducing four models, with pixel pitches of 0.9, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.9 mm, the XT series offers customers the ability to pick exactly the size that best suits their application.

The field-proven image processing solution Infinipix offers perfect image quality in both maximum brightness and dimmed modes and is ensured to stay constant over time, a unique feature of Barco. Also with Infinipix, no image tearing or video artefacts occur with fast-moving images. All this results in a pleasant viewing experience that is further optimised through the easy alignment and patented camera-supported seam correction technology from Barco’s healthcare division.

The improved robustness of the XT series facilitates easy installation with a reduced risk of pixel damage. The LED displays are designed for wall mounting, meaning they are fully accessible from the front creating a shallow depth. Assisted Module Extraction makes sure that the tiles can be easily removed for maintenance or replacement.

“LED technology has matured and now offers higher performance and resolutions at a better price point,” says Bram Dieryckx, VP LED division. “This opens up opportunities for LED in high-resolution indoor applications, such as control rooms, meeting rooms, board rooms, flagship venues, digital prototyping labs and many more. The moment to introduce our LED solutions into these markets is now.”

The XT LED platform implements all necessary features to maximise uptime of the wall, including redundancy of both power and data. Users can also be notified upfront of any warnings or failures, so proactive measures can be taken in advance rather than facing sudden complete wall downtime. The ultimate versatility and 24/7 reliability of the XT series enable it to be deployed in many different environments.

Visitors of ISE 2019 already had a chance to get a first glimpse of the new XT series. The 27” Direct View LED tiles were showcased at the trade show, and received positive feedback confirming the premium seamless image quality. According to Bram Dieryckx: “Customers who visited our booth at this year’s show were quite excited about the XT series. They were amazed by the accurate colours and seamless image quality of our LED tiles.”

The XT LED series will start shipping from July 2019 onwards.

21st May 2019

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