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Light The Sky

Light The Sky
Light The Sky

The Netherlands – Throughout the Netherlands bundles of light were visible in the sky on Sunday 22 March evening from 20:00 to 20:30. The lighting and sound industries joined the #LightTheSky #StayAtHome initiative. This showed once again that the power of entertainment is in all of us, no matter the situation.

Highlite thanks all those people who are working so hard for all of us to stay safe while we are being affected by the Covid-19. Highlite thanks all the industry colleagues who made it possible and projected a light of hope in the sky. And especially like to thank not only the proud owners of Highlite brands, but everybody who shared and sent pictures to Highlite.

These are just some of the lights which lighted up the sky yesterday, courtesy of THE, CREATE amazing things, Paco support, the Light Package and Highlite Rent, who used Infinity Intelligent Light and Showtec fixtures. They used 19 units of Infinity iB-2R, 20 units of Infinity iW-741 and 20 units of Showtec Helix S5000.


Light The SkyLight The Sky

26th March 2020

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