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Stage|Set|Scenery: The green future of the event industry – just a dream?

Stage|Set|Scenery: The green future of the event industry – just a dream?

Germany The Fridays for Future movement and the clear message given by the recent European elections point to one fact: the future must and will be greener. Themes such as sustainability, social responsibility, environmental protection and nature conservation have increasingly become the focus of public debate and in recent years have taken on importance in both the event and film industry. One example of the support being given to green events and productions is a project by the German Academy: in April it announced that in future, with its partners, it would be committing to alternative and sustainable event concepts. Its declared aim is for the German Film Awards to ‘go green’. A system devised specifically for events will ensure that future German Film Award ceremonies are sustainable and carbon-neutral. This is based on the SUSTAINEVENT management system which was developed by 2bdifferent for the event industry. On 19 June at 12:20pm at the Event Manufactory at Stage|Set|Scenery in Berlin, Jürgen May, managing director of 2bdifferent, will explain exactly what this entails and the steps that can be taken to achieve a green event.

Unfortunately, the event industry in general is not the greatest energy saver,” said professor Tina Kitzing of Beuth Hochschule Berlin. Where sustainability and environmental awareness are concerned it still has great untapped potential. This year, for the first time, Stage|Set|Scenery, which will be taking place from 18 to 20 June 2019 in Berlin, will be giving visitors an opportunity to obtain information and exchange views among the various trades and sectors on topics such as carbon offsetting, renewable energy, sustainability and re-use.

Katja Wiese, managing director of Naturefund e.V. stated: “More and more people are becoming aware of how important climate protection is. Neither political decision-makers, environmentalists nor companies can find sensible solutions to this challenge on their own. This can only be achieved together. The opportunities are all there, we simply have to act. That is why I am very pleased that, together with students from Beuth Hochschule Berlin and Naturefund, StageISetIScenery wants to take an important step in the direction of green events."

This year, for the first time, StageISetIScenery is partnering with Naturefund e.V. The non-profit nature environmental organisation has set itself the task of buying land and forests in order to preserve the habitats of our diverse flora and fauna. “Maintaining woodlands and reforestation are among the most important measures in the fight against climate change,” said Katja Wiese of Naturefund e.V. Five years ago already Naturefund launched a climate certificate project for offsetting carbon footprints. The idea behind the Blue Planet Certificate is simple and transparent: a carbon footprint calculator works out the emissions produced by a passenger flight, car journey, an apartment or a year’s food production. Be it for private or business purposes, these emissions can then be easily and efficiently offset by a Naturefund climate protection project.

During the show, together with students from Beuth Hochschule Berlin, stage set sculptors will be creating a tree made from waste construction material on an area covering around 75 m² in the passageway between Halls 20 and 21. The aim of this project with its focus on sustainability and climate protection is to foster an awareness among exhibitors and visitors for a more responsible approach towards the environment. Visitors to the stand of Naturefund e.V. in Hall 22/Stand 140f can find out about future carbon-neutral participation in trade fairs.

This year’s programme of events also features green topics, including sustainability, carbon offsetting, certification and environmentally friendly alternatives. On 18 June at 2:20pm at the Event Manufactory, Heinz Michael Stober will talk about how sustainability can achieve a competitive edge in the market. Together with his wife Tanja Getto-Stober he runs a certified carbon-neutral rural estate, the Stober Kontor near Berlin, Germany’s most sustainable hotel, conference and event venue. On Wednesday, 19 June at 1pm at Round Table 21, taking the mobile battery-powered stage technology of HOAC as an example, Dr. Gabriele Högg will highlight the use of renewable energy with the help of innovative battery charging points. On Thursday, 20 June at 11:20am at the Event Manufactory, Juliane Radig of Forum Factory Berlin will describe the long road of the Berlin Convention Office in becoming a Sustainable Partner. On Thursday, 20 June at 12 noon at Round Table 21, Tina Kitzing (Beuth Hochschule Berlin) and Katja Wiese, Naturefund e.V., will talk about carbon offsetting in the event industry. On Thursday, 20 June at 1pm at Round Table 21, Roland Krüger of 1st Selection will address a topic that is not immediately associated with climate protection: active oxygen, a completely non-chemical cleaning product for dance floors that is new to show business.

17th June 2019

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