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Meet The High Output X-Effects LED Projector


Christie reinvents an industry workhorse with the unveiling of the new M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector


PMC Launches a New Loudspeaker Range That Sets the Gold Standard for Studio Monitoring


Optoma Debuts Advanced Remote Management Solution for Audio Visual Displays


PM – LP244XY Series with LSC2440YS 24-Way Speaker Multicore


dLive Goes Deeper and Wider


Set the scene this holiday season with Polar Crisp series atmospheric snow effects


Obsidian Control Systems releases ONYX Version 4.6; announces new ONYX Keys and partnership with AtlaBase


Dynacord launches SONICUE Control app for iOS along with new SONICUE software release offering enhanced functionality


Commissioner Series


Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash Opens New Creative Paths


Yamaha Announces Flexible New DHR and CHR Series For Optimised Sound Reinforcement


ETC Introduces Lonestar


Obsidian launches affordable, flexible NETRON DMX10 AB splitters


Sennheiser launches two-bay network charger and Sennheiser Control Cockpit 5.0 for campus-wide audio installations


The next standard in stadium sound: Electro-Voice launches MTS series point-source loudspeaker systems for large venues


Data Strategy announces Replacement Computer Package as QC-Check outlasts Windows’ operating system


Renkus-Heinz Brings Flexibility and Interoperability to Iconyx Compact Series with Audinate’s Dante


Solid State Logic Adds New Engines and Flexible Licensing for System T Broadcast Audio Production


Astera Launches AX9 PowerPAR


KLOTZ expands FiberLink range with opticalCON QUAD connection cables


Allen & Heath Collaborate with Audix on New Microphone Presets


MA3 onPC rack-unit: The all-round lighting control solution for installations


Robe launches CUETE


Ocean Way Audio Launches its Pro3 Reference Monitor, Packing Innovative Features into a Small Footprint


Meet The High Output X-Effects LED Projector

Meet The High Output X-Effects LED Projector

Rosco has announced an addition to the X-Effects LED family of projectors. Known for creating dynamic lighting effects, the X-Effects LED Projector has been a pivotal tool in a wide range of applications including art installations, film and television productions, and amusement park venues, just to name a few.

Now available in a High Output (HO) option, the newly added X-Effects LED HO is perfect for large scale projects or when the projector must be positioned from a greater distance.

X-Effects LED HO Features:

  • 50% brighter with 3000 lumens

  • Capable of reaching over 100 lumens at 65ft

  • 90 Watts of power at maximum output

  • Use indoors or outdoors (IP65 rated)

Using a maximum 90 Watts of power, the X-Effects LED Projectors feature up to 3,000 lumens of output and can maintain over 100 lumens at 65ft+ (20m+)

The X-Effects LED Projectors are IP65-rated for indoor or outdoor use, offering the versatility to create dynamic lighting effects anywhere they are required.

Whether you need to shine your effect on a building across the street or on a wall five feet away, the X-Effects LED Projectors have the proper lenses to meet every projection need.

The X-Effects LED Projectors can achieve a variety of different lighting effects by changing gobos or adding colour into either the static gobo/filter position or into the two rotating dynamic effects glass positions.

Lighting effects should be seen, not heard. The X-Effects LED Projectors are passively cooled enabling them to operate without noisy fans.

The X-Effects LED Projectors feature on-board controls of the fixture’s output, as well as the speed and direction of both effects glass gobos. The fixtures can also be controlled via DMX and are RDM compatible.

20th September 2021


Christie reinvents an industry workhorse with the unveiling of the new M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector

Christie reinvents an industry workhorse with the unveiling of the new M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector

Christie has announced the M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector, the smallest, lightest, and quietest all-in-one RGB pure laser projector on the market. The new M 4K25 RGB continues the original M Series legacy of reliability, ruggedness, and innovation.

First introduced in 2007, the original M Series was a game-changer for the Pro AV industry. “The M Series packed a lot of features in a small package,” says Larry Paul, executive director, technology and custom solutions, Christie. “Features like the intelligent lens system and embedded Twist for blending and warping were unique at the time, plus its small size and weight, helped it to become Christie’s best-selling line of projectors and lenses.”

The new 25,000 lumen 4K UHD resolution M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector reinvents the series, with Christie engineering packing industry-leading features into a small, market-leading form factor weighing in at 92lbs. RGB pure laser technology delivers twice the colour of the original M Series for vibrant, bright images that approach Rec. 2020 colour volume, a colour standard closest to what the human eye can see.

With TruLife+ electronics all the needed connections are built-in, eliminating the need for optional input cards. TruLife+ also features electronic colour convergence (ECC), which allows users to correct colour convergence imperfections and individually adjust red, green, and blue via remote, so there’s no need to climb a ladder to make adjustments. Our intelligent lens system (ILS1) makes swapping lenses easy for rental and staging, and offers motorised zoom, focus and offset via remote. Existing Christie owners can use their M, J and Crimson Series lenses, as well as the M Series rigging frame, with the M 4K25 RGB for added cost savings.

Christie’s proprietary precision pixel-shift technology, which reduces or eliminates typical artefacts found in other pixel-shifting technologies, provides UHD 4K resolution at up to 60Hz. With the optional Mirage upgrade, the M 4K25 RGB can support up to UHD 4K at a full 120Hz for 2D and 3D stereoscopic applications, and the optional Mirage Pro upgrade can support frame rates up to 480Hz at UHD resolution.

“The new M 4K25 RGB doubles the brightness, doubles the colour volume capability, and quadruples the resolution over our legacy M Series projectors,” says Paul. “And with an unprecedented 50,000 hours of illumination performance and a field replaceable light source, we’ve gone way beyond the legacy of the M Series as an industry workhorse in terms of long life and durability.”

The original M Series projectors are trusted around the world, including at The Barbican in London, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and China’s Dai Show Theater, to deliver bright visuals in a reliable and rugged package.

Christie M 4K25-RGB ships November 2021.

17th September 2021

PMC Launches a New Loudspeaker Range That Sets the Gold Standard for Studio Monitoring

PMC Launches a New Loudspeaker Range That Sets the Gold Standard for Studio Monitoring

UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC is set to turn the world of studio monitoring on its head with the launch of a new and exciting line of compact, state-of-the-art near-and midfield monitors that will redefine the listening experience for every audio professional, whether they are working in stereo or large scale immersive formats.

Five years of intense development has culminated in the new PMC6, PMC6-2, and PMC8-2, along with their associated subwoofers the PMC8 SUB and PMC8-2 SUB. These revolutionary monitors, which replace the company’s existing twotwo Series, have the same sound signature as PMC’s main monitor products and are therefore the perfect complement to them. These main monitors include the legendary QB1, BB6, MB3 and IB2 models, which are found in many of the world’s top audio facilities such as Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, as well as project studios owned by internationally acclaimed producers.

The creation of PMC’s new range is the result of a holistic approach to loudspeaker design, in which the company has recognised and addressed the impact every part of the monitor has on its overall performance. With 30 years of unique expertise and engineering skills to draw on, PMC has started from the ground up to ensure that these new products deliver the highest possible resolution with the lowest possible colouration. Among the many fresh innovations PMC has incorporated are all-new drivers, cutting edge DSP and Class-D amplifiers, as well as significant improvements to the company’s proprietary ATL bass-loading and Laminair air flow technologies.

Jeff Willcocks, PMC’s CEO, says: “PMC has always understood what is required by world-class recording professionals and our monitors are internationally renowned for delivering exceptional sound quality. The launch of this new range represents a huge leap forward, both for the company and the customers we serve. We know that the level of excellence we can now deliver is unmatched and will have an enormous and positive impact on the professional audio industry.”

PMC’s commercial director Oliver Thomas, who played a key part in the design of the new range, adds: “From the outset, our aim was to raise the bar in terms of what could be achieved with near and midfield monitoring and to deliver a system that would be ideal for every application, from traditional stereo to the latest immersive audio systems. The last five years have been incredibly intensive as we have looked at every element of monitor design to see how we can reduce colouration and dramatically improve resolution. We now know that what we have created will be extremely significant to all sectors of the professional audio market and we are incredibly proud of this achievement. By offering monitors in different sizes and with correspondingly differing bass extensions and maximum SPLs, we can cater for every customer and every room size without compromising PMC’s renowned sound quality.”

The low frequency extension of the new designs belies the cabinet dimension due to advancements in both woofer and ATL bass loading technology. These are scalable systems that can easily grow to suit the end user’s exact requirements. The active subs can be seamlessly combined with the monitors to create one of PMC’s unique twin-cabinet XBD systems that deliver extended bass and dynamics. Alternatively, they can be used as stand-alone LF monitors for sub channels. Future proofing has also been engineered into every model with advancements such as an expansion card slot for planned future signal interfacing options.

When it comes to configuration, PMC has paid close attention to making this as straightforward as possible via simple menu-driven controls on the rear panel, or through the company’s class-leading and highly intuitive SOUNDALIGN network interface. Accessed through wired connections to any standard network via any web-browser on a PC, Mac or Tablet, SOUNDALIGN’s digital connectivity allows users to individually control each monitor or set them up in defined groups ideal for large scale immersive systems.

“Today´s producers and engineers naturally demand the very best from their reference loudspeakers, and we have delivered exactly that with the highest resolution compact nearfield and mid-field loudspeakers currently available,” Oliver Thomas adds. “Feedback from field trials we have carried out with leading industry professionals in PMC’s community have been overwhelmingly positive. Whether you’re composing, recording, mixing, or mastering, our new monitors guarantee the best possible results in the shortest possible time.”

PMC is now taking pre orders for all models in the new range. For further information on technical specifications and pricing, please contact a local PMC distributor.

17th September 2021

Optoma Debuts Advanced Remote Management Solution for Audio Visual Displays

Optoma Debuts Advanced Remote Management Solution for Audio Visual Displays

Optoma has announced its new Optoma Management Suite (OMS), an intuitive display management solution to streamline operations by monitoring, diagnosing and controlling audio visual displays via a local area network and wireless connectivity from a single platform and location. Complementing Optoma’s award-winning display products, OMS is the first management solution that is compatible with other displays that are connected via PJLink, enabling easy integration into existing display fleets while offering differing levels of access and control for users, ensuring devices are securely managed.

A value-added solution, OMS allows IT administrators and technicians to monitor, manage, and diagnose multiple displays simultaneously, providing seamless control across multiple devices while maximising productivity. With an easy-to-use interface and 24/7, real-time monitoring and control, OMS enables users to check the status of display devices and make configurations to optimise performance. IT administrators and technicians can easily dispatch and broadcast emergency messages, alerts and announcements across every on-site display. Additionally, users can also remotely program and schedule devices for usage only during primary operating hours, as well as implement immediate shutdown for emergencies, reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs.

“As a leader in audio visual display products, it was a natural fit to develop an advanced display management suite empowering users to effectively manage and control their displays from one central platform,” stated Brian Soto, director of product management at Optoma. “With the addition of OMS, we are able to offer our customers a complete end-to-end solution to meet the ever-evolving needs of the ProAV market, as well as key segments including education, corporate, museums and leisure markets.

OMS Features:

  • Peace of mind – Monitor, diagnose and control your audio visual displays wirelessly from one single platform and location which eliminates the need to visit the site.

  • Real time monitoring and alerts – 24/7 monitoring and alerts across all devices enables you to respond to immediate issues before they escalate.

  • Easy to use interface – Centralised access and management via one common interface for all users.

  • Scheduling and broadcast – Distribute emergency messages and alerts to all displays across all locations, such as a classroom or company office, and create custom playlists with the built-in scheduler for future announcements.

  • Energy-efficient and cost-saving – Reduce energy usage on any device by scheduling shutdown of displays after work hours or implementing immediate shutdown for emergencies.

The Optoma Management Suite solution is compatible with Optoma’s Creative Touch 3-Series and 5-Series interactive flat panels, LED displays and professional projectors including: ZK1050, ZK750, ZU860, ZU720TST, ZU720T, 606 series, 506 series, 406 series, 403 series, as well as all projector brands with PJLink.

To further enhance the OMS solution, a cloud version will be available early next year.

16th September 2021

PM – LP244XY Series with LSC2440YS 24-Way Speaker Multicore

PM – LP244XY Series with LSC2440YS 24-Way Speaker Multicore

The LSC2440YS is probably the highest-quality and most rugged 24-way speaker multicore ever produced by KLOTZ AIS. Designed for resilience in the tough world of live performance, the multicore has 24 stranded bare copper wires (class 6, VDE 0295), colour-coded and numbered, and 4.0 mm2 conductor cross-section, all enclosed in an exceptionally durable PVC jacket offering extreme cold resistance. With an additional braided textile layer for stability, the PVC jacket retains its stability and tensile strength under the most extreme conditions of up to -40°C.

This 24-way speaker multicore can replace up to three eight-way speaker cables for PA systems such as d&b and L-Acoustics. Its use can significantly cut setup and breakdown times and enables even large-scale line array systems to be hooked up clearly and cleanly without confusion.

With precisely these applications in mind, KLOTZ designed three different models of its LP244XY Series eXtreme multicores with PA-COM 25 pin connectors. The LP244XY Series is available in a heavy-duty version with Remke solid metal strain relief and silver-plated or gold-plated contacts. KLOTZ also supplies a budget version with ZEP plastic strain relief and silver-plated contacts. The speaker multicores have PA-COM female connectors without ring on one end and PA-COM male connectors with ring on the other for quick, simple length extension.

LP244XY models:

  • LP244XY3CRemke heavy-duty metal strain relief, gold-plated contacts

  • LP244XY3SRemke heavy-duty metal strain relief, silver-plated contacts

  • LP244XY1SZEP plastic strain relief, silver-plated contacts

PM – LP244XY Series with LSC2440YS 24-Way Speaker MulticorePM – LP244XY Series with LSC2440YS 24-Way Speaker Multicore

16th September 2021

dLive Goes Deeper and Wider

dLive Goes Deeper and Wider
dLive Goes Deeper and Wider


Allen & Heath has announced dLive V1.9, the largest firmware release in the history of its flagship dLive mixing system, drawing on feedback from engineers across the live sound, recording, streaming and installation markets.

“With over 45 user-requested features and numerous improvements, dLive V1.9 is by some distance our biggest release to date,” explains Jack Kenyon, dLive product specialist at Allen & Heath. “We have customers using dLive in every application imaginable, and the unprecedented scale of this update delivers something for all of them. With a host of new sonic tools and an accelerated workflow, dLive once again raises the bar for other console manufacturers.”

Exciting new features for dLive users to explore include powerful RTA and sonogram tools, new DEEP expander and compressor models, a 12-band PEQ option for mixes, and Sennheiser wireless integration.

An exhaustive overhaul of dLive’s RTA engine presents engineers with an array of new options for audio analysis. Two RTAs are now available, with dual-surface applications able to benefit from independent RTAs. Visualisation is no longer limited to a 31-band bar display, a new line display and sonogram view is provided, with the latter capable of displaying the difference between RTAs for system tuning. Critically, the bar and line visualisations can be displayed underneath the PEQ curve, enabling engineers to make swift EQ decisions. To give engineers the full picture, the new RTA tools can always be visible, whether that’s on a dedicated screen, on the PEQ screen and widget, in a dedicated RTA widget, or on an external monitor.

dLive’s arsenal of zero-latency DEEP Processing tools is bolstered in V1.9 with multiple new additions. Two expanders offer increased gain-before-feedback and improved audio separation in live applications. Source Expander allows quick and easy control of threshold and depth for set-and-forget operation, while Dual Threshold Expander is provided for challenging environments where expert control is required. Bus, a new compressor, is modelled on a legendary hardware unit renowned for its ability to glue together mixes, and the OptTronik compressor has expanded to include a new model for an alternative flavour of classic 2A compression. Engineers working with IEM mixes will welcome the addition of NEQ12, a 12-band parametric EQ with selectable hi/lo pass filters that can replace the GEQ on any of the dLive’s 64 mix outputs.

Wireless integration has been opened up to include Sennheiser 300/500, 2000 and 2050 wireless microphones, which can be monitored from the dLive Surface or Director software. Key wireless information, including mutes, signal level and battery bars, is visible from the bank screen, with detailed information and control accessible via the Preamp tab. “We are excited to see our hugely popular evolution wireless 300 and 500 plus 2000 series microphones integrated with dLive,” shares Tom Vollmers, head of professional portfolio at Sennheiser. “This will make life for sound engineers easier and this is exactly what you are looking for in a stressful live situation.”

The extensive feature list for V1.9 also includes preamp sharing with automatic Gain Tracking across multiple dLive systems, LCR+ Main mode with divergence control, screen bookmarks, new screen widgets, and much more.

dLive V1.9 is available now from the Allen & Heath website:

15th September 2021

Set the scene this holiday season with Polar Crisp series atmospheric snow effects

Set the scene this holiday season with Polar Crisp series atmospheric snow effects
Set the scene this holiday season with Polar Crisp series atmospheric snow effects

Magmatic atmospheric effects is offering two dependable snow machines in its Polar series of high-volume snow effects that make it easy to create wintry scenes of natural-looking snow. Perfect for any seasonal production, in stock and ready for delivery are the compact and lightweight Crisp and the road case-protected Crisp Max with 20-litre fluid tank.

With its small size and easy mobility, Crisp is the ideal set-it-and-forget-it snow effect. The unit weighs 33.5lbs. (15.2kg) with a hanging bracket that doubles as a convenient carrying handle. Crisp uses Magmatic’s specially formulated dry-on-impact snow liquid (APS-4L) to create a snowflake that mimics the look and feel of actual snow.

Crisp Max includes a 20-litre fluid tank hidden inside a road case with durable casters for extra protection and easier portability. The unit’s ten-metre long hose can be rigged on a standard truss or tripod stand and fluid can be extended up to 50 metres horizontally or vertically using ten-metre extension tubes with couplers that are available as an accessory. An optional 120-degree pan motor is available that increases the coverage area. Crisp Max uses Magmatic’s specially formulated dry-on-impact snow liquid (APS-2L, 4L, 20L) to create a snowflake that mimics the look and feel of actual snow.

Both the Crisp and Crisp Max are capable of producing high volumes of naturalistic snow with the capacity to adjust snowflake size for greater versatility. Small flake or large, short throw or long, these 1250W high-volume snow machines can project snow up to 12 metres (40 feet) with the flexibility to adjust to the occasion.

All Polar series snow machines feature a noise-blocking layer of insulation that reduces fan noise for quieter operation, making them ideal for noise-sensitive theatre and studio environments. An all-in-one APF (Air Pump Fan) system together with an auto-clean feature lowers the risk of clogging and reduces the need for maintenance. An easy-to-open housing and serviceable design add to their user-friendliness.

The Crisp and Crisp Max include an onboard LCD touchscreen control panel with manual and timer control options. They are industry-standard DMX-512 and RDM controllable, and offer wired and wireless remote control options. Designed, engineered and exclusively distributed by Elation Professional, Magmatic speciality effects are strong solutions that are on-the-road tough and won't break the bank.

8th September 2021


Obsidian Control Systems releases ONYX Version 4.6; announces new ONYX Keys and partnership with AtlaBase

Obsidian Control Systems releases ONYX Version 4.6; announces new ONYX Keys and partnership with AtlaBase

The next evolution of the popular ONYX lighting control platform introduces a vast variety of new features and improvements in the new software Version 4.6 for Obsidian Control Systems’ NX consoles and PC systems.

ONYX 4.6 for NX consoles and PC, a new training show and CAPTURE file, plus an updated DyLOS content package with over 1000 items is available for download at

Hundreds of items have been added – some completely redesigned – for easier navigation, better readability, or faster set-up. Many features have been considerably expanded like the ArtNet and sACN configuration, which now also supports synchronisation packages and priority settings. A unique virtual control overlay allows PC users instant access to playback controls when needed without leaving the existing workspace, and a new playback swap icon takes advantage of the NX4’s motorized faders and playback button layout.

“Throughout the challenging environment of the last year, our R&D team has continued to set milestones in user-friendly lighting control software design,” states Obsidian and Elation Professional product manager Matthias Hinrichs. “Our unique DyLOS pixel composer continues to grow its feature set and has become a major part of the design experience when programming with ONYX. We are excited to see where our users will take this and have already seen some amazing implementations that are way beyond what we imagined. We will continue to evolve ONYX and DyLOS and interact with our user base to ensure we enhance the power of the software while reducing complex processes and encouraging a more visual approach to programming of large and small lighting systems.”

The compact USB Keys Essential (eight Universes), Premier (64 Universes) and Elite (128 Universes) allow PC users to process all DMX calculations, MIDI, Timecode and other I/O protocols right on their systems without the need for expensive external processing nodes. Additionally, NX USB devices and NETRON Nodes directly unlock ONYX Nova with up to four Universes of EtherDMX.

Following its successful introduction, the DyLOS pixel composer has expanded its functionality with precise dynamic preset mapping, allowing any parameter to be animated by images, movies, or flexible pattern and curve generators. Through its positional awareness, DyLOS now allows incredibly complex movement, beam, colour and intensity effects that are easy to create, providing a more natural visual workflow instead of abstract effects generators and tedious numerical formulas. DyLOS colour mapping now also utilises all additive fixture colours like amber, white or UV, and dynamic controls allow for fine-tuning for impressive subtle or colourful results.

Fixture library data is now provided by the experienced team at AtlaBase, offering over 54,000 unique profiles. The ONYX library is updated daily with the latest fixture-type data provided by all manufacturers. This proactive approach ensures that ONYX always contains the industry’s most complete library, removing the need for most fixture requests. AtlaBase brings precise real-world values for many parameters, enhanced gobo images, and accurate CIE color data, which DyLOS utilises for its colour-mapping calculations.

New bidirectional communication allows ONYX to interact with CITP-supported visualisers like the popular CAPTURE software. Fixture selection, patch import and export, fixture control, and remote focus are all synchronized in real time. ONYX offers a free CAPTURE presentation for learning and training purposes.

1st September 2021


Dynacord launches SONICUE Control app for iOS along with new SONICUE software release offering enhanced functionality

Dynacord launches SONICUE Control app for iOS along with new SONICUE software release offering enhanced functionality

Dynacord has made new additions to the SONICUE sound system software ecosystem. The first sees the release of the SONICUE Control app for iOS devices and, in conjunction with this, the release of SONICUE V1.2.2 adds enhanced functionality to the solution.

SONICUE sound system software addresses the entire sound system and encapsulates Dynacord’s core design philosophies of simplicity, clarity and transparency. Its unique interactive design provides a clear and comprehensive system overview, making it quicker to set up, tune and operate sound systems with minimal effort.

SONICUE Control is a panel-viewer app that allows users to operate SONICUE control panels created using the SONICUE control panel designer. The app, which monitors and controls preassigned sound system parameters, is now available for mobile devices for free download from Apple’s App Store, enabling iPads and iPhones to be supported for the first time. The previous version of the SONICUE Control panel-viewer app was already available for desktop PCs and is running on the TPC-1 touch-panel controller.

With the panel designer, an integral part of SONICUE sound system software (version 1.2 and higher), system designers and engineers can create stand-alone control panel applications for end users that will run on the SONICUE Control app. The design of the user interfaces is customisable with different control functions and access-protected according to user type, such as system engineers, facility managers or service personnel in hospitality areas. Once connected to a compatible hardware device, such as the Dynacord MXE5 matrix mix engine, the operator is able to monitor and control all assigned functions.

In addition to fully supporting the new SONICUE Control app for iOS, the 1.2.2 software version improves the functionality of the SONCIUE panel designer with further control parameters, more design options and faster installation routines. The latest release also offers better device handling for the MXE5 matrix mix engine for IP address setting and configuration. Load-drive supervision for Dynacord IPX and C series amplifiers and a new service tool for the TPC-1 touch-panel controller round off the enhanced functionality of the software release.

SONICUE software is available as a free download from the Dynacord website. The SONICUE Control app for iOS devices is available for free download from the Apple App Store.

1st September 2021

Commissioner Series

Commissioner Series

Commissioner is a hand-held tool for testing, programming and configuring DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) and/or DMX512/RDM lighting installations or fixtures.

There are 3 product variants:

  • Commissioner dali – Supports DALI only
  • Commissioner rdmx – Supports DMX512 and RDM only
  • Commissioner multi – Supports DALI, DMX512 and RDM

Commissioner dali is a hand-held, battery powered tool for commissioning, testing and configuring DALI installations. The bright, 40 character LCD is easy to read and provides a wealth of information. The product can equally well handle the replacement of a single faulty lamp or the commissioning of a large-scale installation – allowing all devices to be addressed with only five button presses.

Commissioner dali has numerous intensity control functions including direct control over DT8 colour changers.

Commissioner dali is powered by two AA batteries and offers over 80 hours of continuous operation. The product is compatible with rechargeable batteries and provides a programmable power off timer to further extend battery life.

The test lead (phono to croc clip) is included.

Commissioner dali features:

  • DALI input / output port

  • Commission devices

  • Re-address devices

  • Read and write all DALI commands

  • Edit groups

  • Edit & record scenes

  • Record max, min, fail and power-on states

  • Control individual levels (ARC)

  • Control Device Type 8 colour

  • Set range of levels

  • Auto-fade and walk test

  • Test Bus power and line shorts

  • View data levels

  • View protocol data

  • Signal Connection: RCA Jack (phono)

  • Phono to croc-clip lead included

  • Power: 2 x AA Battery

Commissioner multi is a hand-held tool for testing, programming and configuring lighting installations or fixtures. It supports multiple protocols including DMX512, RDM and DALI. Handy features include a backlit display, DIP switch calculator, photometer and micro-USB port for providing direct power or for recharging the internal two AA NiMH batteries. A Bluetooth low energy port allows connection to a laptop/tablet or phone. This means that Commissioner multi can be used as a sophisticated peripheral device, or a standalone tool in in difficult environments such as up a truss.

Commissioner multi has all the features of Commissioner dali, PLUS:

  • DMX512 output / RDM port
  • DMX512 input port

  • Scope trigger

  • Double-ended cable test

  • Get and Set RDM parameters

  • Read RDM sensors

  • Display RDM status messages

  • Transmit DMX512 test patterns

  • Set variable DMX512 transmit timing

  • Read and display DMX512

  • Read and display signal timing

  • Signal connection: RJ45

  • XLR adapter included

  • PWM output for testing analogue drivers

  • DIP switch calculator

  • Photometer

  • 40-character backlit LCD display with colour/intensity feedback

  • Bluetooth low energy interface for tethered operation with laptop or smartphone

  • Power: two rechargeable AA batteries (NiMH)

  • Power: micro-USB (power and recharge)

  • Hard shell carry case

Features (all models)

  • Stand-alone operation (no PC required)

  • 40 character LCD display

Specification (all models)

  • Listing: CE & UKCA

  • IP Rating: Indoor use

  • Height: 95 mm

  • Width: 65 mm

  • Depth: 28 mm

  • Net Mass: 0.10 kg

  • Manufacturer: Artistic Licence

  • Country of Manufacture: UK

27th August 2021

Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash Opens New Creative Paths

Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash Opens New Creative Paths

Following the straight and narrow path rarely leads to bold innovations. More often, the most game-changing breakthroughs arise when convention is overturned, and new courses are charted. This has been the guiding philosophy behind the development of Chauvet Professional’s aptly named Rouge Outcast 1 BeamWash.

In true 'outcast' fashion the new compact IP65 rated fixture, which weighs only 20.2lbs. (9.16kg.), throws preconceived notions aside, resulting in a beam/wash that doubles as an unparalleled eye-candy machine, courtesy of a unique, independent, pixel mappable LED outer ring.

“The Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash breaks new ground,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “By going beyond the standard beam/wash concept to include an outer ring, we’ve been able to offer designers a compact, but powerful, fixture that opens a world of design possibilities.”

Made up of 97 RGB LEDs, the pixel mappable outer ring features 12 zones of control and can be run independently from the centre pixel beam/wash. A stealth filter hides the outer ring when it’s not in use, so the fixture appears and works as a pure beam/wash.

Designers can control the background colour and foreground effects independently on the outer rim. This allows them to create complex multi-coloured looks on the rim whether they are pixel mapping or using the fixture’s extensive library of built-in effects.

The centre of the Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash consists of seven bright 45W RGBW LEDs capable of producing a 4,073 lumens output. Advanced optics incorporated into the fixture’s design result in excellent color blending and tight beam effects. (A 3.9 to 55 degree zoom range ensures maximum coverage.)

Extremely fast, with smooth 540degree pan and 260 degree tilt movements, the Rogue Outcast 1 Beam Wash is loaded with high performance features. Among these are 16-bit dimming of the master dimmer and individual colours. There are six distinct dimming modes for advanced control.

Other standout features in the versatile fixture include emulated red shift, selectable PWM settings for broadcast applications, remote accessing via RDM, selectable calibrated white for 7,500K at full output, simple and complex DMX channel profiles, and pre-built programs for the outer LED rim.

The ruggedly built fixture helps expedite setup and reduces container costs. It’s distinctive-looking black coated aluminium-magnesium alloy die-cast casing and IP65 rating make it well-suited for outdoor festivals and venues, as well as at sites, such as night clubs, with high maintenance needs.

Ideal for creating dynamic back wall visuals, audience washes, crossing patterns and back lighting, the Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash will make a valuable addition to virtually any rig.

“We rewrote the rule book when developing the Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash,” said Chauvet, “We did this to create a fixture that could help designers rewrite their rules too.”

26th August 2021

Yamaha Announces Flexible New DHR and CHR Series For Optimised Sound Reinforcement

Yamaha Announces Flexible New DHR and CHR Series For Optimised Sound Reinforcement
Yamaha Announces Flexible New DHR and CHR Series For Optimised Sound Reinforcement

Yamaha has announced new additions to its line-up of professional audio speakers, the powered DHR series and passive CHR series, each with three models optimised to meet the demands of a variety of sound reinforcement applications. They can deliver a complete fixed or portable sound reinforcement system for event spaces, clubs, ballrooms, houses of worship and more.

Positioned between the flagship DZR / CZR series and the popular, affordable DBR / CBR series, all DHR and CHR units feature carefully selected custom transducers, premium plywood cabinets and a tough polyurea coating, delivering a combination of high quality sound, durability and road worthiness not found in other loudspeakers of this class.

Giving users the flexibility to choose the ideal speaker for a wide variety of sonic environments, they are designed for any situation where users want to upgrade their sound reinforcement to a new level of professional quality and accuracy.

The DHR15 and CHR15 two-way, 15-inch units are designed for front of house applications, including dual angle pole mount sockets, M10 rigging options and excellent full range performance.

The DHR12M and CHR12M are Yamaha’s first dedicated coaxial 12" floor monitors, delivering precise, phase coherent monitoring in a low profile form factor. A side pole-mount adds flexible use as an outfill or a portable main PA unit.

The flexible, two-way DHR10 and CHR10 are 10-inch units designed for use as fills or delays, with the most flexible configuration and mounting options. These ‘utility’ speakers also feature a rotatable 90º x 60º horn so, whether pole mounted or flown using the inbuilt rigging points or with an optional U-bracket, the DHR10 and CHR10 can be installed virtually anywhere.

All DHR models feature high end Class-D amplification, flexible ‘in the box’ DSP, easily switched line/mic inputs and an onboard, quick-access two channel mixer, while CHR models include dual NL4 connectors and advanced DSP via tailored amplifier presets available in Yamaha’s PX and PC-D series amplifiers.

“The DHR and CHR series form an innovative new lineup of powered and passive loudspeakers, based on combining the concept of optimization for specific applications with the know-how gained through the design, development and production of the high-end DZR/CZR and DXRmkII Series as well the most affordable DBR/CBR Series,” says Chihaya ‘Chick’ Hirai, general manager of Yamaha’s PA marketing and sales department.

“The addition of these six new models allow us greater flexibility in providing customers with affordable solutions that are optimized for their needs, significantly strengthening our line-up of professional audio speaker systems.”

26th August 2021

ETC Introduces Lonestar

ETC Introduces Lonestar

The High End Systems Lonestar brings the renowned brightness, quality and performance of our bright white LED framing fixtures in a more compact and powerful package. With 15,400 lumen output and a rich feature set, Lonestar is a perfect addition to lighting systems in small to medium-sized venues. The luminaire’s rich colours, powerful zoom, full curtain framing, diffusion and prism effects make Lonestar a versatile and affordable tool for designers who want maximum performance from a mid-sized automated fixture.

Automated lighting product manager Matt Stoner comments: “With the Lonestar, we aggressively reduced fixture size and cost to make a luminaire that fills the needs of venues of all sizes and design aesthetics. With punchy output, framing, and a full complement of effects and colour capabilities, Lonestar will bring high quality and professional feature sets to a size and price where professional quality was formerly out of reach.”

Tania Lesage, brand manager for High End Systems, adds: “Lonestar is a simple yet powerful mix of three ingredients: an impressive feature set, ETC’s quality service, and a great price tag. From upgrading your lighting in churches or clubs to switching your school stage to all LED, Lonestar does any job in the most effective, reliable, and economical way. We are very excited to bring this product to the market.”

25th August 2021


Obsidian launches affordable, flexible NETRON DMX10 AB splitters

Obsidian launches affordable, flexible NETRON DMX10 AB splitters

Obsidian Control Systems announces the newest addition to its extremely successful and rapidly expanding NETRON product range of innovative data distribution devices. With the introduction of the DMX10 splitters, it now offers a high-value solution for simpler systems that require rugged hardware, flexible configuration and reliable DMX traffic management at an affordable price point.

No nonsense, no compromise solutions for the professional lighting and AV markets, the NETRON DMX10 is a flexible, rackmount, ten-port DMX splitter with dual inputs and freely assignable XLR DMX outputs. Available with 5-pin XLR connectors (DMX10-5) or as a 3-pin unit (DMX10-3), the DMX10 is easy to configure and is ideally suited for installations and live event applications that do not require RDM communication. Both NETRON DMX10 devices are ETL approved.

The DMX10 boosts and distributes the DMX signal from dual inputs to ten separate port outputs. Utilising long-life toggle switches, each port is easily routed to either the A or B input, providing configuration flexibility to accommodate any situation. Each output is optically isolated from the others, providing protection in the event of a short. The DMX10 can also be used as a repeater when transportation of a DMX signal across longer distances is needed. Lightweight yet of a solid construction for years of reliable use, each DMX10 unit is encased in a rugged metal chassis with impact-resistant paint.

The DMX10 is part of Obsidian Control Systems’ comprehensive NETRON data distribution range that encompasses Ethernet to DMX gateway, DMX splitter and DMX/RDM splitter solutions. Having enjoyed strong market adaptation globally since launching in 2020, clients value NETRON for its ease of use, flexible mounting solutions, smart display configuration concept and reliable 24/7 operation. A perfect complement to Obsidian’s ONYX console range, NETRON is for anyone requiring rugged, reliable, and affordable data distribution.

24th August 2021


Sennheiser launches two-bay network charger and Sennheiser Control Cockpit 5.0 for campus-wide audio installations

Sennheiser launches two-bay network charger and Sennheiser Control Cockpit 5.0 for campus-wide audio installations

Sennheiser has announced two important updates as part of its on-going commitment to making digital workflows on campus as simple and productive as possible. With the new CHG 2N charger, the company meets the requests of higher education institutions for a two-bay networkable charger for its SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphone system. The company has also launched a major update of its Sennheiser Control Cockpit software, making remote management of Sennheiser audio devices even easier. Version 5.0 not only allows AV and IT staff to control the new charger but for the first time also enables them to monitor the status of the MobileConnect Manager, linking this assistive listening system with the microphone systems in Sennheiser’s education portfolio.

The new CHG 2N is a two-bay version of the SpeechLine CHG 4N four-bay charger. Like its big brother, the CHG 2N is network-enabled and features individual bays for recharging SpeechLine bodypack and handheld microphones. Each bay has four LEDs to indicate the battery charging status. The flexible network interface provides IPv4 and IPv6 compatibility for seamless integration. All settings and battery status information can be monitored and remotely controlled using the latest version of Sennheiser Control Cockpit (v5.0.1).

Whether AV and IT staff remotely manage just a few rooms or the entire campus, Sennheiser Control Cockpit will ensure a convenient and efficient experience. For the first time, version 5.0 now links to the MobileConnect Manager, enabling operators to monitor both microphone and assistive listening systems from one software, and allowing them to receive status notification via text or e-mail.

Software version 5.0 also helps save energy by enabling AV and IT staff to remotely power down transmitters. Also, transmitters can be set up in such a way that they switch off automatically after a set amount of time when there is no link going to the receiver.

To avoid accidental operation during use, the Power and Pairing buttons on the portable SpeechLine transmitters can now be locked remotely.

For the SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver, Sennheiser Control Cockpit now supports the reset of individual channels to audio default settings, while evolution wireless G3 and G4 benefit from more precise mute mode labels for better differentiation between RF mute, RX mute and TX mute.

“We are delighted to bring these two latest offerings to the education sector which will allow technical teams to support teaching staff even better and with added convenience,” says Madhav Jain, Sennheiser’s market insights manager for education. “While the two-bay network charger for SpeechLine Digital Wireless offers a cost-effective solution for higher education institutions that do not require larger setups for their auditoriums, Sennheiser Control Cockpit’s newest features will further optimize on-campus processes. In fact, thousands of devices are being controlled by the free Sennheiser Control Cockpit software every day – it’s loved by our customers worldwide.”

Sennheiser launches two-bay network charger and Sennheiser Control Cockpit 5.0 for campus-wide audio installationsSennheiser launches two-bay network charger and Sennheiser Control Cockpit 5.0 for campus-wide audio installations

19th August 2021

The next standard in stadium sound: Electro-Voice launches MTS series point-source loudspeaker systems for large venues

The next standard in stadium sound: Electro-Voice launches MTS series point-source loudspeaker systems for large venues
The next standard in stadium sound: Electro-Voice launches MTS series point-source loudspeaker systems for large venues

Electro-Voice is expanding its portfolio of sound solutions for stadiums and sports venues with the global introduction of the MTS series of full-range, high-output, long-throw, point-source loudspeaker systems. Each MTS model is equipped with four 15" woofers and dual coaxial mid/high frequency compression drivers. The system is capable of generating more than 151dB peak SPL with exact directivity for very-long-throw applications.

MTS represents a truly holistic approach to loudspeaker design. Loudspeaker geometry, complementary amplifier matching, and digital processing are computer-optimised to ensure precisely distributed SPL that remains balanced and controlled throughout the entire coverage area, even at full output. Four slot-loaded, high efficiency low-frequency drivers are symmetrically coupled to the same full-range waveguide as the compression drivers to create a true point-source with substantial bass response, eliminating the need for additional subwoofers in many applications.

The MTS series includes sixteen unique models. These are based on two standard three-way configurations (MTS-4153) with 60° x 40° or 40° x 30° coverage, and two cardioid configurations (MTS-6154) that provide the same coverage patterns with enhanced low-frequency directional control. The 60° x 40° models can deliver extremely high SPLs: 151dB peak (music) and 154dB peak (speech) down to 55Hz at -10dB; the 40 x 30 models are capable of 152dB peak (music) and 155dB peak (speech) down to 50Hz at -10dB. Each version is available with black or white finish, and each is available in a partially weatherised (PW) version for sheltered use or in a fully weatherised (FW) version for full exposure to the elements. All MTS loudspeakers have an IP55 rating, indicating that they are highly impervious to dust and water ingress.

The MTS series leverages EV’s engineering resources as part of the Bosch Group. The loudspeakers were designed using exclusive High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, running proprietary modelling software designed by EV engineers. The engineering team iterated hundreds of FEA simulations to achieve ideal system performance. This work led to new EV technologies, including the dual lossless Hydra waveform converter that that drives a large constant directivity waveguide with a coherent arc source, ensuring pattern control to below 350Hz.

The launch of MTS brings an evolution of EV’s pioneering manifold loudspeaker technology and MH horn technology to advanced levels of audio performance. Manifold technology describes a method for acoustically combining the output of multiple transducers. EV pioneered this approach decades ago for high-frequency compression drivers and has refined the technology for both the coaxial compression drivers and the low-frequency drivers in these speakers.

MTS is engineered for use with amplification and processing from Dynacord as part of a SONICUE-driven hardware/software ecosystem, for cost-effective and energy-efficient system design with unique performance optimisation and system protection features. Proprietary speaker settings and limiter functions ensure exceptional performance with long-term reliability at extremely high output levels. A complete package of design files is provided for advanced acoustical and mechanical system simulation in venues. Electro-Voice PREVIEW loudspeaker software is the fastest and most accurate way to create acoustic designs with MTS, including those that augment the full-range MTS models with the recommended X12i-128 dual-18” subwoofer.

While line array solutions have become more common in stadium installations over the past few years, they are not always the ideal solution. For example, broadband vertical control and high output can only be achieved with a greater overall array height. These longer arrays require correspondingly more amplifier channels and can interfere with sightlines. MTS reliably provides precise coverage control in both the horizontal and the vertical aspects, without sacrificing sound quality or SPL. Typically, an MTS installation will involve fewer cable runs, lower installed weight, less complex rigging, and fewer amplifier channels for equivalent performance. This positions MTS as a go-to solution, providing the highest possible value to the customer.

With every detail geared towards addressing the most demanding requirements of consultants, integrators and installers specialising in large performance venues – ranging from school football fields and regional arenas to the largest international stadiums – MTS brings to bear its stunning acoustic performance with superior control, coverage and clarity, setting the next standard in stadium sound.

19th August 2021

Data Strategy announces Replacement Computer Package as QC-Check outlasts Windows’ operating system

Data Strategy announces Replacement Computer Package as QC-Check outlasts Windows’ operating system

Data Strategy has announced the availability of a Replacement Computer Package to address an unusual circumstance most products will never see.

Known globally as the quality assurance and electrical safety workhorse, early adopters of QC-Check workstation were supplied with computers running Microsoft Windows 7. This operating system, released in 2009, went into an end of life programme in January 2020 and, for security reasons, best practice is to update to the current version of Windows. The QC-Check Replacement Computer Package is a quick and simple solution that is shipped ready to go.

Customers including Nottinghamshire-based Trans-Sport, London’s Royal Opera house and The NEC Arena, Birmingham, have already benefited from the Replacement Computer Package for a secure and streamlined continuation of service.

Managing director of Trans-Sport, Shaun Cope, confirmed: “Outwardly we experienced no problems whatsoever with QC-Check. It’s always worked perfectly and continued to do so. However, our IT company recommended we replace the computer with one configured with Windows 10. Following a quick chat with Iain at Data Strategy, the replacement computer was shipped and ready to go. It required no effort from us whatsoever and the transition was smooth and simple.

Data Strategy managing director, Iain Roche, explained: “Whilst the functionality of the QC-Check workstation remains unaffected, from a security and reliability viewpoint it is expedient to install a new computer.”

The Replacement Computer Package includes the computer supplied in a 19” rack mount steel shelf, as well as tailored configuration and commissioning. The new computer can simply be swapped out with the old hardware, connected, and turned on. All necessary cables are supplied.

11th August 2021

Renkus-Heinz Brings Flexibility and Interoperability to Iconyx Compact Series with Audinate’s Dante

Renkus-Heinz Brings Flexibility and Interoperability to Iconyx Compact Series with Audinate’s Dante

Renkus-Heinz, manufacturer of premium professional loudspeakers, has announced the latest products in its new Iconyx Compact Series: the ICC 12/3-RD1, 24/3-RD1, 36/3-RD1 and 48/3-RD1.

The new -RD1 line-up completes the Iconyx Compact Series portfolio, a line that first launched in 2020 as a response to integrators seeking coherent and steerable sound solutions in highly problematic acoustic spaces. With its compact footprint, the series brings performance and directivity to spaces where even the classic Iconyx arrays might be too large.

The -RD1 models add improved interoperability and flexibility through Dante audio-over-IP functionality. They also bring new control options with integration into Crestron’s remote control solutions and environments.

“The -RD1 versions allow for quick, cost effective, and easy integration using Audinate’s highly integrated Dante Ultimo chip,” said Graham Hendry, vice president of strategic development at Renkus-Heinz. “The Ultimo platform is perfect for the smaller footprint Iconyx Compact Series where the diminutive dimensions also mean there is a need for more space-constrained network devices featuring a lower channel count. The -RD1 ICC family supports all the features that have driven widespread adoption of Dante technology: auto-discovery of devices, label-based routing of signals, true plug-and-play operation, and superb audio performance over standard networks.”

The very narrow profile allows the Iconyx Compact Series to blend into nearly any environment, while exceptional directivity helps control even the most challenging acoustics. This brings the premium performance of beam-steered line arrays to even the most architecturally sensitive spaces and provides more opportunities for integration in the house of worship, corporate, transportation, education, and government markets.

The new products also offer full RHAON II beam-steering with the latest U.R.G.O beam algorithms, a movable acoustic centre, multiple beam opening angles and high-pass filtering of individual beams. That means all the fidelity and musicality expected of a Renkus-Heinz product, found in a footprint 40 per cent smaller than the classic Iconyx.

The included wall-mount brackets make mounting easy and is nearly invisible behind the arrays. Standard RN units have analogue and AES inputs.

5th August 2021

Solid State Logic Adds New Engines and Flexible Licensing for System T Broadcast Audio Production

Solid State Logic Adds New Engines and Flexible Licensing for System T Broadcast Audio Production

Solid State Logic (SSL) has announced the latest V3.1 feature release for the System T broadcast platform with key developments providing significant production flexibility and expansion. Core to the release is support of the next generation TE1 and TE2 Tempest audio engines. These compact engines provide a flexible model for managing production capacity, allowing users to expand their processing requirements with the addition of new software ‘processing’ licences. With the inclusion of an agile ‘pay as you go’ model, users can increase their production capability for user-defined project periods such as large one-off sporting or entertainment events. The new Tempest engines will be available to customers as of August 2021.

With AoIP at the core of System T, including automatic discovery of Dante devices and AES67/ST 2110 streams via SAP, audio patching is presented via a simple and intuitive GUI, with full mono routing capabilities. IO management provides logical representations of signals on a self-discovered database, V3.1 includes improvements for managing dynamic and frequently changing AoIP networks, and additional access control entries for enhanced security of IO and wider console features. With a focus on interoperability and integrating 3rd party devices, V3.1 also provides control for Focusrite’s Dante enabled RedNet MP8R Mic IO directly from System T consoles, allowing customers to utilise this popular IO box with controls from the console, plus parameters stored and recalled with scenes and show files.

Additional production focused features include the new ‘Send Stems’ mode, allowing standard subgroup (on/off) type stem to be switched to a bus with a send level, useful for efficient effect return signals or discrete feeds to outputs that require an independent mix. The ‘Path Recall Safe’ feature is also extended to include individual path processing blocks, providing a quick and simple way from within the ‘Channel View’ to recall safe a particular path section when firing scenes.

Tom Knowles, SSL broadcast product manager, is clear on the significance of the release in light of developing production requirements: “As we continue to broaden our System T offering, it’s essential we provide an agile solution that allows customers to scale their production capacity based on their schedules. This release delivers this and more, and with future developments increasing our remote access capability, our work will eventually lead to more advanced scenarios where clients won’t need to rely on just on-premise processing and control.”

Full details on the System T V3.1 release can be found at

28th July 2021

Astera Launches AX9 PowerPAR

Astera Launches AX9 PowerPAR
Astera Launches AX9 PowerPAR

Wireless LED lighting specialist Astera has launched another new product, the AX9 PowerPAR.

As the name implies, the AX9 is a high-intensity, rock-solid, all-purpose everyday LED lighting fixture with all the advantages of Astera, including battery operation, wireless control and quality engineering.

AX9 is the ‘big brother’ of Astera’s hugely successful AX5 TriplePAR which became an industry-standard LED PAR. AX9 is bigger, brighter and benefits from all Astera’s latest innovations, like the Titan LED engine, an optimised bracket with Airline Track, a Titan-style keypad for fast and easy local control and direct control via the versatile AsteraApp.

Effectively it is a three-in-one solution. Offering a wireless PAR light source that can also be run as a wired PAR for longer-term installations and an elegant up-lighter, with the fixture’s 105W output offering over 3000 lumens of beautifully homogenised light.

Being wireless, AX9 can be used anywhere: on set, onstage, in the studio or on location and at short notice, quickly deployed as and when needed.

In situ as a wired PAR it is just like any standard PAR, it is perfect scenarios requiring the lighting to be on for sustained periods of time.

AX9 is an excellent wall or surface washing up-lighter without a flex cover and with the bracket removed, which can produce a sleek, streamlined effect to transform any space.

The AX9 is overall a fantastic multi-purpose lighting fixture that is hugely efficient and can be used on the widest range of jobs as a cost-and-carbon-efficient quick ROI solution offering extreme brightness in a compact, stylish housing.

The benefits of Astera’s outstanding Titan LED engine include its high CRI and the wide range of tuneable colour temperature whites, plus that rich and diverse gamut of colours encompassing the whole spectrum.

The built-in battery offers up to 20 hours of reliable runtime which can be programmed to maintain optimal output over the designated period. Direct control via the AsteraApp removes the need for an AsteraBox, further optimising and making setup simpler.

The keypad on the rear has a logical and easily navigable menu resembling the Titan Tube layout with dedicated buttons for quickly adjust colour and brightness.

Wireless DMX is available utilising LumenRadio’s CRMX technology, and for wired options, there is a choice of Powercon and XLR connectors on the rear.

The AX9 unit can connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and can then act as a transmitter, sending the radio signal to other Astera fixtures.

The standard 13-degree beam angle can be modified with the addition of two filters, a 32-degree flood filter and a 17 x 46-degree elliptical wall-wash filter.

The AX9 comes with practical and handy mounting or rigging brackets that can easily be slid on and off (a feature of the original Astera AX5 PixelPAR), and importantly, this bracket contains an Airline Track to hold a selection of rigging accessories like Astera’s TrackPin.

A 3/8-inch thread is also integrated into the bracket, with a 14mm hole for attaching clamps.

The AX9 legs can be folded for transportation and the same legs used for truss hanging, also like the AX5.

A spring-loaded quick-release kickstand is available for the fixture, a neat tool that pops out with a button press and is perfect for angling an AX9 without a bracket.

The AX9 is IP65 rated for outdoor use and combines beautifully with all other Astera products.

AX9 accessories include flexible covers available in white and mirrored finishes in addition to black for blending into different environments, which can be wrapped around the light to suit the set, room or other visual elements.

Glare reduction can be enhanced by using an egg-crate which also produces sharper beam definition.

Like the AX5, a charging plate allows for AX9s to be placed upside down into the flightcase and start charging even without the units needing to be plugged into electricity.

Once again, Astera has used a mix of experience and imagination to think of virtually all scenarios in which this luminaire might be used.

The main applications will be for film and television productions, stages and concerts and all indoor and outdoor events.

Astera sales and marketing director Sebastian Bückle states: “The AX9 is Astera’s best value for money light right now with twice the output of the AX5 and only 1.5 times its price, featuring cinema-grade light output and tons of premium features to make daily lives and usage even easier! We are expecting this to be very popular!”

27th July 2021

KLOTZ expands FiberLink range with opticalCON QUAD connection cables

KLOTZ expands FiberLink range with opticalCON QUAD connection cables
KLOTZ expands FiberLink range with opticalCON QUAD connection cables

KLOTZ now offers pre-assembled FiberLink cables with opticalCON QUAD connectors in single-mode and multimode. Ideal for demanding outdoor use under extreme conditions such as on stage, in rental or broadcast applications and at temperatures from -40°C to 85°C.

The high-performance KLOTZ FiberFlex ULTRA cable with four fibres and PUR outer jacket transmits 10GB/s in single-mode over lengths of up to 10,000m, in multimode it transmits 10GB/s over up to 550m.

A highly flexible construction with 500μm primary coating and 900µm tight buffered fibre construction reliably protects the fibres (four 9/125µm, OS2, four 50/125µm, OM3/4) from external influences and allows even the smallest bending radiuses with a cable diameter of just 6mm.

Each individual glass fibre is surrounded by an extra-thick protective layer of acrylate. An extremely low attenuation of less than 0.21dB/km in single-mode and 0.7dB/km in multimode guarantees the best signal quality over the entire distance.

The robust metal housing of the opticalCON QUAD cable connector conceals a connector with four optical multi- or single-mode PC resp. single-mode APC channels, based on the renowned LC technology. When plugged in, the optical fibres are in physical contact. The automatically closing protective flap with silicone seal provides dirt and water tightness according to protection class IP65. Additional practical features are the proven push-pull locking and a very efficient strain relief.

The range is rounded off by cables with the excellent SmartBeam QUAD or opticalCON QUAD connectors in single- or multimode.

For connection to active or passive components, KLOTZ also offers the FiberLink series with opticalCON QUAD connectors as common breakout solutions on LC/PC and SC/PC.

KLOTZ expands FiberLink range with opticalCON QUAD connection cablesKLOTZ expands FiberLink range with opticalCON QUAD connection cables

23rd July 2021

Allen & Heath Collaborate with Audix on New Microphone Presets

Allen & Heath Collaborate with Audix on New Microphone Presets

Allen & Heath and Audix have announced the release of a new collection of ProFactory microphone presets for Qu, SQ and Avantis digital mixers.

Building on the popularity of Audix’s original ProFactory presets for Qu in 2018, the new collection spans a wider range of microphones and applications as well as marking the first time ProFactory presets have been available for SQ and Avantis mixers. The 30 presets cover 18 microphones from the Oregon-based manufacturer, including the D2, D4, D6, i5, and OM range of vocal microphones, and provide optimised EQ starting points for engineers of all abilities in live and recording/streaming applications.

“Audix microphones and Allen & Heath digital mixers have proven to be a very popular combination, even before we released the original Qu presets three years ago” comments Keith Johnson, Qu/SQ product manager at Allen & Heath. “With both Audix and Allen & Heath expanding their product ranges since then, it seems like the perfect time to revisit our collaboration and bring the benefits to more users than ever before.”

“In high-stress environments like festivals or corporate events, having these presets will save an engineer valuable time by simply having predetermined starting points for typical adjustments like HPFs and EQ” says Steve Young, director of US Sales at Audix. “For professional engineers, these settings will likely be close to what you dial in for every show, but for beginners, they will eliminate a ton of guesswork.”

The presets are available as a free download from the Allen & Heath website:

22nd July 2021

MA3 onPC rack-unit: The all-round lighting control solution for installations

MA3 onPC rack-unit: The all-round lighting control solution for installations

The 19” grandMA3 onPC rack-unit is a perfect lighting control solution for fixed installations like theatres, shopping malls, TV/streaming studios or houses of worship, or for a reliable grandMA3 lighting control system backup solution. It can also be implemented as a stand-alone lighting control system for shows that run automatically, due to external triggers or the Agenda function for example, in a theme park or for an architectural lighting scheme.

The latest grandMA3 onPC software version 1.5 is already pre-installed on a powerful computer so all the features and software functionality of the grandMA3 console are at hand. A mouse, a keyboard and up to two external monitors can be connected for the direct control of 2048 parameters. In combination with other onPC products, this can be extended to a maximum of 4096 parameters.

It is not only a powerful control solution, but also an optimal playback device. All relevant connections, DMX out/inputs, MIDI in/out, Timecode and DC remote for direct use are already built in. This makes the 19” grandMA3 onPC rack-unit a perfect solution for any installation project!

It is possible to combine the grandMA3 onPC rack-unit with a grandMA3 onPC command wing and/or up to two grandMA3 onPC fader wings to control or pre-program a show. In addition, it can act as a fully-fledged and reliable backup unit in your grandMA3 lighting control system.

21st July 2021

MA Lighting

Robe launches CUETE

Robe launches CUETE

CUETE by name, cute by nature, this latest moving head spot light fixture from Robe is a perfect compact, high-quality solution for small-to-medium productions, performance spaces or installations, hence the name!

Robe addresses the demands of this vibrant and vital market with CUETE which has some outstanding features, including the fast pan and tilt movement that is so essential for lighting all genres of electronic music, for highlighting the creative work of DJs and enhancing club environments.

Creating dynamic effects and projections is quick and simple with the CUETE, which offers an excellent CMY colour mixing system and an impressive 4,200-lumen output of sharp, crystal clear white light, making it stand out on any lighting rig.

To achieve this output and to easily maintain the light quality and consistency across any lighting rig or inventory, CUETE utilises Robe’s patented TE 120W White LED engine which is at the core of the manufacturer’s ground-breaking Transferable Engine technology.

The CUETE’s 16-degree fixed beam lens has remote control focus and can be swapped to the optional 24-degree lenses for shorter throw and low ceiling scenarios.

Within its small frame, the CUETE is action-packed with Robe innovation.

This includes a CPulse flicker-free management system for setups using HD and UHD cameras, great for live streams / broadcasts, the L3 low light linearity dimming software for super-smooth fades to black and the AirLOC (less optical cleaning) technology which keeps the optical elements in pristine condition over long time periods.

The fixture’s very cool effects package includes a colour wheel with 13 dichroic filters, a gobo wheel with nine fully indexable, rotating, replaceable gobos, a static gobo wheel with ten fixed gobos including four beam reducers, there is an eight-facet bi-directional rotating prism and a five-degree frost filter to assist with producing fabulous, smooth even washes.

With this excellent combination of speed, features, and very small footprint, Robe’s CUETE is also a perfect spot light partner to the just-released LEDBeam 350.  

Robe launches CUETERobe launches CUETE

21st July 2021

Robe Lighting

Ocean Way Audio Launches its Pro3 Reference Monitor, Packing Innovative Features into a Small Footprint

Ocean Way Audio Launches its Pro3 Reference Monitor, Packing Innovative Features into a Small Footprint

Ocean Way Audio announces its new Pro3 monitor (nicknamed 'Fat Boy'), the latest addition to the company's renowned high-resolution monitor line. Despite its small size, the new two-way active monitor system is packed with innovation and features, and delivers a frequency response of 45Hz to 20kHz and 110dB maximum SPL between channels. Its diminutive footprint makes it perfect nearfield monitor for home, project and commercial recording studios, as well as in professional broadcast and post facilities where optimal performance is required, and space is at a premium.
In designing the Pro3 monitor, Ocean Way Audio has applied the same degree of design, engineering and manufacturing expertise as found in its famous, large-format loudspeakers, which are present in top-tier studios around the world. With Pro3, Ocean Way Audio is able to extend its reach into a broader market of engineers, producers and music creators across an expansive range of musical genres.

"We are excited about the launch of Pro3 and the positive impact it will have within the music production community, not just for engineers and producers, but music creators," commented Allen Sides, founder and CEO of Ocean Way Audio. "The Pro3 is an invaluable tool for anyone looking for a clear, truthful representation of their mix. Once you have created something that sounds great, these little monitors will deliver an unmatched degree of detail and punchiness, with a low frequency response that belies their size."

One of the things that sets Ocean Way Audio monitors apart from its competitors is the accuracy of their imaging: in this case, between channels, the frequency response of each Pro3 monitor falls within ±0.5 dB of one another. This makes for a more cohesive stereo image and a more detailed spatial response. Meantime, the low-end frequency extension is exceptional for its size, delivering a flat response all the way down to 45Hz.

Despite its size, Pro3 is packed with innovation. The cabinet design helps achieve accurate time alignment by reducing baffle reflections and incorporates materials designed to minimise low frequency resonance. The port on the Pro3 helps optimize the woofer’s low frequency extension, while adding to the speaker's overall sound pressure level capacity.

Meanwhile, the HF driver on Pro 3 incorporates a high definition, silk fabric dome design that delivers excellent acoustic linearity. The LF driver uses a geometrically reinforced aluminium cone with a vented cast aluminium chassis making it able to deliver 'high power linearity' and perform optimally while monitoring at any level. These innovations, combined with an innovative cabinet design that delivers high-resolution audio and minimal reflections, enable longer sessions with a minimal degree of listening fatigue across the entire audio spectrum.

Ocean Way's advanced two-way, active design means that the Pro3s can be placed flexibly within a room and deliver a uniform frequency response of 45Hz to 20kHz, and 110dB maximum SPL between channels. The monitors' built in overload protection provides users an added degree of confidence, ensuring system reliability for the long-term.

20th July 2021