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Shure Announces Upgrades to Entire Se Earphone Line

Shure Announces Upgrades to Entire Se Earphone Line

Flexibility, improved audio quality, and longer wireless battery life are some of the most important features for earphone consumers. Shure has announced that its innovative line of detachable SE Sound Isolating Earphones is now available with enhanced features that provide enriched audio quality, improved wireless battery life, and convenient options to switch between wireless or wired listening.

The Company’s established line of SE earphones now includes Shure’s High-Resolution Bluetooth 5 Earphone Communication Cable (RMCE-BT2), offering music lovers and mobile listeners the best wireless audio experience to date.

Engineered with the same precision components used by professional musicians, the upgraded and expanded configurations deliver detailed sound and durability. With new BT2 integration, listeners can easily transform from wired to wireless via the SE earphone solution of their choice,regardless of price or model.

No matter the connection, the comfortable Sound Isolating design eliminates outside noise, easily transforming a daily commute, gym workout or aeroplane trip into a personal concert.

Even the most discerning sound aficionados and casual listeners alike can take advantage of the convenience and portability of wireless without sacrificing quality. The dedicated, high-performance headphone amplifier provides lower noise and distortion while accurately maintaining frequency response, supporting popular audio codecs, including Qualcomm aptX audio, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, AAC, and SBC. Retaining a wireless range of up to 30 feet, the SE line maintains quality even from a distance.

“Not only do professional musicians use Shure earphones, they trust Shure microphones and other Shure audio equipment to record and perform live,” said Sean Sullivan, associate director of global product management at Shure. “From the performer’s voice and the instrument’s sound to the listener’s ears, the complete end-to-end audio experience starts and ends with Shure.”

The wireless option has been upgraded, offering up to ten hours of continuous quality sound when paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device, a 25 per cent improvement over the previous version. With ten hours of playback, it essentially might mean that commuters could go an entire week using these earphones during their commutes without having to recharge. Even a quick 15-minute recharge can provide up to two hours of wireless enjoyment.

If the wireless charge runs out, the SE earphones quickly and conveniently switch to a wired connection to an Apple or Android device through the innovative detachable cable system.

“Our SE earphones have long been a staple for artists, musicians, and music lovers all over the world. In recent years, we’ve worked to elevate this product line even further, prioritising wireless connectivity and features that mobile listeners want,” added Sullivan. “We understand modern-day situations like lengthy flights and commutes can interfere with long-lasting wireless listening, which is why we offer a solution to go from wireless to wired. With a quick twist of the earphones, listeners have multiple options that help them stay connected no matter the device or situation.”

Secure, over-the-ear design ensure the earphones stay in place for unmatched, long-wearing comfort. The Sound Isolating design features a fit kit with a variety of sleeves for a custom fit that can block up to 37dB of outside noise for immersive listening no matter the location: aeroplane, school, bus, the gym or home.

The flexibility of the SE line of earphones extends into calling features, where the audio continues to shine. The inline microphone and three-button remote ensures clarity for calls and voice prompts and provides volume and playback control with ease, so key details won’t be missed like who joined the conference call late or the big news from family about holiday plans.

Shure has various options in its SE line based on listening preferences. Each model has a wide variation of colour choices to fit the personality of every user.

  • SE215 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones provide clear sound and amazing bass in a secure, over-the-ear design with detachable cable and choice of sleeves for long-lasting comfort and custom fit.
  • SE425 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones feature dual high-definition drivers for accurate, balanced sound with comfortable fit.
  • SE535 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones feature triple high-definition drivers for spacious sound and rich bass with a comfortable, low-profile fit.
  • SE846 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones feature four high-definition drivers for extended high-end clarity and a groundbreaking low-pass filter for true subwoofer performance. Featuring a customisable frequency response and an innovative, detachable cable system, SE846 Earphones provide a perfectly tailored listening experience.

Shure’s updated SE Sound Isolating Earphones are available now.

6th September 2019

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