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Chauvet DJ Delivers White Wedding at Knightor Winery

Chauvet DJ Delivers White Wedding at Knightor Winery
Chauvet DJ Delivers White Wedding at Knightor Winery

UK – With its beautiful green pastures, picturesque orchards and small batch natural wines, it's easy to see why Cornwall's Knightor Winery has become a popular location for wedding events and receptions.

For one recent wedding reception at the Knightor Winery, local production company DJ Services Cornwall was tasked with providing wedding guests with a suitably boutique entertainment experience to complement the impressive surroundings of the venue. Their solution involved a VW camper van-inspired DJ booth complete with eight Chauvet DJ Freedom Sticks and six white Intimidator Spot 255 IRC fixtures.

With the VW camper front building the unmistakable centrepiece of the entire setup, DJ Services Cornwall’s Allan Cross positioned the array of Chauvet DJ Intimidator fixtures upon trussing towers behind the booth, with a further roster of Freedom Stick fixtures completing the line-up.

“Because roughly 90% of our work is weddings, we’re always looking for new fixtures to help us create a modern take on the traditional wedding formula," commented Cross. "The Chauvet DJ fixtures allow us to provide some entertaining looks to well-known wedding hits, while bringing something a little new and interesting to the party."

Thanks to its versatile freestanding RGB pixel-mappable LEDs, the battery-powered Freedom Stick fixtures gave Cross and his team a number of effects to play with, including automated features and additional control options via DMX, wireless master/slave or the IRC-6 remote.

"The Freedom Sticks came in really handy for quick bursts of colour and eye candy," continued Cross. "During the start of the evening, I stuck to mainly one colour, and then as the party got started I made use of the fixture's extensive automated programs to create looks while I was busy utilising the extensive effects of the Intimidators."

The Intimidator 255 IRC Spots were actively utilised to create intense, colourful and exciting atmosphere for guests. Thanks to a number of effects such as split beam, three-facet prism and gobo effects through the 60W LED engine, the Intimidators ensured an endless variety of engaging looks to create a lively atmosphere for the wedding guests.

"The 255s provided us with enough visual power to keep things interesting and fresh as the night developed," continued Cross. "They're absolutely ideal because they can award even the smallest wedding venue with big visuals - and all that despite their compact footprint!”

In addition to the versatile array of effects that Cross was able to create, the white body of the Intimidators allowed him to adhere to the overall white aesthetic.

"Given the fact that our whole setup was white – from the VW camper to the speaker system we employed – the white Intimidators enabled us to continue with the white wedding aesthetic," concluded Cross. "As a result, they didn't just perform well, they blended in fantastically!"

2nd July 2019

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