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Xstage: 33 kg + 750kg/m2 = S10

Xstage: 33 kg + 750kg/m2 = S10

Xstage S10 stage decks add up to a great choice with their newly designed, lightweight extruded aluminium profile that helps reduce the overall weight of the deck to only 33kg, while maintaining a high loading capacity of 750kg/m2.

In fact, the S10 has become a favourite of live production professionals around the world and is the perfect stage deck choice for small to large events.

The S10 offers two choices for surface finish, a new indoor/outdoor hexagrip anti-slip surface on a heavy-duty 12mm birch plywood top, or black painted finish on a 12mm poplar plywood top. The S10 also features a universal leg securing system that accepts a wide range of round and square legs.

The S10 provides a safe and stable deck at height, together with long-lasting durability. It also fully complies with DIN 15921.

Read more about the S10 here.

20th January 2020

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