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Only a Diamond cuts to the heart of the music


Popular ClubXS series mixers get a ‘plus’


Christie expands RGB pure laser projection line-up with 4K 50,000-lumen powerhouse


Claypaky MIDI-B: A compact, light, versatile, extremely bright LED wash-beam, a mid-range fixture that stands out from the crowd


ETC launches Source 4WRD Color


Outline’s new Stadia 28 now shipping


Optoma launch Creative Touch 5-Series Interactive Flat Panel Displays


Claypaky HY B-EYE K25 Teatro: All the eye-catching performance, advanced features, and bright colours of our popular multi-functional LED fixture, now for venues that require quiet


Ultra-high resolution dimming with sunDial quad


Martin Audio Announces First iOS App for Blacklinex Powered


CAST Offers Students and Teachers Free wysiwyg


Claypaky Axcor Profile 600 Teatro: a technologically advanced LED Profile now available in two new silent versions for where noise is a concern


Eos gets Augment3d with the release of Eos v3.0


Brompton Technology provides at-a-glance performance assessment for LED panels


Leading the Pack: Xytech Launches Graphical UI for Media Orchestrator, Provides Customers with Industry-Leading Workflow Simplicity


Elation expands high-value Fuze series with Fuze Wash FR LED Fresnel


Hydra measurement system starts shipping globally


Prism Sound Gives its Lyra Audio Interface a Sleek New Look


Elation’s top-of-the-line Artiste Mondrian now available


Powersoft Invites Users to 'Pimp Their Seat' with MeMo


Shure Expands Axient Digital Portfolio with New AD3 Plug-On Transmitter


Renkus-Heinz’ Iconyx Compact Series Adds ICC 24/3 to Bring More Power and Flexibility to Medium-Sized Integrations


Shure Introduces SLX-D Digital Wireless System


Two new models complete Verlinde's range of Stagemaker hoists


Chauvet DJ Doubles Bubbles with New Hurricane Bubble Haze X2 Q6


Only a Diamond cuts to the heart of the music

Only a Diamond cuts to the heart of the music

Since 1982, Wharfedale’s famous Diamond speakers have served as the classic entry point to true high-fidelity sound, their exceptional sonic value for money earning numerous ‘product of the year’ accolades in the UK and around the world. This autumn, with the introduction of the all-new Diamond 12 Series, Wharfedale once again raises the bar for affordable, high-performance loudspeakers.

To develop the new range, Wharfedale has collaborated with world-renowned speaker designer Karl-Heinz Fink for the first time. Fink’s track record of delivering class-leading sound from modestly priced speakers is exceptional and with the Diamond 12 Series, he and Wharfedale’s team of acoustic engineers have achieved a new entry-level benchmark.

Wharfedale determined that the Diamond 12 Series should be an opportunity to start afresh. A challenge was issued to Mr Fink: how much sonic performance can you wring from a range of speakers at classic Diamond price points? And so, he and Wharfedale’s team set to work, delivering clean-sheet designs without a single element unaltered from the outgoing – and more costly – Diamond 11 Series.

With recommend retail prices starting at £199, the new range comprises three stand-mount speakers, two floor-standing models and a centre speaker for home cinema configurations.

Since the Diamond 8 Series in 2001, Wharfedale has made the mid/bass cones for every Diamond generation from Kevlar. 19 years and many award-wining ranges later, Wharfedale has developed a new composite called Klarity.

The chief ingredient of Klarity is polypropylene, a material that has been used to make speaker cones since the BBC researched its use for this purpose in the 1970s. Polypropylene cones are renowned for their characteristically low distortion and controlled ‘breakup’, as well as their resistance to moisture in the air. They also have a reputation in some quarters for sounding a little ‘unexciting’ – a perception that is largely the result of mediocre engineering. When designed and implemented optimally, polypropylene cones can sound enthralling.

To make Klarity, Wharfedale adds mica to the formulation. This increases stiffness compared to polypropylene alone, reducing flexing and enabling a lightweight cone with high rigidity, low colouration and lightning-fast response, ideal characteristics to deliver both accuracy and excitement.

Polypropylene speaker cones are often combined with high-damping surrounds to achieve a smooth response curve. However, the hysteresis of these surrounds can restrict dynamics and make bass sound somewhat ‘soft’.

For the Diamond 12 Series, the aim was to combine the Klarity cone with a low-damping surround, thereby achieving both low colouration and expressive dynamics. This was not a simple task but, by simulating many different cone shapes and adding ribs to provide further stiffening, a flat response curve was achieved without resorting to a high-damping surround, thereby striking the ideal balance.

The Klarity diaphragms are driven by a substantial, precision-made magnet system with an aluminium compensation ring to minimise the effect of variations in inductance as the voice coil travels. This contributes to an absence of distortion and intermodulation generated by the motor system.

The voice coil is wound on a high-power epoxy/glass fibre bobbin, highly unusual in speakers at this price level. This has the advantage of not adding eddy currents and delivering greater power handling than an aluminium bobbin, whilst also being much stiffer than the Kapton type.

The Diamond 12 Series’ treble unit sports a 25mm dome made from a woven polyester film with a high gloss coating to deliver open and smoothly extended high frequencies. The magnet system and the front plate have been optimised for wide dispersion and uncompressed behaviour. The front plate is flat and exposes the dome as much as possible, with a short duct to balance the acoustic load and improve the SPL (sound pressure level) measurement.

The treble unit combines seamlessly with the mid/bass driver via a crossover network using an acoustic LKR 24dB topology. This includes air core inductors of the type more commonly found in high-end speakers, selected because they produce the lowest distortion of all inductor types. As the resistance of the coil is higher than a standard laminated steel or ferrite core inductor, the magnetic structure of the mid/bass driver has been modified to compensate, resulting in fast, clean bass with no distortion from the inductor.

The cabinet is a critical part of any high-performance loudspeaker. At entry-level price points, corners are often cut to constrain cost, but this is a mistake; no matter how good the drive units, their performance will be wasted if the cabinet’s construction is suboptimal. For this reason, Diamond 12 Series speakers feature cabinets constructed with a level of sophistication usually reserved for much more expensive designs.

The rear-ported enclosure of each model is precisely sized so that the internal volume works in harmony with the drive unit system to deliver the desired sonic result. The cabinet walls are made from sections of wood fibre board of varying thickness, constructed in such a way as to subdue the identifiable characteristics of the cabinet’s ‘sound’ and ensure the drivers’ output remains unsullied.

The resonant properties of each element – even the glue – were considered to determine the ideal combination of materials and placement.

Inside the cabinet, Intelligent Spot Bracing connects opposing walls with a specific form of wood brace to achieve optimal reduction of cabinet resonance. These braces are precisely modelled by computer simulation to improve upon the commonplace ‘figure of eight’ brace, which can have the effect of transferring resonance from one wall to another.

A bestseller in every Wharfedale Diamond line-up from the last two decades is the ‘.1’ model, a classically sized ‘bookshelf’ speaker evolved over many generations from the original Diamond blueprint. The Diamond 12.1 continues this tradition and is the first Diamond 12 model to arrive, available from 1 October.

For many decades, Wharfedale has been famous for fusing even-handed neutrality and transparency with captivating clarity and expression, and the Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 embodies that sonic goal.

This is a ‘budget’ loudspeaker that captures the spirit of the music, whatever you play: from rock to classical, jazz to electronica, whilst accurately conveying the recording as all great ‘hi-fi’ should.

The other Diamond 12 models are set to join the 12.1 in November, each one delivering the same adroit balance of subtlety and expression, with increasing levels of sonic power and scale as one moves up the range. All models are offered in a choice of black, white, walnut or light oak.

For high-performance sound at entry-level prices, only a Diamond cuts to the heart of the music – and Wharfedale’s Diamond 12 Series speakers are the best ‘budget’ gems yet.

24th September 2020

Popular ClubXS series mixers get a ‘plus’

Popular ClubXS series mixers get a ‘plus’

Studiomaster’s highly popular ClubXS compact mixer series has received an upgrade with the introduction of uprated 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-channel ‘XS+’ models.

The addition of a DSP on/off foot-switch socket comes with new black livery – matching the brand’s digiLiVE console series – and more ergonomic colour coding of channel rotary controls.

ClubXS has been a big seller for Studiomaster since its introduction in 2016. A dedicated compact design for small to medium entertainment installations or portable live sound, it offers a wealth of product-class leading features and specs for these applications at an amazing price point. The ClubXS+ refresh maintains the value for money proposition with 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-input channel models now equipped with the DSP on/off foot-switch capability, bringing them into line with the already existent ClubXS16+ model.

Input channel configurations on all models feature two stereo channels, and increasing +48V phantom power mic channel counts across the range, with; two on the ClubXS6+, four on the ClubXS8+, six on the ClubXS10+, eight on the ClubXS12+ 8, and 12 on the ClubXS16+.

Series’ specifications include balanced mic/line connectors, three-band EQ, built-in variable independent input channel compression (non Stereo chs), 2 Aux channels, channel mute switch, 16 programmable DSP effects, and a versatile MP3/USB/SD card playback and recording system. This includes a Bluetooth playback capability that enables playback of audio from phones, laptops and other Bluetooth devices. High quality 60mm smooth faders and a robust, quiet internal switched mode power supply are also standard.

24th September 2020

Christie expands RGB pure laser projection line-up with 4K 50,000-lumen powerhouse

Christie expands RGB pure laser projection line-up with 4K 50,000-lumen powerhouse

Christie has announced the launch of the Christie Mirage SST RGB pure laser projector with a 50,000-lumen light source. With the same small and flexible form factor of the original 35,000 lumen Mirage SST, the new 50,000 lumen model cranks up the brightness for spectacular visual experiences.

The Mirage SST features a fibre-coupled, ultra-compact projection head weighing just under 51kg and a remote light source that can be located up to 50 metres away from the head. It is engineered specifically for complex applications that require a high-brightness projector with incredible image fidelity, but that are tight on space such as venues without projection booths or outdoor weatherproof enclosures, or where quiet operation is critical and otherwise challenging to achieve.

“The new Mirage SST is a powerhouse in a small package,” says Larry Paul, executive director, technology and custom solutions, Christie. “With the chilling equipment and light source installed away from the projection head, as well as the ultra-low output of 2501 BTU, it gives users a flexible and quiet solution for theme parks, projection mapping spectaculars, domes and planetariums.”

A wide range of lens options are offered for added installation flexibility, with a total of ten high-brightness 4K lenses with ratios from an ultra-short throw 0:38:1 to a long throw 7:69:1, and eight high-contrast lenses that offer enhanced contrast performance from 2000:1 to 5000:1.

Christie Mirage SST features TruLife electronics, a proprietary electronics platform that enables frame rates of 120fps at 4K resolution, and up to 480fps at 2K resolution with an optional license, to showcase highly detailed content without motion blur. Coupled with a colour gamut approaching the full Rec. 2020 colour space, true 4K resolution and the crisp, vibrant punch of RGB laser projection, the result is immersive, true-to-life visuals that will captivate audiences.

The new 50,000 lumen Mirage SST is compatible with Christie Mystique, an automated camera-based alignment solution that eliminates the challenges, time and expertise required to warp and blend multi-projector arrays, ensuring a seamlessly blended image during the lifetime of the display.

23rd September 2020

Claypaky MIDI-B: A compact, light, versatile, extremely bright LED wash-beam, a mid-range fixture that stands out from the crowd

Claypaky MIDI-B: A compact, light, versatile, extremely bright LED wash-beam, a mid-range fixture that stands out from the crowd

Fixtures in this class are in high demand because they meet many needs, from the smallest venue to the largest show. With so many choices available, this category of fixture lends to highly competitive prices but also lowest common denominator performance. This makes it difficult for customers to decide which fixture to choose without sacrificing performance. Claypaky's MIDI-B clearly addresses these needs thanks to its amazing cost to performance ratio.

The MIDI-B is a new LED-based moving head luminaire with 19 Osram 40 Watt RGBW LEDs, the same ones used in the popular HY B-EYE and MINI-B fixtures. Its zoom range of 4° to 50° allows for a wide variety of applications. At the narrowest angle, the beam produced is ultra-dense and concentrated, ideal for aerial effects. At its widest zoom, the MIDI-B turns into an exceptional, uniform wash light and can replace much heavier and bulkier fixtures.

The 19 LEDs are arranged in three independently controllable rings, which can be used for bright back lighting effects. Colour macros, 2500K to 8000K colour temperature control range, 16-bit dimmer with four curves, 25 flashes per second electronic strobe, Ethernet access complete the MIDI-B's features.

The MIDI-B is on sale now.

Main Features:

  • Light source: 19 x 40W RGBW Osram Ostar LEDs

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Extremely efficient light output (10,000 lm)

  • 4° to 50° zoom range

  • Three independently controlled LED rings

  • Pre-installed effects/colour macros

  • 2500K - 8000K colour temperature control

  • 16-bit dimmer with four curves

  • Electronic strobe at 25 f/s

  • Ethernet access

  • Control signal: USITT DMX 512. Protocols: RDM, WebServer and Art-Net.

  • DMX Channels: 16/20/24/36

  • Input Power: 900 VA at 230Vac 50Hz

  • Weight: 19kg (41.8lbs.)

  • Dimensions: 406 x 252 x 472mm (16.0 x 9.9 x 18.6in.)

23rd September 2020


ETC launches Source 4WRD Color

ETC launches Source 4WRD Color
ETC launches Source 4WRD Color

ETC has introduced Source 4WRD Color as the latest addition to the Source 4WRD fixture family. This new product offers a colour-changing retrofit for existing full-size Source Four ellipsoidal/profile fixtures, bringing additive RGBA colour-mixing, saturated washes, quick colour changes and much more to Source Four.

As a non-destructive retrofit, Source 4WRD Color is the next generation of ETC’s Source 4WRD LED line. Source Four ellipsoidal/profile fixtures can be transformed into RGBA LED luminaires with the Source 4WRD Color LED engine, while retaining all of the features of the Source Four including the lenses, accessories and its renowned reliability.

Source 4WRD Color technology is also available in two complete wash light fixtures. The Source 4WRD Color PAR and PARNel deliver soft-edges and saturated colour, no retrofit required. These luminaires incorporate the Source 4WRD Color LED engine into a custom housing, offering economical colour washes, including zoom on the PARNel version.

As well as producing a homogenised beam and around 5000 lumens, all versions of the S4WRD Color features 12 built-in presets and five sequences in stand-alone mode. With the addition of FixtureLink, Source 4WRD Color is compatible with cable-connected fixtures (using the DMX port) including ColorSource, Source Four LED, and Desire; allowing you to trigger presets and sequences without a console.

David Lincecum, vice president of marketing at ETC comments: “With Source 4WRD Color, you get a simple and cost-effective colour-changing retrofit that can upgrade an existing lighting system quickly, allowing you to create even more stage looks than before. 4WRD Color will allow venues to move their existing equipment to LED, using less energy, lower maintenance and all this at a very compelling price point.”

16th September 2020


Outline’s new Stadia 28 now shipping

Outline’s new Stadia 28 now shipping

Outline announces the immediate availability of the new Stadia 28 constant curvature array designed for outdoor applications, launched during the 2020 edition of ISE.

Featuring an excellent performance to price price ratio, Stadia 28 is a medium-throw system for permanent outdoor installations, ideal for sound reinforcement in stadiums, theme parks, leisure facilities, tourist attractions and public spaces.

Its strong point is its weight:power ratio, being a single enclosure, weighing just 21kg (46.2lb), but able to reach 139dB SPL, by means of two 8” mid-woofers and a compression driver with a 3” diaphragm, all in neodymium. The system operates in bi-amp format.

The dispersion angle of 90 x 22.5 degrees enables, for example, to form horizontal or vertical arrays with no less than 135° x 90° using just six cabinets, which means guaranteeing coverage in any context, as well as remarkable versatility.

Moreover, Stadia 28 hardware is designed for safe long-lasting installation: the ten mounting points in extremely light top-grade anodised ‘Ergal’ are fixed to the internal load-bearing structure, manufactured entirely in stainless steel.

IP55 protection rating is ensured by a three-layer coating in elastoplastic material: ‘OutSIDE Coating Technology’ (Outline proprietary technology) along with a series of sophisticated ideas introduced in Outline’s manufacturing process.

Outline’s senior loudspeaker system designer Francesco Simeoni states: “The lines of the cabinet, combined with the waveguide designed and optimised specifically for this type of application thanks to the use of simulation software of the finished elements, enable to create real ‘sectors’ of acoustic projection that can be configured with extreme flexibility, thus meeting the coverage requirements of any kind of venue. Particular effort was taken with the design of the cabinets (with material such as Ergal, stainless steel, compound polyurea coating, anti-UV treatment, lines and outlets for the run-off of water and many other construction details) and with the choice of the components, focused on the water/weather-proof characteristics to ensure the system remains fully operational through time and in any situation, even under severe conditions. In the majority of standard applications, the internal mechanical load-bearing structure enables the installation of arrays without any expensive complex external mechanical structures being required.”

15th September 2020

Optoma launch Creative Touch 5-Series Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Optoma launch Creative Touch 5-Series Interactive Flat Panel Displays


Optoma, a market leader in audiovisual solutions, has announced its new range of Creative Touch interactive flat panel displays.

The new Creative Touch 5-series will be available in 65", 75" and 86" formats, offer 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160), annotation tools, and connectivity aimed at classrooms, lecture halls, boardrooms and meeting rooms.

Featuring an ultra-slim bezel, anti-glare glass, and TUV certification for low blue light and flicker-free operation, the displays have 20-point multi-touch capabilities and a built-in whiteboard with annotation tools.

Able to work with any USB webcam, and with a quick-draw pen and Office Suite included, the Creative Touch 5-Series is an out-of-the-box solution allowing users to switch on and start work at a touch of a screen.

Looking to practice your presentation or lecture? Not a problem! The Creative Touch displays come with full-screen video recording, enabling teachers and businesses to record their presentations to prepare, or even for review purposes once finished presenting.

The 5-Series Creative Touch displays also offer wireless content sharing with the Optoma TapCast app and the integrated AirShare feature.

For meeting rooms and huddle spaces, the integrated Joan meeting widget and app simplifies room scheduling to increase efficiency and time management, allowing users to sync with popular calendars such as iCal and Google to find and book meeting rooms quickly.

Optoma Creative Touch 5-Series interactive displays feature:

  • Native 4K UHD LED panels with 4000:1 contrast in Dynamic Contrast mode

  • Built-in Android system and compatible with popular operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Chrome

  • Precise dual-tip and dual-colour pens instantly trigger the Team Share app once removed from the pen holder, producing a quick and seamless experience that mimics a real whiteboard for easy annotation

  • Optoma TeamShare app strengthens collaboration and efficiency through features such as a floating whiteboard, quick-access toolbar and built-in templates

  • Live screen recording across all inputs enable easy saving of meetings, lessons or notes for later viewing or sharing without additional hardware

  • TapCast app enables simultaneous image, document and screen sharing from up to four devices

The Creative Touch 5-Series displays are available from selected stockists and resellers for pre-order now.

14th September 2020

Claypaky HY B-EYE K25 Teatro: All the eye-catching performance, advanced features, and bright colours of our popular multi-functional LED fixture, now for venues that require quiet

Claypaky HY B-EYE K25 Teatro: All the eye-catching performance, advanced features, and bright colours of our popular multi-functional LED fixture, now for venues that require quiet

Claypaky adds to its HY B-EYE 25 series with the introduction of the HY B-EYE K25 TEATRO, a special version of the HY B-EYE K25 that is designed for venues that need silent operation without sacrificing bright colours. This fixture is ideal for theatres, television studios, conference halls, showrooms, corporate events, and more.

The HY B-EYE K25 TEATRO has all the same optical, electronic, and mechanical features of the HY B-EYE K25 with changes in the overall design to reduce the acoustical footprint. This luminaire has the same thirty-seven powerful 40 Watt Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs, a zoom range of 4° to 60°, uniform light spread, a rotating front lens, an enhanced electronic engine for dynamic beam pattern design with digital accuracy and repeatability, individual control of each single LED to make spectacular kaleidoscopic projections and charming eye-catching effects.

The HY B-EYE K25 TEATRO is extremely bright thanks to its powerful light source and special optical unit with a truly amazing lumen/watt ratio. The built-in Kling-Net protocol enhances the lighting designer's creativity, while making the management and synchronization of LED light parameters and functions simpler.

The HY B-EYE K25 Teatro is selling now.

Main Features:

  • Light Source: 37 x 40W Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs

  • Three operating modes: wash, beam, and FX effect

  • 4° to 60° zoom range and uniform light spread

  • Individual control for each LED

  • Beam edge softening control (in wash mode)

  • Exclusive parallel beam consisting of an array of individually controllable micro-beams

  • Enhanced electronic engine for dynamic beam pattern design, with digital accuracy and repeatability

  • Rotating front lens for vortex effects or kaleidoscopic projections

  • 2500K to 8000K CTO, RGB auto-tuning to lamp CT emulation, tungsten lamp emulation

  • Control signal: USITT DMX 512. Protocols: RDM, WebServer and Art-Net. DMX channels: 22/36/111/148

  • Fully ready for the Cloud-IO maintenance tool

  • Arkaos Kling-Net protocol included in the firmware

  • Input power: 1250 VA@230Vac 50Hz

  • Weight: 27.5kg (60.6lbs.) - Dimensions: 329 x 387 x 590mm (13.0 x 15.3 x 23.2in.)

11th September 2020


Ultra-high resolution dimming with sunDial quad

Ultra-high resolution dimming with sunDial quad

sunDial quad, the PLASA Gold award-winning mains LED dimmer from Artistic Licence, has won praise for its ability to provide exceptionally smooth LED dimming with DMX512. Following a firmware upgrade, the product just got even better, with a huge improvement in dimming resolution now achievable with many theatrical controllers.

The latest firmware is available free-of-charge and can be uploaded using DMX-Workshop.

DMX512 can control up to 512 channels and has an 8-bit native resolution. This means each channel can be set to a level between 0 and 255 and is encoded as an 8-bit number (256 levels). sunDial quad has a much higher native dimming resolution of 14-bit, so in normal operation a dimmer curve translation is used - in effect, sunDial picks 'sweet spots' on the response curve to achieve a nice fade.

However, some professional lighting consoles allow two DMX512 channels to be combined to provide up to 16-bit resolution (65,536 different levels). In this scenario, no curve translation is necessary. Following sunDial's latest firmware upgrade, the console can access all the subtle levels available in sunDial's high native dimming resolution, thus ensuring ultimate dimming performance for applications that demand the most subtle effects.

sunDial quad is often used for house lights in theatre, and can be easily integrated with the stage lighting consoles. As many of the favourite theatrical controllers feature 16-bit channel resolution, sunDial quad represents an ideal dimming partner.

sunDial quad also has the major advantage that its firmware can be upgraded (at zero cost) in the field. Customers can achieve this using the Artistic Licence DMX-Workshop free software package.

11th September 2020

Martin Audio Announces First iOS App for Blacklinex Powered

Martin Audio Announces First iOS App for Blacklinex Powered
Martin Audio Announces First iOS App for Blacklinex Powered

Martin Audio has announced the availability of its first ever iOS app, XP Connect, for control and streaming for its popular self-powered portable series, BlacklineX Powered.

When BlacklineX Powered launched, users were able to access the built-in three-channel mixer and on board Bluetooth streaming by utilising the rotary panel controls on the back of the loudspeakers. Now all of that functionality is brought to life in an intuitive, colourful app making it more convenient for the user.

Announcing the app, project leader Dan Orton, Martin Audio’s product group manager, stated: “The user base of BlacklineX Powered has grown substantially since launch, and we thought it was now timely to introduce the app to the market, rewarding those users and encouraging others to the virtues of this series.”

In determining the navigation path and User Interface, Orton said the challenges had been simple usability. “We needed to give full control to the end user, with all the functionality of the back panel and in an intuitive format. For the majority of users it’s a quick and easy way to set up their loudspeakers and deliver a low scale mix using simple controls, such as input faders, output faders and hi-pass filters.

“You can put them into pairing mode for streaming Bluetooth audio and because we could control the speaker by Bluetooth as well as streaming, it also lends itself to tablet control,” he adds.

The XP Connect app is “absolutely intuitive” once loaded, he affirms, and is designed to control a pair of speakers. “If the Bluetooth pairing on the loudspeaker is activated it will automatically find the speaker and ask if you want to connect. Alternatively, in demo mode, the user will be presented with a screen with faders (two channels), Bluetooth the main output fader for the loudspeaker and a clearly visible EQ button. You can set them up as stereo loudspeakers or allow them to work in zones.”

In practice, this means that a single connected BlacklineX Powered will allow mute control of all inputs and outputs, with signal level visualisation and access to EQ and settings. Two connected enclosures will additionally offer the choice of Stereo or Zone modes, with three-band EQ and the hi-pass filters. It allows set up of the XP12 and XP15 in three modes: Full range, with sub added in and with floor monitors.

The app has further advantages in that it allows the user to store and recall three different snapshots quickly and seamlessly if set up for a FOH application.

How will potential users find their way to the app? “We’ve tagged some metadata so in theory any product search should take you to the app, but if you search for XP Connect then that’s the most direct way. We hope it brings benefits to users and encourages others to look at the feature-set and so it also becomes a sales and marketing tool.”

The XP Connect app is the latest manifestation of Martin Audio’s software development programme and is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Martin Audio Announces First iOS App for Blacklinex PoweredMartin Audio Announces First iOS App for Blacklinex Powered

10th September 2020

CAST Offers Students and Teachers Free wysiwyg

CAST Offers Students and Teachers Free wysiwyg

Canada – As part of its commitment to education, CAST Group of Companies Inc. has announced a free version of wysiwyg Design is now available to all students and teachers, enrolled on a full or part-time lighting design course at a university, college, post-secondary vocational or poly-technical school. Used in over 300 educational establishments worldwide, wysiwyg offers a 3D environment where productions can be planned, designed and programmed, risk free, offering students a safe virtual lab where ideas can be tested and experimented with.

With wysiwyg Design, you can create professional lighting plots and paperwork, and clearly communicate design ideas through high quality renders and animations. Should you wish to connect to a lighting console to program shows, you can upgrade your free wysiwyg Design to a 4 universe (2048 channel) or 8 universe (4096 channel ) version of wysiwyg Perform for only 99 or 149 USD per year respectively.

wysiwyg Educational software gives you the power to learn at your pace, in or out of the classroom. Once approved, your license is valid for 365 days.

Joining up with the WYSIWYG Educational Scheme brings its benefits:

  • To help you get up and running with the software you have access to the popular wysiwyg forum, Getting Started Guides, and wysiwyg Reference Guide, installed with the software, are also there to help you to develop your knowledge and skills.
  • Students are invited to attend any of our publicly scheduled training courses at reduced cost.
  • The opportunity to enter our annual Design competition with a chance to have your work showcased on CAST website and win CAST swag.
  • A chance to enter the CAST internship scheme, working with the CAST team at a major industry tradeshow. This is your opportunity to meet the CAST team, showcase your talents and develop your network of industry contacts.

Apply for your wysiwyg Student Edition at

8th September 2020

Claypaky Axcor Profile 600 Teatro: a technologically advanced LED Profile now available in two new silent versions for where noise is a concern

Claypaky Axcor Profile 600 Teatro: a technologically advanced LED Profile now available in two new silent versions for where noise is a concern

The Axcor Profile 600 TEATRO is a special version of the Axcor Profile 600 ST that features an updated cooling system and mechanisms to significantly reduce the unit’s acoustical footprint (from 38dB to approximately 34dB ambient). This fixture is ideal for applications where noise is a concern in venues such as theatres, television studios, opera houses, conference halls, and more.

The Axcor Profile 600 TEATRO offers a flat, uniform beam (no visible hotspots) and has the same physical features, size, and effects of the Axcor 600 family of fixtures making it another very versatile tool for lighting designers. It features a zoom range of 5.3° to 47.2°, CMY colour mixing, linear CTO, colour wheel with five colours, rotating gobo wheel with seven gobos, rotating four-facet prism, interchangeable animation wheel, motorised framing system on four focal planes, variable frost filter, high-precision iris, electronic linear dimmer and electronic strobe.

The unit is available in two different CRI versions: the Axcor Profile 600 TEATRO, CRI of 70 with an output of 28,000 lumens at 6500K and the Axcor Profile 600 HC TEATRO, CRI of at least 90 with an output of 21,000 lumens at 5600K. Reduced noise and a strong feature set makes the Axcor Profile 600 TEATRO fixtures ideal for many applications.

The Axcor Profile 600 Teatro is available for sale now.

Main Features:

  • Light source: 500W White LED Engine

  • Two versions available – CRI: at least 70, up to 28000lm, CT 6500K (Axcor Profile 600 Teatro) – CRI: at least 90, up to 21000lm, CT 5600K (Axcor Profile 600 Teatro HC)

  • 132mm diameter front lens, 5.3° to 47.2° linear zoom

  • CMY + linear CTO + one colour wheel with five colours

  • One rotating gobo wheel with seven gobos plus rotating four-facet prism

  • Animation wheel (interchangeable with fixed gobo wheel)

  • Motorised framing system on four focal planes and indexable over 90 degrees

  • Variable frost filter, Iris with macro control, 16 bit Electronic linear dimmer at 25f/sec, electronic strobe

  • Control signal: USITT DMX 512. Protocols: RDM, WebServer and Art-Net. DMX Channels: 40/44

  • Fully ready for Cloud-IO maintenance tool

  • Input power: 800VA at 230V ac 50Hz

  • Weight: 33kg (72.7lbs.). Dimensions: 410 x 380 x 800mm (16.1 x 15.0 x 31.5in.)

2nd September 2020


Eos gets Augment3d with the release of Eos v3.0

Eos gets Augment3d with the release of Eos v3.0
Eos gets Augment3d with the release of Eos v3.0

ETC officially released the Eos v3.0 software, bringing powerful three-dimensional programming and augmented-reality control to the Eos platform. This update marks the official integration of the much-anticipated Augment3d toolkit into Eos. With Augment3d, users can program moving fixtures with unprecedented speed and ease, visualise their cues in an imported model of their space, and even position lights with a flick of an augmented-reality smartphone 'focus wand'. Over 5,000 beta users tested the software in recent months, and their feedback has helped to build one of the most exciting new Eos feature sets yet.

The new software runs natively on all the latest Eos Family hardware and can be used with the ETCnomad software on Mac and PC. Educators, students, and those wishing to learn the software can download the latest ETCnomad software for free and make use of the Augment3d programming space to create virtual design projects in offline mode. ETC has also created a virtual light lab show file to help students use Augment3d to learn about lighting.

If the educational potential of Augment3d seems perfectly timed for the current distance-learning moment, the long-term professional applications for Augment3d are even more powerful. Augment3d supports over 50 different 3D file extensions for importing venue or set models, and can easily import a fixture plot using a Vectorworks plug-in. Even without a pre-existing plot or model, operators can use the Fixture Position Estimation tool to quickly reverse-engineer the spatial co-ordinates of moving fixtures from as few as four focus palettes. Loading into a new touring venue has never been easier.

Once there is a virtual rig, Augment3d offers a host of new tools to make focus and cueing a breeze. Operators can position the beam of a moving or static fixture with a click or a touch. Turn on stick-beam visualisation to drag beams into place using Focus Handles and then maintain their spacing while moving multiple selected fixtures together. It's even possible to focus from the perspective of the fixture to get an electrician’s-eye view. A new 'Staging Mode' provides a busking-friendly alternative to 'Live' and 'Blind', allowing users to preview and edit their looks before recording or playing them. A new 'Staging Mode' keycap for consoles is available on the ETC website.

ETC’s iRFR and aRFR focus remote apps also now boast an exciting new augmented-reality 'Wand' function. After scanning an AR target placed in the space, users are able to view and to select lights using the camera on a phone, swipe up or down to control intensity, pinch for zoom and point beams with the 'find me' function or by using a phone as a pointer wand.

The Eos v3.0 update contains more than just Augment3d, however. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) has undergone a major overhaul, including new display management features that allow users to drag and rearrange tabs. Additional information has also been added to the Faders, Palettes, Presets and Groups displays. Users working in video applications can now toggle optional reference overlays on the Colour Picker to assist in choosing camera-friendly colours.

Updates to Magic Sheets include options for creating non-interactive, display-only objects or magic sheets, and the ability to change an object’s type while retaining all other linked information. Magic Sheet objects can now also be linked to softkeys, display a colour assigned to a particular targeted macro, or monitor the status of networked relays and timecode clocks. Additional Magic Sheet features offer improved control of mechanical dowsers and of individual cells in a fixture.

The software also introduces new tools for working with effects, multi-cell fixtures, fixture parameters and more. Eos v3.0 gives more control over 'random' effects, allowing users to either create a 'true random' that is different every time or to audition different 'randoms' until they find the right one. New controls also add multiple mirrors to Offset selections, invert channel selections when using a jump offset, or to use the channel selection order from a group to create an offset pattern. A new graphic displays an animation of the offset pattern applied to the selected channels. A new multi-cell tool allows the easy creation of subgroups for all the cells in a channel, while another new feature allows the value of one parameter to be copied to other parameters. Other updates speed the processes of patching pixel maps and updating fixture profiles.

Because of the demands of the 3D-programming environment, Eos v3.0 is incompatible with some older, Windows XP-based Eos hardware. However, the new software includes an option in the shell that allows the desk to be booted in an earlier software build in case it is needed to be used alongside XP-based hardware.

To learn more and download the Eos v3.0 software, visit

Eos gets Augment3d with the release of Eos v3.0Eos gets Augment3d with the release of Eos v3.0

2nd September 2020

Brompton Technology provides at-a-glance performance assessment for LED panels

Brompton Technology provides at-a-glance performance assessment for LED panels

Brompton Technology has announced the release of its DynaCal reporting app which generates detailed, multi-language, browser-based reports that offer an objective assessment of a panel’s performance based on accurate measurements using the Hydra Calibration system. This brand-new tool allows Brompton customers to see at-a-glance headline LED panel performance figures such as achievable luminance and colour gamut, presented in terms of percentage coverage of the Rec 2020 colour space. There are also options to view comprehensive information down to a per-pixel level for each individual panel using convenient, interactive, visual displays.

The DynaCal reporting app is available for any LED panel that has been calibrated using Brompton’s new Hydra Calibration system. Utilising the detailed information collected by Hydra, reports can be generated for individual LED panels, or for entire batches. These reports can easily be shared and viewed in any browser without any special software installed, and the report language can be switched between English and Chinese on the fly.

“The great thing about DynaCal Reports is that our customers are just one click away from data that can help inform decisions about how their panels should be used,” says Thomas Walker, Brompton’s product manager. “The reports offer a quick and easy way of comparing panels and checking they are capable of delivering what is needed at any given point or for a specific project.”

Luminance maps show how the LEDs are performing across the entire panel surface, with additional histograms to analyse the distribution of pixel luminances for each colour.

For those looking to dive deep into the colour capability of the panel, DynaCal reports include spectral plots showing the precise distribution of light across the visible spectrum, including peak wavelengths and spectral width for each colour. An interactive CIE xy chromaticity diagram shows the panel’s measured colour gamut versus standard colour spaces such as DCI-P3 or Rec 2020, with the ability to zoom in on a ‘point cloud’ for each primary colour to assess the colour consistency (or ‘binning’) of the LEDs.

Another important feature is a convenient thermal image of the panel, captured by the Hydra Calibration system at the time of measurement, along with the chosen target calibration temperature and measured ambient temperature. Together, these give a clear picture of the thermal environment at the time of measurement to ensure consistency throughout the batch. “In addition, our ThermaCal feature offers a separate profiling solution that compensates for the thermal patterning that can affect LED panel performance,” explains Walker. “More information on ThermaCal can be found on our website.”

“At Brompton, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to bring additional value to our customers, with the new DynaCal reporting app being no exception,” concludes managing director, Richard Mead. “When we announced the Hydra camera and Dynamic Calibration last year, we proved to our customers that when it comes to content playback, it is the quality of the image and not necessarily pixel pitch, that is the new driver for LED display technology. With this new app, we have once again created an industry defining tool to deliver beautiful, easy to read, easy to share, fully interactive LED panel calibration reports, which will reconfirm why our customers chose to invest, and continue investing, in Brompton Technology’s products.”

In order to use the DynaCal reporting app, new or existing LED panels must be fitted with Brompton’s Tessera R2 receiver card and measured using Brompton’s exclusive Hydra calibration system. More information on Hydra can be found on

27th August 2020

Brompton Technology

Leading the Pack: Xytech Launches Graphical UI for Media Orchestrator, Provides Customers with Industry-Leading Workflow Simplicity

Leading the Pack: Xytech Launches Graphical UI for Media Orchestrator, Provides Customers with Industry-Leading Workflow Simplicity

In today’s dynamic and global environment, it’s not acceptable for software providers to propagate old technology and offer paltry, infrequent updates. In stark contrast, leading resource management software provider Xytech continues to innovate its MediaPulse resource management system, this time with the release of a brand new, fully featured graphical user interface for the Media Orchestrator.

Seamlessly incorporated to the workflow software, the new graphical UI merges asset management, operations and resource management, allowing game-changing media services companies to monitor the people, facilities or equipment needed to complete a given task.

“All too often, companies are adversely effected by a lack of efficiency in their workflows, and this can have a direct impact on profit margins,” said Greg Dolan, Xytech CCO. “The media software industry demands intelligent solutions with the ability to dynamically adapt to customers’ constantly evolving needs. With offices in Los Angeles, London, France, Germany, Belgium, Canada and China, Xytech is uniquely positioned to meet customers at their point of need with unmatched technical service. Also, with regular, yearly upgrades and quarterly updates to the MediaPulse platform, we are not leaning on decades-old software like our competitors.”

The new graphical UI takes the complication out of the workflow process by offering users an easily digestible and totally intuitive interface. Users can move an entire block of functionality instead of choosing from a menu item. A user can grab a visual block, plot out the appropriate steps and link it graphically through Visio.

The new UI also allows users to define, configure and monitor any media service workflow while adjudicating any discrepancies. It lets users monitor and resolve problems in the workflows of other systems and, if it finds a fault, sends notifications to the appropriate users to resolve.

“Having a robust resource management system featuring regular updates is key for companies looking to streamline and bolster operations,” Dolan explained. “Gone are the days when software providers could offer one update every few years. As such, Xytech has included countless advancements to the MediaPulse platform in the last year alone, and we are excited to continue this trend with the new graphical UI.”

The new graphical UI will be available to users this autumn.

26th August 2020

Elation expands high-value Fuze series with Fuze Wash FR LED Fresnel

Elation expands high-value Fuze series with Fuze Wash FR LED Fresnel

Designed as the perfect fusion of performance, features and value, Elation’s Fuze series of LED fixtures has found a niche in the market whenever outstanding price to value is high on the list. Elation is expanding the series with the Fuze Wash FR, an automated LED Fresnel fixture with framing designed for a wide array of precision lighting applications and ideal for the refined performance required in theatrical venues.

The Fuze Wash FR features a new 480W (6,500K) 92 CRI engine that utilises a five-colour homogenised LED array of red, green, blue, mint and amber sources, the same colour system found in the Fuze Profile and Fuze Spot for a perfectly calibrated colour match.

High colour quality and colour manipulation are central to the Fuze Wash FR. A virtual gel swatch book, virtual colour correction, magenta/green adjustment plus CMY emulation give designers access to an impressive LED colour array including a beautiful mixed white. The carefully-tuned RGBMA LEDs and extremely high native CRI ensure accurate colour reproduction while delivering a powerful output up to 14,000 lumens.

The Fuze Wash FR features a specially designed Fresnel lens for a smooth and even wash and houses an 8.2° to 42.1° (beam) and 12.7° to 62.1° (field) motorised zoom for tight to wide coverage. A full blackout framing system with four rotating blades gives full control of the beam shape when required and can index +/- 60-degrees. A variable frost filter can be added at any time for an extra layer of smoothing. The fixture dims seamlessly all the way to zero with 16-bit selectable dimming curves included. An iris for advanced beam control and high-speed electronic shutter and strobe round out its feature set.

The Fuze Wash FR is designed for any application where an automated Fresnel fixture with outstanding colours, a wide zoom range and framing beam control where a soft field is required. It is powerful enough to use in all sizes of rigs and because it is remarkably silent can be utilised in any noise sensitive environment. The Fuze Wash FR is fully optimised for broadcast environments as well with LED frequency adjustment for flicker free operation. It is outfitted with all the professional control and connection features that designers should expect from a modern luminaire.

With the Fuze series, Elation has given the market an option when it comes to compact yet feature-packed professional automated LED luminaires. A truly remarkable compact Fresnel for any application, the Fuze Wash FR is sure to create outstanding projections and beautiful bright washes on any stage.

14th August 2020


Hydra measurement system starts shipping globally

Hydra measurement system starts shipping globally

Following the successful launch and positive feedback from the industry on its new Hydra measurement tool for LED panels, Brompton Technology has announced that the highly anticipated system is now shipping globally. Among the first wave of systems to arrive with customers, a number have reached Shenzhen, where Brompton has recently opened its new larger China office. These Hydras are already being used for panel calibrations by Brompton’s many panel manufacturer partners, assisted by a team of calibration support engineers.

The Hydra is an advanced measurement system custom-designed for LED panels fitted with a Tessera R2 receiver card. Panels must be measured with Hydra to benefit from dynamic calibration, the ground-breaking technology that unleashes a panel’s full potential so it can achieve brighter whites, higher contrast ratios, more saturated colours, and true-to-life colour accuracy, delivering a previously unattainable level of image quality and realism through Brompton HDR.

Investors in the Hydra system will benefit from the system’s minimal set-up time, comprehensive error checks and its ability to generate reports in multiple languages to give an objective assessment of panel performance. This makes it straightforward to confirm that each new batch of panels meets individual specifications and reduces the potential for user error.

“Our original plan was to support every delivery with in-person training and full setup,” says Thomas Walker, product manager for Brompton. “We’ve had to adapt to the current climate but are still offering our renowned 24/7 global tech support by employing all available remote collaboration tools, such as video conference, phone support, and remote desktop control if needed.”

The first production run of Hydra sold out immediately after its launch. Rental companies including Fuse, Creative Technology and Faber AV have been early adopters, taking the opportunity to upgrade the capabilities of their existing LED panel inventory.

“We announced Hydra last November and it got a great reception. But our whole industry has been facing tough times since then and our focus has been on supporting our team and our customers worldwide,” says Brompton’s managing director, Richard Mead. “It now gives me enormous pleasure to announce that we’ve delivered the first Hydra measurement systems, which will allow Brompton customers to significantly upgrade their current fleet of LED panels with all the power and flexibility of dynamic calibration and Brompton HDR.”

14th August 2020

Prism Sound Gives its Lyra Audio Interface a Sleek New Look

Prism Sound Gives its Lyra Audio Interface a Sleek New Look

Prism Sound’s critically acclaimed Lyra audio interface has been given an aesthetic overhaul to bring it in line with its larger multi-track audio interface siblings, Titan and Atlas.

Lyra now boasts the same sleek black-fronted look that was introduced to Titan and Atlas in 2019. It also features Prism Sound’s new updated logo and can now be controlled using the company’s recently updated software app that is available for both Mac and Windows platforms. This enables musicians, composers and producers to manipulate the unit from their own computer, thus speeding up workflow.

We have created a distinctive brand image for our flagship audio interfaces, so bringing Lyra into the fold was a natural next step,” says Mark Evans, Prism Sound’s sales director. “Lyra is already very cool because it gives recording professionals easy access to Prism Sound’s high quality audio conversion at a very cost effective price. The new look makes it even more desirable, while having the ability to control Lyra via our software app makes the unit much simpler to operate. The app provides a clearer, more user-friendly presentation in a resizeable window, making it easy to read on the latest 4K screens as well as on older computers.”

Based on Prism Sounds award-winning Orpheus interface, Lyra allows music recording professionals to access the power and sophistication of the Orpheus audio path and clock circuitry, but in a smaller package and at a much improved price point.

The Lyra 1 interface has two analogue input channels one for instrument/line and one for mic/line plus two DA output channels and optical-only digital I/O. Lyra 2 includes two AD input channels with switchable microphone, instrument or line input modes and four DA output channels. Both versions incorporate new ARM Cortex processor design offering class-compliant USB interfacing that allows for seamless integration with both Macs and PCs. Both versions also offer digital volume control, a low latency console-qualitydigital mixer for foldback monitoring and optical SPDIF capability.

Customers who have recently added a Lyra to their recording set ups include Dance music producers Nu:Tone, Hugh Hardie and Etherwood, composer Iain Archer and musician and producer Tim Gennert.

13th August 2020

Elation’s top-of-the-line Artiste Mondrian now available

Elation’s top-of-the-line Artiste Mondrian now available

Now in stock and shipping is Elation’s Artiste Mondrian LED profile FX luminaire, a high-impact lighting solution for any application requiring powerful beam looks, stunning air effects and superior colour. A true powerhouse at over 51,000 lumens, the Artiste Mondrian offers all the advanced features designers would want in a top-of-the-line professional luminaire while surpassing outdated and inefficient lamp technology.

Filling out the top of Elation’s award-winning Artiste LED moving head series, the new Mondrian partners alongside and uses the same technology as the highly acclaimed Artiste Monet and Artiste Rembrandt including Elation’s exclusive seven-flag SpectraColor colour mixing system, and endless and continuous rotational framing system. The Artiste Mondrian is the brightest, full-featured LED Profile FX fixture Elation has produced to date.

“The Artiste Mondrian really has it all,” states Elation product manager Matthias Hinrichs. “Tight beams from its massive front lens, smooth washes with unprecedented light output and sharp images without ever compromising on its incredible projection performance. It’s a true all-in-one workhorse that outperforms any discharge fixture in the market without the usual drawbacks of distracting fan noise and rapid degradation of light quality. Its mid-air creative FX are phenomenal due to the beautiful SpectraColors and carefully designed gobo selection. It’s a truly stunning luminaire and a great finale to the Artiste range of products. Like its namesake, Piet Mondrian, this fixture will create iconic looks for lighting designers for many years to come.”

Optimised for extreme output and coverage, the Mondrian harnesses its long-throw power from an efficient 950W 6,500K White Hotspot LED engine. The custom peak-field LED engine, a first of its kind, features a two-to-one centre to edge LED ratio for more powerful, high centre intensity beam and wash throws while allowing for more unique air FX.

With light bursting through a custom-designed 226mm (8 3/4") Plano Convex lens, the largest PC lens on the market, the thick beam look is deceptively tangible and eye-catchingly stunning. Combined with a tight 3.3-degree narrow beam that zooms out to 45-degrees, the Mondrian has the power to cut through at even great distances in arena touring environments or any large-scale show setting. With so much power, it also makes for a perfect long-throw followspot.

The Mondrian integrates Elation's highly praised SpectraColor colour mixing system, which offers traditional CMY mixing but adds a variable RGB colour mix for rich, saturated primaries. In combination with a variable CTO, the Mondrian allows for colours that were previously impossible to achieve, from theatrical pastels to the most vibrant red or blues ever produced by a colour mixing system. The seven colour-mixing flags align at 16-bit precision for artistic possibilities that are truly inspiring. A six-position fixed colour wheel offers UV and high CRI options to round out the amazing colour range of the fixture.

The full-blackout framing array includes Elation's newly designed, unlimited indexing and continuous 360° rotation control, which means you no longer need to rotate the fixture to hit the spot or angle you desire. Refine the beam shape as needed and frame around objects to be highlighted. Shapes can rotate like gobos while morphing and transforming, allowing for new creative transitions, interesting projections and aerial effects not previously possible.

The Artiste Mondrian offers a comprehensive FX package with 12 rotating interchangeable glass gobos on two wheels and bi-directional animation wheel for limitless texture and layering solutions for the largest and most demanding applications. Effects can be multiplied via dual prisms for more bustling looks and dual linear frost filters can be applied for an even diffusion of light when designers wish for softer gobo or soft wash effects. A high-speed iris can be engaged for further impression.

The Artiste Mondrian is outfitted with all the professional control and connection features that designers would expect from a professional cutting-edge luminaire. With unprecedented power and full array of professional design features, the Mondrian sets a new standard as a benchmark automated LED luminaire.

12th August 2020


Powersoft Invites Users to 'Pimp Their Seat' with MeMo

Powersoft Invites Users to \'Pimp Their Seat\' with MeMo
Powersoft Invites Users to \'Pimp Their Seat\' with MeMo

MeMo is a high performance, ultra-low frequency transducer amplifier bundle, specifically designed for the home cinema and gaming markets. The product, which is manufactured in Italy, is set to transform the entertainment experience by adding a new layer of sound; a layer that can be felt.

The MeMo bundle includes a tactile transducer and a matched amplifier platform that, between them, are able to overcome the physical limitations of traditional systems to deliver sounds that extend well below sub-harmonic frequencies, to bring people into the heart of their favourite music, movie, or game.

With minimal set-up required and multiple mounting options, MeMo can be secured to any gaming chair right out of the box or added to a cinephile’s favourite seat to achieve a fully immersive experience. Any chair, once just a point of comfort, immediately and effortlessly becomes part of the action, all through the power of haptic perception.

MeMo contains three presets that are conveniently accessible from the rear side of the amplifier, which will allow users to choose their favourite audio set-up.

For gamers, the professional Class D amplifier can be set up to reduce resonating frequencies between 20 and 40Hz, giving enabling them to gain an advantage with more realistic and immediate feedback. Sim racers can now feel every inch of the road under their virtual seat thanks to the mighty power of the patented moving magnet transducer.

If a user is more concerned with adding extra depth to their home cinema system, MeMo can be optimised to bump the frequency around 50Hz and enhance the subharmonic content around 25Hz, allowing them to keep the sub’s volume down, while still delivering the full frequency spectrum.

Finally, MeMo can be optimised for music and multimedia content by using a flat preset with a slight bump between 60 and 80Hz, which will allow users to feel the kicks that they have recently been missing at live concerts.

Capable of reproducing the frequencies that become lost in translation when gaming with headphones, or watching a movie on a home theatre system, MeMo invites users to not only see and hear a story but to truly experience it. Boasting incredible precision, MeMo has the ability to envelope users in bass-heavy cinematic sounds, without cranking up the volume and disturbing the neighbours.

10th August 2020

Shure Expands Axient Digital Portfolio with New AD3 Plug-On Transmitter

Shure Expands Axient Digital Portfolio with New AD3 Plug-On Transmitter

Shure’s Axient Digital Wireless System has established itself as the go-to industry standard for premium, flawless audio. Whether it’s a live, on stage performance or a high stakes broadcast to millions of viewers, Axient Digital empowers today’s entertainers, broadcasters, musicians, and others to bring perfectly clear audio to audiences all over the world. Now, with the introduction of the company’s Axient Digital AD3 plug-on transmitter, audio professionals can transform any XLR microphone into an Axient Digital wireless microphone, delivering impeccable audio quality and RF performance, wide-tuning and encryption features.

For high-tier broadcast, film, and TV applications that require a flexible connection to a wired microphone, the new AD3 plug-on transmitter makes it possible, complete with a plug-on design, high-performance radio, and spectral efficiency. Ideal for sideline reporting, street interviews, and press conferences, the AD3 seamlessly transforms a wired source into an advanced, Axient Digital wireless source. Additionally, it can easily connect to a shotgun microphone on a boom pole to up-level portability on film and TV sets. The AD3 is compatible with Axient Digital AD4D and AD4Q rack receivers in standard or high density modes.

“Broadcast networks, stadiums, conference centres, theatres and performance halls depend on Axient Digital, and that capability is now expanded with the launch of AD3,” said Nick Wood, senior category director of wireless products at Shure. “The plug-on transmitter enables field reporters, audio professionals, and on-set sound engineers access to a rock-solid portable audio solution that perfectly complements the power of Axient Digital. Audio professionals are going to want to have these transmitters in their kits.”

The AD3 was designed to provide exceptional portability and connectivity, all while still offering the reliability and performance that are synonymous with the Shure brand. Out-of-the-box, the AD3 includes an innovative 'locked' XLR connector design, a user-friendly control menu, OLED display that is easy to read in challenging lighting conditions and a sweat, moisture and debris resistant build. The transmitter also includes a pouch, belt clip, USB-C cable, and supports both conventional AA and Shure SB900A rechargeable battery options.

5th August 2020

Renkus-Heinz’ Iconyx Compact Series Adds ICC 24/3 to Bring More Power and Flexibility to Medium-Sized Integrations

Renkus-Heinz’ Iconyx Compact Series Adds ICC 24/3 to Bring More Power and Flexibility to Medium-Sized Integrations

Renkus-Heinz, manufacturer of premium professional loudspeakers, has announced the latest product in its new Iconyx Compact Series: the Iconyx Compact 24/3-RN, a solution bringing the benefits of Renkus-Heinz’ Iconyx family to a smaller footprint array.

The ICC 24/3 joins the recently announced ICC 12/3 in the new Iconyx Compact Series, a line that offers additional solutions for integrators seeking flexible and powerful options in medium-sized installations. The goal of the line is to open up more opportunities for integrators in the house of worship, corporate, transportation, education and government markets.

“With twice the array length as the 12/3 in the same ultra-compact footprint, the 24/3 provides significantly more control in challenging acoustic spaces,” said Brandon Heinz, product manager at Renkus-Heinz. “Interior design, whether traditional or modern is almost always a big consideration, and the ICC 24/3’s combination of advanced processing power, acoustic control, and discrete aesthetics make this a great addition to our Iconyx line-up.”

The Iconyx Compact Series brings performance and directivity to spaces where even the classic Iconyx arrays might be too large. The very narrow profile blends into nearly any environment, while the exceptional control of directivity can help with the most challenging acoustics, making the exceptional performance of beam-steered line arrays available to even the most architecturally sensitive spaces.

An all-new, 24-channel digital amplifier powers twenty-four, 3"/ 7 7 mm full-range, high sensitivity, treated paper cone drivers. With an amplifier and DSP channel for each driver, the flexibility of Iconyx is now available in a package nearly 40 per cent smaller than the classic Iconyx.

Still, the ICC 24/3 offers the impressive performance synonymous with Renkus-Heinz: full RHAON II beam-steering with the latest U.R.G.O beam algorithms, a movable acoustic centre, multiple beam opening angles and high-pass filtering of individual beams. All with the fidelity and musicality expected of a Renkus-Heinz product.

The included wall-mount bracket makes mounting easy and is nearly invisible behind the arrays. Standard RN units have analogue and AES inputs.

4th August 2020

Shure Introduces SLX-D Digital Wireless System

Shure Introduces SLX-D Digital Wireless System

Whether it’s a high-school theatre production, corporate meeting, or a Sunday service, live events need to deliver flawless audio and require products that are straightforward to set up and use. Wireless microphones face additional challenges in today’s increasingly crowded RF environment. To help address these needs, the SLX-D Digital Wireless System is the newest addition to the Shure digital wireless portfolio. The new offering is the digital replacement of the Company’s popular SLX system, complete with new mechanical designs, exceptional audio quality, more reliable RF performance, streamlined set-up, and more.

The multi-faceted SLX-D Digital Wireless System provides end users with greater channel count than SLX, smart rechargeable options, and simplified ease-of-use for moments that matter most: in the classroom, houses of worship, corporate facilities, the hospitality sector, local governments and more. The new system is offered in single and dual channel options. Transmitters run on standard AA batteries or an optional lithium-ion rechargeable battery solution with a dual-docking charging station. SLX-D is a state-of-the-art system with several notable features and user-friendly benefits, including:

  • Reliable RF – with outstanding signal quality and digital modulation, SLX-D lets users navigate crowded environments with high spectral efficiency and dependable RF. The system enables operation of up to 32 channels per frequency band without worrying about dropouts or signal fades.

  • Excellent Audio Quality – to ensure every performance, lecture, and speech is delivered flawlessly, SLX-D delivers crystal clear sound. With a wide dynamic range, it can handle a variety of inputs while preventing distortion – ultimately enabling clean, natural instrument and vocal sound.

  • Ease of Use – knowing that personnel in various institutions and facilities need a simple and straightforward solution, SLX-D is equipped with Guided Frequency Setup and a Group Scan feature that lets users set up multiple channels more efficiently by assigning frequencies to all receivers automatically via Ethernet connections. Even for a 30+ channel system, the entire Group Scan can be completed within a few seconds.

“As we support customers in education, houses of worship, corporate facilities and theatres, we recognise the need for an easy-to-use digital wireless system with rock-solid RF performance that can scale as the needs of the venue or spectrum environment change,” said Nick Wood, senior wireless category director at Shure. “With SLX-D, we can offer a solution that is both state-of-the-art and a great value.”

4th August 2020

Two new models complete Verlinde's range of Stagemaker hoists

Two new models complete Verlinde\'s range of Stagemaker hoists

After two years of technological design and an alignment of production with market requirements, Verlinde announces the widening of its new range of Stagemaker electric chain hoists dedicated to the entertainment industry. The new Stagemaker SL5 and SL10 models with their load capacity of 500kg to 1000kg (1 fall) and 2000kg (2 falls) integrate Verlinde's latest technological developments: innovative design, toughness and enhanced power ensuring faultless reliability while complying with international standards.

From the first model with its reverse-purchase block system launched in 1975 Verlinde's Stagemaker range has enjoyed an excellent reputation worldwide in the entertainment industry and show business. Boasting an entirely ergonomic design, Stagemaker hoists are the only models available on the market fitted as standard with double brakes, retractable handgrips and protective rubber pads. The new SL5 and SL10 models will furthermore ensure IP66 protection, a rating currently being certified for the motor as a whole. The hoist shell is protected by a 70μm black epoxy powder coating enabling resistance to extreme environments (-10C° to +40 C°). Two versions of the SL 5 and SL 10 models are available: (A) with forward voltage and (B) with low voltage. These 2 new lifting units are upgrades on the previous SR5 and SR10 versions and so complete the current range of models alongside the SR1 and SR25.

Enhanced safety The new SL models are D8+ compliant as standard with SPQ2 (code of practice): the positioning of the clutch in the gear box ensures load holding by the brake whatever the operating conditions of the hoist. The CHAINFlux chain guide enables greater flexible horizontal flow of the chain on output from the lifting load wheel. The equipment used provides furthermore a remarkable friction coefficient facilitating passage of the chain on ejection. The LimitFlux electromagnetic limit switches are provided as standard on all B-type hoists in the Sl range. This system enables the high and low positions of the hook or hoist to be controlled with half-link chain precision. Travel limit switches are adjusted by moving two rings along the hoisting chain.

Ease of use and ergonomics Like the whole Stagemaker range, models SL5 and SL10 are fitted with PerfectPush, a five-pocket hoist load wheel concept designed to enhance chain guidance and prevent the polygon effect. Operation in standard self-climbing configuration or in industrial suspension hoist configuration is achieved without any modification by simply turning the chain bucket. The lifting motor provides a wide range of constant running speeds with or without load: SL5 and SL10 are available as standard with the conventional 4m/min but can also be

supplied at speeds of 8m and 16m/min.

The design with its unobtrusive lines provides Stagemaker SL excellent integration in its operating environment (lighting, sound system, etc.). Another appreciated aspect of this discretion is its operational silence (60dBA). The lifting hook and transportation handles integrate an ergonomic rubberised gripping system. The two retractable handles were integrated in the hoist shell when it was designed with the aim of facilitating its transportation. The high capacity, heavy duty, black canvas (1100 denier) chain bucket is removable and reversible.

Economical hoists The ease of access to the torque limiter, electrical components (plug & play) and to the fuse together with rapid removal of the motor facilitate maintenance operations. What is more, brake linings can be inspected visually.

Verlinde constantly upgrades its hoists in alignment with current technologies and worldwide regulations. SL models comply with the following standards: CE, DIN, CSA and EAC.

3rd August 2020


Chauvet DJ Doubles Bubbles with New Hurricane Bubble Haze X2 Q6

Chauvet DJ Doubles Bubbles with New Hurricane Bubble Haze X2 Q6

Releasing copious amounts of haze-filled bubbles, the Chauvet DJ bubble haze generated fun and excitement throughout the event industry when it was introduced in 2019. Now the company has taken bubbles to the next level with the introduction of the Bubble Haze X2 Q6.

Doubling the effect and volume of its predecessor, the new product features six quad-coloured (RGB + UV) LEDs that illuminate bubbles, haze or haze-filled bubbles. The new effect features twin blowers with variable-speed loft fans that push bubbles up into the air.

Chauvet DJ’s 'Always-Ready' technology means the effect can run continuously to keep the party going. But the Hurricane Bubble Haze X2 Q6 is not just about fun, it also has a practical side. For example, its gravity-fed bubble reservoir recirculates unused bubble fluid reducing fluid consumption. Also, a built-in cleaning function increases machine longevity and reduces clogs.

“It’s always amazing to see the reaction Hurricane Bubble Haze gets” said Chauvet DJ senior product manager Allan Reiss. “This thing really brings out the kid in all of us and we’re really excited to take that excitement to new levels with added LEDs that light up this amazing effect and double the output with twin blowers.”

30th July 2020