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SLX applauds the fundamental simplicity of VeriCal

SLX applauds the fundamental simplicity of VeriCal

UK – As UK hire and events company, SLX, prepared for ISO accreditation, it faced the annual prospect of being without its 14 QC-Check workstations for a period of up to four weeks whilst the units go off-site for certification that the PAT testers are within their operation specifications. However, this year, Data Strategy was able to provide the valuable assistance of VeriCal. The hand-held, on-site alternative to off-site calibration, VeriCal, ensures the Out Board PAT-4 testers – an integral part of the QC-Check system – are within their operational specifications to produce verified and accurate results.

SLX business systems and quality co-ordinator, Gary Smith (pictured) explains: “As a busy company, we are very reliant on the equipment passing quickly through the QC-Check inspection process so taking even one workstation out of service would have a big knock on effect for us. The prospect of taking them all out of service for calibration was quite daunting.”

Data Strategy’s VeriCal enables the recalibration process to take place in-house, so that no workstation is out of service longer than it needs to be.

VeriCal transformed the previously arduous task of calibration into a simple experience for SLX and Gary marvels that the testing process which, “…took just a few days. Everyone was able to carry on testing while I took the units out of service for half an hour at a time, which was not an issue at all.”

With equipment for projects going out hourly, the SLX QC-Check workstations are in constant use. Every item of lighting, sound and rigging equipment is put through the testing process as it comes back in from a hire.

QC-Check takes the operator step-by-step through the full testing procedure, individually tailored by SLX to meet its needs. Equipment requiring an electrical test will be PAT-tested and whilst some equipment requires just one annual test, the QC-Check is so fast and simple to use that SLX run electrical testing just for convenience on items that must be plugged in to be checked. All-important visual testing procedures are also guided by QC-Check, maintaining all items to the high standard expected of the hire company and its customers.

Gary says the process of employing VeriCal was not only simple, but invaluable too. “In total, using VeriCal amounted to just over two days of solid work. Just like the QC-Check itself, you’re guided step-by-step through the whole testing process. Not only did we succeed in the ISO accreditation process, but the warehouse was able to continue to work seamlessly and that is critical for our operation.”

17th July 2019

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