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Punching Above its Weight (and Size)

Punching Above its Weight (and Size)

The BF121 is a high-performance subwoofer system, delivering tight and accurate bass response with very low distortion. It features a single 12” long-excursion woofer with double-spider suspension and 4” voice-coil in a bass-reflex configuration.

The direct-radiating woofer is mounted in a vented chamber, with large bass reflex port for excellent breathing capacity, increasing overall output while minimising port-compression. The frequency range is tuned to a -3dB response from 40Hz to 300Hz and 33Hz at -10dB.

For full system performance, the BF121 is driven and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller. Driven by the ALC, the BF121 delivers maximum sound quality and output power with long-term operation reliability. The integrated factory presets in the drive processor of the ALC offer gain, phase and filtering matching with all Alcons systems, including cardioid projection control presets.

The additional front-positioned NL4 connector caters for easy “reverse connection” in cardioid arrays, which can be simulated in ARC, Alcons Ribbon Calculator.

The BF121 is SIS pre-wired: through the signal integrity sensing circuit of the ALC, the cable-length and connector resistance between the BF121 and ALC is dynamically compensated (system damping factor 10.000), further reducing distortion, while increasing response accuracy.

Philip Dr. Phil' de Haan, head of R&D said: “Ever since we introduced the VR5 ultra-compact monitor, we had clients asking for a smaller sized, accompanying subwoofer, but with the same Alcons sonic footprint, for both portable as well as install applications.”

As the BF151 (single 15”) and BF181 (single 18”) the BF121 also features a 4 Ohms system impedance, offering for a very efficient amplifier loading; Thus enabling maximum output from a very compact, single transducer configuration.

Phil continues: “The BF121 packs the same punch and accuracy as its bigger brothers BF151 and BF181 compact subwoofers, to maintain the signature uncoloured Alcons sound. It’s our smallest subwoofer to date, matching with our smallest pro-ribbon system; A perfect fit!”

The BF121 is available in road-version and installation (“i”) version, without handles, wheel dolly board and M20 threaded stand mount flange. It is finished in Durotect scratch-resistant coating; through the architect colour option programme, the BF121 can be finished in any RAL colour. It comes with Alcons’ renowned 'no-hassle' six year warranty.

20th September 2019

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