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Safe and Secure Hoist Transport

Safe and Secure Hoist Transport

Introducing the Armor Cart, a new hoist utility vehicle that provides safe and convenient transport and storage for up to four hoists. Constructed from light and durable aluminium, the Armor Cart comes in two versions, model MAC-01-4025-A1 holds four 250kg hoists and model MAC-01-2100-A1 holds two 1t hoists.

Due to its compact form and the possibility of stacking Armor Carts on top of each other, transport volume is reduced up to 50% compared to flightcases. In addition, its open-air design reduces humidity within the interior and allows the hoists to dry faster, thereby helping to prevent corrosion.

Discover the safety, convenience and space saving advantages the Armor Cart provides for transport and storage of hoist stock.

12th June 2019

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