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John & Jane Invests in Astera

John & Jane Invests in Astera
John & Jane Invests in Astera

Belgium – John & Jane is a premium event design and production company based in Ruiselede, Belgium, run with dedication and enthusiasm by Nico Laniere and Katrien Vermeire, who are committed to providing their clients with the very best boutique live event and brand-related experiences, large and small, from concept to completion.

Delta Rent is a sister company geared to technical production and scenic supply, which works alongside and/or independently from John & Jane as required. They deal with lighting, sound and video, rigging, set staging and decor as well as project management and design.

Last summer, John & Jane made its first investment in Astera AX1 Pixel Tubes.

Always on the lookout for new and cool lighting fixtures that can be used imaginatively, Nico was immediately struck by the AX1, as they are involved in many scenarios where battery powered fixtures is an ideal solution and there is also a constant pressure to keep events as carbon conscious as possible.

The huge bonus with the Astera product is that the tubes can also be used for effects as well as for practical lighting.

At the time, they were designing a lighting scheme and providing production for a Brussels Airlines event being staged in an old townhouse, and specifically sought a light source which could be used abstractly to highlight areas of the building. Initially, they purchased AX1s for illuminating a staircase, but ended up buying more from Benelux distributor Controllux, which were used on the floor in the style of plane emergency lighting.

The long battery life, consistent brightness and easy set-up and use are all reasons attracting them to Astera.

The Pixel Tubes are now working constantly. They’re used to light gardens, fountains buildings (interior and exterior) main event rooms and spaces, corridors, stairways, stairwells, galleries and any number of nooks and crannies that can benefit from being illuminated in a funky, interesting location.

They also proved ideal for lighting the VIP areas at a series of summer beach festivals where John & Jane provided the full technical production packages, and will be used again in the same context this year, including at WECANDANCE, a food and fashion extravaganza staged across four music stages on the beach at Zeebrugge.

“The Tubes are hugely creative and our customers all love them,” commented Nico, adding they are “decorative and attractive to look at in themselves.”

When the look of the event also relies on the technology being concealed and discreet, the AX1s score again.

John & Jane wanted to be an early adopter of Astera to keep ahead of the game. “We are always looking for new, innovative and unique products which can give us an edge in the design concepts; being able to be different opens a lot of doors of us,” commented Katrien.

Nico and Katrien can see Astera products becoming more prominent as they expand both their ‘traditional’ markets like corporate events, presentations and parties alongside newer segments like festival and music events which this year will include lighting elements of famous Spanish clubbing phenomenon Elrow Town at their Antwerp event.

photos: Jurgen de Witte / John & Jane

John & Jane Invests in AsteraJohn & Jane Invests in Astera

12th June 2019

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