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Alcons Audio Appoints Taub Sales as Mid-Atlantic Area Representative

Alcons Audio Appoints Taub Sales as Mid-Atlantic Area Representative

USA – Alcons Audio has appointed Taub Sales as its North American representative in the mid-Atlantic territory, which encompasses Virginia, the District of Columbia (Washington, DC), Maryland, Delaware, the southern half of New Jersey and the eastern half of Pennsylvania. And it’s clear that company head Steven Taub is relishing raising the profile of Alcons’ industry-leading pro-ribbon audio systems in this significant region of the US.

Based in Silver Spring, a few miles north of Washington, DC, Taub Sales was founded by Morton Taub in 1974. Although starting out primarily in the consumer audio business, the company has always had a presence in the professional audio market, switching its full focus to that sector around a decade later. Since the early 1990s, it has sold speciality loudspeakers for the professional live and installed audio markets, making Alcons Audio the perfect brand for the company.

“Alcons Audio pro-ribbon technology is ideal for Taub Sales in two respects,” says Steven, Morton’s son who now heads the business. “The first is that it’s a uniquely high-quality solution that is ideal for much of my customer base, including houses of worship, performance spaces and the live concert market. Alcons systems are also ideal for dealers and consultants who work with the corporate theatre market.

“Secondly, Alcons is an excellent fit with how I sell. I specialise in ‘tech-to-English translation’, working best with products where I can clearly explain why a product is the best solution for the needs of a particular application.”

He continues: “Alcons solutions are uniquely helpful, they feature unusually accurate performance at low levels with undistorted sound at high levels, excellent horizontal off-axis performance, tight vertical dispersion where needed with remarkably low loss of both, level over distance and system damping factor over long cable runs.

David Rahn, Alcons Audio North American sales manager adds: “We are pleased to appoint Taub Sales as an Alcons representative. Steven clearly understands and is enthused by the advantages that our pro-ribbon technology brings to a wide range of sound reinforcement applications. We look forward to working with him and improving the sound for audiences and congregations throughout the mid-Atlantic territory.”

Steven adds: “As you might gather, I’m pretty excited about the prospect of selling Alcons systems. What’s not to like?”

9th December 2020

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