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13 May Elation Hour: Service & Support, Magmatic Atmospheric Effects

13 May Elation Hour: Service & Support, Magmatic Atmospheric Effects

The 13th May edition of the Elation Hour is with Elation service manager Gines Gines to explore a critical topic for any lighting professional: Service & Support, and also take a closer look at Elation’s new atmospherics brand, Magmatic, with Magmatic product manager Anthony Velasquez.

Broadcast live on Wednesday, 13th May at 10am Pacific Standard Time in the US, join hosts John Dunn and Matthias Hinrichs for this special Behind the Products discussion. Gines has served as Elation’s top service specialist for over a decade and on this episode will cover service/support topics like RMA’s, service centres, updates, warranties and more. Anthony will share insight into Elation’s inspiring new Magmatic brand of on-the-road tough atmospheric effects while reviewing the first innovations in the new product line.

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The Elation Hour is a weekly virtual presentation that delves into the more personal side of product development and includes discussions with top industry designers who share their experience across the broad scope of entertainment lighting. Tune in over the next several weeks as topics covered are: festivals/outdoor events, Broadway/theatre, trade shows/corporate/special events and concerts/live events. The Elation Hour series will also include virtual product launches.

The Elation Hour, Wednesdays, 10am PST: (schedule subject to change)

13 May: Behind the Products – Service & Support with Elation Service Manager Gines Gines; Magmatic Atmospheric Effects with Anthony Velasquez

20 May: Tools & Techniques – Broadway & Theater

27 May: Tools & Techniques – Trade Show, Corporate & Special Events

3 June: Tools & Techniques – Concerts/Live Events

3 June: Virtual Product Launch – Artiste Mondrian

10 June: Virtual Product Launch – Fuze Wash FR

11th May 2020

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