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Long-standing relationship between Christie and University of Waterloo delivers big results


Dynacord and Danley announce strategic alignment


Sennheiser has its finger on the pulse of the music industry


disguise and ROE Visual Strengthen Strategic Partnership


Xilica and Sennheiser Enter Strategic Alliance for Frictionless Collaboration Experiences


Ayrton sponsors the Women in Lighting project


Chauvet Acquires Kino Flo


Allen & Heath Appoint New Japanese Distributor


BLUMANO Launches Blumano East Asia


Summer of 2021 with CTME


ChamSys Expands Australian Distribution Network


Audient Launches ‘Back on Track’ Console Promotion to UK Customers


Roadies Create Non-Profit Cookbook to Fund Mental Health First Aid on Tour


Audient Supports The VoiceOver Network


Collaborative Creations announces three new appointments as business expands


CT Qatar Celebrates Ten Years


Artistic Licence appoints UK based Global Design Solutions as value-added reseller


Renkus-Heinz Partners with Seapower Technology to Strengthen Presence in Taiwan


Absen Unveils Brand New Experiential Showroom in European HQ


Global event recruitment business THE Production TEAM launched


QC-Check maintains the integrity of Universal Pixels’ power


ALD members vote to become the Association of Lighting Production and Design (ALPD)


Sennheiser strengthens global communication and collaboration experience by joining GPA


Follow-me tracking solutions names Axente as its exclusive distributor for France


Unonovesette Appoints 3LR Lighting


Long-standing relationship between Christie and University of Waterloo delivers big results

Long-standing relationship between Christie and University of Waterloo delivers big results

Canada – Christie and the University of Waterloo’s Vision and Image Processing Lab are celebrating a new milestone: the development and productisation of the patented algorithm that drives the resolution enhancement of the new Christie M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector. This is the latest success between the renowned institution and Christie, which together recently wrapped up a third, two-year research project.

The collaboration between the Vision and Image Processing Lab at the University of Waterloo and Christie began in 2013.

“Years ago, we wrote out a set of problems we’d like help with,” says Mark Lamm, senior product developer, advanced research and collaboration, Christie. “The group at the University of Waterloo works on vision and camera research, and more recently, machine learning. It was a match, we had problems and they had interest.”

Waterloo and Christie have collaborated on papers, presentations, and patents over the three projects. Each project involved eight to ten graduate students and included an internship which allows students to dedicate two days a week to Christie research.

“Christie has interesting problems. The people at Christie appreciate the research aspect; we’re providing ideas and insight,” says Paul Fieguth, professor in systems design engineering at the University of Waterloo. “We’re committed to working jointly and talking about where our research is going and next directions, as well as contributing ideas to Christie’s research goals.”

The research that led to the algorithm for the new M 4K25-RGB pure laser projector began several years ago and resulted in published papers on image enhancement for static images. The research continued as the team realised that the approach only worked for static images, and not video.

The team “went back to the drawing board,” says Lamm. “Alex Wong, a systems design professor at the University of Waterloo, helped us come up with a new approach.”

“Could we figure out in real time what is moving? How do you detect what a pixel is doing? Then we had to figure out how to filter it and recombine it appropriately,” Fieguth says of the continued research. “That was the crux of most of the image resolution work that students were doing. It took us a while to refine what we were looking for.”

The result of part of the research project is the new, patented, precision pixel shift technology in the Christie M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector, which reduces or eliminates typical artefacts found in other pixel-shifting technologies, provides UHD 4K resolution at up to 120Hz.

The collaboration between the University of Waterloo and Christie is already headed toward a possible fourth research project.

“We’re very pleased with the research collaboration with the University of Waterloo’s Vision and Image Processing Lab,” says Lamm. “We look forward to welcoming the next group of researchers to Christie.”

22nd September 2021

Dynacord and Danley announce strategic alignment

Dynacord and Danley announce strategic alignment

Professional audio industry leaders Dynacord and Danley are teaming up to bring complementary product combinations to the global marketplace.

In what has been termed a “strategic alignment,” US-based Danley Sound Labs – renowned for advanced loudspeaker technology – and Germany-based Dynacord – an audio electronics pioneer for over 70 years – recently announced that they will be utilising each other’s strengths to offer state-of-the-art sound system solutions. Danley loudspeakers will now be powered and optimised by Dynacord amplifiers, digital signal processing and sound system software. Danley loudspeaker settings will be available for all Dynacord amplifiers.

“This is a big step forward for us, and we’re very excited about this development,” says Mike Hedden, Danley’s chief steward in charge. “Working with Dynacord will change people’s perspective when they think about Danley, as it allows us to go wider and deeper with our product offerings.” Dynacord, part of the Bosch Group, is equally energised by the opportunity to work closely with Danley. “Danley has a particularly strong following in the United States, and they are also known around the world, so we’re excited to link together,” comments Dynacord marketing manager Robert Ferguson. “They are an engineering-driven company, as is Dynacord, and that approach is what makes us a great fit.”

The relationship positions Danley and Dynacord to grow their unique and proprietary technologies together in both familiar and fresh markets. “This strategic alignment will open a lot of doors,” says Skip Welch, Danley’s director of sales andmMarketing. “Dynacord is a technology leader, and we see their sonic excellence and software innovation as assets to Danley users. Additionally, Dynacord has some products that we do not currently offer, which will also allow us to have extensive options while maintaining our high quality standards.”

“Danley loudspeakers have a reputation for sound quality, while also providing the coverage and output required to fill entire stadiums and arenas with fewer individual loudspeakers,” Ferguson adds. “Now, when they are powered by Dynacord amps and mixers, it will be the best of both worlds. This alignment brings these advanced technologies to an expanding international customer base with an exceptional value proposition.”

17th September 2021

Sennheiser has its finger on the pulse of the music industry

Sennheiser has its finger on the pulse of the music industry

 As part of Sennheiser’s continuing commitment to the music industry, the audio manufacturer has launched a YouTube channel, ‘The Pulse’, designed to give its viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the work of some of the world’s most ingenious creators and innovators. Creating a community of like-minded enthusiasts, The Pulse addresses anyone who is passionate about music and sound, and loves knowledge sharing, too.

“We have connections with so many amazing people in the music industry, so we wanted to create a platform that would shine a light on their careers and their work in an unconventional way,” says Pierre Morant, head of relationship management professional audio at Sennheiser. “On The Pulse, we are sharing the stories of musical legends and engineers, their tips and tricks, and the audio tools they use to create their music.” The YouTube channel addresses music fans, up and coming artists and aspiring engineers, as well as seasoned professionals – its viewers are as diverse as the music business itself, and they can be sure they’ll be finding out what’s new and cool in the industry.

The Pulse takes its viewers to places they wouldn’t normally see, from the role of a monitor engineer and the key skills needed to succeed in establishing a career touring the world as a live sound engineer with Mike Flaherty, monitor engineer for Shawn Mendes, to checking out Frank Turner’s new studio and hearing him reveal how he sets up his go-to Neumann U 87 and Sennheiser MD 441, e 906, e 901, e 902, e 904 and e 914s mics and how that translates into a mix.

“Sennheiser have been with me every step of the way on my journey into the world of being a producer, building my own studio, and learning how to record and mix music,” says Turner. “It’s a new passion for me, so I’m always keen to talk about it, and Sennheiser equipment helps me to capture and refine the sounds I’m looking for.”

“When we first introduced the platform, we wanted to give people invaluable resources for inspiration and learning, and a space where they can share their passion. Nine months later, we are proud to say that the response has been amazing,” says Morant. “We have just surpassed one million views and the channel keeps on growing.”

The Pulse covers creators from across the world, including the Americas with artists such as Courtney LaPlante and Claudia Hoyser, APAC with brilliant creators including Shapeshifter, Kim Young-il and Tim David, and EMEA with the likes of Frank Turner, The Edge Studios, and Naomi Banks. Recent posts include a video with American jazz, RnB and pop singer Lindsey Webster performing four of her songs, ‘Dream’, ‘A Love Before’, ‘Love Inside’, and ‘Walk Away’.

Hosts Addie, vocalist of the band Halocene, Sennheiser’s Andy Egerton, and – soon – roaming DJ SUAT visit the interviewees’ studios, rehearsal rooms, tours or events. “We always want to create a relaxed atmosphere, so we’re flexible on where we record and can support any out-of-the-box recording format,” concludes Morant. “We’re delighted with the response we’ve had so far and we’re looking forward to posting some great new sessions.”

The Pulse will host a very special performance starting 17 September at 8pm local time (CEST): Watch iconic DJ MOGUAI play a complete set from Sennheiser’s factory floor! MOGUAI and his team have put a year’s preparation into this set which is sure to delight all fans of electronic dance music.

“When Thomas Holz from Sennheiser approached me in Summer 2020 and asked if we could embark on a joint project, I was immediately excited,” says Zafer Isler, MOGUAI’s global commercial manager. “Then we developed this extraordinary idea, an authentic DJ set in the Sennheiser factory while the products are being manufactured! Thanks to Thomas Holz and the entire Sennheiser team for making it happen.”

MOGUAI adds: "I have been using Sennheiser’s HD 25 DJ headphones for over 30 years and I am still thrilled. They have become a loyal companion for me. Performing at the Sennheiser manufacturing plant in Wedemark was a great honour for me."

There’s lots of great content to watch and listen to; if you do not know where to start, Pierre Morant shares his personal choice of videos, with George Seara, KSI, Chris Diener, Stan Kybert and Claudia Hoyser his latest top picks.

16th September 2021

disguise and ROE Visual Strengthen Strategic Partnership

disguise and ROE Visual Strengthen Strategic Partnership

China – disguise and ROE Visual have announced strengthening their existing strategic partnership. Both companies are jointly recognised as technology suppliers for high-profile extended reality productions. They have left their mark with first-class high-performance products that power spectacular visual experiences across some of the world's biggest broadcast, film, fixed installations, corporate and entertainment events. By turning their current co-operation into a multi-faceted alliance, based on mutual trust and a long-term working relationship, disguise and ROE Visual intend will leverage each other's technical knowledge to benefit their partners and users worldwide.

Being involved with virtual production techniques since 2017, ROE Visual's LED technology and disguise's Extended Reality (xR) workflow have both become a well-recognised part of many virtual production set-ups globally. Projects like Billie Eilish's 'Where Do We Go' live-streamed concert, the 2020 League of Legends World Championship esports event, Nissan's 'Thrill' commercial, Walmart's 2021 YBM and ICM virtual events, Kaskade's hybrid concert in Fortnite and Rocket League, and Katy Perry's iconic performance at the 2020 American Idol finale: a performance widely acknowledged as the first major live broadcast to use extended reality, are proof of the companies' abilities.

disguise and ROE Visual share a similar customer philosophy and way of working that is rooted in high-end products and a solution-based and service-orientated customer approach, resulting in both companies being recognised as superior technologies by their customers. Following the opening of XR showrooms in Los Angeles, the US, and London, the UK last year, disguise plans to open more stages with ROE Visual products. The companies create easily accessible state-of-the-art facilities for the global XR community while empowering users to explore the possibilities of real-time visual experiences in virtual production. Providing these dedicated spaces for XR innovation, support, and customer demonstrations will help solidify disguise's and ROE Visual's positions in the market as trusted partners for next-generation virtual production.

In addition to powering hundreds of xR stages globally, the partnership is funded by teams sharing knowledge and expertise, translating this into product features that will benefit users. Part of this will be a training program for both technical teams to better understand each other's products and techniques and translate them into improved workflows and resulting visual effects for their partners and users.

"disguise and ROE Visual's shared history and commitment to producing cutting-edge technology that empowers users to bring unforgettable experiences to life means that this partnership will further expand the global reach of extended reality. ROE Visual's dedication to providing the best LED display platforms and outstanding LED solutions drives mutual innovation in virtual production. The teams' professional attitude and enthusiasm are very motivational to serve our shared clientele with even better solutions and techniques," says Fernando Kufer, CEO of disguise.

"We're pleased to be working in close cooperation with the disguise team. disguise and ROE Visual engaging in this partnership is beneficial to both companies and, more importantly, for our global user community. We believe the partnership will help to develop virtual production technology and bring it to a higher level." states Grace Kuo, sales director for ROE Visual.

15th September 2021

Xilica and Sennheiser Enter Strategic Alliance for Frictionless Collaboration Experiences

Xilica and Sennheiser Enter Strategic Alliance for Frictionless Collaboration Experiences

Canada – Xilica, a provider of collaboration products that help unlock the power of human connection, has partnered with global audio specialist Sennheiser to develop a tightly integrated room solution that minimises installation time, improves audio quality, and enhances collaboration for end users. The partnership will leverage premium audio products from both companies, offering integrators a seamless way to deploy adaptable, IT-friendly audio conferencing systems.

The complete solution, which pairs the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 beamforming microphone array with Xilica’s ecosystem of DSP, user interfaces and network endpoints, ensures exceptional speech intelligibility for physical and remote participants in hybrid spaces. This gives end users the flexibility to move throughout their space and present in their own style, while eliminating risk of inaudibility. Integrators and end users benefit from the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2’s seamless integration with Xilica Solaro processors and Xilica Gio network endpoints, enabling an easy, no-code setup with pre-validated compatibility.

As part of the alliance, Xilica has enabled support for the TruVoicelift functionality of Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) across its Solaro Series of DSPs, which simplifies the installation of multiple Sennheiser TCC2 microphones through automatic testing and calibration of audio, saving hours of time during system commissioning. Additionally, TruVoicelift offers noise reduction, speaker amplification and creates targeted zones to home in on participants speaking in busy spaces. When paired with Xilica’s proprietary noise reduction and HearClear echo cancellation algorithms, the combined solution offers a robust defence against meeting distractions.

Additionally, Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 and Xilica Solaro processors offer end-to-end mute status sync for Microsoft Teams. This enables a software-based mute action, such as clicking a button in the Microsoft Teams application, to be reflected throughout the chain and back to the Sennheiser TCC2’s status indicator LED. Similarly, when using Xilica user interfaces, a mute action can be reflected both to the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 and back into the Microsoft Teams application – giving room users complete visibility.

“Modern meetings have more remote participants than ever, and they need to hear clearly without being distracted by background noise and interruptions,” said Charlie Jones, global alliance and partnerships manager for Sennheiser. “TruVoicelift is perfect for large conference spaces and lecture halls that allow everyone to hear a presenter, or a question from a student that is raised. Together with Xilica DSPs, end users are assured high-quality, dependable audio with exceptional room and user control.”

Jones adds that the ultra-low-profile Xilica Solaro QR1 DSP will benefit integrators working in corporate and education environments with limited or no rack space. He notes that bundling the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 and Xilica Solaro QR1 is ideal for these situations because no special wiring or configuration is required.

“Our customers are seeking cost-effective ways to add audio and UC to rooms that historically had no audio or only a simple microphone,” said Jones. “The Xilica Solaro QR1’s compact form factor allows installers to mount the DSP virtually anywhere. It’s small, powerful and PoE, and upon first seeing it we realised that many Sennheiser customers could benefit from a combined solution. It’s also the standard for Sennheiser demonstrator kits worldwide.”

Additionally, general availability of the Xilica follow-me camera tracking module for the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is expected in Q4 2021, enabling automated pan-tilt-zoom by using the beam position information from the TeamConnect Ceiling 2. This gives room users even greater freedom to present throughout their space without consideration of the AV infrastructure.

“We’re pleased to partner with Sennheiser to help unlock the power of human connection,” said James Knight, COO, Xilica. “Our joint solution offers a pre-validated room system for the high-value collaboration space that delivers greater freedom and flexibility to end users, while eliminating lengthy setup for integrators. Pairing Sennheiser’s patented technologies with the audio-enhancing algorithms of Xilica processors give a distraction-free experience in which people can come together.”

14th September 2021

Ayrton sponsors the Women in Lighting project

Ayrton sponsors the Women in Lighting project

Ayrton is a new sponsor for Women in Lighting, the international support and networking project for women in both architectural and entertainment lighting. Ayrton’s primary aim is to raise awareness of, and expand, this global network across the entertainment lighting industry.

Launched in 2019 on International Women’s Day by Light Collective, Women in Lighting (WIL) is a digital forum where women can inspire, support and encourage the next generation of female lighting designers. It provides a platform on which women designers can share their passions and achievements and celebrate their work. Its worldwide programme of events and activities is augmented by a series of online interviews where women share their career paths and goals with other members.

In two short years the project has grown rapidly and is now represented in over 70 countries by its network of ‘ambassadors’, women who act as a point of contact for those seeking to discover more about WIL, join the supportive community and benefit from the many online activities which are tailored to the different needs within each country.

Until now WIL has focused largely on women working in architectural lighting, but the new collaboration with Ayrton brings a new engagement with the entertainment lighting industry, and an opportunity to raise awareness and expand the network into a different market.

“Our intention is to build bridges between different lighting industries as well as redress the balance of the heavy bias towards male lighting designers,” says Sharon Stammers, co-founder with Martin Lupton of Light Collective and Women in Lighting. “However, Women in Lighting is not only about gender equity. It's also about inclusivity and how this is beneficial to an industry as a whole. Ayrton is perfectly placed with its great knowledge of and connections within the entertainment industry and is the ideal partner to help us spread the awareness of WIL and how it can help people.”

To mark the start of this new collaboration between Ayrton and WIL, an online workshop will be held on 14 September 2021 from 1pm 3pm BST. Registrations can be made at: Ayrton is also sponsoring three new interviews from international stage and television lighting designers which will be launched alongside the workshop. The interviews will appear as project interviews on the WIL website

New interviews sponsored by Ayrton, from the United States:

Anne Militello is the Founder of Vortex Lighting in Los Angeles and head of lighting programmes at the California Institute of the Arts. Ms. Militello is a renowned theatre and architectural lighting designer as well as an educator and fine artist with a career spanning all aspects of creating with light. Her career began in theatre and music clubs in New York City and eventually to Broadway, international opera, and touring concert stages. She was a show lighting designer at Walt Disney Imagineering and Universal Studios before starting her own company which focuses on architectural projects.

Ms Militello received the OBIE Award for Sustained Excellence, the Paul Waterbury Award of Distinction from the IESNA, an IALD Award of Merit and Themed Lighting Designer of the Year from Lighting Dimensions International among others. She has been featured in the New York Times, New York Magazine, Newsweek, Time Magazine among others and was the subject of a BBC documentary.

From Japan:

Emi Yatabe is a senior lighting designer at Nippon Television Network Corporation in Tokyo. With a background in electronic engineering, Ms. Yatabe started to learn about lighting when she joined the TV broadcasting company in 1995. She had no previous knowledge or experience in lighting before that, so everything was learnt on the job. Her job at the TV station is mainly to facilitate lighting design for music programmes and live streaming videos.

From Zimbabwe:

Mildred M. Moyo, a.k.a Lighting Bae, is a stage lighting designer from Bulawayo whose career began as a wild and scary dream when she dared to venture into a male-dominated industry and further defied odds by moving from Bulawayo to Harare to grow her knowledge base and network as a lighting designer. The challenges of single motherhood could not stand in her way to learning. She also launched a lighting solutions company called Phenomenal Lighting, the only stage lighting company owned by a female in Zimbabwe.

Being the only professional female lighting designer in Zimbabwe, Mildred is passionate about making stage lighting design, in Zimbabwe and beyond, a career path for all, regardless of gender and other social classifications. In 2019, she started a series of masterclasses for young people who are aspiring to be lighting designers in Zimbabwe, particularly girls. These sessions became digital in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and hosted a number of renowned lighting designers from across the globe.

“We are very excited to team up with Women in Lighting to support the empowerment of women everywhere and, with its global network of ambassadors, where and how they most need it,” says Ayrton’s Linnea Ljunkmark. “Ayrton is very keen to expand this support across the entertainment industry to allow women in lighting greater recognition and the confidence to work in their chosen field with pride.

“Ayrton is an international company with a high percentage of women in our team. We know from our contact with our customers how much of a contribution women lighting designers – and in all roles – make to our industry and want to encourage other women to become involved, express their creativity and use WIL to discover the many different facets of lighting available to them.”

The Women in Lighting project is open to all women working in stage, concert, television, events or any other areas of entertainment lighting across the world, all of whom are invited to become part of the project.

There are a number of ways to get involved: check out some of the amazing interviews, sign up for the regular WIL newsletter or submit your own interview via the WIL website. You can join upcoming events by following WIL on social media:

Ayrton sponsors the Women in Lighting projectAyrton sponsors the Women in Lighting project

7th September 2021

Chauvet Acquires Kino Flo

Chauvet Acquires Kino Flo

USA – In a move that will significantly expand its capabilities to serve the global film, studio and broadcast markets, Chauvet has announced that it has acquired Kino Flo, a leader in LED lighting systems and colour science technologies. Kino Flo is a multi-award-winning manufacturer of lighting systems engineered for cinema and television production.

“This represents an important step for our company in our ongoing mission to expand our broadcast, studio and film lighting capabilities,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet (pictured). “Kino Flo has a long-standing tradition of innovation and a commitment to excellence, which makes the company an excellent fit with Chauvet’s own philosophy. We are excited to invest in the future of Kino Flo and build on their technologies, while adding resources to accelerate product development and commercialisation.”

“Based on our shared long-standing commitment to our customers and cultural alignment, I am confident our customers will benefit from our new partnership,” said Frieder Hochheim, founder of Kino Flo, who will continue to lead Kino Flo. “The combined solutions from Kino Flo and Chauvet have limitless possibilities.”

Kino Flo will continue to serve its customers from its Burbank, California offices. Founded in 1987, Kino Flo has developed a series of colour technology innovations, and earned an award from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for its development of cool, tube-based arrays with colour corrected tungsten and daylight balanced light. Kino Flo’s LED tubes, light panels and True Match firmware dovetail with the extensive collection of Chauvet Professional ellipsoidal, Fresnel, par, cyclorama and special effect fixtures that have become increasingly popular in broadcast applications.

“Our entire team looks forward to bringing Kino Flo’s product line and technology solutions to our global film, broadcast and livestream lighting customers,” Chauvet said.

3rd September 2021

Allen & Heath Appoint New Japanese Distributor

Allen & Heath Appoint New Japanese Distributor

Japan – Allen & Heath has named Tokyo-based Hibino Intersound as distributor for Live, MI and Install products in Japan.

“We are very excited to join the Allen & Heath family,” comments Oizuru Osamu (pictured), president and CEO of Hibino Intersound. “Allen & Heath offer a wide range of products which are renowned for their innovation, quality and reliability. We look forward to developing market reach and supporting Allen & Heath customers in Japan.”

“Many of our customers are now using and specifying multiple products across the range, from ZED to dLive” adds Jamie Ward, Allen & Heath’s APAC sales director. “The impressive scale and depth of Hibino Intersound's market coverage enables us to fully support them, especially as our product range continues to grow and develop into new areas. We are delighted to be working with them in this key territory.”

The new distribution partnership is active with immediate effect.

DJ products in Japan will continue to be distributed by High Resolution Co LTD.

2nd September 2021

BLUMANO Launches Blumano East Asia

BLUMANO Launches Blumano East Asia

East Asia – BLUMANO, entertainment-industry consultants in safety and machinery design, is expanding into the Asian market with the announcement of BLUMANO East Asia. The addition of this first-class base will work closely with BLUMANO's network of offices in Ireland, the UK, Italy and the Netherlands.

Laurent Ste-Marie joins this dynamic organisation and brings with him 25-years’ experience and vast knowledge of the acrobatic rigging world, which is a key addition to BLUMANO'S wide range of combined skills. His remarkable background in technical production and project management includes working with some of the most innovative companies and notable sporting events in the industry.

BLUMANO is thrilled to have Laurent on board, and feels it further enhances its ability to provide dynamic, full-service, multiplatform packages to clients needing engineering solutions and high levels of support, especially in a post Covid world.

Laurent began taking some of BLUMANO's training courses and through multiple interactions and conversations discovered he shared similar values and approaches to safety and design with the team.

''Seeing how the entertainment industry is bouncing back from an unfortunate dip, the timing seemed right to take on a new and exciting challenge by joining yet another industry leader. Through our exchanges we realised that our passion for the industry, vision, and dedication for the promotion of a safe work environment would make a partnership between us a perfect fit. It is an honour to be part of the BLUMANO team and I'm looking forward to extending renowned support to existing and new clients in the East Asian market," commented Laurent.

BLUMANO and Laurent's common expectations about working together have been confirmed thanks to their recent collaboration. Both parties embrace the open communication, dynamic flow of ideas and different perspectives, which helps with the successful delivery of ongoing projects. The transition to the team has been seamless and provides promising growth for the company by expanding into a new market.



1st September 2021

Summer of 2021 with CTME

Summer of 2021 with CTME

Dubai – The Middle East events industry has been slowly returning since the last quarter of 2020, and although we still see many virtual events taking place, more live event productions are on the rise with live audiences thanks to the roll-out of the vaccine and fast testing facilities in the region.

Creative Technology Middle East (CTME) has been delivering audiovisual solutions to many of the spectacular returning live and virtual events in 2021, some of which include the UAE Presidents Cup Final, Dubai World Cup, Saudi Arabia’s Noor Riyadh Festival, multiple golfing events across the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the media launch activation for the UAE’s Mission to Mars alongside a variety of virtual conferences and graduations.

This year CTME’s live events division also partnered with Sharjah Performing Arts Academy (SPAA) to deliver technical information and guidance to students to further their knowledge and passion for entering the production world. From delivering technical seminars to supplying various video equipment for the students to train on, CTME is committed to helping inspire the next generation of local industry talent.

CT's System Integration (SI) division has been hard at work delivering spectacular permanent install projects across the Middle East, including the recent L-Acoustics installation at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi as well as multiple pavilions at Expo 2020 and with many more projects in hand, this is only the beginning of the exciting things that are happening for our SI department.

Alongside multiple ongoing installation projects, our SI team have been delivering onsite system training sessions of the specialised audio, projection, LED and lighting installations ahead of the Expo 2020 opening as the pavilions transfer from installations to fully operational spaces.

Although predominantly a video specialist company CTME has expanded its lighting and audio capability in the Middle East due to client requests for a full-service delivery. CTME’s latest investments complement its extensive inventory of event technology, allowing us to offer more in the areas of lighting and sound with brands such as Robe, ClayPaky, GrandMA, Arri, L-Acoustics and Digico adding to CT’s existing stock of Martin, ETC, SGM, and Avolites. Alongside audio and lighting, CTME have also invested in further video technology from brands such as Barco, Disguise, InfiLED and more as well as increasing its communications offering from two-way radios and event networks to signal distribution and more.

These investments highlight CT’s commitment to the events industry in the Middle East and its growth. Andy Reardon, CTME’s managing director comments: “We have noticed the need for turnkey technical solutions, and this is increasingly becoming a common requirement amongst our clients. We are always looking at ways in how we can improve our offering to our clients, and expanding our lighting and audio alongside our video department was driven by client request and the current market trend.”

CTME has not only expanded its inventory this last six months, but has increased its team of professionals to meet the growing demand in the Middle East events market. CT’s accounts, operations, support team, engineers, head of departments and procurement have expanded across the live events, system integration and venue services divisions within the company.

Reardon goes on to say: “We pride ourselves on the diversity of the team we have with industry professionals coming from all corners of the world. We have a pool of diverse and talented individuals that are respected and admired amongst peers.”

It is an exciting time for CTME as it continues to grow and expand its team of professionals across all divisions. There are lots more opportunities available, and all current job vacancies can be found on the careers tab on the CT website.

Alongside the investment in technology and skilled professionals, CTME has also redesigned its Middle East headquarters space to provide a full-scale AV facility.

CT’s 23000sqft facility, which sits in the heart of the Dubai events trading area, has recently been renovated to house the ever-growing team of professionals and investment in latest technology. You will now find all live events, system integration and venue services teams in the newly refurbished open-plan office. The meeting rooms have been redesigned to be more comfortable and have efficient space for client presentations and demonstrations. The fully air-conditioned warehouse also offers dedicated prepping areas, spaces for large product facility demonstrations, advanced equipment rental tracking system, in-out loading bays and service areas.

CT would like to reassure its clients that it will have all the required measures in place to ensure the health and well-being of its staff, clients and visitors, from fully vaccinated staff and covid sterilisation cleaning processes to digital temperature checks and automatic hand sanitiser dispenser on all CTME entrances.

This year, CTME has achieved ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications and is fully committed to continually provide a safe working environment for its employees, delegates and clients. Its ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS) ensures we adhere to all local and international health and safety regulations and procedures while monitoring ways in which we can improve. In addition, the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS) enable the company to consistently provide its clients with the very best products and services to meet their needs while continuing to find ways in which it can advance its processes.

With the UAE set to host the Expo 2020 in October, the FIFA World Cup in Doha in 2022 and the Saudi Vision 2030, the events industry in the Middle East shows no sign of slowing down.

Reardon rounds up: “The first half of the year has been great, and the second half of the season is looking even better! We have made several investments so far this year, and we have a lot more coming up across audio, video and lighting technology, investments in people and new divisions. It is an exciting time for us here in the Middle East, especially after 2020, and we can not wait to share what we have in store over the next six months.”

31st August 2021

Creative Technology

ChamSys Expands Australian Distribution Network

ChamSys Expands Australian Distribution Network

Australia – Building on its growth in Australia working with its dealer ULA Group, ChamSys has increased its presence in that market by naming Audio Visual Engineering Pty Ltd. (AVE) as a distributor of its QuickQ line of consoles. The company’s MagicQ products will continue to be represented exclusively by the ULA Group, which will also continue to serve as a QuickQ distributor.

As a result of this move, ChamSys will be in an optimal position to serve the entire spectrum of the lighting console market in Australia, from mobile entertainers and users focused on small and mid-sized functions, to those working at broadcast studios and major arena tours.

“I’m excited to see AVE joining the ChamSys family,” said Aziz Adilkhodjaev (pictured), international sales and business development manager for ChamSys. “With their full focus only on QuickQ range, I’m confident, AVE will help us develop the market for this line even further. We look forward to working with them.”

At the same time, having the ULA Group continue to sell QuickQ products while also being the exclusive MagicQ distributor will allow ChamSys to build on the momentum the company has already established in the pro market. “We have a very strong team in place,” said Adilkhodjaev. “This positions to better serve all customers in the future.”

18th August 2021

Audient Launches ‘Back on Track’ Console Promotion to UK Customers

Audient Launches ‘Back on Track’ Console Promotion to UK Customers

UK - Audient is offering an exclusive, time-limited promotion giving aspiring console owners in the UK the opportunity to upgrade their set-up with one of its world-renowned ASP Series consoles. Valid between now and the end of October, Audient has teamed up with Azule finance company to provide bespoke financial packages to buyers of Audient consoles.

In addition to the finance package, those who already own a mixing desk – from any manufacturer – can trade in their ageing console, bringing the monthly payments for a new ASP4816 or ASP8024-HE down to an even more manageable level. The financial deals have the possibility of being underwritten by the UK Government Recovery Loan Scheme.

UK sales manager, Bryn Wildish explains: “We want to assist the ongoing recovery of the audio industry by giving studios a helping hand. Being able to upgrade to your own Audient console for a relatively small monthly fee, means studio owners really can get ‘back on track’. Similarly, if your old desk is costing you too much to run, upgrade now, get on with the business of recording and alleviate some of the financial worries.”

To find out if you could be eligible and register for further details of the promotion, simply fill in a short form at this link: Back on Track.

17th August 2021

Roadies Create Non-Profit Cookbook to Fund Mental Health First Aid on Tour

Roadies Create Non-Profit Cookbook to Fund Mental Health First Aid on Tour

The Roadie Cookbook: Toured There, Ate That is a new charity publication created by live music crew members with the mission of funding Mental Health First Aid training for every tour bus in the UK.

Borne out of an idea by production manager Nick Gosling (Nile Rodgers & Chic) in April 2020, the project was curated with friends production co-ordinator Julie Cotton (Massive Attack), production assistant Athena Caramitsos, and backline technician Rich House (Elbow). The team set out to help their peers re-engage in the much-missed mealtime connection of crew catering by sharing recipes over social media and Zoom.

When the devastation of Covid-19 hit, live music stopped overnight and tour buses stood still. While almost every venue in the world closed, home kitchens became the new catering hub for unemployed music workers. As stories of memorable meals and secret ingredients in roadie comfort food took hold, so did the stark reality that isolation and mental ill-health was becoming commonplace within the forgotten touring business. The team met through the Manchester music scene and recognised first-hand how food can bring people together when touring the world. The idea of an industry cookbook was formed and soon turned into a fundraising initiative tasked with generating enough sales to secure crisis prevention training for those travelling on the road.

Carefully crafted by backstage professionals, the book showcases a collection of 50 recipes, anecdotes and advice for staying healthy on tour. Recipes include The Killer Sandwich (you'll have to buy it to find out more), Stage Left Satay Bowls, Tour Bus Nachos, and an anonymous 'Loose Cocktail.'

Contributors have worked with artists and events ranging from Dolly Parton to Bryan Ferry, Chemical Brothers, Kylie Minogue, Glastonbury, Linkin Park, Robbie Williams, Anastacia and Jay Z, the list goes on. They work in a variety of skilled roles; lighting designers, bus drivers, sound engineers, tour managers and video directors, to name a few. These are the people whose skills ensure the show goes on and, even when it can't, still come together to get each other over the line.

For each copy sold, 100% of profits will go towards charities Music Support and Stagehand to help continue funding and delivering Mental Health First Aid training and, importantly, normalise taking the Mental Health First Aid course.

One in four people in the UK will experience ill mental health in their lifetime. When we consider those working in high-pressure environments such as touring and live entertainment, those figures jump to a shocking three in four. In many cases, the pandemic has accelerated episodes in those who had never previously experienced problems.

With the industry now acutely aware of its fragility, The Roadie Cookbook crew want to focus on helping each other in preparation for when tour buses hit the road again full time.

Julie Cotton comments: "Although Covid-19 was devastating beyond anything we could have imagined, a positive to have come out of the situation was for the industry to have an unexpected opportunity to reset.

"During the last 18 months, we've all had a chance to reflect and work together to create positive change by working towards a healthier and more sustainable future in touring. With thousands of people being used to a different routine now, the transition back to working on the road will bring about its own challenges yet delivering concerts and the experiences they bring to people is a vital part of good mental health."

She continues: "By undertaking the Mental Health First Aid course, many of us have been able to learn how to better support those around us, and we want to extend that knowledge free of charge to our touring colleagues, funded through book sales."

The 128-page book's aesthetic design has been handcrafted with art direction by Manchester-based designer Paul Hemmingfield, known for his promotional artwork with the city's Warehouse Project and Freight Island venues. In addition, the foreword has been written by Skunk Anansie drummer and Music Support founder, Mark Richardson, who eloquently shares his own experiences of the dark side of touring.

To help future-proof the well-being of the UK's live music industry, you can pre-order a paper copy of The Roadie Cookbook: Toured There, Ate That now at

photo: Jody Hartley

12th August 2021

Audient Supports The VoiceOver Network

UK – Audient has announced its recent partnership with The VoiceOver Network. As part of the pairing, Audient is contributing to the unique voice over industry Buzz magazine, the associated podcast and the monthly Voiceover Hour webinars, as well as offering exclusive discounts to members.

Started back in 2013 by Rachel Naylor, The VoiceOver Network provides a friendly and supportive hub for voice over professionals of all levels to share and develop their expertise in this booming industry.

Audient’s marketing director, Andy Allen says: “We are proud to have partnered with The VoiceOver Network and look forward to working closely together in supporting the fast-growing VO community. With more content than ever being made, we are dedicated to ensuring all voice over artists have access to and understand the benefits of using professional grade audio products when recording.”

The VoiceOver Network business development manager, Alan Shires is equally happy with the arrangement. “I am exceptionally pleased to be in partnership with Audient. Here at The VoiceOver Network we are passionate about establishing relationships with the world's leading brands for delivering top quality audio. Every voice over artist needs the ability to record and Audient is the solution to that need, so we are proud to have them join us as we endeavour to strengthen and support the voice over industry.”

As with many of The VoiceOver Network team members, Alan works as a professional in the industry himself, having provided voice over for the BBC, Euro 2020 and Ford in the last few months.

It turns out Alan is already a fan of Audient, having got himself an iD14 (MKII) audio interface recently. He says: “What I have found is that cheaper mics work nicely with cheaper interfaces. However, my last interface just did not take my more expensive Neumann TLM 103 microphone in the same way as iD14 does. I am super pleased to have upgraded.”


10th August 2021

Collaborative Creations announces three new appointments as business expands

Collaborative Creations announces three new appointments as business expands

UK – Collaborative Creations, a provider of creative business development and PR services for the events industry, has made a series of new appointments as it enters a period of expansion.

Stuart Wood (pictured left) joins as the company’s new content manager, and will be overseeing its PR and editorial output.

Stuart joins from event industry publisher Mash Media, where he was deputy editor. Mash Media is the publisher of a wide portfolio of magazines and websites dedicated to events, including Access All Areas, Exhibition News and Conference News.

Stuart will be applying his experience from the world of journalism to help Collaborative Creations’ clients tell their stories in a fresh and exciting way.

Also joining the team is Ian Saunders (pictured centre), who is the company’s new business delivery manager. Ian will be helping the team manage its increased workload after a series of new client signings.

Ian previously served for 15 years as executive director of the Association of Lighting Designers (ALD), recently renamed to the Association for Lighting Production and Design (ALPD). He will be bringing this depth of experience to the role alongside a wide range of contacts from 30 years working in the theatre lighting industry.

Finally, Luke Edwards (pictured right) joins the company as its new marketing manager. Luke is a familiar face on the lighting circuit who has toured with artists including Gary Numan, Jacob Collier and Kelis.

Luke is making a return to work after undergoing surgery for a brain tumour. He will be helping to plan and deliver comprehensive social media packages for CC clients, and create event-specific marketing strategies.

Tom Wilkes, managing director of Collaborative Creations, said: “This is a really exciting time for us at CC. After a difficult 16 months for us and the events industry as a whole, we’re now at a point where demand is pent up and we can expand once again. The new people joining our team are at the top of their game and I’m really pleased we managed to secure such an impressive roster.”

5th August 2021

CT Qatar Celebrates Ten Years

CT Qatar Celebrates Ten Years

Qatar – Creative Technology (CT) has supported its clients with innovative AV technology across various events in Qatar for over a decade and continues to provide expert technical advice and show-stopping event experiences in the region.

This year marks the tenth anniversary since CT opened its first Qatar office in the heart of City West Bay in Doha as a commitment to our clients, Qatar and its growth.

Although CT has been delivering projects in Qatar as early as 2001 out of its UK facility, it was realised in 2011 that having a local office and warehouse would make CT’s services, skilled engineers and event technology easily accessible to clients in the region.

Irum Ashraf (pictured), CT Qatar general manager, comments: “Within the first year of opening, the success of our organic growth saw CT Qatar move from our first warehouse in Al Rayyan with three full-time employees to a 14,000sqft space in Logistics Village with over 14 full-time staff.”

Having a locally registered company in Qatar has enabled CT to establish itself as a key audiovisual supplier in the Middle East. Over the years, CT has delivered AV services for several prestigious events, from the early delivery of the Asian Games and Qatar Foundation projects to the opening and closing ceremonies for the World Petroleum Congress, multiple National Day events and the more recent IAAF World Athletic Championships to name a few. Ashraf continues: “Our venue services department expanded alongside our live events with teams housed within the St Regis Doha, Shangri La and the Westin Hotels managing the audiovisual requirements for live events, conferences and exhibitions.”

With Qatar set to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, 2023 World International Horticultural Expo, and the Asian Games in 2030 alongside the country bidding for the FIBA Basketball World Cup in 2023 and the Olympic Games 2032, the events industry in Qatar shows no signs of slowing down.

Qatar’s 2030 vision has been set to develop the country into an advanced society that is able to sustain development. Broken down into four tiers, the economic and social pillars would undoubtedly prove that the country is keen to continue hosting major global events. Not only would these events have a significant financial impact with people coming into Qatar and the spend on hospitality, travel and tourism but also allows residents in the country the ability to visit and engage with extraordinary events that have never taken place in the Middle East before. With the infrastructure that has also been built to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup, the country will certainly be in prime condition to continue hosting events at this scale.

Andy Reardon, CT Middle East managing director, rounds up: “We are always looking at new ways we can expand and grow in the region, and we have some exciting plans for the future of CT Qatar across our live events, venue services and system integration, divisions. We have already made investments in new event technology across video, lighting and audio and are in the process of making a further investment in AV equipment towards the end of the year. Alongside our new purchases, we are expanding our team of professionals across the region to accommodate the growing demand for business in the events, venues and system integration industries.”

2nd August 2021

Creative Technology

Artistic Licence appoints UK based Global Design Solutions as value-added reseller

UK – Having enjoyed a friendly business relationship for some time, Artistic Licence and GDS Ltd. have announced that they will be working together more closely following the appointment of GDS Ltd. as VAR for Artistic Licence products in the UK.

Bristol-based lighting solutions provider, GDS, has over 15 years of experience working with architectural buildings and venues. With a focus on the use of innovative products to bring the best of LED lighting to new spaces, the company's interests are closely aligned with those of Artistic Licence.

As GDS managing director Richard Cuthbert comments: "We find ourselves increasingly

specifying Artistic Licence products. We are working through a lot of commercial projects where the AL range is really helping us provide some great solutions. It's pleasing that we can continue our support for Artistic Licence as a value-added reseller of their products going forward."

Wayne Howell, founder and CEO of Artistic Licence adds: "It’s great to be working with GDS and we’re very pleased to see them using our sunDial dimmers in a wide range of applications."

2nd August 2021

Renkus-Heinz Partners with Seapower Technology to Strengthen Presence in Taiwan

Taiwan – Seapower Technology has partnered with Renkus-Heinz to strengthen the company’s impressive array of loudspeaker offerings in the Taiwan market.

“We are very happy about this strategic partnership with Seapower, a highly recognised company that is excited and passionate about high quality audio solutions,” said Karan Kathuria, director – sales and business development. “We are sure this collaboration will enable the best support, education, and training for end-users, integrators, and system designers across various business verticals in Taiwan.”

Renkus-Heinz is a California-based manufacturer of loudspeakers and related professional sound reinforcement equipment specialising in steerable sound technology. The Renkus-Heinz portfolio features many robust product lines, including networkable Dante-enabled self-powered loudspeakers with environmental-friendly and integrator-friendly features. Based in Foothill Ranch, California, the firm has a global presence in permanent installations at auditoriums, transit centres, sports venues, houses of worship and musical performance venues as well as in the concert touring industry.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with Renkus-Heinz,” said Douglas Chang, MD at Seapower. “Renkus-Heinz’s offerings are very well aligned with our Solutions portfolio in providing high quality, engineered audio solutions to resellers and integrators across the Taiwanese market. We know the product lines Renkus-Heinz offers will be very well received, and will result in impressive audio installations across the region.”

29th July 2021

Absen Unveils Brand New Experiential Showroom in European HQ

Absen Unveils Brand New Experiential Showroom in European HQ

Germany – Absen has announced that it is now welcoming visitors to its European HQ and showroom, which is located in Mörfelden-Walldorf near Frankfurt Rhine-Main, Germany. The new showroom acts as a centrepiece of its European HQ, as visitors are invited to walk through the showroom to access the main office.

Absen, who was the earliest LED manufacturer to set up a full HQ on the continent in 2013 when it established near Frankfurt, is further demonstrating its commitment to its partners and clients, and to a larger extent, the larger AV industry it serves.

Key products featured in the showroom include Absen’s multi award-winning Acclaim, Absenicon 3.0, and N Plus Series.

Upon entering the showroom, visitors are welcomed by a creative digital mosaic made of N2 LED tiles, before continuing down the corridor to see an example of how Absen LED can be fitted around structural pillars, which is reminiscent of the ones used at the iconic award-winning Fiumicino and OXO City airport installations in Rome and Shanghai. Opposite this pillar is the welcome desk, which is backed by a 16:9 screen made up of Absen’s A2715 panels, an LED feature that is proving more and more popular in the corporate world.

As visitors progress into the main room, they are naturally attracted to the centrepiece, a 90° concave screen in the far corner, which demonstrates the immersive capabilities of Absen’s LED technology, as well as a larger truss to allow visitors a greater understanding of how the panels can be rigged. This ‘behind-the-scenes’ perspective continues throughout the main room, where a number of Absen products are arranged for anyone interested in getting their hands on some of the Polaris and Acclaim panels, and witness the lightweight and robust design that made Absen’s reputation.

This then leads to an imposing mobile, free-standing Absenicon C138, the latest all-in-one conference LED display solution for meetings and presentations. On the other side of the main room is a section dedicated to control room solutions with the mission-critical HC Series, whilst the rest of the wall showcases the depth of the Acclaim and N Plus Series ranges with pixel pitches respectively ranging from 1.2 to 2.5mm and from 1.8 to 5.1mm.

Visitors are also able to have a glance at the company’s new warehouse which has the capacity to hold twice the amount of stock than the previous one. It hosts a large holding of matched-batched inventory of stock and raw materials to help keep with the growing demand and ensure that both customers and partners continue to have access to the latest LED products.

Bookings for showroom visits are already happening in earnest and can be taken via an Absen account manager, or by emailing

For those who are not able to travel just yet, Absen has also created a professional 360° virtual visit of its new showroom, which is available at

Absen Unveils Brand New Experiential Showroom in European HQAbsen Unveils Brand New Experiential Showroom in European HQ

28th July 2021

Global event recruitment business THE Production TEAM launched

Global event recruitment business THE Production TEAM launched

Global event specialist, The Spendlove Group has announced the launch of THE Production TEAM. The new company will combine the skills and expertise that exist within the group to deliver a global event recruitment business. Whether you’re looking for a permanent placement or contract and offshore recruitment solutions, THE Production TEAM will seek to offset risk and ensure compliance for its clients in the post Covid era.

Launched as the event industry makes a welcome return, THE Production TEAM will offer a myriad of recruitment services to event management companies, venues and production houses operating within film and TV, events and theatre. Offering complete transparency for both clients and freelancers with competitive rates of pay, all candidates will be vetted, pre-qualified and selected to fill job vacancies globally.

For UK clients interested in its contract recruitment services THE Production TEAM will renumerate employees including sickness and holiday payments. This will also be the case in the Middle East, but the company will also facilitate visas for people out of country, whilst providing medical cover and insurance removing all the hassle from the employer. As a global operation THE Production TEAM will also be able to navigate the bureaucracy now attached to working in Europe following Brexit.

Commenting on the launch of THE Production TEAM, Spendlove Group founder and CEO, Ian Spendlove said: “This business is almost two years in the making, Covid-19 actually pushed back our original plans for the launch. We’ve subsequently had more time to build the foundations and as it turns out that, there’s now more demand than we were originally anticipating. We’re operating in a world where a senior production manager can be working from home and located anywhere in the world during the pitching and costing phase of a project. We’re able to recruit people from any country, we’ll ensure compliance and even pay them in their respective currency.

“With so many talented event professionals now desperate to get back to work after more than a year without work, we genuinely believe that it fills a gap in the market as there will be more reliance on contractors as the industry emerges from the shadows of the pandemic. There’s also a

lot of uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the implementation of IR35 in the UK, we believe that established event companies will be grateful that a business like THE Production TEAM exists to take away the headache when they’re already dealing with so many other challenges. Put simply, THE Production TEAM can source the skill sets that you need, onboard your contractors and facilitate all the paperwork and red tape that surrounds their appointment leaving our clients to get on with running their businesses.”

THE Production TEAM has already placed several candidates at EXPO 2020 across various disciplines. It is also currently recruiting for numerous positions within show production, operations, logistics, project management, technical production and creative.

28th July 2021

QC-Check maintains the integrity of Universal Pixels’ power

QC-Check maintains the integrity of Universal Pixels’ power

When the regulatory moment arrived for Data Strategy’s QC-Check customer, Universal Pixels, to inspect its StageSmarts power distribution systems, QC-Check’s comprehensive RCD inspection process was implemented with an unexpected outcome.

Award-winning video supplier, Universal Pixels, takes a robust approach to electrical safety, relying upon Data Strategy’s QC-Check to inspect its electrical inventory to a level of integrity beyond that required statutorily. The company also favours StageSmarts power distribution systems, which incorporate new technological safety and protection systems.

When a safety indicator of the StageSmarts system conflicted with QC-Check causing a test fail, the two suppliers got together to provide an effective solution.

The answer to the issue was an update to the StageSmarts safety feature included in its power distribution systems with the change integrated into future production. A simple bypass has been incorporated for the purpose of testing that allows indicator LEDs to disengage whilst an insulation resistance test is performed.

Universal Pixels’ operations director, Oliver Luff, said: “We were really pleased with how the complication was handled. Data Strategy was able to help us immediately counter the ‘fail’ situation and the two companies worked co-operatively to find a long-term solution.

“We’re really happy with the result. QC-check performs an integral part of our quality and safety checks for our customers. It makes us feel confident that our equipment is in the best possible condition.”

26th July 2021

ALD members vote to become the Association of Lighting Production and Design (ALPD)

ALD members vote to become the Association of Lighting Production and Design (ALPD)

UK – The ALD has announced that following the association’s Extraordinary General Meeting, held on 17th July, 2021, a year that also happens to commemorate the ALD’s 60 full years of pulling together as a collective of lighting professionals, the membership has voted in favour of a name change that demonstrates both the association’s breadth of membership and its appreciation of every lighting role in the design and production process.

Effective immediately, the organisation known as the Association of Lighting Designers will represent its members with its new title, the Association for Lighting Production and Design (The ALPD).

Chair of the association, Johanna Town, explains the importance of this change of name to the association. “While the ALD, which was founded 60 years ago for lighting designers, has for some time included production electricians, programmers, lighting managers, assistant electricians, associate designers, lighting educators and students, hire companies and manufacturers, we never acknowledged it in our name. It’s a real celebration of the association’s 60th year that our name now fully respects those we represent.

“Recent years have shown us the strength we can pull on as an association. Whilst Saving Stage Lighting or working to offer support to the whole lighting industry through the Covid-19 pandemic, we have played an integral role in mobilising everyone. We know we are stronger together as an association to support everyone in the lighting team and now we have a name that says that.”

The association president and founder member no. 1, Richard Pilbrow, says: “The ALD has had an amazingly successful run, in large part thanks to some brilliant leadership and passionate support. When we started the Association 60 years ago, we had no idea what it would become; I’m delighted it now represents the entire lighting team. Our young profession has been vastly enriched and strengthened by it. Adding the ‘P’ will dramatically increase its brightness.”

The timing of the ALD’s name change to the new inclusive, ALPD, is an indicator of how far the lighting industry has developed and matured. The ALD was brought into being in 1961 as a space where a new brand of freelancer, ‘the lighting designer’ could come together with peers for discussion and consultation about the new career path. Previously, this role had been carried out in-house by the chief electrician.

As early as 2009, the ALD opened its ‘professional’ category of membership to all lighting practitioners. The move recognised the importance of the full team around the lighting designer, giving those roles a voice and voting rights so they could have a say in their association and their industry.

Since 2018 however, when the ALD created more working groups but didn’t hear from the full range of voices, the association has worked hard to redress the balance and feeling of many that the association’s name reflected them. The campaign to ‘Include the ‘P’’ was the last vital step to demonstrate that the association is open to everyone in lighting, giving every role a voice and full support.

21st July 2021

Sennheiser strengthens global communication and collaboration experience by joining GPA

Germany – Sennheiser has joined GPA, a global organisation of audio, video and unified communications business units, who are committed to sharing best practices to guarantee the same excellent customer experience everywhere across the globe.

As a global partner, Sennheiser will work closely with other GPA Business Units, actively sharing the company’s industry knowledge and technical expertise to support GPA’s mission of providing global business expertise that remains at the forefront of the industry, putting customers first.

“I am excited to welcome the Sennheiser organisation to our global partner programme, and thereby their international team to our GPA global community,” said Byron Tarry, managing director of GPA. “With their long-standing commitment and reputation for audio technologies excellence, and an ever-expanding focus in solutions to enhance user experience within corporate meeting environments, it is very much a natural partnership. But most importantly, it is a partnership built upon a common culture and commitment to "better", to recognising we can learn and improve better together, and better support and enable our global customers together.”

“By joining the GPA partner programme, Sennheiser joins one of the world’s largest AV organisations and an amazing group of talented professionals in the area of audiovisual integration. We look forward to sharing our best practices to enhance collaboration and to ensure ultimate user experience,” said Charlie Jones, global alliance and partnership manager, business communication, at Sennheiser.

“Like GPA, we at Sennheiser continuously challenge the status quo in order to set innovative new paths for ourselves and the industry when it comes to producing solutions that allow people to seamlessly connect and collaborate with each other. We are thrilled to be working with GPA’s global network of like-minded individuals as one big team on further developing industry standards and support the delivery of quality products and services worldwide.”

20th July 2021

Follow-me tracking solutions names Axente as its exclusive distributor for France

Follow-me tracking solutions names Axente as its exclusive distributor for France

Follow-Me B.V. has announced the appointment of Axente S.A.S. as its sole distributor for France with immediate effect.

Since 1996, Axente has been providing installation and support for entertainment lighting and audio, providing solutions and support across the professional rental and installation markets.

“Axente is a well-established name in France, having built a strong reputation as a solution provider for the entertainment technology industry, both for rental production as well as for installation and integration,” says Gary Yates, with Erik Berends, founder of Netherlands’ based Follow-Me. “We see Axente as the perfect partner for supporting Follow-Me products towards our growing client base in France. It is a great step to expand our network with this partnership, becoming our 12th partner worldwide.”

Since its inception in 2013 Follow-Me has developed a cost effective, flexible and easy to implement followspot and tracking solution. The fixture-independent product allows users to track performers on stage both manually and automatically, making it the only hybrid tracking system on the market. In addition to announcing Axente as its dealer for France, Follow-Me has also recently added ACE Lighting as its distributor for China, expanding on their worldwide distributor network.

Follow-Me has recently introduced a new licensing structure to provide its customers an even more flexible and cost-effective offering, with two choices of manual packages with an upgrade to automatic tracking. The company is also working hard to add additional software features whilst expanding its product portfolio. “What is also interesting,” says Jérôme Bréhard, CEO of Axente, "Is that the system is able to receive PSN-data (PosiStageNet) to control automated fixtures in moving objects, also dynamic video mapping and 3D audio.”

“Follow-Me is undoubtedly one of the products of the future. We are delighted to announce our distribution contract as they bring not only a great product but also extensive experience and specialist technical skills to the table.”

Follow-Me will soon be introducing the sACN network protocol to Follow-Me 3D as well as PTZ camera integration for close-up performer following. Axente now have Follow-Me demo systems available at their headquarters in Paris where Axente’s lighting specialists can advise, demo and supply Follow-Me systems.

In picture: Yannick Danguy sales manager, Vincent Palese sales representative, Frédéric Fochesato product manager, Alain-René Lantelme deputy general manager, Dennis Bruynseels (Follow-Me support manager) and Jérôme Bréhard general manager.

photo: Axente

15th July 2021

Unonovesette Appoints 3LR Lighting

Unonovesette Appoints 3LR Lighting
Unonovesette Appoints 3LR Lighting

UK – 3LR Lighting Ltd, representative for leading international manufacturers of architectural, film, entertainment and broadcast lighting and control, has confirmed that it is now the sole UK manufacturer’s representative for Italian manufacturer Unonovesette.

The manufacturer, based not far from the famous Monza motor racing circuit, continues a long tradition of Italian design, and has pioneered the use of high-end LED technology in architectural lighting. Unonovesette was founded in 2015 by a group of lighting professionals with a combined experience of more than 70 years in engineering architectural lighting fixtures. The company specialises in the development and manufacture of premium architectural fixtures for exterior applications, whose finishes and materials include machined-aged brass and AISI 316L marine grade stainless steel. The company’s proprietary Smart Shield system is integrated inside all fixtures.

Matthew Lloyd, managing director of 3LR comments: “The Unonovesette range comprises some of the most efficient, robust and attractive exterior architectural lighting currently available anywhere. We are more than delighted to be appointed as the company’s representatives, and are confident that we can significantly expand their reach into the UK’s lighting design community, establishing Unonovesette as a strong presence in the marketplace. The portfolio perfectly complements our range, and I know that our architectural specialist Sean O’Callaghan is very much looking forward to extolling the virtues of these exciting, premium products to our extensive network of contacts.”

Geert Buch, managing director of Unonovesette adds: “We first came into contact with 3LR in the UAE when they helped to improve the connection between Unonovesette and the UK lighting design community who work on projects in the Middle-East. That led directly to this appointment when it became clear that 3LR were very well-placed to help us build a strong presence in the UK. 3LR has a seasoned professional team that has great experience of a wide variety of lighting projects. As a consequence, they possess the necessary expertise to advise designers and specifiers on the correct choice and most effective deployment of our products. Their commitment to professionally promoting our product portfolio matches our aspiration to establish Unonovesette as a market leader in the UK, and we look forward to working closely with Matt and his team.”

Unonovesette Appoints 3LR Lighting Unonovesette Appoints 3LR Lighting

14th July 2021