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Laserworld Group releases intelligent laser light system tarm 2.5

Laserworld Group releases intelligent laser light system tarm 2.5

A new generation of laser devices has recently been released by the Laserworld Group. With the integration of a powerful mainboard, the tarm 2.5 laser light systems became intelligent lighting fixtures.

“It has been some time for lasers to become versatile, intelligent systems,” explains Norbert Stangl, CMO of the Laserworld Group. “The technical circumstances didn’t allow for developments like this in the past, but these challenges have been faced and the result are lasers that can easily be used as conventional intelligent lighting systems.”

The new tarm 2.5 has been equipped with a variety of control features to cater to the different requirements of all kinds of laser applications. Lighting designers will appreciate the possibility to control the lasers directly via ArtNET or DMX and the possibility to create artwork and store it into the device. Laser show companies can use different laser software to directly access the built-in DAC (digital to analogue converter) via LAN for professional show control.

Nightclubs, mobile DJ's or entertainers, who cannot actively control the laser during performance, can make use of the sound-to-light or the stand-alone operation mode. The stand-alone operation capability, combined with the option to load custom graphics to the mainboard, makes the tarm 2.5 great units for advertisement projections or use in architecture illumination.

The laser module in the tarm 2.5 has been improved as well. All laser sources are combined in one white light module, which has professional mirror mounts which allow for precise module alignment with hex keys. To avoid misalignment, they are centre-fixed and built as four-way fine adjustment mounts.

The tarm 2.5 has an overall power of 2.7W RGB. It is well colour balanced and the scanners are very fast and graphics capable. Several modification options are available on request, including CT Scanner upgrades to maximum scanning performance. Due to the homogeneous beam profile for all colours, the beam specifications are very good with ca. 3mm/0.9mrad. The use of high precision optics make the beam look crisp and accurate, without any blur or colour shade.

26th July 2019

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