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Obsidian offers Four-Part ONYX Training Webinar Series

Obsidian offers Four-Part ONYX Training Webinar Series

Obsidian Control Systems has announced a new four-part webinar series for its popular ONYX control platform. Starting 26th January, the webinar series will be presented in an easy-to-follow online format, allowing anyone with our without ONYX experience to get a comprehensive understanding of the powerful software.

The ONYX PC solution is identical to the software provided on all ONYX consoles like the NX4 and NX2, providing everyone a true hands-on experience from the comfort of their home. A matching capture presentation file provides immediate real-time feedback of a virtual stage, allowing all users to experience the newly introduced support of fixture and patch Synchronisation between ONYX and Capture.

The webinar, hosted by ONYX training specialist David Henry and product manager Matthias Hinrichs, will utilise the upcoming 4.6 Version of ONYX, allowing powerful effects using the DyLOS pixel composer, which now not only interacts with colour pixels but can drive any fixture’s parameter like movements and intensity with incredible ease and creativity.

Each training session is three hours long and will start at 10:00 PST (18:00 GMT):

January 26 – Beginner

January 28 – Intermediate

February 2 – Advanced

February 4 – DyLOS Pixel Composer

To sign up, please visit

20th January 2021

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