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Powersoft Announces Online Training Sessions for Deva Multimedia Units

Powersoft Announces Online Training Sessions for Deva Multimedia Units

 Italian power amplifier manufacturer Powersoft has just announced new online training for its outdoor multimedia unit Deva. The sessions will be presented live by one of Powersoft’s Deva system engineers and will focus on the features of the unit designed specifically for safety and crowd management during emergency situations including facial recognition, crowd count, virtual fencing, SOS, and public warning messages. The trainings will take place on Monday, 30 March, 2020 at 2pm CEST and 6pm CEST and are free to attend. Attendees can register below through Powersoft’s website.

Originally introduced in 2013, Powersoft’s Deva is a versatile, weather resistant IP65 multimedia unit designed to replace cumbersome wired speaker systems and crowd surveillance devices in outdoor areas. Deva features a powerful and efficient Class-D amplifier and bi-directional audio systems, allowing it to serve as both a public address system as well as a two-way communication service. In addition to its audio features, Deva also has a high definition onboard camera and a variety of sensors, allowing it to also serve as a crowd monitoring and security device. The entire system can be easily operated over WIFI by tablet, PC, and mobile phone.

“Deva is an ideal tool for instant and effective communication and enacting emergency procedures in large outdoor areas,” said Powersoft Deva sales manager Cosimo Cecchi. “Given the challenging circumstances currently faced globally, we wanted to ensure that our users had access to up-to-date training on all of the ways that they can use Deva’s safety and emergency management features for scenarios such as this.”

30th March 2020

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