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Atlona Demonstrates Integration with Spyder at NAB New York


Chauvet Professional Wins Fifth WFX New Product Award


European Lighting Pros Gather for Elation Europe PRO Theme Day 2017


SSL Show New ‘System T - S300’ Compact Audio Console at AES/NAB


Sennheiser and Neumann showcase recording microphones alongside 3D audio capture tools and best-in-class monitoring solutions


Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound 2018 strengthen ties and put greater focus on professional encounters


Triple E sponsors Theatres Trust Conference


Sennheiser Receives Five NAMM TEC Award Nominations


HD Pro Audio Holds Showcase Event for SSL Live, L'Acoustics, KLANG:technologies and Green Go


Highlite Experience Day 2017 Success


RAVENNA gears up for AES in New York


DiGiCo Showcases SD12 at October’s WFX Expo and AES Convention


Ayrton Launched Ghibli, its first LED spot, at PLASA London 2017


Registration for USITT 2018 is Now Open


Absen Wows at ActiVate – Ireland’s Biggest AV Communications Showcase


TiMax and 1602 Group at AES New York 2017


Unusual Rigging reflects on 'highly successful' PLASA Rigging Conference


USITT/USA Prague Quadrennial 2019 Exhibit Design Competition – Call for Entries


Green Hippo Press Release - Green Hippo Reflects on an Awarding PLASA 2017


ETC announces 2017 ETC LDI Student Sponsorship Recipients


International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference 2018


City Theatrical DMXcat Wins PLASA Award For Innovation


Robe Supports The Stage Debut Awards


MDG Brings a Touch of the Outdoors to Prolight+Sound, Middle East


Avolites congratulates winners of the 2017 Knight of Illumination Awards


Atlona Demonstrates Integration with Spyder at NAB New York

Atlona Demonstrates Integration with Spyder at NAB New York
Atlona Demonstrates Integration with Spyder at NAB New York

USA – At NAB New York, Atlona is demonstrating a unique video wall control application at the booth of Metro Tech Reps, Atlona’s manufacturer’s representative for the Metropolitan New York area. The integrated system controls LED video wall content from a Christie Spyder X80 through Atlona’s Velocity networked control solution, opening new possibilities for wired and wireless control of digital signage and other AV content.

Atlona is also demonstrating how users can quickly building GUIs for custom control applications from various devices, including smartphone and tablets (Android, iOS), PCs and Macs, and Velocity touchscreen panels. Visitors can see the demonstration through to the end of 19th October, at Booth N729.

19th October 2017

Chauvet Professional Wins Fifth WFX New Product Award

Chauvet Professional Wins Fifth WFX New Product Award

USA – The Chauvet Professional Ovation B-565FC carried on a proud tradition at WFX 2017, when it won Worship Tech Director magazine’s New Product Award for Lighting. The ground-breaking batten luminaire, which was introduced earlier this year, joins four Ovation ellipsoidal LED fixtures that have received the prestigious honour.

“We’re humbled and very gratified to receive this award,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Our team has worked extremely hard to understand the needs of the church market, so we can develop products that address those needs in a way that makes economic sense for a house of worship.”

Incorporating Chauvet Professional’s pioneering lime colour-mixing system, the Ovation B-565FC opens new design possibilities for sanctuaries, stages and youth centres. The fixture’s RGBA-lime LEDs can produce a wide array of rich, realistic colours. Lime is at the optimal wave length for the human eye. Adding it to a fixture’s LED colour-mixing system results in more vivid colours and whites.

“We understand how colour can contribute to creating an immersive worship environment,” said Chauvet. “Our lime colour-mixing fixtures give churches greater capabilities to create colours that enhance this environment.”

A compact fixture, the Ovation B-565FC works as a batten or a standard wash in a variety of applications. The fixture comes with a holographic filter that can be locked into place, allowing it to be oriented in any direction without the filter sliding out. The versatile fixture works with a variety of control options, including RDM, Art-Net™ and sACN plus standard DMX.

Thanks to its colour rendering prowess and flexibility, this award winner should be at home in any house of worship.

18th October 2017

European Lighting Pros Gather for Elation Europe PRO Theme Day 2017

European Lighting Pros Gather for Elation Europe PRO Theme Day 2017
European Lighting Pros Gather for Elation Europe PRO Theme Day 2017

The Netherlands – Periodically, Elation Europe gathers lighting professionals at its European headquarters in Kerkrade, The Netherlands, for PRO Theme Day, a day of insightful seminars, shoot-outs and discussion about some of the industry’s most relevant topics and technology developments. On Tuesday, 10th October, Elation held one of its more popular PRO Theme Days, a programme filled with invaluable discussions and presentations, including a talk by one of the industry’s top designers, Ola Melzig.

“Thank you to everyone who shared a sensational PRO Theme Day with us,” enthused Elation Europe sales and marketing manager Marc Librecht at the end of the busy day. “It was really a big success and perhaps the best PRO Theme Day we’ve ever had. Ola was as informative and entertaining as ever and our guests came away with a lot of valuable knowledge. It was a full house and a fantastic day!”

PRO Theme Day participants had the opportunity to engage with Melzig, the man behind the mind-boggling production of the Eurovision Song Contest, and network with other industry colleagues. Melzig shared the ins and outs of the biggest live television production in the industry and shared insight into the challenges overcome in the latest edition of ESC in Kyiv. In another topical presentation, participants heard what the future has in store for Platinum and discharge lamp technology from Philips lighting expert Kirsten Verheyen.

And of course the PRO Theme Day allowed participants to get up close and personal with everything Elation, from products and projects to planning and personnel. The free seminar also saw Elation products go head-to-head against lighting products from other manufacturers in a series of shoot-outs that gave participants an excellent opportunity to see how Elation spot, wash and hybrid moving lights compare side by side with some of the most known brands in the industry.




17th October 2017

SSL Show New ‘System T - S300’ Compact Audio Console at AES/NAB

SSL Show New ‘System T - S300’ Compact Audio Console at AES/NAB

USA – AES NY Booth #522, NAB NY Booth N442. Solid State Logic has announced System T - S300, a new compact broadcast console that offers an outstanding combination of performance and value for a wide range of broadcast installations and OB vehicles. The new S300 is a fixed layout compact control surface that can be combined with the complete portfolio of SSL’s ground-breaking System T network objects: consoles, remote tiles, touchscreen interfaces, Tempest processing engines, remote PC software and Network I/O. It can be specified as part of a larger System T installation or in stand-alone configurations for smaller broadcast facilities or OB vehicles. S300 presents the extraordinary power and versatility of System T in a streamlined console layout that remains intuitive for operators with a wide range of skill levels.

S300 comes in two versions: 16+1 faders and 32+1 faders. S300 can connect to either a Tempest T25 (256 paths at 48kHz) or a T80 (800 paths at 48kHz) processor engine and runs the same software as the larger S500 surface and TCR (Tempest Control Rack).

System T is the world's first dedicated live-to-air broadcast audio production system to be entirely IP based. System T uses AoIP as its core, not simply as an edge connection to the console’s audio infrastructure. Tempest processing engines include direct AoIP interfaces allowing commercial off-the-shelf switching infrastructure to replace the requirement for expensive proprietary audio routing hardware. Universal AoIP connections reduce the overall system design cost and improve redundancy topologies, peripheral devices with IP connections do not require traditional audio converter connections. AoIP connections for Tempest Engines and all Network I/O devices are capable of Dante, AES67 and SMPTE 2110-30 using the same hardware.

System T S300 includes a fully integrated Dante control API, providing arbitrated audio and control resource sharing for SSL’s Network I/O range across SSL’s Tempest platform based consoles S500, S300, TCR and SSL Live (L500 Plus, L300 and L200). With the availability of over a 1000 Dante devices, from upwards of 350 manufacturers, System T control surfaces are a direct routing controller to extremely large, multi-manufacturer based AoIP routing systems. No additional software or hardware is required and routing control is directly from the console GUI or software instances of the console control software (T-SOLSA) running on standard PCs remotely connected to the main surface. System T’s underlying software and network infrastructure provide a standard-agnostic platform that can easily be updated to include emerging broadcast and media IP standards as they are ratified and complement broadcasters’ workflows.

Complete show file compatibility between all System T consoles and controllers means production can easily move between control rooms within a facility, or an S300 can very easily be used as a backup surface to a larger S500. Where processing engines are of different sizes SSL’s unique compatibility mode allows the pre selection of channel, busses and effects resources that will be inactive on the smaller processing engine. Settings from the larger device are never lost and resources can be reassigned at any point during the show, even with audio passing.

System T has SSL’s renowned pristine audio quality and a comprehensive array of processing options ensuring the tools for even the most demanding production or music mix are available. There are up to eight dialogue auto mixers and two dynamics sections per path including compressors, oversampled true peak limiters, gates, expanders and de-essers. Full processing capabilities on all channels and busses provide complete flexibility. An additional effects rack provides multiple reverbs, dynamic EQ, noise reduction, signal generators, summing tools, upmixers, downmixers and of course SSL’s bus compressor as standard, no external devices or audio connections are required. These inbuilt effects allow near zero latency, direct control and full recallability with the console show file system. When applied to a path insert the effect automatically appears in the path GUI providing a logical workflow and intuitive user interface.

System T is designed for integration. Beyond the unparalleled number of third-party AoIP Dante devices that can be directly routing controlled from the console software, S300, S500 and TCR can be controlled by Production Automation packages (Ross Overdrive, GV Ignite, Sony ELC or Vizrt Mosart). System T’s fully programmable Events Manager feature provides extensive and customisable GPIO and macro programming. From simple fader starts and AFV functions to multi source macro programming, events programming can be trailered to suit each production and managed directly from the console GUI.

S300 is a no compromises compact surface providing all the power and features of SSL’s flagship System T environment, resulting in an unparalleled feature set at this price point.

16th October 2017

Sennheiser and Neumann showcase recording microphones alongside 3D audio capture tools and best-in-class monitoring solutions

Sennheiser and Neumann showcase recording microphones alongside 3D audio capture tools and best-in-class monitoring solutions
Sennheiser and Neumann showcase recording microphones alongside 3D audio capture tools and best-in-class monitoring solutions

USA – Sennheiser and Neumann (Booth 724/Demo Room 1E04) will be showcasing their comprehensive suite of high-quality microphones and monitors for both professional and home studios at the 143rd AES Convention at the Javitz Center in New York City. Highlights on display from Neumann include the U 87 Rhodium Edition microphone and the KH 80 DSP monitor loudspeaker in a new white version. For Sennheiser, the focus will be on its ground-breaking AMBEO 3D audio recording technologies, presenting the AMBEO VR microphone for producing 3D VR/AR audio and the renowned MKH 800 TWIN recording microphone for loudspeaker-reproduced 3D audio. The audio specialist will also host and participate in a series of demonstrations and panels on immersive audio.
The U 87 Rhodium Edition was created to honour the 50th anniversary of the classic microphone’s release. Limited to only 500 units worldwide, this premium microphone is plated with rhodium, a material rarer than gold and more reflective than any other metal. Each of the meticulously crafted microphones is individually numbered with a certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Wolfgang Fraissinet, president, Neumann.Berlin.

The exclusive Neumann U 87 Rhodium Edition is limited to 500 units worldwide.

The joint Sennheiser and Neumann booth will also showcase the full line of microphones and monitors for professional studios and home recording use. Neumann microphones on display will include the U 87 ai, U 47 FET, TLM 67, TLM 102, TLM 103, TLM 107, M 147 Tube, M 149 Tube, KM 184 A, and the KU 100 dummy head. Sennheiser microphones on display will include the AMBEO VR Mic, MK 4 digital, MK 8, ClipMic digital, MKE 2 digital, and the MKH 800 TWIN. The MKH 800 TWIN features a dual-capsule design, which allows its pick-up pattern to be remotely controlled at the mixing desk or via a dedicated MKH 800 TWIN plug-in for DAWs, seamlessly allowing any intermediate characteristic. The free plug-in also allows easy management of multiple TWIN microphones for 3D audio recording.

Also featured is the Neumann line of precision studio monitors, which includes the brand new KH 80 DSP in white. Other Neumann monitors on display include the KH 810, KH 310, and KH 120.

Sennheiser will host demonstrations of its AMBEO 3D immersive audio technology in demo room 1E04 for the duration of the convention. The sessions will include a walk-through of AMBEO 3D audio for loudspeaker playback and the AMBEO VR microphone. Special guests such as producer and surround sound expert Tom Ammermann and sound designer and psychoacoustician Lasse Nipkow will join attendees to relate their experiences with the technology. The schedule of demonstration and listening sessions is as follows:
Tom Ammermann - 10/18 at 11:00 AM; 10/19 at 12:00 PM; 10/20 at 11:00 AM

In this Electro Pop focused session, attendees will hear 3D audio mixes from Booka Shade and Kraftwerk. Participants can look forward to engrossing immersive sound, and Tom will be open for questions.

  • Lasse Nipkow – 18th October at 1pm, 19th October at 2pm and 20th October at 1pm. EDM producers aim to fully envelop nightclub audiences in sound. 3D audio offers immense potential to increase the immersiveness of that experience and engage the emotions of the audience. Lasse discusses the future of dance music and 3D audio and how it relates to film sound, while delving into explanations of relevant psychoacoustic phenomena via sample recordings and videos.

  • Gregor Zielinsky – 18th October at 3pm, 19th October at 4pm and 20th October at 9am. Tonmeister Gregor Zielinsky, Sennheiser, will present examples of live and studio AMBEO productions. Also, the MKH 800 TWIN plug-in will be explained and presented in a live session. This free plug-in makes working with the double-capsule MKH 800 TWIN easier and more flexible. A free plug-in allows easy management of multiple MKH 800 TWIN microphones for 3D audio recordings.

  • Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz – 18th October at 5pm Live recording experts Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz of Anderson Audio New York will present audio captured at this year’s Chelsea Music Festival, delivered via Sennheiser’s immersive AMBEO 3D audio format. The recordings feature works by Beethoven, Ravel, and Gershwin.

    In addition to hosting demonstrations and listening sessions in its own demo room, Sennheiser staff will participate in several presentations and panels regarding the state of 3D audio technology during the convention.

    Spatial Audio: SA15 – Afternoon Listening Session in 9.1
    Saturday, 21st October, 1:15 pm - 2:45 pm (Rm 1E06 - PMC Room)
    This 90-minute immersive listening session will be dedicated to experiencing recently recorded works created for multichannel loudspeaker listening environments. The programme will include classical, pop, electronic, jazz, and world music recordings created by a variety of engineers and producers who are dedicated to the art of spatial audio.

    Friday, 20th October 20, 9am - 10:30am (Rm 1E12)
    TW07 Tech Behind the Tools: Production to Playback is a 90-minute panel of engineers and technologists, experts in their fields, will educate attendees about the technology behind a different product, tool or service on the journey from audio production through playback. The panel features Véronique Larcher, co-director AMBEO Immersive Audio, Sennheiser.

    Friday, 20th October 20, 4:30 pm - 6pm (Rm 1E13)
    Game Audio & VR: GA14 - Immersive Headphone Audio Reproduction in VR/AR presents virtual and augmented-reality content via head-mounted displays is a key focus for content creators and technology manufacturers. This display method allows for mobility and unconstrained movements and enables virtual content to be immersively embedded into the real world. Headphone transparency to environmental sounds and the proper application of augmented audio content to the real acoustical environment are among the major technological challenges we face. Panellists will discuss these challenges for signal processing and headphone acoustics for different AR & VR application requirements.

    The panel is chaired by Juergen Peissig, Sennheiser, and features Véronique Larcher, co-director AMBEO Immersive Audio, Sennheiser.
    Saturday, 21st October, 10:45am - 11:45am (Rm 1E06 - PMC Room)
    Spatial Audio: SA13 - 3D Ambeo Live and Studio Recordings – Live recording experts Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz of Anderson Audio New York captured this year’s Chelsea Music Festival for playback via Sennheiser’s immersive AMBEO 3D audio format. During this session, they will present the resulting recordings. Host Gregor Zielinsky, Sennheiser, will present further examples of live and studio AMBEO productions. Additionally, the MKH 800 TWIN plug-in will be explained and demonstrated in a live session. This free plug-in provides an easy way to maximise the potential of the highly flexible, dual-capsule MKH 800 TWIN mic.

Sennheiser and Neumann showcase recording microphones alongside 3D audio capture tools and best-in-class monitoring solutionsSennheiser and Neumann showcase recording microphones alongside 3D audio capture tools and best-in-class monitoring solutions

16th October 2017

Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound 2018 strengthen ties and put greater focus on professional encounters

Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound 2018 strengthen ties and put greater focus on professional encounters
Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound 2018 strengthen ties and put greater focus on professional encounters

Germany – Musikmesse (11 to 14 April 2018) and Prolight + Sound (10th to 13th April 2018) bring together companies with retailers, professionals from the musical-instrument, event and media-technologies sectors, as well as musicians from all over the world. In 2017, the two events attracted a total of around 100,000 visitors from 144 countries to Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre. For companies of all sizes there is a wide spectrum of options to showcase products, ranging from all-inclusive booth packages at an entry-level price and open air live-demonstrations to the integration of brands and endorsers in the event programme of the two shows.

This important international trade-fair duo will move even closer together in 2018. New is the concentration of the audio, DJ and recording product segment in Hall 4.1 and other improvements in the layout of the fairs.

With measures to reduce noise levels and the focus on trade visitors on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning, Musikmesse will raise its profile as the platform and source of inspiration for professionals from the musical-instrument and educational segments, and for musicians.

For all music fans, there will be a reduced-price private visitor ticket on the Friday afternoon and Saturday. Recently launched, successful formats, such as the Drum Camp, Guitar Camp, the Musikmesse Festival and the Silent Stage area, will be continued in 2018.

The audio, DJ and recording product segment will have a new and centrally located presentation platform. Previously, exhibitors from this segment were to be found in both sections of the Exhibition Centre – with the new concept for Hall 4.1, exhibitors will be able to reach visitors to both Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound with a single exhibition stand.

Hall 4.1 is in the heart of the Exhibition Centre and will be open throughout Musikmesse. The focus of the hall is on products that are not only for professional users in the field of event and media technology but also of interest to musicians, music producers and musical-instrument retailers, e.g., microphones, effects and signal processors, cables, mixing desks, control units, monitoring tools, production tools, DJ equipment and recording hardware and software. As in the past, visitors will find products for (live) PA systems and permanent installations in Hall 3.1.

Also part of Hall 4.1 is the ‘Silent Stage’ area, which was launched in 2017 and presents an innovative stage concept for clean sound and effective monitoring, as well as the Sound & Recording Lounge, which offers lectures on mixing, miking and production.

Unlike any other event in Europe, Musikmesse presents the complete spectrum of musical instruments and genres. In addition to a comprehensive product overview, it offers targeted content for different musical communities.

The highlights of the Drums, Percussion, Guitars + Amps segment are the Drum Camp and the Guitar Camp where top international drummers and guitarists give exclusive performances, as well as workshops and masterclasses. Exhibitors have the opportunity to make presentations on attractive complete exhibition stands in the immediate vicinity of the camps. With the move to Hall 9.0, electric guitars are only a stone’s throw away from acoustic guitars in Hall 8.0.

The Keys + Piano segment moves to Hall 11.0, close to the Portalhaus entrance. The ‘Piano Salon Europe’, which returns this year, provides Europe’s piano makers with a platform for showing high-grade upright and grand pianos. Part of the hall is a presentation and lecture stage where, inter alia, the ‘Piano Player of the Year’ award will be presented.

Acoustic instruments remain in Hall 8.0 and, together with string and plucked instruments, percussion and harmonica instruments, cover a broad spectrum. On the ‘Acoustic Stage’ in the adjoining Galleria, visitors will be able to see outstanding artists from the acoustic-music scene – from classical and jazz to pop. Woodwind and brass instruments are to be found in an acoustically separate part of Hall 8.0. Musikmesse is also planning to continue the successful cooperation with the ‘Woodstock of Wind Music’, which began in 2017 and, with rousing bands and groups of modern wind music on the outdoor area, proved to be a great source of inspiration for visitors.

For the specialist musical-instrument trade, Musikmesse offers free admission and exclusive services within the framework of the ‘Musikmesse Insider’ and ‘Musikmesse Premium’ benefits programmes.

The Business Area in Hall 11.1 offers room for business discussions and a dedicated further-development programme for the musical-instrument sector in the form of the ‘Business Academy inspired by SOMM’.

Additionally, the Musikmesse matchmaking programme brings together suitable companies and retailers. Under the heading Music Education, Musikmesse groups together products and services for music making that are relevant to teaching and society. Thus, at the ‘Discover Music’ area, the youngest visitors have the chance to try out musical instruments for themselves while the ‘Music Education Lounge’ provides presentation space for organisations from the world of teaching, culture and music business. Additionally, exhibitors can take part in the programme of the ‘Musikbiz & Culture Forum’, which spotlights subjects such as professional development in the music sector and the social significance of music making.

Musikmesse is also the setting for the finale of ‘SchoolJam’, Germany’s biggest competition for school bands, and the presentation of the European School Music Award, which honours the achievements of music teachers at general schools.

For the third time running, Musikmesse will be accompanied by the Musikmesse Festival in 2018. In the evenings, visitors can look forward to concerts by a broad spectrum of extraordinary acts at the Exhibition Centre and venues throughout Frankfurt.

In the eastern section of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre, companies present trailblazing technologies for entertainment, integrated systems and creation. There, visitors from all event and media technology disciplines can not only discover a host of new products but also gain inspiration and expertise in subjects of relevance to them from the complementary programme of events.

Professionals from the field of light and sound technology can see new products in action at the PRG/LEA Stage in the ‘Festhalle’ and at the outdoor Live Sound Arena. The lectures of the Prolight + Sound Conference provide answers to questions on miking, PA systems, lighting design, etc.

The growth fields of Prolight + Sound include media technology and systems integration. Technological trends, such as digital audio networks, AV over IP and immersive technologies, are to be found in the exhibition halls and will be discussed by experts in the seminar programme. For the 15th time, Prolight + Sound will be the venue for the presentation of the ‘Sinus – Systems Integration Award’. An attractive area for interested users from the Broadcasting segment is the Moving Picture Pavilion in Hall 4.0 with products for live video production and streaming, as well as ready-to-play production chains from the camera to live distribution.

Products and seminars on the stage & theatre are summarised in a special brochure to help planners, technicians and other professionals from the theatre segment orientate themselves at the fair. In keeping with tradition at Prolight + Sound, the Opus – German Stage Award – will be presented in honour of outstanding achievements in the field of stage and scenery design, as well as the use of technology on the stage.

As last year, Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound will be held concurrently on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and all tickets are valid for both fairs on these days.

Further information about Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound on the internet at www.musikmesse.com and www.prolight-sound.com.

13th October 2017

Triple E sponsors Theatres Trust Conference

Triple E sponsors Theatres Trust Conference

UK – Entertainment industry engineers Triple E is sponsoring the Theatres Trust Conference for the first time, inspired by providing the sector with temporary venues.

Triple E ModTruss theatres, used on the frontline at Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer, are perfect pop-up performance spaces, particularly useful while at risk theatres are refurbished.

At the Lyric in Hammersmith on 17th October, the Theatres Trust Conference is a major event in the industry calendar. It’s an opportunity for operators, consultants, architects and suppliers to meet and discuss current issues surrounding theatre buildings in the UK.

Brenda Edelstein, co-director at Triple E, comments: “We have liaised with the Trust for some years, visiting theatres on its At Risk register to highlight their plight as part of the First Night Riders charity motorcycle ride. So it’s a pleasure to support the event and to develop a closer relationship.”

Jon Morgan, director of the Trust, says: “I am delighted to welcome Triple E as a first time sponsor of the Theatres Trust Conference. It is a big undertaking and we are very grateful to Triple E and our other sponsors without whom the event would not be possible.”

Set up by the government in 1976, the Theatres Trust is the advisory body working to promote the better protection of theatres. The annual Theatres Trust Conference brings together more than 200 industry professionals and stakeholders from across the UK.


12th October 2017

Triple E

Sennheiser Receives Five NAMM TEC Award Nominations

Sennheiser Receives Five NAMM TEC Award Nominations
Sennheiser Receives Five NAMM TEC Award Nominations

USA – Audio specialist Sennheiser has received five nominations for Outstanding Technical Achievement for the 33rd Annual NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards. The company’s innovative AMBEO VR Mic, Digital 6000 and XS Wireless microphone systems, HD 200 PRO headphones, and ‘Pro Talk’ educational video series were nominated for the prestigious awards in four categories.

“We are pleased that the NAMM Foundation continues to acknowledge Sennheiser’s commitment to innovation and excellence in audio technology,” said Jürgen Kockmann, head of product management, live performance and music, for Sennheiser. “We are a company that is committed to shaping the Future of Audio, and the products and video series nominated for this year’s Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards reflect this forward-looking philosophy. Empowered by Sennheiser, our customers are already experiencing great successes in audio using these new solutions, and we are truly excited to help power their future achievements through our innovation.”

Presented by the NAMM Foundation, the TEC Awards are the pro audio and musical instrument industries’ most prestigious awards, celebrating the spirit of innovation and honoring best-in-class products in the pro audio community. Following a two-month call for entries, a panel comprised of leaders in audio and production carefully evaluated each entry before selecting the five Sennheiser products. Winners will be announced during an awards ceremony at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA on 27th January. The event will be live-streamed.

The AMBEO VR Mic, nominated in the Microphones – Recording category, was carefully designed in consultation with virtual-reality content creators as an elegant solution for three-dimensional audio capture. An Ambisonics microphone fitted with four matched KE 14 capsules in a tetrahedral arrangement, it captures the sound that surrounds you from a single point. Its four channels are then decoded by a free downloadable plug-in, available in VST, AU and AAX formats or as stand-alone versions for Mac and PC, resulting in fully immersive 3D sound ready to complement VR video/spherical 360 content.

Sennheiser’s AMBEO VR Mic has been nominated for an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award by the NAMM Foundation in the category of Microphones – Recording.

The Digital 6000 wireless system, nominated in the Wireless Technology category, adapts the ground-breaking long range transmission mode and proprietary audio codec that Sennheiser pioneered on its Digital 9000 wireless system into a two-channel receiver format. With a massive 244MHz of switching bandwidth, an easy-to-use user interface and frequencies that can simply be placed in an equidistant grid, the Digital 6000 is a powerful, scalable tool for pristine digital wireless transmission. Sennheiser’s True Bit Diversity and predictive algorithms help ensure a highly stable connection between transmitter and receiver, providing superior reliability in situations where other digital wireless systems fall short.

Sennheiser’s Digital 6000 wireless system has been nominated for an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award by the NAMM Foundation in the category of Wireless Technology.

Also nominated in the category of Wireless Technology, Sennheiser’s XS Wireless systems offer powerful wireless performance across two series – XS Wireless 1 for first-time wireless users and XS Wireless 2 for users who need greater flexibility and control. A total of 11 different microphone and instrument sets ensure excellent live sound, quick setup, a stunning design, and incredible ease of use.
Sennheiser’s XS Wireless systems have been nominated for an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award by the NAMM Foundation in the category of Wireless Technology. Pictured is the XS Wireless 1 Vocal Set.

Nominated in the category of Headphone/Earpiece Technology, Sennheiser’s HD 200 PRO headphones offer an ideal entry point into the world of home recording and content creation, and are also the perfect partner for enjoying music with excellent sound quality. In monitoring, the HD 200 PRO’s accurate sound image ensures that users can mix even the finest nuances of sound. Designed with superior fit and comfort for long sessions, it is a high-performing, budget-friendly companion at home and in the studio.
Sennheiser’s HD 200 PRO headphones have been nominated for an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award by the NAMM Foundation in the category of Headphone/Earpiece Technology.

Sennheiser’s Pro Talk Series, which was nominated in the category of Audio Education Technology, brings interviews with the industry’s top sound engineers to the Sennheiser YouTube channel. The series is a valuable resource for aspiring engineers and producers of all levels to learn from the experience of luminaries like Manny Marroquin of Larrabee Studios (Rihanna, Kanye West and John Mayer), Jim Ebdon (Maroon 5, Aerosmith, Sting, Pet Shop Boys), Stephen Curtin (Beyoncé), and Al Schmitt (Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Sam Cooke).

Sennheiser’s Pro Talk YouTube series has been nominated for an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award by the NAMM Foundation in the category of Audio Education Technology. Pictured is Ken Travis, sound designer for the Broadway musical Aladdin.

Sennheiser Receives Five NAMM TEC Award NominationsSennheiser Receives Five NAMM TEC Award Nominations

12th October 2017

HD Pro Audio Holds Showcase Event for SSL Live, L'Acoustics, KLANG:technologies and Green Go

HD Pro Audio Holds Showcase Event for SSL Live, L\'Acoustics, KLANG:technologies and Green Go

UK - HD Pro Audio has announced that it is holding a unique one day technology showcase event, featuring a selection of its premium brands and cutting-edge products.

Taking place from noon to 5pm on Thursday 19th October at John Henry's Studio 3, London N7, the event will include the SSL Live L200 console with Dante stagebox system, L'Acoustics Syva loudspeakers, KLANG:technologies 3D binaural IEM mixing system and Green Go digital intercom, including wireless.

Manufacturers' representatives will be on hand to give a detailed overview of each technology, as well as hands-on demonstrations.

Numbers for this great opportunity to evaluate some of the latest developments in professional audio are limited, so anyone wishing to attend should call HD Pro Audio on 01784 433687 or email info@hdproaudio.co.uk as soon as possible. Bookings can also be made on-line at https://goo.gl/R2uoei


10th October 2017

Highlite Experience Day 2017 Success

Highlite Experience Day 2017 Success
Highlite Experience Day 2017 Success

The Netherlands – Highlite held its first Experience Day on 2nd October at its Kerkrade HQ in The Netherlands with a new concept focused on learning, inspiring, and connecting people. They welcomed customers from around the world, and were delighted that so many of them embraced this new approach to the full.

Well-known industry speakers were invited to talk at the ‘learning and inspiring’ part, and at many times during the day there was no free chair left in the seminar rooms. Discussions covered lighting design, trussing, and video, as well as speaker management and lighting control.

The ‘connecting’ section of the event was held in the hospitality area and the zone with new equipment, where guests could try out the latest products while enjoying some delicious food and drinks. However, the showroom with the brand-new displays topped the activities.

Highlite thank everyone for taking part and look forward to welcoming them back again next year!


Highlite Experience Day 2017 SuccessHighlite Experience Day 2017 Success

10th October 2017


RAVENNA gears up for AES in New York

USA – Following RAVENNA’s hugely successful IBC show in September which saw the demonstration of RAVENNA’s full compatibility with ST2110, significant participation in the increasingly popular IP Showcase, the launch of more RAVENNA-enabled products than ever before and an unprecedented number of RAVENNA winners in the IABM Design & Technology Awards as well as the NewBay Best in Show Awards, RAVENNA is now gearing up for more of the same at AES in New York.

RAVENNA evangelist, Andreas Hildebrand of ALC NetworX, will be either presenting or participating in no less than five different events at the show dealing with a variety of AoIP topics.

On Wednesday afternoon, Andreas is hosting a panel discussion on “Real-world AES67 Networking” on the Broadcast Audio Expo stage located on the show floor. Panellists include Nicolas Sturmel from Merging, Claudio Becker-Foss from DirectOut, Jeffrey Stroessner from Lawo and Will Hoult from Focusrite.

Next, NA04 on Thursday afternoon, entitled “ST2110 & AES67: the audio parts of ST2110”, describes the basic principles of AES67 and the commonalities, differences, and constraints defined in ST2110 with respect to synchronisation and transport of audio essence streams. Included is a brief outlook on how transport of non-linear audio formats (AES3) are likely be defined in ST2110.

Friday is packed with three sessions: NA05 is a presentation on “AES67 interoperability – Network Audio Systems: a report on the state of the technology” and focuses on how to achieve interoperability within the AES67 standard. The panellists – including Greg Shay from Telos and Nicolas Sturmel from Merging - will share their own experience in preparing for interoperability showcases, designing products, configuring the network and accommodating the various choices left open to implementers within the standard.

NA07 – “How to leverage AES67 to integrate multiple networked audio systems” – is the session that really deals with the nitty-gritty of how to set up an AES67 network in practice. Andreas Hildebrand will be co-presenting along with Will Hoult from Focusrite and Greg Shay from the Telos Alliance to take participants through the workflow of configuring audio streaming from one networked audio platform to another using AES67. Practical, hands-on demos will enable attendees to see how AES67 complements the various AoIP solutions including RAVENNA, Dante and Livewire+ allowing for networked audio interoperability using standard IP techniques. Topics covered will include network configuration, stream setup on each of the platforms, and troubleshooting.

Finally, Hildebrand will present a short version of the previous session in NA08 – “AES67 Practical” for anyone who missed the NA07 session or wants a more condensed overview.

“Obviously all of the presentations are important and useful, but for those involved in physically setting up and configuring AES67 networks and not just dealing with the theory, the one not to miss is NA07,” said Hildebrand. “It’s also the one we typically have the most demand for, so if you want a seat, get there early!”

When he’s not busy presenting, Andreas can be found on the Lawo booth #824 along with the RAVENNA demo rack.

For more details of the presentations, please see https://www.ravenna-network.com/about-ravenna/trade-shows-events/


10th October 2017

DiGiCo Showcases SD12 at October’s WFX Expo and AES Convention

DiGiCo Showcases SD12 at October’s WFX Expo and AES Convention

USA – Representing the culmination of 15 years of pioneering digital console design, DiGiCo’s new SD12 console will be the centerpiece of the company’s presence at two North American trade shows this month: WFX and AES.

On 11th and 12th October, the latest SD-Series console will be on public display at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in in Dallas, Texas for the WFX 2017 Conference and Expo. Shown on stand #513 by DiGiCo’s US distributor, Group One Ltd., the desk will be joined by the manufacturer’s S21 console, loaded with the latest V2.0 software for 48 flexi channels, and new S-Series DMI-MIC Pre-Amp Card, which allows up to 40 analogue microphone pre-amps on the S21 and S31 surface without the need of a stage rack.

Later this month, the SD12 will again be exhibited at the 143th AES Convention held at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City from 18th to 21st October. Spotlighted on Group One’s stand, #631, the desk will share the show floor with DiGiCo’s S31 – the larger, triple-screen sibling of the S21 – and the company’s flagship SD7 touring console, among other exciting products.

“From the stages of Summerfest’s 50th in Milwaukee to the audition and elimination rounds of NBC’s America’s Got Talent in Los Angeles, the SD12 has very quickly been showing up on numerous tours, festivals and installs since we launched it at NAMM back in January,” says Group One vice president of audio Matt Larson. “Equipped with DiGiCo’s latest generation of Super FPGA processing along with the Core2 platform and dual 15-inch touchscreens, the popular desk embodies the best features of both the SD- and S-Series combined into a highly compact yet intuitive and user-friendly design.”


9th October 2017


Ayrton Launched Ghibli, its first LED spot, at PLASA London 2017

Ayrton Launched Ghibli, its first LED spot, at PLASA London 2017

UK – Ayrton exhibited at the 40th PLASA London 2017 with its exclusive UK distributors, Ambersphere Solutions, where it successfully launched three new products to the great delight of visitors to PLASA, which welcomed an increased footfall and more international visitors than ever.

Ghibli, MiniPanel-FX, and WildSun K25 TC were introduced to the market and received an incredible response:

“Ayrton is committed to providing the lighting designer with a complete range of lighting tools to suit every purpose and size of venue,” says Ayrton CEO, Chris Ferrante. “Our new releases are indicative of the breadth of our product range which constantly evolves to meet the requirements of our creative client base.”

Ghibli is Ayrton’s first LED spot luminaire and marks an expansion of Ayrton’s automated lighting range. Compact, elegant and lightweight, Ghibli boasts high output, ultra-efficient optics, a 8:1 zoom from 7° to 56° and a selectable high CRI mode amongst its wealth of features, all housed in a most compact, competitively-priced, package with a classy, sleek, industrial design.

“Ghibli is the smallest and lightest fixture in its class compared with both LED and metal halide products, and gives the best performance to size and weight ratio of any LED hard edge fixture available – and metal halide product – in its class,” confirms Ferrante.

Ghibli uses less than 900W of power in total, yet delivers an impressive output of 23,000 lumen, which renders it powerful enough for large scale arenas. In addition, its output is of an incredibly high quality, offering a crisp, clean and uniform beam with no hotspot, and fantastic centre-to-edge uniformity that delivers fat beams across its whole field, meaning Ghibli is at home as much in theatre as on the touring circuit.

This magnificent beam quality and output is due to Ghibli’s superb 80% optical efficiency which ensures there is no compromise between the two. “The higher colour temperature and spectral make-up of the Ghibli is great for concert touring applications, yet the flat beam and whisper-silent operation also makes Ghibli very suitable for theatrical users,” says Ayrton’s global sales director, Michael Althaus.

Very appealing to the lighting designers who came to try out the new fixture was Ghibli’s fabulous zoom range: 13 high quality lenses including a 137mm frontal lens deliver an 8:1 zoom ratio with a beam aperture of 7° - 56°. “The revelation was a real eye-opener to those who saw it and we were very happy with the approval and many compliments it received,” says Ambersphere’s sales director, Philip Norfolk.

Ghibli is fitted with a very special filter for optimising the colour rendering index. This mode increases the CRI and can be activated remotely in situations demanding even higher-quality light output. “Visitors were quick to see the advantage of using a CRI filter over versions which alter the LED engine to achieve higher CRI values,” explains Norfolk. “The new filter system loses less light and means more versatility, compared to using a different light engine or even offering different versions of the same product to the market. Rental Houses clearly prefer to have just one solution that does it all perfectly.”

Despite its compact size, Ghibli does not hold back on its feature set and offers one of the fullest ranges of options on the market, including CMY colour mixing, variable CTO and full field framing. The complete effect section includes two gobo wheels (one rotating, one static), a fixed colour wheel, a prism, an animation wheel and two frost filters, in addition to focus, iris, electronic dimming, strobe and engine animation control capabilities. The full field framing system is rotatable to 60° and allows each frame to be positioned with precision on a 100% surface area in all positions, even capable of a full wipe, to give lighting designers countless creative possibilities.

Attractive new custom-designed gobo patterns have been created in collaboration with lighting designers to meet the needs of the entertainment industry: “We were very happy with the positive feedback to the news designs,” says Ferrante. “Designers are always looking for something fresh, and with applications so varied across the markets, it was very gratifying to hear this level of response to our new designs.”

Ghibli’s ultra efficient thermal design means less maintenance and lower servicing costs. The main airflow is directed over the heat sink at the rear of the fixture and avoids passing over the optical train, and its sealed LED engine means less maintenance or chance of failure. This results in fewer cleaning interventions which is an obvious benefit to rental companies.

“Visitors were able to understand for themselves how the combination of the dissipation of heat through Ghibli’s die cast base, and the liquid cooling system for the engine in the head were innovative ways to manage heat,” explains Norfolk. “These in turn allow Ghibli to have a smaller footprint while the liquid cooling system for the engine in the head reduces the number of cooling fans by half. The result is whisper silent operation which is an extremely desirable feature.”

Ayrton pays as much attention to the appearance of its fixtures as their performance. Ghibli was designed to be sleek and industrial-looking with a low profile base housing that reduces its footprint. “We designed Ghibli with beautiful clean lines and no hard edges,” says Ferrante. “That way we can guarantee it looks great on camera and when in view of the audience.”

“We are hearing from our customers that they recognise that Ghibli is much smaller, lighter and less expensive than any other product in its class,” he concludes, “with a great lumen per wattage ratio and much, much more usable zoom range. That makes us very happy that we succeeded in what we set out to do.”

Also appearing at PLASA London 2017:

MiniPanel-FX, a diminutive version of the MagicPanel-FX, indicated the flavour of things to come as the company continues its development of a range of miniaturised versions of its hugely successful FX range.

This fabulous new addition may be small in dimensions but it is mighty in output, with a zoom spread of 3.6° to 53°. MiniPanel-FX houses four of Ayrton’s unique square lenses in a neat 2 x 2 configuration to form an extremely powerful beam and wash light with immense creative possibilities. With characteristic endless double rotation, MiniPanel-FX is the perfect tiny complement to its hugely successful siblings, MagicPanel-FX and MagicBlade-FX.

Both Ghibli and MiniPanel-FX will be ready to ship in the autumn.

WildSun K25 TC (True Colour), an evolution of WildSun K25, sports a new LED chip that is calibrated to deliver a consistent colour temperature of 5,700K and CRI in excess of 92, yet uses 40% less power. Its near perfect daylight output makes it idea for automotive, fashion and broadcast applications.

Launched at Prolight+Sound 2017, Ayrton’s Merak 250W RGBW LED wash light made its first appearance at Olympia. This little powerhouse of technology features a proprietary 10:1 optical zoom system, with a 7° to 70° zoom and a new Fresnel lens design to ensure perfectly homogeneous colour mixing regardless of beam angle. With its single-source transmitting lens, Merak casts wonderfully crisp light and just one shadow. It forms a perfect complement to the new Ghibli LED spot luminaire.

Ambersphere’s famous ‘Gin O’Clock’ gathering at the end of each day gave plenty of opportunity for visitors to mingle and discuss the new products demonstrated throughout the day. “The response to our new products and future roadmap were extremely positive,” says Ferrante. “We are very excited at the prospect of bringing these new products to market over the coming months. What a way to celebrate Ayrton’s 15th Anniversary!”

9th October 2017

Registration for USITT 2018 is Now Open

USA - Early-Early Bird online registration for USITT 2018 in Fort Lauderdale is officially open. Register now at usittshow.com.

USITT’s 2018 Annual Conference and Stage Expo runs from 14th to 17th March in Fort Lauderdale. Early-Early Bird registration – by Dec. 7 – saves the most money, with the lowest rates.

The 2018 show features 260+ conference sessions and 300 exhibitors at Stage Expo: an extensive, hands-on showcase of the latest in live entertainment technology.

Stage Expo: USITTs Stage Expo has over 300 exhibitors and is a combination event and marketplace. See the latest new products from leading companies in the technical theatre industry all in one location. Get hands-on with demos and trainings and collaborate with industry professionals no matter your level of experience.

Poster Sessions: This year, poster sessions have gone digital. USITT Poster Sessions are a great way to share information and expand your scholarly activity, including new solutions to old problems, innovations, research results, discoveries, and developments.

Props Lab: The first ever Props Lab hands-on experience will be on the Stage Expo floor in Fort Lauderdale. Curated by last year’s Early Career Honors speaker Jay Duckworth, the lab will provide demonstrations and training activities led by esteemed properties masters, educators, artisans, puppet makers, and fight masters.

Sessions: Over 260 sessions will be offered across 12 learning tracks in architecture, costuming, engineering, lighting design, scenic design, technical production, management, safety and health, and sound design.

Outdoor Stage: We will be taking full advantage of the weather in South Florida at our outdoor stage. This stage will serve as a special event space as well as a Conference education space.

Fort Lauderdale Attractions: Art, history, food, and nature are all at your fingertips in the Fort Lauderdale area. Take advantage of all the entertainment and dining options between sessions and Stage Expo perusing.

To Register for USITT 2018, please visit usittshow.com

9th October 2017

Absen Wows at ActiVate – Ireland’s Biggest AV Communications Showcase

Absen Wows at ActiVate – Ireland’s Biggest AV Communications Showcase
Absen Wows at ActiVate – Ireland’s Biggest AV Communications Showcase

Ireland – Absen Europe recently took centre stage at ActiVate, an exclusive two-day showcase in Ireland hosted by its VAP partner Eurotek Ireland and sister company Avtek Solutions, wowing the 200 invited guests with innovative digital display solutions. Eurotek and Avtek combined their knowledge, expertise and experience in the AV sector to develop the event, which is the biggest AV communications showcase of the year and the first of its kind in the Irish market, demonstrating how all three companies are leading their respective fields.

The two-day event took place at Shelbourne Hall, RDS, in Dublin and was attended by 200 of Eurotek and Avtek’s top clients from a variety of sectors. Four Absen LED displays were the centrepiece of the exhibit, each configured differently to demonstrate their adaptability in any given scenario. An Absen X5 display wall was mounted outside on a mobile trailer at the entrance to the showcase, a second in super wide format (13m x 2.5m) in the reception area and one as part of an archway which formed the transition from one space to the next. In addition, the award winning Absen M2.9 LED panels were installed in the live event area to mark its debut in the Irish market.

Graham Lowen, commercial director for Eurotek Group, oversaw the project and remarks: “We selected these particular Absen products because they helped us to tell our story. The X5 is able to demonstrate high quality image reproduction indoors and outdoors at around 5mm pixel pitch which is today’s talking point, while the new M2.9 showcased next generation technology in spectacular style.”

An all-weather proof HD LED display for the rental and staging sector, the X5 is equally at home in an indoor or outdoor setting. With front and rear maintenance and module replacement in just five seconds it is perfect for the large-scale yet temporary installations commonplace in events and exhibitions staging. Meanwhile, the M2.9 indoor LED display, awarded best production product at the 2017 AV Awards and an award finalist at this year’s InAVation Awards, is also extremely fast and easy to install. With an innovative and newly patented locking system, cabinets can be mounted and locked in only 3 seconds and with one action.

Ross Burling, business development manager UK and Ireland and account manager for Eurotek at Absen Europe comments: “Shelbourne Hall is a large exhibition space, and in this kind of environment it is crucial that the products can be installed quickly and efficiently. In addition, and more so than ever for a showcase event such as this, high quality from a visual performance and reliability perspective is paramount, and that goes without saying when it comes to Absen products. The Absen X5 and M2.9 deliver on all these points and more.”

As VAP partners, Eurotek and Avtek know Absen and its products very well. The relationship between the companies began two years ago and has gone from strength to strength, with Avtek Solutions – the live event production arm of the business – renting the Absen X5 and M2.9 to service the needs of its corporate event clients. Meanwhile, Eurotek, Ireland’s leading AV integrator, now puts Absen systems into its installations across a wide range of applications from broadcast and corporate to transport and out-of-home advertising.

Lowen continues: “We have an excellent working relationship with Absen. Our engineers, technicians and commercial team members visit its manufacturing facility every year for product training, commissioning and commercial specifying. It’s a real partnership between us to bring the very best in innovative technology and service to our valued customers.”

The showcase featured a guided tour and immersive five-minute live show, with content delivered across all screens by Pandoras Box video server technology. Feedback from the attendees left no doubt as to the success of the event, with blanket praise for the sensational and inspirational showcase which opened up their eyes and minds to the future of visual communications.

Concludes Lowen: “We’re celebrating 50 years in business at Eurotek this year, and with that heritage in mind we believe Absen is amongst the leading companies in the LED display space. The product line-up is impressive to say the least and the ever-increasing presence on the ground in Europe means customer service is also second to none. We couldn’t be happier with the performance of the products we used in the showcase, and those we use every day in our work for our clients. ActiVate was a fantastic opportunity for us to show the world of possibilities when working with great products like the Absen range.”

Absen Wows at ActiVate – Ireland’s Biggest AV Communications ShowcaseAbsen Wows at ActiVate – Ireland’s Biggest AV Communications Showcase

6th October 2017

TiMax and 1602 Group at AES New York 2017

TiMax and 1602 Group at AES New York 2017

USA – Out Board will exhibit its evolutionary TiMax spatial audio and show control products at this year’s New York AES2017 show, at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York – 18th to 21st October 2017, on the booth of US distributor 1602 Group (Booth 451, 1602Group TiMax) .

TiMax SoundHub and TiMax Tracker will be demonstrated, combining adaptive object-based spatial reinforcement techniques for live vocal, instrument imaging and immersive audio with precision performer stage-tracking for automated vocal mic localisation. TiMax spatial reinforcement currently features on Broadway hits Hello Dolly and Disney’s Aladdin, plus three major London West End shows as well as major musical and opera productions in premier theatres and outdoor arenas across the globe.

Out Board’s Dave Haydon and Robin Whittaker will introduce the new dimensionally-aware StageSpace intelligent object programming interface for TiMax. This adaptive spatial audio rendering resource automatically configures fully-editable delay-matrix localisation objects for TiMax SoundHub spatial audio processor and TiMax Tracker automation.

Also showcased is the new TiMax SoundHub VR playback, spatial audio and show control variant which made its European debut earlier in the year. This new product marks Out Board’s move to support rapidly growing demand for tightly-synchronised, low-latency immersive audio in multimedia VR content for the theme-park ride-car and experiential-exhibit marketplaces.

Out Board TiMax are also sponsors of the show’s Broadway Sound Expo and will deliver an insightful 40-minute presentation entitled "Spatial Reinforcement – the New Normal for Vocal Mics and Immersive Sound Effects in Theatre”. Taking place on Thursday, 19th October at 15:00-15:45 on Stage One, Dave and Robin look forward to welcoming visitors and also speaking in more depth at Booth 451.

6th October 2017

Unusual Rigging reflects on 'highly successful' PLASA Rigging Conference

Unusual Rigging reflects on \'highly successful\' PLASA Rigging Conference

UK – Delegates who attended the 2017 PLASA Rigging Conference at Olympia in London last week have hailed the new format a success, according to the event's Platinum sponsor, Unusual Rigging.

The eighth annual conference commenced with the traditional opening address, this year from industry legend Morris Lyda, who took the audience on a fascinating journey through some of his most enlightening projects working with the likes of Phil Collins and Genesis, while addressing the key entertainment basics, their shortcomings, values, obscurities and a contemplation of its uncertainties.

The speech was brought to life by cartoonist Matt Lawrence who worked closely with Morris and Unusual's Robin Elias to create a series of drawings as well as providing a series of tongue in cheek caricatures of those who attended the event.

This was followed by a programme of subjects for debate; the morning session was chaired by Unusual's Alan Jacobi and debated the issues raised in Morris’s opening, particularly focusing on whether creativity in show production has been affected by such things as budget constraints, risk management, H&S and CDM, while the afternoon session chaired by Mark Surtees of Outback Rigging took a more detailed look at questions raised during the year and topical subjects including the impact of Brexit on working time, standards and touring, working at height on trusses and who has the final word on site.

Alan Jacobi, managing director at Unusual commented: "This year's conference really provided attendees with some food for thought which turned into some focused, controversial and sometimes heated debate. But this is exactly what a conference should deliver, we need people who work in this industry and experience its highs and its lows to feel passionate about it. To attend an event like this and just see everyone nod in agreement would not be a successful event in my eyes. Debate is essential for change and I think everyone came away from the conference feeling that way."

drawings: Matt Lawrence (www.mattart.co.uk).


Unusual Rigging reflects on \'highly successful\' PLASA Rigging ConferenceUnusual Rigging reflects on \'highly successful\' PLASA Rigging Conference

6th October 2017


USITT/USA Prague Quadrennial 2019 Exhibit Design Competition – Call for Entries

USITT/USA Prague Quadrennial 2019 Exhibit Design Competition – Call for Entries

USITT is seeking conceptual design submissions from individual designers and teams for the USITT/USA National Exhibit and Emerging Artist Exhibit for Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2019. USITT is accepting design submissions for both the National Exhibit and the Emerging Artist Exhibit throughout October 2017.

The Prague Quadrennial (PQ) is the largest performance design event in the world. By exhibiting thousands of designs from dozens of countries, and by bringing together designers, directors, students, as well as the general public, the PQ provides an unprecedented exchange of ideas that goes beyond the narrow confines of theatrical design and style.

The working theme of the 2019 exhibit is Porous Borders. The goal for the exhibition design is to create an evocative and interesting architectural and sculptural space that merges cohesively with multimedia work and engages with the audience for an immersive experience.

In keeping with the theme of Porous Borders, the design needs to reflect an open concept (no fully enclosed pavilions), be accessible to all visitors, creatively address sonic and visual intrusion from other exhibits, and be adaptable to exhibiting the content in smaller venues in the future.

Any theatrical designer, exhibit designer, interior designer, interior architect or architect may submit a design concept. You do not need to be a member of USITT to enter.

The winning designer/teams will work closely with the artistic director and the exhibit curators to create the final design of the two exhibits.

For more information regarding specifications and submissions, please visit


5th October 2017

Green Hippo Press Release - Green Hippo Reflects on an Awarding PLASA 2017

Green Hippo Press Release - Green Hippo Reflects on an Awarding PLASA 2017
Green Hippo Press Release - Green Hippo Reflects on an Awarding PLASA 2017

UK - PLASA marked its 40th anniversary with a fantastic show at London Olympia, and Green Hippo took its place at the leading industry event. The event continues to build on its 2016 return to West London, and this year saw ground-breaking technology on show and product launches delivered.

PLASA offers technical workshops and training sessions, as well as networking opportunities, and Green Hippo sent its sales and marketing team to present the media server product line.On A.C.’s Entertainment Technologies stand, the exclusive UK distributor of Green Hippo, there was a space dedicated to Hippotizer demos, featuring a combination of LED and live capture of the crowd, showcasing Hippotizer Montane+, Green Hippo’s latest addition to its line of Hippotizer media servers. The new unit joins an awesome line-up of hugely powerful media servers, and this new Hippotizer package includes the likes of Notch, the real-time graphics workhorse. The arrival of Hippotizer Montane+ adds an invaluable new creative weapon to Green Hippo’s award-winning product armoury.

During the show, Green Hippo presented an award to A.C. Entertainment Technologies, highlighting 11 years of fantastic work as exclusive UK distributors.PLASA also hosts the Knight of Illumination Awards and Green Hippo was proud to sponsor the influential industry event. The Knight of Illumination Awards, which closed PLASA on the Sunday night, was a further opportunity for Green Hippo to strut its stuff. Having identified the one spot where 100% attendee attendance was guaranteed – the bar – Green Hippo projection mapped this key area. Featuring logos and a sword animation programmed by Lanz Short-Product Specialist, Alexander Zacharakis-Software Tester, and Suzy Stenning-Product Specialist at Green Hippo, the team presented a scenic backdrop for guests on arrival and during the drinks reception.Green Hippo was also delighted to recognise an incredibly talented shortlist for its sponsored award category – Green Hippo’s Television Award for Video Graphic Display – with the trophy going to David Newton for his work on BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing.

James Roth, head of sales and marketing for Green Hippo said: “PLASA proved to be a terrific event for Green Hippo. The hall was buzzing with creativity and optimism and it was the perfect place to show our new Hippotizer Montane+. The Knight of Illumination Awards wrapped-up a memorable weekend, and we were happy to see our Television Award for Video Graphic Display go to such a worthy winner.”


5th October 2017

ETC announces 2017 ETC LDI Student Sponsorship Recipients

ETC announces 2017 ETC LDI Student Sponsorship Recipients

USA – Every year since 2000, ETC has provided a unique opportunity for lighting design and stage technology students, sponsoring them to attend the LDI trade show. This year, ETC has selected seven recipients of its LDI Student Sponsorship, giving them an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas and a full LDI conference pass. The students will get to see the latest entertainment technology, have access to LDI seminars and training, and the opportunity to network with industry professionals at special events. Each Sponsorship recipient will be matched with an industry luminary who will serve as a mentor as the students transition from academics into the working world.

The 2017 recipients of the ETC LDI Student Sponsorship are:

K. Jenna Ferree - A graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, K. Jenna Ferree is earning a master of fine arts in lighting design, and holds a bachelor of fine arts in lighting design and technical theatre from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her lighting design credits include The River, Detroit and The Pillowman. Jenna has taught lighting design courses at Carnegie Mellon University, Theatre 1 and 2 at Thomas Dale High School in Virginia, and Stage Lighting at Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2013, she was awarded the Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Design for Next to Normal.

Tori Mays - Tori Mays is working toward a master of fine arts in lighting design from the University of Arizona, after earning a bachelor of fine arts in theatre design and technology from Rockford University in Illinois in 2016. Her lighting design has been seen on Tigers Be Still and Born Yesterday at the Arizona Repertory Theatre, Disney’s Newsies, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Footloose at the Surflight Theatre in New Jersey, Dialogue of the Carmelites at the University of Arizona’s Fred Fox School of Music; and Little Shop of Horrors, The Birds, and A Chorus Line at Ohio’s Huron Playhouse.

Nicholas Palatella - In his final year of undergraduate studies at Ithaca College, Nick Palatella is pursuing a bachelor of fine arts in theatrical production arts with a concentration in lighting design. Shows for which he’s designed the lighting include Cendrillon, Winter Bodies and Bald Soprano at Ithaca College, Thank Godfrey at the New York Theatre Festivaland To Hell and Back at the 2015 New York Musical Festival. Nick also worked as the associate lighting designer for Temple of the Souls and I am, I Will, I Do as part of the 2017 New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Jiajing Qi - One of the international recipients of the ETC LDI Student Sponsorship, Jiajing Qi is originally from China. Currently he’s a graduate lighting design student at the University of Texas at Austin, where he has served as an assistant lighting designer for Little Women and Momentum. From 2011 to 2016, Jiajing worked on television shows for the Zhejiang Radio and Television Group in Hangzhou, China. He held several roles, including lighting programmer, lighting designer, vice director of the lighting department and studio manager. During the summer of 2017, Jiajing studied at the Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas. Jiajing is interested in architectural and broadcast lighting.

Brandon H. Rosen - A master of fine arts candidate, Brandon Rosen is currently studying theatrical lighting design at the University of California, San Diego. He earned a bachelor of fine arts in theatre design and technology from Texas State University in 2014. Brandon has designed the lighting for productions, such as What of the Night?, Waiting for Godot, Machinal and Vieux Carré at UC, San Diego, Machinalia at the JACK performance venue in Brooklyn, New York and The Bitter Game at The Public Theater in New York. He earned Arena Stage’s Allen Lee Hughes Lighting Fellowship and the 2015 Thomas C. Fichandler Award.

Tim van ‘t Hof - Hailing from the Netherlands, Tim van ‘t Hof is an international ETC LDI Student Sponsorship recipient. He is pursuing a master of fine arts in lighting design from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. In 2014, he earned a bachelor of theatre in technical theatre arts, with a concentration in lighting design, from the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Tim is a resident lighting designer for the Second Avenue Dance Company. His lighting designs have graced stages in Norway, the Netherlands, Ireland, and the US, and he was an assistant lighting designer for designers including Hugh Vanstone and Ken Billington.

Gifford Williams - Gifford Williams is working toward a master of fine arts in lighting design from Boston University. He holds a bachelor of arts in theatrical design and production from Fordham University at Lincoln Center. Gifford’s recent lighting design credits include The Fantasticks at the Stonington Opera House in Maine, Chicago for the Peregrine Theatre Ensemble in Massachusetts, Franklin at the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Emmeline and The Cherry Orchard at Boston University and Oedipus Rex at the Hope Summer Repertory Theatre in Michigan. He also served as a master electrician at the Stella Adler Studio and New York Stage and Film.


5th October 2017


International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference 2018

UK – The International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference (ITEAC) announces that TAIT Stage Technologies is the major Sponsor of the 2018 conference, taking place in London, next year, 3rd - 5th June.

TAIT Stage Technologies’ continued support of ITEAC by taking the principal sponsorship role for the fourth consecutive conference; having been one of the founder sponsors of the initial event in 2002 illustrates the tremendous reputation that ITEAC has established over the last sixteen years.

The presentation of ITEAC 2018 – Places for Performance: New Directions, recognises not only the demand for this major event, which seeks to investigate the developments that have already been made, and the innovations that will be required, in the ever-changing world of live entertainment, but also the need of those who design buildings for the performing arts and supply the production technology within them, to gather at this leading and learned event, alongside creators and end-users.

The quadrennial three-day event will take place on Sunday 3rd June, Monday 4th June and Tuesday 5th June 2018 at Savoy Place, the Global Engineering Hub of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Situated in the heart of London on the north bank of the River Thames, overlooking the National Theatre and Royal Festival Hall and close to the historic Savoy Theatre, the Savoy Place venue, with its impressive views, offers a most appropriate location for ITEAC.

A Call for Sessions has already been issued to those involved in the planning, design, construction, specification and operation of places of entertainment, as well as to writers, designers, performers, producers and production teams. Submissions may still be sent to David Staples, Chairman of the Editorial Board, via this dedicated email: iteaceditor@abtt.org.uk

Presented by the Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT), ITEAC 2018 will be the fifth edition of the Conference. Conceived in 2002 by the late renowned stage engineer and ABTT Fellow, Richard Brett, the event has grown from strength to strength, with TAIT Stage Technologies’ involvement having been integral to its success.

ABTT chief executive, Robin Townley, commented: “The commitment to supporting ITEAC 2018 that TAIT Stage Technologies have so generously made, is hugely important to allowing the next edition to be presented.

“For TAIT Stage Technologies to continue its support of the conference, for the fourth time as founder sponsor, underlines their commitment to sustaining the industry. The value they place in the power of an international forum to drive their sector forward and their commitment to supporting the ITEAC conferences, underlines the benefits they consider the event has both for their own teams and for the industry at large.”

He went on to say: “Having established itself as a “must attend” event for so many areas and participants in the creation, execution, design and management of theatrical presentation, the next edition, ITEAC 2018 – Places for Performance: New Directions, has been much anticipated by those engaged in the planning, design, construction, equipping, operation and management of performance spaces of every type, from the stadium and arena, the opera house and receiving theatre, to the school and community venue.

ITEAC 2018 will offer a unique opportunity for the specialists that make up our industry to hear from the makers, creators and producers of performance. It will bring together the world’s leading theatre technicians, architects, engineers, consultants, acousticians and production managers, as well as theatre makers and venue managers, to participate in the most exciting and stimulating investigation of the very particular mix of art and science, craft and technology, illusion and engineering, that we are equired to provide.”

All parties are invited to register their interest in attending, speaking or sponsoring the Conference, via the ITEAC website: www.iteac.co.uk

4th October 2017

City Theatrical DMXcat Wins PLASA Award For Innovation

City Theatrical DMXcat Wins PLASA Award For Innovation

UK – City Theatrical’s DMXcat multi-function test tool recently received the 2017 PLASA Innovation Award at the PLASA Show in London. The judges said DMXcat was "A compact multifunction DMX analyser that will be a useful addition to many technicians' toolboxes".

Earlier this year, DMXcat was also named the “ABTT 2017 Lighting Product of the Year”, and a “Live Design Excellence Awards Product of the Year.”

City Theatrical‘s DMXcat multi-function test tool makes it easy for anyone to control, analyse, or test any DMX lighting fixture, whether it’s a simple LED PAR or a complex moving light. The system consists of a small hardware dongle and a suite of mobile applications. Together, they combine to bring wireless DMX and RDM control plus other useful functions to the user’s smartphone. The DMXcat solves the problem faced by all users of modern lighting equipment: how to turn on and test DMX lighting gear without using a complicated lighting console. The DMXcat works with both Android and iPhones.

The DMXcat hardware dongle is a compact battery powered unit, which fits easily in a pocket or tool pouch or may be worn on a belt. It uses Bluetooth LE technology for communication with the smartphone applications within a range of 50’ (15m). Without the limitation of being physically connected, the user can move about the workspace as needed with their smartphone and run the various apps while still using the phone for on the job communication. The device’s five-pin XLRF connector/cable assembly allows it to be connected to a point in a DMX data chain to allow testing and control of the various DMX/RDM channel functions.

Battery life is over 20 hours and it is charged using a standard USB to Micro-USB cable and charger.

The DMXcat utilises a database of over 100 worldwide lighting manufacturers and thousands of lighting fixtures and their personalities, just like a sophisticated lighting console. The user can choose a fixture from the database and gain control through a user interface on their phone, which emulates a lighting console with encoder wheels labelled to match the personality of the lighting fixture being used.

DMXcat also utilises an advanced implementation of wireless RDM that allows the fixture’s exact personality, starting DMX address, and user interface to be loaded into the app without even using the database lookup.

Other applications included with DMXcat are a full 512 channel DMX controller which the user can select to emulate either sliders or a console style keypad, a complete set of DMX analysis tools similar to what are found on engineering level DMX testers, an RDM controller to enable the user to perform all functions that RDM fixtures allow including setting DMX address, changing personalities, viewing lamp hours and temperature levels. A DIP switch calculator app is included

in all versions, and a light meter app and a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi spectrum analyser are included in the Android version only.

2nd October 2017

Robe Supports The Stage Debut Awards

Robe Supports The Stage Debut Awards

UK – Robe was delighted to be lining up on the red carpet to welcome guests at the inaugural The Stage Debut Awards in central London, organised by The Stage, legendary weekly newspaper dedicated to reporting on all elements of the rich and diverse world of entertainment and the performing arts since 1880.

The awards were instigated to recognise the best breakthrough actors and rising star creatives in theatre, with Robe sponsoring the award for ‘Best Designer’ which was won by Rosie Elnile for her eye-catching set for ’The Convert’, staged at The Gate Theatre.

The nine 2017 winners – eight judged by a panel of experts and one selected by public vote – received their awards in a ceremony at 8 Northumberland Avenue in central London, with Robe’s theatre project specialist Dave Whitehouse handing over the Best Designer award to Rosie.

The shortlisted nominations revealed some strong competition!

From young actors to established stars making their theatre debuts, highlighting a plethora of new talent both on and offstage, categories celebrated performers, writers, composers and directors from all over the country. They illustrated a snapshot of the massive wealth of talent and creativity that the world of UK theatre and performance has to offer.

For Robe, theatre is a hugely important sector. With some seriously imaginative and innovative designers working across the visual performance arts spectrum: lighting, video and scenic design, this is a major reason why the brand was keen to support these high profile new Awards.

Says Dave: “Robe has long recognised the importance of new and fresh talent for the stage. It is essential to the future health of the industry as a whole, and vital to reward skills, flair and ideas and encourage both practising and aspiring professionals to raise the bar of what is possible!”

He added that Robe would like to congratulate Rosie and all the Best Designer nominees and wish them the very best as they grow their careers.

The judges commented that Rosie’s striking red earth and concrete set for The Convert “made effective and impressive use of the Gate’s compact space”.

The work by Tony-nominated Danai Guria is a gripping exploration of pivotal moments in African history, when resisting invading Western culture could mean death, set in then Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) in 1896.

The other nominations for the Best Designer category were Joshua Gadsby for Dreamplay at the Vaults, London, Simon Spencer for The Tempest at the Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon and Jessica Staton for Extra Yarn at the Orange Tree Theatre, London.

Notting Hill’s The Gate Theatre is one of the best known and consistently critically acclaimed theatres in the capital. The Convert has also been nominated for two Offie Awards, which recognising the excellence, innovation and ingenuity of independent theatres across London, in the categories for Best New Play and Best Supporting Female in a Play

“Supporting new talent is an essential component strengthening the entertainment industry as a whole and looking to the future,” stated Dave. “Without innovation everything will stagnate and decay, so we need to keep progressing. As Robe is at the forefront of lighting and LED technologies, we also want to help push technical and creative boundaries that can make all types of performance more accessible, engaging and interesting to a wider range of audience” he concludes.

In picture: Robe UK’s Dave Whitehouse, Rosie Elnile winner of the Best Designer Award and Caro Newling from Neal Street Productions.


29th September 2017

Robe Lighting

MDG Brings a Touch of the Outdoors to Prolight+Sound, Middle East

MDG Brings a Touch of the Outdoors to Prolight+Sound, Middle East
MDG Brings a Touch of the Outdoors to Prolight+Sound, Middle East

UAE - MDG will bring new products and a selection of its award-winning and world-renowned haze and fog generators to Prolight+Sound, Middle East.

Established in 1980, MDG knows all about longevity and the value of creating high quality products for its clients. Its rock-solid generators continue to cement MDG’s long-standing reputation for the finest and most reliable atmosphere generators on the market, which is especially good news for those who work in tough environments or with permanent and semi-permanent installations.

At Prolight+Sound, Middle East, MDG will show its ATMe haze generator and the ICE FOG Q and ICE FOG Compack low fog generators. Fresh off the blocks and receiving their Middle Eastern debut will be the new IP55 weather-resistant ATMe WPE haze generator, the Me2 dual output fog generator, the indispensable variable speed digital fan theFAN, the new RFP 239 Round Floor Pocket complete with RFP-CB Control Box, and the unique new D-Verter 239 which will all be shown for the first time in the region.

MDG’s ATMe haze generator is a development of the industry standard MDG Atmosphere haze generator. It shares the same compact dimensions, but with increased output and power efficiency, and the added advantage of DMX-RDM controllability. An optional portable carry kit sets a new standard in portability by allowing ATMe’s gas canister to be stored securely beneath the generator. From this position it can be operated horizontally without the gas line freezing to generate haze exactly where you want it.

MDG’s ever-popular ICE FOG Q and ICE FOG COMPACK HP are low fog generators housed in their own flight cases. They create a thick, low-lying fog with zero residue without the use of dry ice. ICE FOG COMPACK especially has an extremely low fluid consumption, and both units offer 100% duty cycle and a variety of accessories including a DMX interface, remote control timer, and the new Round Floor Pocket and D-Verter multiple input/output fog switcher.

ATMe WPE is a non-stop, variable output, haze generator encased in a weather-proof carbon steel enclosure. It has been specifically designed as an IP55-rated, weather- and dust-proof version of MDG’s highly successful ATMe haze generator.ATMe WPE retains all ATMe’s characteristics and quality enabling it to create the finest, almost invisible mist which shows off laser and light beams to perfection. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Laboratory-tested, approved and certified, ATMe WPE’s enclosure offers IP55 protection against adverse weather and dust penetration which can cause costly and time-consuming maintenance problems for long term installations in indoor and outdoor theme parks and attractions.

Its ATMe pedigree ensures it produces the finest haze and retains the qualities of safety and reliability, 100% duty cycle and the famous MDG Automatic Purging System (APS) that prevents residual build up and clogging, which are the hallmarks of all MDG haze generators’ success.

ATMe WPE’s new exterior makes it ideally suited for the rigours of festivals, theme parks and attractions purposes and, in fact, meets most industry needs.

It can be controlled via DMX, is RDM-ready, and is suitable for use with CO2 or N2 gas. Its universal switching power supply (100-250 VAC, 50/60Hz, 715W) and CE/CSA/US certification ensure it can be used worldwide.

The dual output Me2 fog generator will be representing the Me Series, the latest in MDG technology, which brings a higher degree of controllability and a more powerful output to the MDG family. With each model sporting DMX controlled variable fog output, the Me Series is available in four sizes: Me1, Me2, Me4 and Me8.

theFAN, MDG’s ultra-compact, variable speed, digital fan will be playing it cool and demonstrating how smoothly it operates with any of MDG’s professional generators, or as a stand alone unit.

RFP 239 is a DMX/RDM operated pneumatic Round Floor Pocket of rugged construction which can be embedded in the stage floor or set wall to conceal a fog output. It is intended to operate under pneumatic pressure as part of an existing fog system, delivering low fog or fog to precise locations.

RFP 239 is compatible with all MDG CO2, N2 and compressed air accessories, but is especially effective with ICE FOG Q low fog generator. It has a 23cm (9”) fog input, and a fog output with a choice of either 360° or, with the aid of an optional rear shield plate, 240° distribution for universal or targeted delivery. RFP 239 can be mounted vertically or horizontally and its height adjusted between 7.62cm (3”) and 10cm (4”) above stage level to allow an unobstructed, variable flow of low fog or fog.

Constructed of a corrosion resistant black-coated carbon steel collar and top plate and durable PVC inset tube, the new RFP 239 has been re-engineered with a shorter 21.6cm (8.5inch) form factor than its predecessor, to occupy 35% less space under stage and, at 7kg (15.5lb), also offers a weight reduction of 47%. This guarantees considerable space- and weight-saving advantages which can be of great benefit in large scale touring environments or permanent installations.

With a low power consumption of only 50W, this pneumatic fog output can be used anywhere due to its universal switching power supply (100-250 VAC, 50/60Hz). RFP 239 is compatible with MDG’s Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Nitrogen (N2) range or any compressed air accessories and is designed to provide years of quality service.

The RFP-CB is a DMX/RDM Control Box which can operate up to four Round Floor Pockets (RFP 239) in unison from a single control box using just one channel of DMX, thus potentially reducing the cost of control hardware by up to 75%.

RFP-CB shares the same robust electronics as MDG’s theFAN, possessing a simple and efficient multi-level User Interface, accessible from the backlit LCD panel, which allows for a gradual switch between local mode and most common protocols: DMX-512-A USITT and RDM ANSI E1.20. RFP-CB can be used anywhere due to its universal switching power supply (100V- 250VAC/ 50/60Hz, 50W) and CE/CSA/UL certification.

Unique to MDG, D-Verter 239 is a DMX/RDM pneumatic 23 cm (9”) input/output fog switcher designed mainly for use with ICE FOG Q. It performs several functions by using a sliding conduit either to split a single source of fog into two distinct outputs, merge two separate sources of fog into a single output, or act as a fog output gate.

By using D-Verter 239 as an output gate, the user can stabilise the output of the ICE FOG Q before activating the gate, or rapidly stop dispersion. D-Verter 239 can also prevent residual low fog or fog back-flushing into the generator and risking damage to the generator. Instead it can disperse excess low fog or fog discreetly below stage to give a clean effect on stage and minimise maintenance.

D-Verter 239 can be configured to give one ICE FOG Q a dual output allowing the flow of low fog to be diverted to two different output locations from the one low fog generator.

D-Verter can also be used to disperse two types of fog effects – low fog and fog – at the same fog output, switching between the two effects or combining them. Effects can be changed as required by connecting, for example, an ICE FOG Q low fog generator and Me1 or Me2 fog generator to the D-Verter. The different low fog or fog effect from each generator can then be directed along the same fog output through the stage or scenery via RFP 239 units as required.

Alternatively, D-Verter 239 can connect two ICE FOG Q units and merge them into a single output to increase the dispersion rate without any output variation.

Using the same robust electronics as MDG’s theFAN, D-Verter 239’s simple and efficient multi-level User Interface, accessible from the backlit LCD panel, allows for a gradual switch between local mode and most common protocols: DMX-512-A USITT and RDM ANSI E1.20. This combined with its low 50W power consumption, universal switching power supply and CE/CSA/UL certification means this pneumatic Fog Input/Output Splitter can be used anywhere.

All the new accessories are compatible with MDG’s Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Nitrogen (N2) range, or any compressed air accessories, and designed to provide years of quality service.

To discover more about the new product releases from MDG, visit MDG stand in Hall 4 Stand C12 with Robe ME Trading LLC.

MDG Brings a Touch of the Outdoors to Prolight+Sound, Middle EastMDG Brings a Touch of the Outdoors to Prolight+Sound, Middle East

29th September 2017

Avolites congratulates winners of the 2017 Knight of Illumination Awards

Avolites congratulates winners of the 2017 Knight of Illumination Awards

UK – 2017 marked the 10th anniversary of prestigious lighting and video design awards event, the Knight of Illumination (KOI) Awards. This year, British lighting console and media server manufacturer Avolites sponsored the much-coveted Concert Touring and Event Award for Stage.

Shortlisted for the Avolites Award for Stage were lighting designers Paul Normandale, of Lite Alt Design, for The Chemical Brothers at the Eventim Apollo London, Michael Straun for The xx on the I See You tour 2017 at Manchester's O2 Apollo, and Steven Bewley for Stormzy's Gang Signs and Prayer tour at Brixton O2 Academy.

This year the Award was won by Michael Straun for his work on The xx, I See You tour. The KOI judges declared Straun's design as a "bold and artistic statement, with automated mirrors and beautiful washes of colour creating mesmerising visual effects in lieu of video content. A perfect conversion between music and lighting."

"I am sure it was a tough decision for the judges having Paul Normandale, Steve Bewley and Michael's work to choose from but the best man won," says Koy Neminathan, Sales Director for Avolites. "Even Mr Bewley, who sat next to me during the evening, said Michael's show was 'definitely a worthy winner'. We have known Michael since he started in lighting and it was fantastic to see him win this award. To achieve that at such a young age illustrates his talent and we can't wait to have that celebratory drink with him when he pops into Avolites soon."

Also winning on the night were Mark Calvert, Liam Tomaszewski, Dave Green and Ross Chapple of Realtime Environment Systems (RES), who collected the D3 Technologies Award for Video Graphic Display. The team won the award for its stand-out video design for the Eric Prydz: EPIC 5.0 tour.

"The Eric Prydz team is delighted to be recognised by the KOI for our work with the EPIC 5.0 show," says Calvert. "We are tremendously grateful to the entire KOI Awards judges, management, organisational teams and the sponsors for their commitment to acknowledge great design and originality. EPIC video playback is powered by Avolites Ai media servers for which we thank Trey, Ciaran, Arran, Steve, Ric, Meena, JB and Koy for their continued vision and commitment to ground-breaking technology."

The Knight of Illumination Awards took place at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith London, on 17th September. The Awards celebrates the outstanding achievements of lighting and video designers whose work is showcased in the UK. The night was praised as a huge success, with manufacturers, rental houses and designers from across the sector coming together to celebrate the talent within the entertainment technology industry.

"We have attended every KOI awards since the beginning and we have enjoyed meeting designers current and new," says Neminathan. "The event has always offered us the opportunity to network with a large number of talented individuals and professional companies. We are excited to have sponsored an appropriate award this year and would like to extend huge congratulations to all of the winners."

In picture: Koy Neminathan of Avolites and KOI 2017 Winner of the Avolites Award for Stage, Michael Straun.


29th September 2017