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SLS, from Sales Partner to Official Distributor

SLS, from Sales Partner to Official Distributor


Portugal – Prolyte celebrates its latest addition to the family as Prolyte’s latest authorised dealer, Sound light and system (SLS), being Prolyte’s sales partner since 2014, has now become Prolyte’s latest distributor in Portugal.

Established in 2014, SLS has always had the mission to provide complete solutions for the professional audio and lighting market in Portugal.

"With the development of the market during these uncertain times, it is reassuring to have a strong trustable partner to further deliver high-end quality products and structural solutions that are in increasing demand in Portugal,” Prolyte manager William Voskuil said.

Rui Nunes, SLS CEO, states: "We’ve worked with Prolyte for years now and we firmly believe that Prolyte is in fact the best truss solution for the Portuguese market. Being a well-recognised and known brand, Prolyte is ahead of its game in the market, as it is not only used and trusted by everyone but also recognised for its potential to lead. Prolyte has always offered us an excellent, tech-savvy product line, and we’re more than excited to be an official distributor of the Prolyte family. We at SLS look forward to working together with Prolyte and create amazing things together.”

"It is always a pleasure to work with SLS, and the growth of this relationship is publicly recognised with this transition up the latter. SLS being our latest official distributor in Portugal strengthens our worldwide network, while increasing the availability of Prolyte's wide ranges of products across Portugal and the world. Rui Nunes is an industry professional and we are delighted to continue our magnificent work together with him and his team. We are pleased to have flourished this friendship and developed this partnership with one another, with a shared commitment to providing high-quality and safe products to the entertainment industry," William Voskuil adds.

“All of us at SLS are more than excited to work on great things together, now and in the future after these troubling days,” Rui Nunes, SLS CEO concludes.

SLS leads the Portuguese market by their young and ambitious team working around the clock to offer absolute top tier solutions at attractive prices. Thus, with this latest development, Prolyte assures that current and new Prolyte customers have quick access to materials, services, knowledge, and support from a trusted source within the industry.

15th October 2020

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