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ChamSys Unveils New MagicQ Stable Software

ChamSys Unveils New MagicQ Stable Software

Late last year, ChamSys became the first major lighting console manufacturer to offer a software solution that accepts open protocol GDTF personality files. Now the company has kicked off 2020 with another innovation that will enhance the work of lighting programmers, as it introduces the first release of its MagicQ Stable Software.

Available on the ChamSys website, the new MagicQ Stable v1.8.5.2 software can be downloaded at no cost to all MagicQ consoles and PC platforms. In addition to being capable of importing GDTF files directly, the new software embraces a wide range of performance features that have been universally well-received when tested in Beta versions.

Among these features is an Undo function that allows actions by the programmer and the console to be undone and redone. For easy reference, an Undo History is also available. Another notable programming function is FX Tracking Out, which allows programmers using Cue Stack Tracking to track out individual FX with different fade times.

Together, the new features provide programmers with more powerful and flexible tools to use to control and expand lighting designs. These tools all were all designed to be user-friendly and readily accessible.

“The MagicQ Stable software release further develops our award winning powerful MagicQ platform,” said Chris Kennedy, ChamSys software director. “We are pleased to be amongst the first to embrace open protocols such as GDTF. Our new MagicQ Stable v1.8.5.2 takes these a step further by adding other unique features to MagicQ.”

The current MagicQ Stable v1.8.5.2 software, promises to be the first in a series of Stable release from ChamSys.


22nd January 2020

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