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ChamSys Grand Opening Draws Crowd

ChamSys Grand Opening Draws Crowd

UK – Good times mixed with valuable insights at the Grand Opening of the ChamSys UK head office on 2 September, as over 150 lighting programmers and designers from throughout Europe helped the company inaugurate its new office, training facility, and product development centre. In addition to mixing and mingling while enjoying food, drink and entertainment, visitors participated in informative classes, think tanks, and training sessions focused on the new MagicQ and QuickQ software from ChamSys.

Adding a light-hearted touch of drama to the proceedings was a short skit presented by company team members on the history of ChamSys. The skit recounted how company co-founder Chris Kennedy developed his first console at the age of ten. Telling the story of a young man with big dreams, the skit showed how Kennedy achieved something beyond even his wildest imagination years later when an award-winning ChamSys console was used by Art & Yes to control a record-breaking 64,000 parameters over 186 universes directly without processing nodes.

Also staring in the drama was the MagicQ MQ500 Stadium Console, which was featured in live demonstrations that highlighted its wide range of impressive features, including Focus Hold and Focus Line.

Following his 'acting performance', Kennedy treated guests to a preview of the new MagicQ MQ70, an extremely compact and aerodynamic console with big-time scaleability. Animated light shows controlled by the MagicQ MQ500 followed this introduction.

At the conclusion of the evening, Kennedy invited guests to return to the new ChamSys facility, reminding them that it would be holding multiple training sessions every month. Based on the enthusiastic response to the innovations on display at the grand opening, it’s safe to assume that they will be taking him up on this offer.

ChamSys Grand Opening Draws CrowdChamSys Grand Opening Draws Crowd

12th September 2019

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