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ETC launches fos/4 panel light for the cinematic industry

ETC launches fos/4 panel light for the cinematic industry

What’s Next? In 2016, a dedicated research team was formed at ETC to advance the technology of future product offerings. The team’s first primary project was to create the best light for use on camera. The findings from this multi-year, industry-wide study on colour perception come together in the family of fos/4 panel lights, now available from ETC.

Each of the three panel sizes (small, medium, and large) deliver unrivalled brightness in two array options. The Lustr X8 array adds a deep red LED to its mix that brings a richness to the spectrum by enhancing skin tones and giving new depth to blues, greens, and ambers. The Daylight HDR is a tunable white light array that, using a calculated selection of LEDs from the X8 colour system, delivers a natural warmth when rendering skin tones and is optimized for output in cooler temperatures. These soft lights offer a shocking level of brightness, and selectable CCT between 1,900 – 10,450K, all without compromising on colour quality.

The full-colour screen and tactile encoders on the user interface were designed with the cinematic workflow in mind. fos/4 gives nuanced colour control from the full-spectrum colour picker within the UI, letting you choose how to mix each colour. Use the Tune function to choose brightest, best spectral, or a hybrid of the two. Save customised colour palettes to one of the many programmable presets.

The industrial design of the fos/4 panel provides an ergonomically friendly tool that’s meant to be seen. Features include the Griprail, a bracket that acts as a mounting location for the fixture as well as for the numerous accessories found on a shoot. Handles that double as safety cable locations, rounded corners, and an industrial grey finish add to the visual appeal without compromising functionality.

Additional features include NFC configuration from your mobile device, Multiverse Wireless control from your console using City Theatrical’s Multiverse transmitter, and a suite of effects that is expected from a fixture of this calibre including emergency lights, beacon, camera flash, and party. And like all ETC products, fos/4 Panels are made in the United States, come with an impressive fixture warranty and a 24/7/365 customer support promise.

16th January 2020

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