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Let the world see you in the best light with Chroma-Q’s Sandi

Let the world see you in the best light with Chroma-Q’s Sandi

Chroma-Q has announced the release of its new Sandi 1622 video conferencing keylight. It’s soft lens diffusion, large source and adjustable colour temperature means you’ll look your best under any ambient lighting conditions.

With everything now moving online, the Sandi has been developed to ensure that your professional image isn’t compromised by bad lighting, and that you stand out for all the right reasons. The light can fit around a monitor up to 24” (609mm) and also provides a physical support for phones, laptops and tablets.

The Sandi has two adjustment dials that allow you to control the intensity from 0 - 100%, and the colour temperature from warm white to cool white (2,700K to 6,500K). The LED driven light engine provides a flicker-free source for cameras.

With 110° coverage from three different axis, the Sandi creates an even, soft, natural light, delivering beautiful skin-tones with enough output to look good, but that isn’t harsh on the eyes.

This video conferencing key light is specifically designed for business professionals, vloggers, bloggers, Zoomers, telework, government officials, make-up artists and theatres.

Sandi 1622’s set-up is quick and easy, simply connect one USB cable and it is ready to make you shine!

“With video calls and live streaming on television becoming the new norm, we wanted to create a professional light, designed to keep you looking good on screen wherever you are. If you want to avoid flickering, unflattering lighting, and maintain your professional image, then look no further, the Sandi can help achieve this quickly and easily,” commented Paul Pelletier, global brand manager.

2nd December 2020

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