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Creative Technology London Invests in Clean Energy with the Green Voltage – VOLTstack Power Stations’

Creative Technology London Invests in Clean Energy with the Green Voltage – VOLTstack Power Stations’

CT understands that it has an environmental responsibility as a company to carry out everyday operations and deliver an extensive range of technical services in a way that has the least impact to the planet as possible. CT's latest investment in the VOLTstack 5k power station demonstrates another significant step towards further reducing its carbon footprint.

Whether it’s making eco-friendly changes to its offices for the employees, or innovations for clients’ events, CT's mission as part of the NEP Group is to contribute to the change towards a sustainable society. The company is committed to minimising its environmental impact, using resources wisely and meeting all applicable environmental regulatory requirements.

To add to the green initiatives mission, CT has recently invested in VOLTstack 5k Power units by Portable Electric in association with Green Voltage, a portable method of supplying temporary power on site with the benefits of no noise, no fuel and no emissions. VOLTstack can work alongside or completely replace diesel generators and delivers silent, emissions-free power that significantly reduces costs, making it an ideal solution for film / sport production, remote site operations and sound recordists to name just a few.

“The VOLTstack 5K power units are a mobile go anywhere power solution with a green footprint.

“Being completely quiet and pollution free they are a perfect fit for the film work we are involved with and have somewhat revolutionised the approach to accessible on site clean energy power.

“We’re committed to the evolution of our eco credentials here at Creative Technology and we have a firm commitment to maintaining and improving on the ‘green ethos’ which the VOLTstack power stations help us achieve,” said Nic Maag, TV and film account manager.

10th January 2020

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