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Goboplus Launches GoboQuick Packages

Goboplus Launches GoboQuick Packages
Goboplus Launches GoboQuick Packages

In support of PLASA's #wemakeevents campaign, Goboplus Ltd and Rosco have teamed up to supply a special gobo designed to light up buildings and venues, to keep everyone talking about the difficulties the live events industry is facing.
Whilst the Government has pledged some financial support, let's continue to raise awareness to help secure our industry's future.
#wemakeevents glass gobo is offered at the special offer price of £39 ex vat (usually £78 ex vat).

They can be ordered online

Goboplus has designed a new range of gobos to project social distancing signage. As more businesses open, gobos can help all to be aware of new guidance and instructions.

The main benefit of using projection over adhesive signage is that gobos can be easily replaced as guidance changes and when normal circumstances resume.
See the full range of new designs visit our website:

Goboplus has put together three competitively priced packages to include a lantern and gobo for projecting safety messages. The Goboquick is ideal for applications that require a compact fixture for easy LED gobo projection. Ideal for clubs, bars, restaurants and shopping malls, this silent gobo projector provides easy adjustment of focus.

  • A GoboQuick Projector with a monochrome glass gobo

  • A GoboQuick Projector with a colour gobo

  • A GoboQuick Projector with a custom gobo

17th July 2020

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