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LED Creative helps create classic cinema look for There’s Something About Movies

LED Creative helps create classic cinema look for There’s Something About Movies

UK – Illumination specialist, LED Creative supported the creative team behind series 1 of There’s Something About Movies, produced for Sky One by CPL Productions.

Filmed over six episodes before a live audience at Pinewood Studios and hosted by comedian Alan Carr, the show features a pair of celebrity teams led by guest captains Micky Flanagan and Michael Sheen competing to determine which side are the champions of showbiz trivia.

Working alongside production designer Andrew Gates and award winning LD Chris, LED Creative provided a selection of proprietary products, including their Sigma 60 and Alpha 60 flex, which the crew applied to the construction of the spectacular set.

Created with a nod to the architecture of the golden age of cinema, the design is a glorious salute to the classic art deco style, framed with elaborate neon highlights and vibrant colour. The bright clean lines and neon glow contrasting perfectly against the studio lighting to add plenty of sparkle to the highly polished surfaces featured across the set.

Speaking about the project, LED Creative project manager Ges Smith says: “The design on this project looks fantastic. The use of our Alpha Neon to help form the art deco façade really does look amazing. A perfect backdrop to the show.”

In forming the design’s architectural contours, the team used LC Sigma Neon to perfectly replicate the art deco look, thus circumventing the need for traditional glass neon with its far greater power requirement plus lack of colour changing and limited dimming abilities. The further creative application of low energy LED flex throughout the set coupled with LC Byte controllers allowed the crew seamless management over multiple effects and virtually infinite colour rendering capabilities. The result was a bright, stylish design, versatile enough to deliver the broad variety of shifts in appearance required to match the show's content.

Ges adds: “This was a fairly fast paced show that required instant, dependable control over a number of moods created to accompany various skits. The team created a fantastic look that delivered on both form and function.”

27th June 2019

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