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Extreme output Smarty MAX an inspiring (and efficient) hybrid design tool

Extreme output Smarty MAX an inspiring (and efficient) hybrid design tool

Elation Professional is offering a new luminaire in the Smarty series, the Smarty MAX, an extreme-output version of the three-in-one Smarty Hybrid with the same ‘smart’ lamp technology but nearly twice as bright and loaded with even more design features.

The Smarty MAX is a unique blend of economy and performance, combining high output and long lamp life in a feature-packed yet compact and lightweight hybrid fixture. The powerful hybrid luminaire has flexible use as a primary workhorse for virtually any stage application while providing an excellent return on investment.

The Smarty MAX offers lighting designers a complete design package in a compact and highly efficient beam/spot/wash light. An inspiring tool for creatives, it projects an exceptionally bright 20,000-lumen beam that exceeds all other hybrids on the market. The Smarty MAX’s powerful output stems from a new long-life Platinum FLEX 400 lamp and with the unmistakable broad beam look that comes from a large 160mm front aperture, the impact is undeniable.

“This fixture is a tremendous amount of fun to work with,” states Elation product manager Matthias Hinrichs. “It delivers the raw beam power when needed to cut through on large concert stages, but it also offers intricate designs and texturing options for those quieter moments of the show. Smarty MAX’s beam has an incredible brilliance in the air and the combination of carefully designed prisms, the fast iris and the unique dual track animation disc provide the designer with an outstanding toolkit.”

With CMY CTO colour mixing plus an extra 13 dichroic colours, including UV and CTB colour correction, the Smarty MAX offers a wide spectrum of chromatic options. A precise zoom can adjust the beam quickly and evenly in all three modes from a super-narrow one-degree in Beam mode for powerful shafts of light to a wide 39-degrees in Wash mode for broad strokes of colour.

The Smarty MAX houses a comprehensive graphics package that allows for nearly unlimited visual combinations. Graphics from two gobo wheels, eight rotating, interchangeable glass gobos and 15 static-stamped metal gobos, make it great for mid-air beam effects, textures and high contrast projections.

The Smarty MAX then adds a host of unique creative features that make it a truly extraordinary design tool: four prisms on two planes for captivating overlays, dual frosts (light or wash) for diffusion flexibility and more interesting effect combinations, plus an industry-first dual track animation wheel. Furthermore, the Smarty MAX is the world’s first hybrid fixture incorporating a full iris for dynamic effects not possible with other beam fixtures.

Smarty series luminaires are also highly efficient with intelligent lamp technology and long-life FLEX lamp that both saves on energy and helps rental companies keep costs down. The ‘smartly’ designed discharge lamp/ballast produces an impressively high output for such a compact fixture while performance remains resourcefully economical.

The Smarty MAX’s FLEX 400 lamp is rated at 480W and provides up to 4000 hours of smart lamp life. The lamp can run at three different wattages – 370, 440 and 480W – providing power savings and increased efficiency. Like the Smarty Hybrid, the Smarty MAX’s Platinum lamp is dimmable for even more savings and a Hibernation Mode reduces power to the lamp when not in use. The lower internal heat produced extends the life of not only the lamp but all internal components of the fixture.

The Smarty MAX is covered by Elation’s Ultimate Warranty program, which covers the first two years of operation or 4,000 hours of use, whichever comes first, based on regular maintenance for the fixture and lamp. The comprehensive warranty covers material and workmanship of the fixture, including the highly-efficient Philips Platinum FLEX 400 lamp. It joins the Smarty Hybrid and the Proteus Smarty Hybrid in Elation’s Smarty series and comes equipped with all the professional control and connection features that designers would expect from a cutting-edge luminaire.

23rd August 2019

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