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grandMA3 viz-key announced: Partnership with visualisation manufacturers

grandMA3 viz-key announced: Partnership with visualisation manufacturers

grandMA3 viz-key is the easiest way ever to cross-connect between any scale of grandMA3 lighting control system and compatible third-party visualisers.

For many years, users were asking for solutions to connect grandMA3 lighting control systems with existing visualisation platforms, from a single onPC software device up to a full-blown multi-user system.

grandMA3 viz-key is the unique solution for stable and safe connectivity between third-party visualisation tools and grandMA3 lighting control systems. Simply connect the grandMA3 viz-key with the visualisation computer and it will enable all necessary parameters for visualisation.

All compatible third-party manufacturers are MA-Net3 members on the network and can visualise all granted parameters instantly. grandMA3 viz-key also enables all non-granted parameters for visualisation.
MA Lighting has already made agreements with the following visualiser manufactures (listed in alphabetical order below) to co-develop a seamless integration between grandMA3 viz-key and their specific pre-visualisation solution:

Capture Visualisation – Capture

Imaginary Labs – Carbon For Unreal

Syncronorm – Depence²

Vectorworks – Vision

Vision 2021 Service Pack 2.1 from Vectorworks, Inc. is already compatible with the grandMA3 viz-key.

In addition to the partners above, MA Lighting is in contact with further companies and will release updated information as new partnerships are formed.

16th December 2020

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