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Yamaha is Headline News at Eßlinger Zeitung

Yamaha is Headline News at Eßlinger Zeitung

Germany – Eßlinger Zeitung is a German newspaper based in Esslingen, near Stuttgart, covering news and events in the Baden-Württemberg region, as well as national and international news, entertainment, sport and travel. Its multi-purpose conference room was recently upgraded, with a Yamaha audio and control solution, significantly improving the facility for staff and customers.

Eßlinger Zeitung publishes in print and online, as well as having a dynamic online television channel (ES-tv), YouTube and social media presence. Used for meetings, presentations, interviews, staff and media briefings, the new conference room needed a flexible, high quality AV system, which could be easily controlled by any member of staff.

events creative GmbH, based in nearby Hochdorf and with over 25 years in the AV installation and live production business was asked to design and install the system. Managing director Markus Zimmer specified a Yamaha solution, based on the MTX3 matrix processor and the MCP1 advanced surface-mount control panel, because it could deliver flexible control as well as high quality sound.

With up to 36 parameters assignable to the MCP1’s home page and its six sub-pages, it has allowed the entire system, including the inputs and power to an Epson laser projector, as well as the audio system, to be controlled from the same panel.

The system also includes a pair of wall-mounted Yamaha VXS8 full-range loudspeakers and a floor-mounted VXS10S sub, all with white finish to blend with the room’s décor. They are powered by an XMV4280 multi-channel amplifier, with an SWR2100P-5G L2 network switch supplying PoE to the MCP1 control panel.

“Thanks to the GPI connectors on the MTX3, we could not only supply a system with great sound, but with very versatile control,” says Markus. “The MCP1 is programmed with a number of presets, allowing members of staff to press a single button and instantly make the system ready for any application.”

Ingo Brucker, project manager for Eßlinger Zeitung, is very pleased with the new system. “I am full of praise for it,” he says. “Markus suggested a great solution, which has surpassed what we thought was possible. The Yamaha system has made our conference room much more user-friendly and significantly improved the quality of our presentations to staff and customers.”

26th July 2019

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