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North American Debuts for Elation at InfoComm 2019

North American Debuts for Elation at InfoComm 2019
North American Debuts for Elation at InfoComm 2019

USA – InfoComm 12-14 June in Orlando will be a great opportunity to get up to date on the latest in entertainment and AV technology and this year Elation Professional has a number of North American debuts to show that complement further its comprehensive product line. Making their North American debuts at Elation Booth #7443 will be the Proteus Maximus and Smarty MAX, as well as new luminaires in the popular Fuze and Paladin series.

Proteus Maximus: The brightest LED profile on the market, this powerful wash/beam and profile LED luminaire kicks out 50,000 lumens and houses a top-of-the-line design package. With a custom designed 950W LED engine and large 180mm front lens, Maximus has the power to cut through at even great distances and an IP65 protection means it can be used exposed on outdoor shows. Housing a fast five to 50-degree zoom along with an indexable framing system, a comprehensive FX package includes six rotating and seven fixed glass gobos, full animation wheel, dual prisms, dual frost and a high-speed Iris.

Smarty MAX: Smarty MAX is an extreme-output spot/beam/wash hybrid moving head featuring a new Platinum FLEX 400 lamp rated at 480W with up to 4,000 hours of smart lamp life. Combining CMY and variable CTO, this is the world’s first hybrid incorporating a full iris for dynamic beam effects. Compact and lightweight with a large 160mm front aperture lens, four prisms on two planes, dual frosts plus dual gobo wheels and dual track animation round out the design package.

Fuze Spot/ Fuze Profile/ Fuze Profile CW: All new Fuze series LED moving heads include the Fuze Spot, Fuze Profile (with framing) and Fuze Profile CW. Both the Fuze Spot and Fuze Profile house 92 CRI RGBMA LED engines and deliver a powerful output of over 9,000 lumens. Compact, quiet and lightweight, both fixtures house a 7° to 46° zoom, dual gobo wheels, animation wheel, frost, prism and iris. The Fuze Profile CW houses a 91 CRI, Cold White 380W LED engine that delivers a flat field output exceeding 12,000 lumens. It houses a seven to 46-degree zoom and full blackout framing system. Its design package includes a rotating gobo wheel of breakups, two colour wheels featuring solid colours and correction filters plus an iris.

Paladin Cube / Paladin Brick / Paladin Panel: Three new fixtures in the Paladin series of versatile blinder/strobe/wash lights include the Paladin Cube, Paladin Brick and Paladin Panel, all with IP65 protection. These compact and powerful outdoor flood lights are useful for a wide variety of applications and can flexibly be used from either a floor or truss position. Using 15W RGBW cells – 9, 24, and 50 respectively – they add vibrant and powerful colour to outdoor events while individual cell control and strobe make them versatile effect lights or audience blinders. Certified to IP65 with IP rated connections and solid build quality, they eliminate any dust and water ingress worries.

Showing alongside Elation’s North American debut products is the brilliant 45,000-lumen Artiste Monet, a full-featured LED Profile offering outstanding projection quality, a comprehensive FX package, dynamic framing and a wide array of colours via an innovative SpectraColor engine. SpectraColor uses traditional CMY colours but adds variable RGB flags for rich and vibrant primary colours. In combination with variable CTO colour correction, the Monet produces colours that were previously impossible to achieve from theatrical pastels to the purest reds, blues or greens ever produced by a colour mixing system.

Also on display in the award-winning Artiste line is the powerful Artiste Van Gogh, a state-of-the-art LED Wash luminaire with internal framing that excels at colour reproduction for colour projections of the highest quality. Housing CMY and CTO colour mixing as well as a seven-position colour wheel, it offers a choice of PC or Fresnel lenses and is the ideal partner to the profile luminaires in the Artiste range.

Elation is also showing the Proteus RAYZOR 760, an IP65 version of the RAYZOR 760 LED wash effects luminaire with patent-pending SparkLED pixel effect technology. Compact yet powerful with super wide five to 77-degree zoom, the fixture’s seven oversized front lenses create a large surface that is enhanced by SparkLED, 2W white LEDs strategically placed inside the lenses themselves to create a unique additional layer of effect.

The Elation team looks forward to a great show and welcomes lighting and AV professionals to Booth #7443 for a chat and personal demo.

North American Debuts for Elation at InfoComm 2019North American Debuts for Elation at InfoComm 2019

4th June 2019

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