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Ireland’s Acoustik invests in DiGiCo

Ireland’s Acoustik invests in DiGiCo

Ireland – At the beginning of the year, one of Ireland’s leading audio hire, sales and installations companies, Acoustik, has taken delivery of two DiGiCo SD10s to add to its existing stock of mixing consoles and, says the company’s operations and systems designer Will Fitzpatrick, they are flying out of the door.

“For the past couple of years, DiGiCo has been at the top of the list on the riders we receive and they are our crew’s console of choice, so the decision to invest in the SD10s was without question,” says Will. “We also had the option to upgrade to the new 32-bit cards. They have improved the SD10s already incredible audio quality and everyone is amazed by them.”

One of the Acoustik team’s favourite functions on the consoles is Macros which, says Will, give seemingly endless possibilities. “And the connectivity between multiple consoles and multiple racks, whether it be a front of house or monitor configuration, or mirroring / redundant consoles, is also incredibly useful,” he adds.

Praise for Rea Sound, DiGiCo’s distributor in Ireland from whom Acoustik purchased the consoles, is also high.

“They’ve been great,” says Will. “From the very beginning, Rea’s Sean Gallagher was really helpful and guided us through the process with great care. Rea also organised training, which has brought all of our guys up to speed, and Rea’s guys are always at the end of the phone if we need anything.”

With the SD10s having barely seen Acoustik’s warehouse since they took delivery and already heavily booked for the summer, Will asserts that they are some of the most popular consoles the company has ever owned.

“All of our customers are delighted we have them,” he concludes. “They are very rider friendly, which means that all the production managers we work with are very happy we have them in stock. This is our first DiGiCo purchase, and we are all delighted with it!”

9th August 2019

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