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Bandit Lites Supports Muzology

USA – Students across the nation started this past school year enjoying maths, even though the subject had been incomprehensible to many of them previously. The reason: a concept called Muzology that combines music videos with the principles of pre-algebra.

“Our industry has been decimated by COVID-19. Another sector under immense strain is education,” says Bandit Lites chair, Michael Strickland. “We have to continue to provide quality education to our children, be it in the classroom or at home, and through platforms like Muzology this is happening.”

Strickland first learned about Muzology through his client and colleague, Bob Doyle, long-time manager of Garth Brooks.

“As soon as I heard about Muzology, I knew I had to help,” said Strickland, who is on the University of Tennessee President’s Council and helped pilot the Muzology programme in Knoxville. “Muzology has changed the lives of learners throughout the country. Now, to support equitable access to learning, Muzology has released Love @ First Sound (When Math Met Music), which has been submitted for consideration for a GRAMMY nomination in Best Children’s Album.”

Created by Doyle and memory expert, Dr. Lana Israel (a Harvard and Oxford-educated Rhodes Scholar), Muzology enlisted hit songwriters, producers and subject matter experts to craft academically sound songs that teach critical maths skills.

“We recognised that many students struggled with learning yet knew the words to countless pop songs,” explained Dr. Israel. “That’s because music directly activates brain regions critical for successful learning.”

Doyle added: “It’s how we all learned our ABCs: to a song, so why not extend the learning power of music to teach more sophisticated curriculum.”

A recent feature story on Muzology in Billboard quoted maths department chair, Shirley Forehand, who uses Muzology with her students in Little Rock, AR: “It’s probably one of the best resources that I’ve got and I’ve been teaching for 25 years. It reminded me of what I grew up on, Schoolhouse Rock but on steroids.”

8th October 2020

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