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TechLED and 4-Wall prepare ASDA head office for Leeds Pride weekend

TechLED and 4-Wall prepare ASDA head office for Leeds Pride weekend
TechLED and 4-Wall prepare ASDA head office for Leeds Pride weekend

UK – To demonstrate its support for Leeds Pride ASDA’s head office in Leeds city centre came out once again in the movement’s traditional bright rainbow colours, with the help of TechLED and 4-wall. The parade aims to encourage involvement in the celebrations of the LGBT+ community and helps to create awareness around achievements and legal rights.

To achieve the required look in ‘statement’ high quality as befits the head office of a supermarket giant, 4-Wall’s Ben Perrin specified SGM Q7 wide-angled LED flood fixtures to be distributed evenly under the eaves of the building perimeter. For the building entrance, the tighter beam angle of SGM P5 architectural LED wash lights area, highlighted the features of the entryway.

Perrin’s choice was based upon the two-fold suitability of the products to the job, explaining the SGM fixtures are, “… really wide-angled, really soft, really bright, produce really good pastel colours and because they feature in-built wireless control, they ensure the install and removal was really quick.”

SGM’s Q7 is a multifunction flood light with blinder and strobe capabilities. IP65-rated for outdoor use, it features 2000 RGBW SMD LEDs. Featuring a colour temperature of 5,700K, and a high output of over 25,000 lumens, its wide beam angle of 110-degrees gave a vibrant wash to the ASDA building from the fewest possible fixtures to ease the installation time.

The SGM P5 gives the same high-performance RGBW colour, in this instance through a 43-, 21- 15- degree interchangeable lens. Activated by wireless DMX, the colours swirled through a slow rainbow chase.

ASDA’s supportive pigmentation was in place for just three nights, aglow from 9pm to 4am Friday to Sunday. Speed was certainly of the essence for the set-up installation. ASDA has a 3,000-strong workforce on site which means access to the building exterior via the car park is fully restricted until after 5pm. Extensive pre-planning by TechLED and the 4-Wall team was key to an unproblematic set up by the installation team.

Perrin reveals: “We’d planned this job really well in advance, so we knew if we hit any problems, we had time to fix things really quickly.”

Within two hours, the lighting fixtures were secured to the building. Two Lumen Radio CRMX transmitters link the wireless LEDs to a Whole Hog 4 positioned in an outside control cabin, completing a fully outdoor installation.

TechLED’s managing director, Gordon Addison, said: “ASDA head office is happy once again with the statement we’ve created on its behalf. They turn to TechLED for a professional job and with 4-Wall we executed this within the very short period of time we are allocated for installation. The quality of the light show stood out as a real statement next to other building trying to achieve the same effect.”

13th August 2019

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