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Instant Breakthrough for Optocore’s Revolutionary Festival Box


Polar 340 Wash FX


Introducing Image Spot Mini


Optoma’s new affordable professional laser projector


Obsidian Control Systems Powerful NX 4 Now Shipping


Optoma’s new compact and powerful warp and blend solution – powered by VIOSO


Penn Launches New Range of Slimline Power Distribution Units


New Data cable Launched


Sputnik adapter launched


Allen & Heath Announces Third Instalment in 96khz Mixer Trilogy: Avantis


Elation’s New Paladin Line of Versatile Flood and Effect Lights


Altman Lighting announces the new SIREN Series LED Followspots


High End Systems Releases Hog OS v3.13


Mackie Launches All-New SRM-Flex Portable Column PA System


Specially Crafted Bundles From Shure Provide Cost-Effective, Quality Audio Kits For a Variety of Audiences


Optoma adds compact and versatile projectors to its DuraCore laser range


TASCAM Introduces Compact MZ-123BT Commercial Grade Multi-Zone Audio Mixer


EXTREME Support with MILOS Ultra High-Strength Steel


Punching Above its Weight (and Size)


Effortless microphone management with Sennheiser Control Cockpit


Christie announces world’s first true HDR 4K RGB pure laser projector for the Pro-AV market


Mobiltechlifts ML3 – Lifting and Supporting Line Arrays


City Theatrical Launches Five New QolorFLEX LED Tapes


Vari-Lite’s new VL800 Series of event fixtures now shipping


Martin MAC Allure Wash PC now shipping, first UK showing at PLASA 2019


Instant Breakthrough for Optocore’s Revolutionary Festival Box

Instant Breakthrough for Optocore’s Revolutionary Festival Box

Optocore’s Festival Box looks set to revolutionise big event touring after rental companies around the globe were quick to respond to the launch of the much-anticipated new device this summer.

As demo systems were released to targeted dealers and production companies around the world, Optocore technical sales manager, Maciek Janiszewski, said: “It is gratifying that customers have trusted us with delivering a completely new device concept and placed it immediately on high-profile tours and festivals.”

Early adopters have included the high-flying Billie Eilish and Spice Girls, both with Wigwam, while festivals have ranged from the mighty Sziget in Hungary and KFPP Opole in Poland, to Parklife and Bluedot festivals in the north of England.

What makes Festival Box so special? In essence, it allows any audio protocol as well as video and data to tunnel over the same fibre, making it a hugely efficient solution for multi-act scenarios. Migrating the technology from sister company BroaMan’s Repeat48WDM media converter, which uses Repeat48-2Fiber modules at its source, it offers countless conversion options, supporting all fiber protocols as well as Cat5 Ethernet-based standards or even HDMI, since the standard SFP optical module transceivers are hot swappable.

“With each sound engineer bringing different consoles to festivals, running different protocols to the stage box, everything can now be transported down Festival Box using just a single duplex fibre, thereby saving a tremendous amount of cabling between FOH and stage,” continued Janiszewski.

Alex Hadjigeorgiou, from Optocore-BroaMan dealer, fac365, had led the charge to put the word into the rental community at the beginning of the year. “It’s been very well-received and we’ve had really positive feedback,” he said. “This year has been all about getting the concept across. In some ways the name ‘Festival Box’ restricts it as it is so much more than that: it’s perfect for running complete touring infrastructure down it, using just two fibres.”

In Poland, GMB Pro Sound have had it out at the Open’er Festival at Gdynia Airport, Krakow Live Festival and Festival Opole, as well as on tour with Meskie Granie. Festival Box also provided an elegant and efficient solution at the Sweden Rock Festival in Solvesborg, supplied by Soundware Sweden, Sziget in Hungary (via Leon Szolgaltato Ltd), while in the north of England fac365 supplied the devices to dbnAudile (for Parklife and Bluedot).

Said GMB Pro Sound director, Remigiusz Kasztelnik: "Festival Box might be a new concept but those who have tried it have immediately found it extremely useful, especially when there are different protocols in place. The big advantage is simplicity, there is no software or configuration necessary, you just plug in the cable onstage and FOH, and pair the stage boxes and consoles whether Cat5, co-ax or fibre.

“We expect Festival Box to become a must-have, and a 'no-brainer' for larger tours and mid-size/large festivals over the next few years."

Wigwam co-founder Chris Hill, another early adopter, and influencer of Optocore solutions over the years, agreed. “I have always liked the quality of Optocore products and what they stand for,” he confirmed. “Festival Box has already dug us out of a couple of holes, and is proving to be a very useful tool.”

It made sense to invest for many reasons, he said. “When Spice Girls came along we put it on as a data tunnel so we could put comms, video, the support band console and remote aerials through it. It got used heavily, and proved to be very flexible, reducing the number of cables to plug in at front of house.”

For Billie Eilish, Festival Box fulfilled an altogether different solution. Production had wanted to run their system over Cat5, since their Allen & Heath console sits on that network, and all available fibre ports had already been used. “So instead of wrestling with a system rejig, thanks to Festival Box they were able to carry on as they were, with no issues of distance, no reconfiguration or software changes necessary,” said Hadjigeorgiou.

Chris Hill agreed. “Their production loved it because they could work the way they wanted to work. Festival Box introduced them to a really simple way of getting out of a problem.

“You don’t need a laptop and another screen, you can plug in more SFPs and put other formats down it. In fact it is now being specified on another project which will require further investment. Anyone who is initially sceptical only has to see it working to be convinced.”

Alex Hadjigeorgiou also believes it offers a great return on investment for mid-sized rental houses who have yet to commit to the substantial investment required in fibre cable. “It is generally hard to charge [clients] good money for fiber because it’s expected to come with the consoles,” he said. “But as Festival Box is a separate chargeable item it becomes a chargeable item it makes a lot of sense.”

In summary he said: “Festival Box is ultimately about efficiency, but it’s for the long term. In years to come, once Festival Box is established, people will be saying, ‘In the old days we used to run a network, RF and console loop all on separate cables’!”

14th October 2019

Polar 340 Wash FX

Polar 340 Wash FX

Don’t let the weather get in the way of creating an awesome light show! Why let rain keep you from putting together an awesome outdoor presentation? Like they say “The show must go on” and with Showtec Polar you can. A range of rugged IP-65 rated moving heads, designed around sturdy housings with great optics, strong LED engines and a wide array of features and effects. The Showtec Polar family presents a Beam with a razor sharp 1.7° angled beam, a Wash with eight separate controllable RGBW LED modules and a very versatile Hybrid fixture built around a powerful 300W LED engine. Fixtures engineered to deliver no matter what the conditions are. Just bring on the rain and Polar will bring the light.

The Showtec Polar Wash FX is an innovative and versatile IP65 Wash moving head. Equipped with seven 40W RGBW LED modules and one 60W RGBW LED module offering individual pixel control. Finishing touch and additional feature is a separate LED-ring which can create awesome effects. This gives you the freedom to design awesome visuals through DMX-512, RDM, Art-net or SACN. With a zoom-range of 4.5° to 35° and a choice of various colour mixing modes like HSIC, RGBW or CMY the Showtec Polar Wash FX delivers every time. Compact in size and light weight but it will make sure that its effect cannot be ignored. The Showtec Polar 340 Wash FX will fit perfectly into any rental fleet, is ideal for mobile applications or for outdoor use at festivals or amusement parks.

11th October 2019


Introducing Image Spot Mini

Introducing Image Spot Mini

Rosco has announced the release of the Image Spot Mini LED projector. This ultra-compact and lightweight version of our popular Image Spot fixture features many of the same qualities, including powerful output and crisp imaging.

“The Image Spot Mini was a natural progression for the product range,” reported Sky Bembury, Rosco’s product manager for architecture and entertainment lighting. “Twenty-first century lighting designers, in both live entertainment and architecture, are more determined than ever to preserve the mystery of their lighting, focusing more on the effect than the luminaire producing it. We decided to create one of the smallest, most unobtrusive, image projectors in the market to properly address this desire. Not only does it keep to the high quality and superior lumen output of our standard Image Spot, our main goal was for it to virtually disappear in a space. I firmly believe we were successful in this endeavour.”

Unlike other small gobo projectors, Rosco Image Spot Mini does not compromise on output and image quality. Measuring a mere 4.7in x 3.4in x 1.9in (119mm x 84.2mm x 48mm), it can generate up to 1,050 lumens of light output to provide vivid and clear image projections.

The fixture accepts virtually any Rosco gobo that has been sized to fit the Image Spot Mini, including standard designs from the Rosco gobo catalogue or custom gobos for bespoke installations. The fixture also features highly efficient optics to provide sharp gobo projections up to 26 feet (8m) away. Whether you need to project textured patterns, images or text, the fixture’s uniform beam of light ensures crisp, bright images from edge to edge. There are three Image Spot Mini Lens Optics available: 11º, 17º and 25º, for precise control of the fixture’s beam.

Discreet and easily concealed, Image Spot Mini can enhance any venue with vibrant imagery, including retail environments, museums, theme parks, and hospitality venues such as restaurants and hotels. The Image Spot Mini fixture is available in two models: 3000K warm white and 5500K cool white, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Weighing only 2.2lbs. (1kg), the Image Spot Mini can be installed virtually anywhere and a track mountable version of the fixture can be specified for quick and easy installation. Rosco also offers the Image Spot Mini UV for black light gobo projection, which is useful for themed attractions and dark ride installations.

The Image Spot Mini is housed in a robust, IP65-rated enclosure, enabling it to perform perfectly indoors and outdoors. The fixture features on-board controls, as well as DMX and 0-10 VDC dimming control options to provide flicker-free dimming from 0% – 100%.

“In architecture, the fixtures should be minimal so as not to interfere with the design,” remarked Amé Strong, vice president – Rosco Architectural. “The Image Spot Mini is extraordinarily bright for its size, satisfying the architectural lighting designers’ demand for small fixtures with big impact.” When asked how she envisioned customers using the fixture, Amé responded with these ideas:

  • Wayfinding – projecting directional arrows letting customers know where to go

  • Projected branding

  • Integrating a themed element into a design

  • Re-creating natural surroundings – leaf breakups as an example

  • Creating shadowed texture to easily add interest to a plain wall or surface

  • Using the Iris Accessory or the framing shutters, it could be used as a compact spotlight

11th October 2019


Optoma’s new affordable professional laser projector

Optoma’s new affordable professional laser projector

Businesses can now dramatically reduce the running cost of their AV equipment with Optoma’s new addition to its DuraCore laser line-up: the ZH403. Geared for medium-sized exhibition venues, events, tradeshows or meeting rooms, this compact Full HD 1080p projector delivers up to 30,000 hours maintenance-free hours of play.

The powerful laser ZH403 projector is easy to move between rooms, or even buildings. However, don’t let its small lightweight footprint mislead you, this projector packs a punch and projects bright and vivid images with its 4000 lumen laser light source that cuts through ambient light effortlessly.

The ZH403 is 4K and HDR compatible, features include 1.3x zoom and built-in speaker, as well as the ability to be installed in virtually any orientation with 360-degree installation and portrait projection – making it a breeze to install.

Equipped with direct power on/direct power off, the ZH403 does not require any time to warm up, so images appear almost instantly when switched on. Also, no cool-down is necessary when turning the power off; the unit can be turned on and off using the remote or mains power any time. Additionally, the energy saving ‘auto power off’ feature ensures the projector is never left running.

Kishan Mistry, seniorpProduct manager at Optoma Europe commented: “The new lampless ZH403 offers complete flexibility with a range of features to include a small and lightweight footprint, 1.3x zoom combined with 360-degree and portrait projection to accommodate diverse spaces. Additionally, laser technology maintains excellent image quality as brightness and colour saturation is preserved for longer compared to lamp systems.

“Aside from the increased flexibility, reliability and performance, the ZH403 will soon pay for itself in savings over traditional lamp-based projectors, virtually eliminating running costs.”

For ultimate control, the ZH403 features a wide range of options to include RJ45 connection and an extensive set of RS232 commands making it easy to monitor and control the projector remotely.

The ZH403 is available to buy now through Optoma’s extensive network of authorised resellers.

11th October 2019

Obsidian Control Systems Powerful NX 4 Now Shipping

Obsidian Control Systems Powerful NX 4 Now Shipping

Obsidian Control Systems is now shipping the powerful NX 4 lighting controller. Equipped with professional features and prepared to host Obsidian’s innovative DYLOS pixel composition engine, the NX 4 is the newest member of the innovative ONYX lighting control platform and is designed to handle even the largest show with ease. With a well-arranged combination of motorised and manual faders, along with an array of playback buttons, it offers 44 total playbacks in a compact yet extremely powerful package.

Using the latest in industrial components, the NX 4 includes a high-brightness, 15.6”, full-HD multi-touch screen with support for two external 4K touch displays. Eight assignable parameter encoders, a dedicated Intensity encoder, an assistive mini-touch screen, full keypad and command section, and a dedicated grand master make for an intuitive control surface. Two independent playback sections offer instant access. The main playback with ten motorised faders plus ten play-pairs allow for quick page changes while the sub playback with 12 faders and 12 button playbacks means important cues are always at your fingertips.

The console houses a powerful new Intel Hexa-Core processor, high-speed NVMe SSD drive and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Fast boot times, instant operation and the ability to process 64 Universes right inside the console without the need for costly external processing networks results in unprecedented power in this form factor.

The NX 4 is also ergonomic with motorised playback faders, short depth, easy screen access, full ONYX command and keypad section, and bright, adjustable HD touch screen. With four DMX ports, Timecode, MIDI and dual Gigabit ports for up to 64 Universes of Art-Net, sACN plus the ONYX X-Net protocol, the NX 4 has all the connectivity and power the ever-increasing sizes of shows demand.

10th October 2019


Optoma’s new compact and powerful warp and blend solution – powered by VIOSO

Optoma’s new compact and powerful warp and blend solution – powered by VIOSO

Complicated and labour intensive warping and blending will now be a thing of the past thanks to the new compact and intuitive Nano warp and blend solution, just launched by Optoma.

Powered by VIOSO, the market leader in multi-projector alignment solutions, the Nano provides simple and fast warping, edge blending and content playback. Designed to support Optoma’s Pro AV projector range, it provides installers with greater control, flexibility and ease of use for ambitious AV projects.

Support is included for both flat and curved screen, domes and irregular surfaces. The Nano is also equipped with four channels, so a single processor can serve four projectors.

With a smaller footprint than an A4 sheet of paper, but containing a highly powerful feature set including Intel i5 processor and NVIDIA QUADRO graphics, the Optoma Nano is ideal for multi-projector installation where powerful edge-blending, warping and content playback is required from one compact package.

James Fursse, technical product manager at Optoma commented: “Optoma has worked with VIOSO on various projects including projecting onto the iconic 32 metre high, 45 metre wide spherical dome at the Colosseum cinema in Oslo and the impressive five metre wide blended display at ISE 2019 which used two ZK1050 4K UHD laser projectors and one Optoma Nano processor.

“The Nano provides real flexibility for complex and impressive installations. It is simpler to set up than alternative solutions and the overall cost of installation is lower. This is through time saving in installation and the fact the Nano is quad channel and features integrated content playback, therefore reducing the amount of equipment needed overall.”

The Nano features advanced projector masking and colour correction for the perfect image, which makes matching multiple projectors quicker and easier than ever before. The processor can also be used for stacking, when a project needs higher brightness or redundancy. Stacking overlays images from multiple projectors to produce a higher brightness.

The Nano supports the use of a simple USB camera for auto-alignment and calibration of projectors using patented VIOSO technology. This reduces the set-up time from hours to just a few minutes. For more advanced set-ups, fisheye and widescreen networked cameras are also supported.

Content on the Nano can be controlled using TCP or UDP commands or via an HTTP web interface to perfectly integrate within any project enabling complete control at all times.

Key Features

  • All in one – Content playback, warping and edge blending from one box

  • Compact and powerful – Smaller footprint than an A4 sheet of paper

  • Multi-channel – Four video outputs for connection of display devices

  • Simple to use – Supports USB camera for auto-blending projectors

  • VIOSO patented auto alignment technology to set up even the most complex projection scenarios in minutes

  • Network control – TCP or UDP commands or via an HTTP web interface

9th October 2019

Penn Launches New Range of Slimline Power Distribution Units

Penn Launches New Range of Slimline Power Distribution Units

Penn Elcom releases its sleek new PDU16-10DJ PDU (power distribution unit) range of 1U rack mounting units which combine all the power and practicality of ten switchable output sockets (available with different socket outlets) and a range of power ratings between 10 and 16 Amps.

The full catalogue of Penn PDU devices now includes these four new slimline variants plus four other 2U devices, all of which are designed to flexibly assist full connectivity in a wide array of scenarios.

The new slimline PD models look good finished in matte black with dark red neon-lit switches.

The 1U height takes up half the rack space of previous generation 2U devices, and most importantly, the units have been designed to Penn Elcom’s classic ‘rock solid’ standards, renowned for their robust build and quality engineering.

The PDU16-10DJ range is ideal for numerous installation and integration applications from live music venues, theatres and studios to clubs, restaurants and bars, plus custom install applications like home automation.

Each of the ten switchable channels is protected by a thermal current overload trip switch, and each numbered channel has a dedicated rocker switch with a neon indicator light for quick and easy identification, so users can spot immediately whether if a load is present – or not – in both bright and dark light conditions.

Power comes in via a panel mounted C20 socket and is distributed to ten C13 / IEC outlets.

A thermal overload trip switch cuts the power supply to all sockets if activated, providing the requisite safety standards for general industrial use.

The four popular standard slimline PD units available from stock via Penn Elcom Online are:

The PDU16-10DJ-UK, which offers Type G outlets: 13A for the UK, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia and Singapore) each limited to a 13A maximum load. For 16A loads, the sockets can be replaced with Blue C-forms.

The PDU16-10DJ-EU has Type E / outlets with 16A loading for Europe, France, Belgium, Poland, Russia, the Czech and Slovak Republics, etc.

PDU16-10DJ-US features Type B outlets for 15A loads and use in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Japan.

PDU16-10DJ-AU is fitted with Type 1 outlets offering 10A maximum load distribution for Australia, New Zealand, China and Argentina. For 16A use, these can also be replaced with Blue C-form outlets.

Each unit is supplied with a 1.8-metre long power cable, complete with a choice according to country / region.

These rack power-switching devices are designed to offer event quality, cost-efficient, ‘best-in-class’ choice for system integrators and rack builders working across all sectors on multiple types and styles of project.

Other products in the range include the PDU16-AV which is still extremely expedient on space at 2U. This multi-selection device takes in power via a PowerCon locking input and outputs to IEC, USB and universal sockets. It has a clear and legible LCD display to monitor voltage, current, power consumption and energy levels, plus illuminated circuit breakers and VDR protection in case of lightning strikes and local power surges.

The PDU16-UN takes power from a standard 16A C-form plug – typically found on generators and in event venues – and distributes to universal sockets compatible with plugs from the UK, US, Europe and Australia, with a maximum combined load of 16A. Illuminated Circuit Breakers offer 16A overload protection and this model also has the LCD monitor as well as an M4 screw terminal for rack grounding.

The PDU16-PC and PDU16-EU deliver the same functionality, but instead of offering universal sockets, they’re fitted with Neutrik PowerCon or EU (Schuko) sockets.

For professional event use, Penn’s PDU16-6UK completes the range: a UK stage or truss mounting power distribution box with a super tough steel case and high-specification components.

8th October 2019

Penn Elcom

New Data cable Launched

New Data cable Launched
New Data cable Launched

The RamCAT6A cable RC6A-SB1X for data transmission in mobile operation is designed for a frequency of 500MHz and is therefore suitable for data transmission rates of up to 10 Gbit/s on up to 100m link length. It is preferably used for data transmission of the Ethernet applications 1000Base-T and 10GBase-T on cable drums.

The robust data cable with a characteristic impedance of 100 Ohm has four stranded pairs with AWG 23/1 solid conductors and is therefore the 'big brother' of Klotz top seller and 'universal cable' RC5-SB1X. The matched lay lengths of the individual pairs and the ingenious overall stranding using a PE stranding element ensure extremely low NEXT (near-end) and FEXT ( far-end crosstalk) values. Thanks to the cross-shaped PE stranding element, the stabilising intermediate sheath and the abrasion-resistant PUR outer sheath, the cable is suitable for mobile road use (touring grade). Double shielding (SF/UTP) reliably prevents electromagnetic interference. We recommend the metal Telegärtner MFP8 IE series as a suitable connector, available from us with article number RJ45SAT-FS.

The RamCAT.6A cable is available both as bulk cable and as premade cable with and without cable drum.

8th October 2019

Sputnik adapter launched

Sputnik adapter launched

KLOTZ can be relied on to supply the right adapter, even for specialist applications.

Take the L-Acoustics LA4X System Amplifier, which has Speakon outputs only instead of a PA-COM 8-pin connection. To enable the amp to be used with the KLOTZ PA-COM speaker multicore cable, KLOTZ developed the LPA5FNS Sputnik adapter.

The LPA5FNS adapts the four channels of the LA4X to PA-COM and dramatically simplifies combination with its fellow system amps LA8X and LA12X.

Of course, the craftsmanship of the LPA5FNS is the equal of its fellow KLOTZ products, with quality original connectors and 4mm² speaker cable throughout. Featuring the KLOTZ splice grommet in high-strength POM (polyoxymethylene) and rugged strain relief loop, the KLOTZ Sputnik adapters offer exceptional quality.

8th October 2019

Allen & Heath Announces Third Instalment in 96khz Mixer Trilogy: Avantis

Allen & Heath Announces Third Instalment in 96khz Mixer Trilogy: Avantis

Allen & Heath has revealed its new 96kHz digital mixer, Avantis, the third to be based on the company's XCVI FPGA engine. Avantis puts Allen & Heath's next-generation technology in a 64 channel / 42 configurable bus console, with twin Full HD touchscreens, extensive I/O options and processing from the company's flagship dLive mixing system.

"Joining dLive and SQ, Avantis completes our trilogy of next-gen 96kHz consoles," says Rob Clark, Allen & Heath's managing director. "Avantis takes many of the features that have made SQ and dLive so popular, putting them in a stand-alone 64-channel mixer that offers a new UI experience, connectivity with our Everything I/O ecosystem, and the dPack option which gives you access to our advanced dLive processing options if and when you need them.

"On top of that," adds Rob, "we've taken a new approach with the industrial design, coming up with a full metal chassis that’s super-strong, lightweight and looks fantastic."

Encased in its alloy shell and tubular frame, the Avantis control surface is centred on the two full HD touchscreens and their corresponding rotary controls.

"Having two touchscreens isn't a new concept, but we realised we could use it to unlock exciting new possibilities, which led us to develop Continuity UI," says Andy Bell, Allen & Heath's R&D director.

"Within seconds of getting hands-on with Avantis, engineers are going to appreciate the seamless flow between the physical controls and the on-screen software. You can work gains and pans on the rotaries, then at the touch of a soft key switch to EQ or dynamics across the whole strip. The console also provides a highly configurable FastGrab tab on the right-hand side of each screen, offering another way to quickly and easily access control of aux sends, EQ, compressor and FX on the currently selected channel or spot channel.

"Ultimately, with Continuity UI, the engineer decides how they'd like to work, not the mixer."

While many users will choose to pair Avantis with the 48 in / 16 out GX4816 audio expander, Avantis is part of Allen & Heath’s Everything I/O ecosystem, which means whether an owner/operator looking to build a compact system or a rental company with existing Allen & Heath stock, Avantis allows true flexibility by connecting to a huge range of audio expander hardware. Avantis is also compatible with Allen & Heath's range of ME Personal Mixers and IP hardware remote controllers.

For local I/O, Avantis is well equipped with 12 XLR analogue inputs, 12 XLR analogue outputs, plus AES (stereo in, two stereo out). Two additional I/O ports allow Avantis to benefit from the full range of current dLive option cards, including Dante (64 x 64 and 128 x 128), Waves, gigaACE, MADI and more, expanding the scope for system integration, FoH / monitor splits and multi-track recording.

Right out of the box, Avantis is loaded with processing tools designed to meet the demands of most users and applications, including compressors, EQs and Allen & Heath's acclaimed RackExtra FX units (12 slots). Upgrading to dPack expands Avantis further with additional dLive processing including the Dyn8 dynamics engine (up to 16 instances), DEEP Compressors, and the Dual-Stage Valve preamp. dPack purchasers will automatically receive all future DEEP and FX updates free of charge, future-proofing their investment.

"In the gap between SQ and dLive, the mixer market is littered with 48kHz DSP-based 'old-school' consoles,” says Nic Beretta, Allen & Heath’s head of product. “Avantis brings next-generation performance across the board. Customers in venues, houses of worship, touring and the rental market are going to be seriously impressed by how well this ticks the boxes. It's a really exciting mixer at a compelling price."

8th October 2019

Elation’s New Paladin Line of Versatile Flood and Effect Lights

Elation’s New Paladin Line of Versatile Flood and Effect Lights

Elation Professional now offers three new luminaires in its Paladin series of versatile wash/blinder/strobe lights. The Paladin Cube, Paladin Brick and Paladin Panel, all with IP65 protection, are compact and powerful outdoor flood lights useful for a wide variety of applications from stage/set washes to dynamic uplighting and 'eye-candy' effects.

Using 15W RGBW cells: 9, 24, and 50 respectively, they add vibrant colour to outdoor events while individual cell control and strobe make them flexible effect lights or audience blinders. RGBW colour mixing gives a full spectrum of colour options, including high-impact white light, for beautiful floods or accents. For added dynamism, multiple pixel zone control can be incorporated for spectacular pixel mapped and 'eye-candy' looks.

The Paladin Cube houses nine 15W RGBW cells with three by one cell control. Output for such a compact unit is surprising at 3,200 lumens and operation is completely noiseless. Measuring a small 9.8 x 7.8 x 5.5 in. (249 x 199 x 140mm) and weighing just 10.5lbs (4.75kg), it can work discreetly in any set or stage.

The Paladin Brick houses 24 x 15W RGBW cells with three by two cell control. With an output of 9,600 lumens, it is powerful enough to wash larger areas while its broader face makes for a truly flexible strobe/blinder or dynamic eye candy effect.

The Paladin Panel houses 50 x 15W RGBW cells with five by two cell control. Its 21,300 lumen output means it can function as a high-output wash light to cover large areas from a distance or as a brilliantly bright blinder, powerful strobe or large-face 'eye-candy' effect.

Simple to operate standing on a floor or easy to hang in any orientation using the provided omega brackets, the new Paladin fixtures have a solid build quality and are certified to IP65 to eliminate any dust and water ingress worries. IP rated connections make them ideal to illuminate large areas at outdoor events. An included diffuser softens and spreads the light while a range of optional diffusers, barndoor and shader add to their possibilities.

All three of the new Paladin luminaires operate via DMX and RDM protocols or can function stand-alone or in master/slave. Standard features include 5-pin IP65 DMX in/out and Seetronic IP65 Power In connections while a four-button OLED display makes for easy navigation through DMX and manual settings.

7th October 2019


Altman Lighting announces the new SIREN Series LED Followspots

Altman Lighting announces the new SIREN Series LED Followspots
Altman Lighting announces the new SIREN Series LED Followspots

Continuing to build upon its line of next generation LED luminaires, Altman Lighting has announced the new SIREN Series AFS-500 and AFS-700 followspots. Designed to be a powerful yet economical solution for any theatrical design, the new SIREN Series followspots provide the full functionality of a traditional followspot but are packed with powerful new feature sets and operator enhancements.

“Understanding the need for high-performance LED luminaires in today’s theatrical environments, we are very excited about the introduction of our new AFS-500 and AFS-700 LED followspots,” said Nicolas Champion, Altman Lighting vice president of sales and marketing. “Along with the recently released AP-150 LED Par luminaire, our SIREN Series of cost-effective theatrical solutions were engineered to meet and exceed the expectations of lighting professionals worldwide.”

The most compact of the SIREN Series LED followspots, the AFS-500 is a lightweight, 490 Watt, colour-changing followspot with a rich feature set. Using the on-board controller, the luminaire’s dimming, colour wheel, iris and CTO features can all be controlled manually or via DMX. Combined with an available colour boomerang and a manual zoom range from 7-13 degrees, the AFS-500 produces over 10,000 lumens of output for industry-leading power and flexibility in an affordable lighting solution.

Delivering almost 14,000 lumens with range up to 200 feet, the AFS-700 is the maintenance-free workhorse followspot the industry needs. With a precision zoom system that delivers a 7-13 degree motorised or manual beam spread, the luminaire’s 18-facet iris, dimming, CTO, and colour wheel can all be controlled via DMX, or on an adjustable control pad that adapts for right or left-handed operators. Additionally, with its quiet 37dBa maximum cooling system, the AFS-700 can be placed anywhere in your acoustically sensitive lighting environment.

“Both the AFS-500 and AFS-700 LED followspots were designed in the traditions of quality and affordability which are known to be a foundation of Altman Lighting,” added Pete Borchetta, Altman Lighting product innovation. “While introducing several key, new features, these performance-driven and energy-efficient luminaires are packed with powerful capabilities that will accentuate any theatrical or live event lighting design.”

The compact and extruded aluminium design of the SIREN Series followspots allows for discrete luminaire placement, and each comes complete with a front-end accessory holder for traditional after-market accessories.

3rd October 2019

High End Systems Releases Hog OS v3.13

High End Systems Releases Hog OS v3.13

High End Systems has announced the latest upgrade to the popular HOG 4 lighting console range, OS v3.13. Hog 4 OS v3.13 contains improvements to the infrastructure of Hog 4 including a more robust handling of the command line and other internal processes. It also includes new additions to the Plots feature, including new plot objects like groups, palettes and lists, including text in the plot, more options for handling images and shapes, align to grid and more.

Console product manager Sarah Clausen commented: “This release brings users some great new tools they can use in their plots, making them even more useful. In addition, we have brought back the ability to use multiple MIDI inputs on a system. Happy Hogging!”

2nd October 2019

Mackie Launches All-New SRM-Flex Portable Column PA System

Mackie Launches All-New SRM-Flex Portable Column PA System

Mackie has announced its latest entry into the portable PA market, the all-new SRM-Flex Portable Column PA System. Featuring an ultra-lightweight design, legendary SRM Series sound quality, a full-featured six-channel digital mixer, and complete wireless control and streaming, SRM-Flex is perfect for solo acts, small bands, presentations, events, DJs, and more. Packed with premium features and capability, SRM-Flex offers an incredible value not before achieved at this price point.

The modular design of SRM-Flex features a 10" LF woofer in the molded cabinet base module which also contains the 1300W amplifier and built-in digital mixer. The three-piece tower houses a wide-dispersion array with 6 x 2" high-performance HF drivers for clear, whole room coverage. This modular tower design allows the user to easily change the height of the mid and high frequencies to match the ear level of the audience.

"Portability is a major factor with a portable PA, and SRM-Flex delivers," said Craig Reeves, Mackie product manager. "At under 30 pounds, the SRM Flex is easy to carry one handed, and it's small size means it will fit easily into the trunk of your car, or even on the bus."

The SRM-Flex has been meticulously tuned, utilising the latest in acoustic measurement technology for crystal clear sound that is balanced and punchy. Whether you are plugging in a mic and a guitar or streaming music from your phone, SRM-Flex offers exceptional sound worthy of the SRM name.

The built-in six-channel digital mixer provides everything you need to get your sound and mix just right. Two flexible mic/line inputs accept microphones, instruments, and more. There is also a dedicated stereo channel with dual 1/4" line inputs and a dedicated 1/8" aux in / Bluetooth streaming channel. Channels 1 and 2 are equipped with individual two-band EQs and reverb level controls with three different reverbs to choose from. To tailor the entire system to your application, there are three voicing modes available at the push of a button. Connecting to a second SRM-Flex or house PA is easy via the professional XLR Mix Out.

Control is fast and easy, even mid-performance, thanks to dedicated physical controls for every critical adjustment. For even more freedom, the SRM-Flex Connect app allows wireless control from your iOS or Android device. The app not only provides the same control available on the SRM-Flex itself, but offers even more customisation like front LED and metering behaviour, presets, and more.

"SRM-Flex is incredibly easy to get up and running and sounding great," remarks Reeves. "And with full physical controls plus complete wireless control, adjustments on the fly are stress-free."

The Mackie SRM-Flex Portable Column PA System will be available worldwide beginning October 2019.

27th September 2019

Specially Crafted Bundles From Shure Provide Cost-Effective, Quality Audio Kits For a Variety of Audiences

Specially Crafted Bundles From Shure Provide Cost-Effective, Quality Audio Kits For a Variety of Audiences

For aspiring musicians and content creators, audio products are an important investment, one that shouldn’t break the bank. To make it easier for shoppers, and their wallets, Shure is offering exclusive bundles featuring mainstay products and accessories to support the pursuit of music, information, and entertainment. New product kits are tailored to provide users with the tools they need to sound extraordinary while recording in the field or performing on stage.

“Since Shure’s beginning, developing AM radio kits in 1925, the company has been committed to providing innovative products and solutions to a wide variety of audiences,” said Eduardo Valdes, senior director of musician and consumer audio at Shure. “That is why we are offering several thoughtfully curated product bundles, complete with the most common accessories to help customers get started. Not only are they convenient, but cost effective, saving money versus buying separately.”

Unlike some kits where products can go unused, Shure gathered valuable feedback from customers and sales data to provide practical and reliable product bundles. These kits are the perfect option for anyone looking to give meaningful gifts to the audio enthusiast in their life.

For Budding Content Creators / Mobile Journalists

  1. The Portable Videography Kit is the ideal professional recording rig. This bundle includes Shure’s MV88+ Video Kit, SE215 earphones to take care of monitoring needs, and an AMV88-FUR Windjammer to reduce unwanted wind noise when recording outdoors.
  2. The Shure Mobile Recording Kit enables users to record and monitor professional quality content at any location. By connecting the featured MV5 microphone directly to a computer or mobile phone and plugging in the SRH240A headphones to the microphone, users can experience real-time recording and monitoring.
  3. The Shure Digital Recording Kit is perfectly made for recording and monitoring directly with computers and mobile phones. Users can simply connect the Shure PGA58 Dynamic Vocal Mic with the included XLR cable and the MVi Digital Audio Interface to the device and use the included SRH240A professional quality headphones for monitoring.

 For the Aspiring Musician

  1. The Shure Stage Performance Kit combines the legendary Shure SM58 vocal microphone with an XLR cable and robust Pro-R-T mic stand from Ultimate Support.
  2. The BLX288/SM58 Wireless Dual Vocal System combines simple wireless setup, professional-grade performance, and two SM58 industry-standard vocal microphones to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction.
  3. The PSM 300 Twin Pack is the ideal monitoring solution for up to two performers, providing a convenient multi-bodypack system-in-a-box with Sound Isolating earphones for clear, precise stereo mixes on stage.
  4. The PSM 300 Twin Pack Pro is the ideal monitoring solution for up to two performers and provides a convenient, durable metal construction multi-bodypack system-in-a-box (optional for use with SB900A rechargeable battery) with Sound Isolating earphones designed for clear, precise stereo mixes on stage.

Finding a quality stand-alone audio solution at a fair price to provide great sound for assemblies, presentations, performances, business luncheons, and other events can be difficult, especially for buyers who are not experienced enough to know what and how to make a purchase of audio equipment. Shure has provided solutions to make it easier for these customers to find products they need in one package.

27th September 2019

Optoma adds compact and versatile projectors to its DuraCore laser range

Optoma adds compact and versatile projectors to its DuraCore laser range

Optoma has expanded its range of DuraCore laser ProScene projectors with the launch of three new high-specification compact projectors: the ZU606TSTe, ZU606Te (WUXGA) and ZH606e (Full HD 1080p).

These feature rich projectors boast a brightness of 6,300 lumens along with 4K and HDR compatibility. Powered by a long-lasting, low maintenance laser light source with an expected lifetime of 30,000 hours at full brightness, the new models offer a cost-effective solution for professional installations such as large venues, boardrooms, classrooms, lecture theatres, museums and houses of worship.

The ZU606Te and its short throw counterpart ZU606TSTe come equipped with HDBaseT connectivity to simplify installation. And all three models have four corner geometric adjustment to help with uneven walls or where a projector placement is awkward and needs to be installed at an angle. In addition, the ZU606Te and ZH606e have the added benefit of vertical lens shift and 1.6x zoom for quick and accurate installation.

James Fursse, technical product manager at Optoma Europe, commented: “Optoma’s new 606e series is an affordable laser solution for customers who would otherwise be looking at high brightness lamp-based projectors. Taking proven technologies from our Pro AV range, the 606e offers DuraCore laser in a small virtually maintenance-free fit and forget product. Features on these low-profile installation projectors include WUXGA and Full HD 1080p resolution, bright 6,300 lumens and continuous 24-hour operation.”

Once installed, these projectors can be managed and monitored easily over a network via the RJ45. Compatible Crestron RoomView software can be used to power on/off, monitor, manage and control up to 250 projectors at the same time from any computer.

ZU606TSTe, ZU606Te and ZH606e super bright, 6,300-lumen laser projectors

  • WUXGA (ZU606Te/ZU606TSTe) and Full HD 1080p (ZH606e)

  • 4K and HDR compatibility

  • Throw ratio 0.79:1 (ZU606TSTe); 1.2:1 ~ 1.92:1 (ZU606Te, ZH606e)

  • 30,000 hours maintenance-free DuraCore laser light source at full brightness

  • Dust resistant – Independently tested, IP6X certification for total reliability

  • Installation flexibility – vertical lens shift, 1.6x zoom (ZU606Te, ZH606e), four corner correction (ZU606Te/ZU606TSTe/ZH606e)

  • Built-in 10W stereo speakers

26th September 2019

TASCAM Introduces Compact MZ-123BT Commercial Grade Multi-Zone Audio Mixer

TASCAM Introduces Compact MZ-123BT Commercial Grade Multi-Zone Audio Mixer

TASCAM has announced the new MZ-123BT commercial-grade multi-zone audio mixer. The compact, single rack space MZ-123BT builds on the popularity and feature-set of its big brother, the 2U MZ-223, adding Bluetooth-functionality and a simple, intuitive front panel control design and layout that makes it as easy to operate as it is to install and set up.

The TASCAM MZ-123BT will be available from October.

Three music playback input channels, including one AUX/Bluetooth input, as well as two mic input channels, allow for a wide range of background music and announcement routing possibilities. This enables discrete mixes of background music and announcements to be routed to individual zones in a wide range of commercial applications, including retail, restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels to name a few.

Stereo line inputs 1 and 2 (RCA, unbalanced) allow connection of source components such as CD players for distributing music or ambient sound playback. The channel 3 AUX/Bluetooth input enables an additional audio source, such as a tablet, smart phone or other device, to be connected via Bluetooth or 3.5mm mini plug.

Three pairs of stereo balanced Euroblock output connectors are provided on the back panel, along with a mono/stereo configuration switch for each output.

Each audio programme input channel features a front-panel selectable zone routing button (1, 2 or 3) with volume control. Channels 1 and 2 also feature peak and signal level indicators. When selected, the zone routing button assigns the selected output and/or MIC signal to the desired zone.

The MZ-123BT’s Bluetooth-enabled functionality makes it a standout product in this class and category. A dedicated front-panel Bluetooth antenna helps ensure stable connectivity when streaming content, even in commercial environments where wireless connectivity can become problematic due to interference and bandwidth limitations.

Versatile mic input connectivity options further sets the MZ-123BT apart. Two mic inputs, both with back-panel Euroblock connections, facilitate announcing or talkover functionality. Additionally, mic 1 offers a front-panel XLR-TRS combo jack for easy connectivity. Both mic 1 and 2 support +48V phantom power connectivity.

Input signal for both mic 1 and 2 can be assigned to any of the three individual zones for announcement or talk over functionality in that particular zone. An intelligent talk over feature automatically recognises mic signal level and attenuates background music levels in the targeted zone during announcements. Back panel control of threshold and time can be adjusted to set the point of attenuation and restoration of background audio post-announcement.

Additional back panel installation settings and controls include a three band EQ with low, mid and high adjustments, gain level setting for Euroblock Mmic inputs, and PAD, high pass and talk over on/off switches.

The compact TASCAM MZ-123BT commercial grade multi-zone mixer sets a new standard for ease of use and professional performance in a wide range of commercial applications, including retail, restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels, or any environment where discrete audio routing with paging capabilities is desired.

26th September 2019

EXTREME Support with MILOS Ultra High-Strength Steel

EXTREME Support with MILOS Ultra High-Strength Steel
EXTREME Support with MILOS Ultra High-Strength Steel

For more than 25 years, MILOS has produced high quality aluminium truss for some of the world’s leading live event production companies. In 2017, the company utilised its truss manufacturing and design knowledge to create an entirely new line of truss that was launched in 2018 – MILOS Steel Truss – which satisfies the ever increasing loading requirements of leading live events across the globe

Introducing the MILOS PA Delay Tower, MILOS LED Screen Support Structure and MILOS Pitched Roof: all three structures are made with Ultra High-Strength Steel that takes loading to the extreme!

Key features of the MILOS Steel Truss range:

  • Full line of tower and ground support components (steel base with outriggers, sleeve blocks, head-section and the locking unit for securing the sleeve block against drop and lift)

  • Greatly increased span lengths (up to 60m free spans) and loading capacities compared to aluminium truss

  • Special steel alloy that provides nearly four times more strength compared to standard S235 Steel

  • Integrated forklift pockets for convenient transport

  • Durable, industrial black paint finish as standard on all truss and tower sections

The MILOS PA Delay Tower provides extreme loading capacity for safely flying your super heavy PA systems without guy wires.

Wind loading of secured structure is up to 28m/second.

Due to the use of integrated steel base with outriggers (3m outriggers at front/back and 2m on each side), combined with the significant self-weight of the tower (70kg/metre), no ballast, or on;y a very small amount of ballast, is required (maximum of 2t).

Safely and securely support the extreme weight of a large LED displays with the MILOS Steel Truss LED Screen Gate. The same tower setup as the PA Delay Tower above can be used to create an LED Gate, which does not require the use of guy wires.

The wind loading of secured structure up to 28m/second

The ballast base footprint is the same as with the PA Delay Towers, which use of a 1m x 1m steel base with 3m front/back and side outriggers. No external outriggers are necessary. Length of inner outriggers that interconnect the two towers depends on length of the LED Wall.

At the free end of the 2m cantilever arm at the top of the tower, an advertising element can be attached. Due to the design of the gate, this element does not have to be dismantled when the gate is not in use.

Experience the ultimate support for the largest and most demanding shows with the MILOS Steel Truss Pitched roof. Extreme loading that only Ultra High-Strength Steel can deliver!

23rd September 2019


Punching Above its Weight (and Size)

Punching Above its Weight (and Size)

The BF121 is a high-performance subwoofer system, delivering tight and accurate bass response with very low distortion. It features a single 12” long-excursion woofer with double-spider suspension and 4” voice-coil in a bass-reflex configuration.

The direct-radiating woofer is mounted in a vented chamber, with large bass reflex port for excellent breathing capacity, increasing overall output while minimising port-compression. The frequency range is tuned to a -3dB response from 40Hz to 300Hz and 33Hz at -10dB.

For full system performance, the BF121 is driven and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller. Driven by the ALC, the BF121 delivers maximum sound quality and output power with long-term operation reliability. The integrated factory presets in the drive processor of the ALC offer gain, phase and filtering matching with all Alcons systems, including cardioid projection control presets.

The additional front-positioned NL4 connector caters for easy “reverse connection” in cardioid arrays, which can be simulated in ARC, Alcons Ribbon Calculator.

The BF121 is SIS pre-wired: through the signal integrity sensing circuit of the ALC, the cable-length and connector resistance between the BF121 and ALC is dynamically compensated (system damping factor 10.000), further reducing distortion, while increasing response accuracy.

Philip Dr. Phil' de Haan, head of R&D said: “Ever since we introduced the VR5 ultra-compact monitor, we had clients asking for a smaller sized, accompanying subwoofer, but with the same Alcons sonic footprint, for both portable as well as install applications.”

As the BF151 (single 15”) and BF181 (single 18”) the BF121 also features a 4 Ohms system impedance, offering for a very efficient amplifier loading; Thus enabling maximum output from a very compact, single transducer configuration.

Phil continues: “The BF121 packs the same punch and accuracy as its bigger brothers BF151 and BF181 compact subwoofers, to maintain the signature uncoloured Alcons sound. It’s our smallest subwoofer to date, matching with our smallest pro-ribbon system; A perfect fit!”

The BF121 is available in road-version and installation (“i”) version, without handles, wheel dolly board and M20 threaded stand mount flange. It is finished in Durotect scratch-resistant coating; through the architect colour option programme, the BF121 can be finished in any RAL colour. It comes with Alcons’ renowned 'no-hassle' six year warranty.

20th September 2019

Effortless microphone management with Sennheiser Control Cockpit

Effortless microphone management with Sennheiser Control Cockpit

In the age of digital transformation, the education sector is feeling the winds of constant change as the needs of institutes and students alike evolve to take advantage of the benefits of new technology. With numerous universities and colleges using Sennheiser products and a portfolio that is perfectly customised for the educational sector, Sennheiser has recognised the importance of making the digital workflows on campus as simple and productive as possible. This is where Sennheiser Control Cockpit software is helping to change the game. With release 3.2.0 of Control Cockpit now available, it offers an intuitive, easy way to set up and manage all networked Sennheiser microphone systems such as evolution wireless G3 and G4, SpeechLine Digital Wireless and TeamConnect Ceiling 2. The easy management of campus-wide microphone systems saves IT teams’ time, cost and effort.

The convergence of IT and AV equipment has increasingly brought the management of AV assets into the domain of the IT department. As AV gear becomes part of the IT infrastructure, the opportunity arises to create fully digital AV management workflows. Today, the entire AV equipment of a campus can be managed via central control software, allowing for tailored workflows that increase reliability and optimize on-campus processes. This in turn helps to provide a focused learning environment.

“Digital workflows unlock wholly new ways of product interaction such as remote management of devices, and remote troubleshooting and support,” said Kai Tossing, head of product management, Business Communication. “They shift tiresome routine tasks such as checking microphones’ battery status into the digital domain where they can be performed with greater ease and efficiency.”

The Sennheiser Control Cockpit software provides centralized monitoring and control for Sennheiser microphone systems ranging from evolution wireless G3 and G4 to SpeechLine Digital Wireless and TeamConnect Ceiling 2. The software provides IT staff with a real-time overview of all networked devices on campus, including their location and status, and is accessible from anywhere in the network on all common platforms.

To make routine procedures and workflows as convenient and efficient as possible, Sennheiser Control Cockpit offers a combination of automatic notifications, display of status information and the possibility to share responsibility and delegate tasks. Settings or firmware updates for microphones can be made remotely, as can troubleshooting, with error messages helping to identify problems and often allow for these to be rectified remotely too.

“Universities find that troubleshooting has become a lot easier,” said Kai Tossing. “When they get a phone call from a lecture hall saying that the microphone does not work it is often sufficient to take a look at the dashboard to see that the microphone has been muted or the sensitivity has been modified, things the IT staff can immediately rectify via the Control Cockpit.”

The advantages of a centralised control software are especially obvious when it comes to battery management. While “in the old days” the university’s IT staff had to visit every single lecture hall or classroom to check the battery status on each and every microphone, they now just need to take a look at the dashboard to identify all microphones with low batteries and their location.

For campus-wide installations, a very helpful feature provided by Sennheiser Control Cockpit is the out-of-range detection for wireless microphones. When activated, the system administrator will be notified via e-mail and/or text when a wireless microphone leaves the range of the receiver, thereby avoiding situations where microphones get mixed up or misplaced on campus.

With the brand-new update to version 3.2.0, Sennheiser has further optimised workflows, providing graphical indication of the wireless link status, improved filtering for device types and the ability to select multiple charging units.

19th September 2019

Christie announces world’s first true HDR 4K RGB pure laser projector for the Pro-AV market

Christie announces world’s first true HDR 4K RGB pure laser projector for the Pro-AV market

Christie continues to push the boundaries of projection technology with the launch of Christie Eclipse, a 4K RGB pure laser projector featuring Christie RealLaser illumination, true HDR and an unparalleled colour gamut for the Pro-AV market.

Christie Eclipse is capable of a degree of detail and depth of colour that has never been possible with any Pro-AV projection system. With true HDR, Christie Eclipse can process and reproduce HDR content on screen, in 4K resolution, at both high and low brightness levels. The result is a contrast ratio of up to 20,000,000:1, which ensures that the finest details are visible, even in extreme black and white ranges.

With an expansive colour gamut approaching the full Rec.2020 and Rec.2100 colour space, Christie Eclipse produces highly saturated colours for truly immersive experiences and exceeds the Rec. 2100 200,000:1 contrast ratio specification by 100x. With RealLaser illumination, 4K resolution and high frame rate capability of up to 120fps, Christie Eclipse can deliver smooth, dynamic content without distracting blur, which is critical for planetariums, giant screens and themed attractions such as dark rides and flying theatres.

“Christie Eclipse sets a new standard for Pro-AV projection technology,” says Larry Paul, executive director, technology and custom solutions, Christie. “With true HDR, ‘video blacks’ are a thing of the past. Instead, you get blacks without any residual light, thereby eliminating all optical and black-level blending in multi-projector arrays, even in pitch black environments. Ultimately, it allows giant screen theatres, planetariums and attraction designers to show detailed content that wasn’t previously possible.”

Christie Eclipse offers the flexibility to customise the brightness level to suit the environment, from 2000 lumens up to 30,000, features Christie TruLife electronics for 4K at 120Hz performance, and Christie Twist software for warping and blending capabilities. An optional Christie Terra input card is available, which offers more efficient AV integration and connectivity solutions for Christie projectors with TruLife Electronics and can connect directly to a Christie Terra SDVoE system.

Christie Eclipse also supports Christie Mystique an automated, camera-based warping and blending tool that simplifies the deployment and maintenance of multi-projector arrays.

17th September 2019

Mobiltechlifts ML3 – Lifting and Supporting Line Arrays

Mobiltechlifts ML3 – Lifting and Supporting Line Arrays

The ML3 from Mobiltechlifts provides superior lifting strength in a small footprint when elevating line arrays for wide dispersion and coverage during live events. Its unique, easy loading system ensures safe and convenient attachment of hardware and truss at any position, even at almost ground level, thereby allowing crews to work faster and more safely.


  • Pin locking system and spring key serve as a secondary safety feature when lifting
  • Increased spacing between manual hand winch and cable feed from roller ensures proper winding on winch drum

  • Firmly secures four legs and two stabiliser tubes

  • Telescopic outriggers increase practicality and improve stability

  • Rubber feet on the outriggers protect all surfaces from damage and provide increased friction

  • Integrated wheels with brakes for added safety

  • Bubble level for convenient levelling

  • Plastic cushions on the lift’s body prevent damage to the mast

  • Height indicator

  • Top mast attachment points

  • Optional winch cover

  • Manual screw for reducing mast movement and adding additional safety

  • Complies with DGUV-17

  • TUV Nord Certified

Technical Specifications:

  • Load: 260kg (573lbs)

  • Weight: 124kg (273lbs)

  • Max. Height: 5.6m (18.5')

  • Min. Height: 1.78m (5.84')

  • Footprint: 2 x 1.8 m (6.5' x 6')

16th September 2019

City Theatrical Launches Five New QolorFLEX LED Tapes

City Theatrical Launches Five New QolorFLEX LED Tapes
City Theatrical Launches Five New QolorFLEX LED Tapes

City Theatrical is expanding its line of QolorFLEX LED tape, dimmers, and accessories with five new LED tapes: QolorFLEX HiQ High CRI LED Tape (available in three colour temperatures), QolorFLEX UV LED Tape, and QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED tape, RGBACW.

QolorFLEX HiQ High CRI LED tape has a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95, making it an ideal high CRI LED tape for the needs of the film industry. Available in three types (3200K, 6000K, and 2700K to 6500K in a single chip), QolorFLEX HiQ High CRI LED Tape offers exceptional on-camera colour rendition and the ability to match the light sources already being used on set.

QolorFLEX UV LED Tape was designed to accentuate the fluorescence of surrounding objects or paint, providing a “glow in the dark” effect. With a wavelength of 395nm just outside the visible spectrum, QolorFLEX UV LED tape works similarly to a black light fixture, but in a professional QolorFLEX LED strip. It is ideal for installations such as theme park rides, as well as night time mood lighting, and can even be used for Halloween-themed events.

QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape, RGBACW is an interior grade 5-in-1 24V LED tape with high output brightness and the ability to create a wide spectrum of colous using red, blue, green, amber, and cool white, when used with a DMX colour control system. Like City Theatrical’s best-selling QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED tape, RGBWWCW, all LEDs used in QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED tape, RGBACW are identical to create an even illumination. This tape is be ideal for installations in the television and film industries.

The QolorFLEX LED Tape line includes 45+ high quality tape options that help lighting designers put light in places that were once thought impossible and create lighting fixtures and effects in a new and inexpensive way. Like all QolorFLEX LED Tape, QolorFLEX UV, HiQ, and 5-in-1 LED Tapes are sold in 5m reels and includes six-inch long pigtails on both ends for easy connections to QolorFLEX Dimmers for ultra-smooth, flicker-free dimming.

City Theatrical Launches Five New QolorFLEX LED TapesCity Theatrical Launches Five New QolorFLEX LED Tapes

16th September 2019

Vari-Lite’s new VL800 Series of event fixtures now shipping

Vari-Lite’s new VL800 Series of event fixtures now shipping

Vari-Lite, the originator of the modern moving head lighting fixture and a Signify ( entertainment lighting brand, has announced that its new Vari-Lite VL800 Series of fixed and moving head LED fixtures is now shipping. The new series of fixtures can be seen at the PLASA Show (15-17 September) on stand E60 at the Olympia exhibition centre in London.

“The VL800 Series has been very well received,” says Martin Palmer, senior product manager, Vari-Lite and Strand Luminaires at Signify. “We’ve taken great care in their design to ensure that they look, move and feel the way you would expect from Vari-Lite, but with a cost profile and feature set that fits installations and smaller rental applications. We’re committed to delivering the tools that our customers need for the wide variety of lighting design environments that they work in, so it’s great to see such a warm response to this cost-effective, complementary, scalable family of event lighting fixtures.”

Comprising three exciting new fixtures designed to work seamlessly in combination, the VL800 Series are colour-matched to be visually consistent. What’s more, the user experience and DMX mapping are consistent as well, allowing lighting designers and programmers to easily use multiple fixtures together in a single application.

The VL800 Series includes:

  • VARI-LITE VL800 PROPAR – an advanced, high output LED event PAR fixture that includes a quiet running motorised zoom. The fixture offers full RGBW colour mixing and has gel-matched colour presets to deliver the same visual results customers are accustomed to, with multi-mode fan control for use in quiet environments.
  • VARI-LITE VL800 EVENTPAR – an LED retro-style event PAR perfect for a modern replacement of classic tungsten PAR fixtures. Designed to bring back the vintage styling of the original lamps and PAR cans, the VL800 EVENTPAR is available in both RGBA and warm white (WW) varieties, with output and colour reminiscent of tungsten PAR 64 lamps. With an outdoor rating of IP24 for protection against water spray from any direction, the fixture can withstand rainy conditions at an outdoor event or installation.
  • VARI-LITE VL800 EVENTWASH – a mid-sized LED wash moving head fixture that’s extremely powerful and compact. This fast-moving wash offers full RGBW colour-mixing and seven individually controllable LEDs for easy split colours or pixel mapping applications. With controllable dimming and motorized zoom, this fixture moves and feels as you would expect from a Vari-Lite, providing valuable features in a cost-effective mid-sized moving head.

“Our customers are confirming to us that the new VL800 Series strike a perfect balance of capabilities and price, embodying what they expect of an event line from Vari-Lite,” says Fernand Pereira, global head of marketing and product management, Vari-Lite and Strand at Signify. “Whether you have a handful of fixtures in a school auditorium or use a number of them together at a large event, VL800 Series is a perfect fit for a variety of applications, offering a scalable solution that opens up a range of creative possibilities.”

The Vari-Lite VL800 Series fixtures are available for order today from licensed Vari-Lite dealers and distributors.

13th September 2019

Martin MAC Allure Wash PC now shipping, first UK showing at PLASA 2019

Martin MAC Allure Wash PC now shipping, first UK showing at PLASA 2019

This washlight variant of the MAC Allure Profile features a solid-state RGBW light engine with unique seven-segmented beam control. With instant colour control and pixelated beam, the MAC Allure Wash PC enables dynamic diffused projection and mid-air effects, previously not possible.

The light and colour engine are divided into seven full colour pixels. Pixels can be focused on projection or in the beam for aerial effects. You have full colour and intensity control over each pixel via DMX or create effects via the fixture’s effects engine.

On top of DMX, Art-Net and sACN, MAC Allure fixtures can be controlled via P3. This allows a rig of multiple fixtures to deliver cohesive content that blends with video content on panels or creative LED products. Via a single data feed, switch between normal lighting and P3 control and cross fade between the two.

Additional features that make the MAC Allure Wash PC ideal for a range of needs are its ability to be broadcast safe with LED drivers that run the light engine at high and precise refresh rates, securing no flicker or banding on any broadcast application. It also features a compact 17.6kg (39lbs.) design that fits nicely into smaller sets and spaces, reducing truss loading constraint concerns.

“Not only is it part of the first product family to combine a proprietary, solid state RGBW additive colour mixing engine and seven-segment pixelated beam but it is now the first washlight out there to include integrated onboard P3 control, that works in addition to industry standard controls such as DMX, Art-Net and sACN,” added Markus Kluesener, Harman Professional Solutions lighting product manager.
See the MAC Allure Wash PC at PLASA on Martin by Harman's UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd's stand, U75 (1st floor).

13th September 2019