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Unusual leads the call to 'do better' not 'less bad' ahead of ABTT seminar on Sustainability in Theatres

Unusual leads the call to \'do better\' not \'less bad\' ahead of ABTT seminar on Sustainability in Theatres

UK – As Unusual Rigging's managing director Tom Harper (pictured) prepares to moderate an ABTT seminar on Sustainability in Theatres next week, the company is releasing a series of short videos on its social media channels and its website to stir the debate.

Tom, who has an MBA in Innovation and the Circular Economy is passionate about making positive change in the entertainment's ecosystem, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and will argue the need for companies to move on from the sustainability argument and to think more circularly instead.

He said: "For years, under the sustainability model, companies have been looking at how they can do 'less bad', whereas what we really need to be doing is looking at how we can actually 'do better' and the Circular Economy model really captures the essence of this. As we face arguably the toughest crisis the industry has ever encountered, I strongly believe that becoming more circular will give us a fighting chance of surviving. As a company, Unusual is leading the way in becoming more circular in its practices and is keen to work with other businesses within the industry to make this standard practice."

He added: "The ABTT seminar on Sustainability in Theatres next week will certainly provoke some interesting debate and conversation which I hope will drive us forward to make more progress. The videos we will release over the coming week will provide just a taster of some of the issues we will look to discuss. We would invite anyone who watches the clips to message us with their questions so that we can create more content in a Q&A style which should make for some interesting, thought provoking viewing."

Videos can be viewed on the company's website or social media channels

1st June 2020

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