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Introducing VOLTstack, a new range of portable, battery powered, silent generator units available through Green Voltage

Introducing VOLTstack, a new range of portable, battery powered, silent generator units available through Green Voltage

Designed and developed specifically to address the demand for environmentally conscious power within the film and TV industry, VOLTstack provides crews with easy access to clean, reliable, silent power. Completely emission free, with a proven track record powering sets of all sizes, the VOLTstack range includes a number of highly capable power units in a selection of sizes, from the ultra-convenient 2kW and 5kW right up to the impressive 13kW and 200kW variants.

The entire collection is perfectly suited to handling all manner of applications within the lighting, electrical and camera departments. With a rapid charge time of just 2.5 hours and available with a solar panel recharge option, the systems’ continuous power delivery is enough to handle almost any temporary application. For added convenience, units can be series linked to provide for extended operating times. The compact, rugged design which features no moving parts, (aside from a small fan), an IP54 rating plus wireless monitoring, makes VOLTstack the perfect solution whether on set or location.

David Sinfield, gaffer Alladin and Wonder Woman comments: “These battery powered units deliver robust, convenient and emission free power, they are an excellent power source, wherever you are. Used in conjunction with the latest LED technology VOLTstack can easily handle all manner of lighting installations, with no compromise in performance, no fumes and no noise.”

Ideal for use in emissions sensitive areas and noise restrictive locations, VOLTstack delivers incredible performance when paired with the growing number of highly effective, low energy and LED light sources which have become such a prominent feature on sets around the world.

Speaking about the VOLTstack, Simon Hayes AMPS CAS, Oscar Winner, Les Miserables said: "VOLTstack is one of the most positive steps forward in movie sound in recent years. Since the very first film with sound, the noise of diesel generators has created problems for sound mixers recording actors dialogue on location. VOLTstack is silent, meaning generators can be close to the set, helping audiences hear the actors original performance in the cinema. All this while reducing harmful emissions. VOLTstack is a win win.”

A true alternative to traditional portable generators, VOLTstack from Green Voltage, is the most robust, reliable, battery power stations available today.

10th May 2019

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