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House lights underachieving? Can a house light be more than just a house light?

House lights underachieving? Can a house light be more than just a house light?

Typically utilised before and after performances and during intervals as practical audience lights, house lighting has traditionally played only a minor role in creating the atmosphere of a space. With the advent of dynamic LED house lighting however, that has all changed. Today’s house lights have taken on a more flexible and increasingly important role as an integral part of a broader and more immersive lighting design impression.

Join Alistair Smyth and Frederik Afif for Elation’s 1st April Coffee Break as they delve into the adaptable aspects of Elation’s colour-changing Fuze Pendant. This high-quality LED downlight produces high CRI variable tones to flood a space in hues of colour or functionally wash a venue in shades of white light. Add in a multitude of control, connectivity, mounting and lens options and it is the ultimate lighting tool for modern house and area lighting applications.

The Elation Coffee Break on the Fuze Pendant will air live on Thursday, 1st April at 11am CEST. Tune in at It’s easy and no registration is required.

The Elation Coffee Break is an online presentation series from Elation’s European office in Kerkrade, the Netherlands that takes an up-close look at some of the company’s most popular product series. To view previous Elation Coffee Break webinars, please visit


29th March 2021

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