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Alcons Pro-Ribbon Solution Pleases Richard van Dorland’s Ear for Detail

Alcons Pro-Ribbon Solution Pleases Richard van Dorland’s Ear for Detail

The Netherlands – With over 30 years’ experience of mixing live music and theatre, Richard van Dorland is a Dutch sound engineer with a musical heart. Working with artists who mix acoustic and electric instruments to craft songs with a high level of dynamics, he sees himself as an extension of the musicians and their performance. His investment in an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system has ensured that audiences enjoy every detail of the sound.

“I pride myself on having an ear for detail,” he says. “I give every musician the attention they need, creating space for their instrument and the ensemble sound. Each instrument gets its own place in the acoustic image, creating a clear balance to give the listener an open, transparent experience.”

Richard is well known in the Netherlands for his work with various national and international artists, including renowned Dutch singer and musician Hildegard Mandos & Friends, who incorporates influences of jazz, bossanova, soul, African, South American and pop in her music. With music that covers such a wide spectrum, there are many dynamic elements in the performances, so a PA system which could handle all of these aspects was crucial. Other requirements were a very controlled directivity and with exceptional gain before feedback qualities.

Richard invested in an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system, comprising six LR7 micro line array, with 6.5” woofer and RBN410 4” pro-ribbon driver, and two of Alcons’ new BF121 compact 12” subwoofers, powered and controlled by a Sentinel10 four-channel amplified loudspeaker controller.

“For me, Alcons pro-ribbon technology was a clear choice, because the pro-ribbon driver has many advantages over the compression driver/horn system which is used in most loudspeakers,” he says. “The 90 degree spread of the LR7 really does cover 90 degrees over the entire frequency range, up to and above 20kHz. The frequency range remains balanced and every detail of a performance is audible, even at very low volume.

“With musicians whose playing is very dynamic, it completely suits my approach to mixing and gives the audience the best, most sonically accurate experience.”

Richard also purchased frames that can accommodate up to a five element LR7 line array per side on a pole mount. Used with BF121 or BF151mkII compact subwoofers, the system is flexible enough to deliver high quality, seamless sound in spaces ranging from a small studio theatre up to a medium-sized club.

“I love the detail and open sound of the system,” says Richard. “Both I and the musicians I work with are very happy that I chose Alcons!”

26th June 2020

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