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Penn Elcom Launches new Double Hinged Wall Mount Rack Enclosure

Penn Elcom Launches new Double Hinged Wall Mount Rack Enclosure
Penn Elcom Launches new Double Hinged Wall Mount Rack Enclosure

The Penn Elcom design team has produced another ingenious racking solution for space challenged and awkward to access scenarios in commercial, industrial and residential environments: the R6400-RHF Double Hinged Wall Mount Rack Enclosure.

This is added to an already extensive range of essential 19 inch rack products.

This brand new model enables the full rack to securely swing away from the wall, giving technicians and installation engineers excellent access to the rear and sides of the rack and the kit inside it.

The design simplifies the process of running cables, replacing parts or performing regular maintenance. It can dramatically reduce the time taken to access the equipment, and so this can be spent more efficiently on attending to it.

Constructed from rugged but lightweight steel to Penn’s exacting industrial grade specifications, the bracket is easily reversible so the rack can be configured as left or right opening for full flexibility and space maximisation.

Heavy duty hinges allow the R6400-RHF to be loaded with up to 50kg / 110lb of equipment, and a handy slam-lock system creates smart open / close functionality.

Rear access can also be secured with an inbuilt key lock.

As with all Penn Elcom racking products, the R6400-RHF offers practical and integrated cable management, with both top and bottom 1U cable knockouts as well as full length internal rack rails.

The cabinet is fitted with reversible threaded and square hole rails, plus removable side panels and front door (which are also lockable).

Three knockouts for top fans enables these to be added to assist with airflow and cooling. Penn’s range of fan trays offers a ready-made selection with silent and vari-speed controlled models available.

The R6400-RHF is ideal for a whole range of applications, from professional entertainment and leisure installations, clubs, bars, restaurants, theatres, galleries and museums to any spaces utilising IT hubs and servers including offices and retail environments, hospitals, car parking, etc. The product is equally well suited for home and residential environments.

It is available in black as standard but custom colours can be arranged, and it is subject to the usual speedy Penn Elcom delivery.

31st July 2019

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