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Software Update: Hippotizer V4.5

Hippotizer Version 4.5 is the next major release for Hippotizer V4+ systems.

Version 4.5 adds new features, functionalities, fixes and enhancements to Hippotizer and SHAPE in response to user feedback.

Features added in V4.5: 

3D Output Management in SHAPE

  • A surface in SHAPE can be sent to an output.
  • Added camera targets to SHAPE for fast perspective mapping.
  • Added Compositions to SHAPE to correct LED walls.
  • Added Mix Modes for Texture Mappers to SHAPE to composite mappers.
  • Increased the number of Inputs of SHAPE Viewport from 8 to 24.
  • New SHAPE Viewport including VideoMapper and Colour correction for output correction.

Added BeatBridge (Audio Reactive control)

  • Beat detection of Audio input.
  • Tap-sync or generate tempo.
  • Full Preset integration for instant recall.

Improved NDI integration

  • Added NDI Source Management to handle large number of NDI streams.
  • Improved NDI Send Performance.
  • Improved NDI Colour Accuracy.

Added Notch only Mix for more flexible playback.

Usability Improvements in response to feedback:

  • Added Freeform fixtures in PixelMapper (LED Tape support).
  • Added Copy/Paste in PixelMapper.
  • Added Audio Output device selection per Mix.
  • Simplified Automation Integration in MultiController and improved data smoothing system.
  • Added ability to change ZooKeeper page from DMX.
  • Added MediaManager API to Macro Manager for automated content ingest.
  • Added third and fourth effect engine to the Mix Master.
  • General ZooKeeper responsiveness has been improved.

For a full list of changes please see the release notes.  

5th August 2019

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