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Is It QUADzilla?

Is It QUADzilla?

There’s more than meets the eye with QUADZilla, the unique four-in-one LED SMD layout means it has a smoother screen surface, a wide viewing angle and robust design.

Improving on the same unique characteristics of the 130" QUAD, QUADZilla delivers 600 nits of brightness pre-calibrated out of the box, and a built-in scaler switcher provides a wide range of connectivity and control options such as dual HDMI, USB, RS232 and HDBaseT.

Users can also take advantage of Optoma’s Control Q application to control the display from a smartphone or tablet.

QUADZilla is a big softie really, the ECO friendly benefits means it complies to ERP regulations, saving you energy costs and cutting down total cost of ownership.

Being chased by Zombies and in a hurry? The 163” monster LED display is an all-in-one package solution that dramatically reduces installation time from days to hours with its simple three step process.

You can watch this process here.

30th October 2020

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