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Obsidian Control Systems to show powerful NX 4 with DYLOS pixel composer at Infocomm

Obsidian Control Systems to show powerful NX 4 with DYLOS pixel composer at Infocomm

USA – Obsidian Control Systems will be showcasing the extremely powerful NX 4 lighting controller complete with a preview of the new DYLOS pixel composition engine at the Infocomm show in Orlando, 12-14 June. Designers, programmers and operators are invited to Elation Booth #7443 for a hands-on demo of this newest console in the ONYX platform and a look at the new creative possibilities with DYLOS.

Equipped with a range of professional features and using the latest in industrial components, the NX 4 is designed to handle even the largest show with ease. With a well-arranged combination of motorised and manual faders, along with an array of playback buttons, the NX 4 offers 44 total playbacks in a compact yet extremely powerful package.

The NX 4 includes a high-brightness, 15.6”, full-HD multi-touch screen with support for two external 4K touch displays. Eight assignable parameter encoders, a dedicated Intensity encoder, an assistive mini-touch screen, full keypad and command section, and a dedicated grand master make for a dutifully intuitive control surface. Two independent playback sections offer instant access. The main playback with ten motorised faders plus ten play-pairs allow for quick page changes while the sub playback with 12 faders and 12 button playbacks mean that important cues are always at the user's fingertips.

The NX 4 houses a powerful new Intel Hexa-Core processor, high-speed NVMe SSD drive and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Fast boot times, instant operation and the ability to process 64 Universes right inside the console without the need for costly external processing networks results in unprecedented power in this form factor.

The DYLOS preview is the first of many exciting steps for the ONYX platform to provide a comprehensive tool set of dynamic fixture animation, exciting content generators and powerful media playback, easily accessible through an elegant and well-thought-out user interface. Following the natural workflow of ONYX, the DYLOS pixel composer seamlessly integrates and is available at a moment’s notice to enhance lighting designs. Based on a full 3D environment and powerful DirectX graphics processing, the DYLOS engine has been designed from the ground up for power and performance to manage thousands of fixtures and parameters with ease.

DYLOS aims to provide new and innovative ways that far exceed the capabilities of regular pixel-mapping systems. This preview allows users to examine how Obsidian envisions the integration of fixture, media and pixel control into the ONYX platform. Ultimately, DYLOS will drastically reshape how fixtures are controlled and operated with ONYX and will open up new and exciting ways to create impactful shows. This preview is a first step in an exciting future for the ONYX platform.

ONYX is a powerful yet easy-to-learn lighting control platform designed for both hardware consoles and PC systems. It is a rebranding of the well-established M-Series control platform and is designed for use with all new ONYX and existing M-Series hardware. Obsidian Control Systems products are distributed exclusively by Elation Professional worldwide and are available in various sizes to accommodate any scale and budget.

4th June 2019

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