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ChamSys MagicQ MQ70 Console Makes USA Debut at LDI


Wakefield Cathedral Provides Setting for Backstage Academy Graduation


DPA’s 6066 Subminiature Headset Microphone Nominated for Prestigious TEC Award


GLP Brands Out in Force at LDI 2019


Highlite Announce UK Open Day on Tuesday 12th November


Bandit Lites Nominated for Lighting Company of the Year


Live for Broadcast Shortlist Announced for 2019 KOI-USA


Women Light Up LDI 2019


KOI-USA Awards Reveal 2019 Theatre Shortlist


Brompton Technology unveils latest innovations at LDI 2019


NEXT-proaudio International Distribution Meeting


Theatres Trust launches Theatre Photograph of the Year competition with support from its Ambassadors Matthew Bourne, Miranda Hart and Jude Law


Brompton Technology wins Processing and Distribution Technology of the Year at 2019 AV Awards


2019 KOI-USA Concert Touring & Events Shortlist Announced


Nomadic Numpties return from Mongol Rally with over £6,000 for Backup


d&b audiotechnik Wins 2019 AV Awards in Venue of the Year Category for Royal Albert Hall Project


AES Convention New York


Lucid Technologies showcases the collaborative systems behind its art at ProLight+Sound Middle East


DiGiCo Spotlights New Software Enhancements and More at AES 2019


ETC announces the launch of ETC Dubai – The Studio


Unusual Rigging & Engineering, Doughty and SIXTY82 join forces for PLSME


Chauvet Professional Theatre Event Receives Enthusiastic Response


Chauvet Professional Ovation P-56FC Wins New Product of Year Award at WFX


ROE Visual Presents LED Solutions at Prolight + Sound Me


DPA Microphones’ 2028 Vocal Mic Makes US Debut at AES


ChamSys MagicQ MQ70 Console Makes USA Debut at LDI

ChamSys MagicQ MQ70 Console Makes USA Debut at LDI

USA – ChamSys is offering a new level of mobility for busy designers and programmers with the new MagicQ MQ70 Console. Introduced at PLASA 2019, this trim compact console (it weighs in at a mere 7kg, or 15.4lb), will make its USA debut at LDI Booth 937.

The new console works neatly as a piece of carry-on luggage, and meets the restrictions of even budget airlines like Ryanair and Southwest. Its compact size not withstanding, the MagicQ MQ70 offers big time scalability, supporting 24 universes of ArtNet/sACN natively, with an option to expand this to 48 universes directly from the console (with a paid upgrade). The console features a 10.1” multi touch display, along with illuminated fader and encoder tracks.

The MagicQ MQ70 also has built-in WIFI, making it easy to connect to the ChamSys MagicQ Remote focus application simply by scanning the QR code on screen without the need for external networking hardware. MIDI input and output as well as LTC timecode input are also inbuilt, allowing easy integration with show control and timecoded shows.

A built-in UPS protects the MagicQ MQ70 in the event of a power failure. On the subject of power, this console consumes very little of it, so it requires no cooling fan, which means it operates silently, a critical feature for broadcast, theatrical and corporate show applications.

Since the MagicQ MQ70 runs the same MagicQ software as other MagicQ consoles, it can accept shows programmed on them, and have its shows loaded and run on them, within the universe limits.

Like all ChamSys consoles, the MagicQ MQ70 is logical, intuitive, and easy to follow. The console also features an in built network switch, as well as audio input and audio. These user-friendly features, combined with the console’s portability, scalability and performance features, are sure to make the MagicQ MQ70, a welcome addition to the busy professional’s tool box.

11th November 2019

Wakefield Cathedral Provides Setting for Backstage Academy Graduation

Wakefield Cathedral Provides Setting for Backstage Academy Graduation

UK – 'A spire higher than no other in Yorkshire' may not only be an accurate description of Wakefield’s majestic cathedral but the mantra of the 74 Backstage Academy (BA) students who graduated at the official ceremony held there recently.

Arriving as ‘graduands’ BA Students had their various production degrees conferred by Dr. Sue Duncan, assistant vice chancellor and registrar, University of Bolton (with whom Backstage Academy is partnered).

They were also honoured by their various course leaders as they prepared to leave academia and enter the production world. Johnny Goodwin (live events production), Graham Thorne (live visual design and production) and Claire Porter (stage and production management) in turn accoladed their respective students as they filed up to the stage. As Goodwin put it: “It’s always a great occasion to meet the families. They shake your hand and thank you for the guidance once they can see there is a job at the end of it, and that [students] are not simply running away to the circus.” And many have already found full-time employment within the industry.

The Ceremony also saw Backstage Academy’s first Honorary Fellowship conferred on Ash Nehru, co-founder of Disguise (formerly d3 Technologies) one of Backstage Academy’s enduring industry partners. Nehru was awarded the inaugural fellowship in recognition of his inspirational work and dedication to innovating the field of visual design and technology integration.

The formalities had begun with an introduction from the Dean of Wakefield, the Rev. Canon Simon Cowling. Adrian Brooks, Backstage Academy chairman and founder of Production Park, then set the scene as the facility celebrates its tenth anniversary. He noted that the first graduation ceremony had been held at his family pub, the New Inn at Walton, in 2013 with just eight students. This has now grown to over 200 students.

“What inspired the choice of tonight’s venue was that when we started Backstage Academy we wanted to deliver it out of Production Park but try and have a presence in Wakefield itself. We moved to Unity Hall but students didn’t like not being at Production Park so we moved back. This year we thought it was time to re-engage with the city,” he said, noting that BA had a close association with the Cathedral.

“For graduands this has been a special day, one of life’s special moments,” stated Dr. Duncan in her address. “We are delighted that 75% graduated with a first or 2:1. Our partnership with BA provides unique opportunities and conversion rates are high. Backstage Academy has earned a reputation as a centre of excellence and consistently secures [work] placements in key positions. We look forward to opportunities increasing year on year and our goal is to provide [students] with the foundation to start their future.”

Later, she re-enacted her registrar’s role for late arriving students for whom the wretched weather and long distance travel had proven too great to get them there on time, and ensured they were party to a proper ceremonial degree conferral.

But it was Backstage Academy vice principal, Rachel Nicholson, who had the final word. Addressing the students she said: “This is all about celebrating several years of hard work. Your projects have been fantastic but what has impressed me most has been how you have supported each other and those below you and that would not have been possible without industry partnerships, tutors and BA staff. You will continue to learn on every project you undertake.”

But if the success of Backstage Academy is about collaboration, it should be noted that the Graduation Ceremony itself had been produced by a student led production team backed with equipment and technology supplied by the institution’s numerous industry partners including A.C. Entertainment, Avolites, d&b audiotechnik, Disguise, Ethix Management, Green Hippo, KRS Rigging, KV2 Audio, Midas, Riedel, Roe Visual, Sennheiser, Shure and STS Touring.

8th November 2019

DPA’s 6066 Subminiature Headset Microphone Nominated for Prestigious TEC Award

DPA’s 6066 Subminiature Headset Microphone Nominated for Prestigious TEC Award

USA – DPA Microphones 6066 subminiature headset microphone is a nominee for the 35th Annual NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards in the Microphones – Sound Reinforcement Category. Products that are nominated for a TEC Award have made a significant impact on modern sound and music. With a capsule measuring in at just three millimetres in diameter, the 6066 microphones may be small, but they are powerful in terms of performance, making this solution an ideal candidate for a TEC Award.

Featuring CORE by DPA technology, the mic reduces distortion, increases dynamic range and features a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz along with a noise floor of only 24dB(A). The 6066 also benefits from a completely redesigned, lightweight, one-size-fits-all headset that attaches over the ears for maximum comfort and includes a spring mechanism that grips below the head/ears for added security. It even received a Red Dot design award for its innovative and user-friendly design.

“We put a great deal of time and energy into designing a headset microphone that is elegant and implements all of the features we wanted in a small package,” says René Mørch, product manager, DPA Microphones. “The 6000 series capsule is the smallest we have ever designed. It required working on the edge of what is physically possible in order to get the renowned sound of the five-millimetre capsule of the 4066 into the new three-millimetre capsule of the 6066. The goal behind this microphone was to develop a solution that would be nearly invisible, to both live and broadcast audiences, while providing crystal-clear sound. The 6066 is discreet and visually appealing and does not compromise on sound quality.”

Since its launch, the 6066 subminiature headset microphone has received rave reviews. Its secure, lightweight, unobtrusive and comfortable design, coupled with DPA’s renowned natural and pristine sound-quality, has led to significant sales around the world and across various market sectors, including broadcast, theatre and live sound.

“It is always a pleasure to be recognised for our work, but it’s extra rewarding to know that we have made our customers’ jobs easier, enabling them to achieve better results,” adds Mørch. “We have been receiving such great feedback from veteran sound engineers on the high-quality and sleek design of the 6066. At DPA, we want to hear our customers’ feedback, it’s what motivates us to create solutions made specifically to fit their needs. It really is an awesome microphone and to have it nominated for a TEC Award is such an honour.”

Presented by The NAMM Foundation, The NAMM TEC Awards are presented annually in celebration of the pro audio community, recognising the individuals, companies and technical innovations behind today’s sound recordings, live performances, films, television and more. The NAMM TEC Awards will be held in conjunction with The NAMM Show on Saturday, 18 January, 2020 in Anaheim, California.

6th November 2019

GLP Brands Out in Force at LDI 2019

GLP Brands Out in Force at LDI 2019
GLP Brands Out in Force at LDI 2019

USA – Visitors arriving at the massive 80ft x 50ft booth (#2556) will now be greeted by four diverse offerings as GLP extends its 25th year celebrations accompanied by associated brands, Fusion by GLP, Cosmic Truss and Scenex Lighting.

GLP will largely follow the product template that worked so successfully at Prolight+Sound back in the spring. These include the advanced Highlander high output discharge washlight, impression S350 Wash which brings a new level of control and functionality to the mid-range LED washlight market, impression FR10 Bar with a new optical system, larger size aperture, each of the ten sources contains a high output 60 Watt RGBW LED that colour matches with the entire GLP X4 and FR series as with their companions, the KNV Cube and Arc, the latest multifunctional KNV Dot and KNV Line ‘building blocks’ work as independent units or can be seamlessly combined together to provide a new level of versatility.

Since its rebrand, this range of products has really captured the imagination of specifiers worldwide. Fusion Stick 10 and Fusion Stick 20 feature a clever connector system, which allows the Stick to create seamless light lines in either a horizontal or vertical set up, the Fusion Par 7 is equipped with seven high powered 30 Watt RGBW LEDs, and with an IP65 rating, it is capable of outdoor applications. Fusion Supernova features a powerful, homogeneous pixel free RGBW light output, making it the perfect wash fixture for any event, indoor or out. Two new additions are the Exo Beam and Exo Wash; the former is an IP65 moving head beam housing a 90W white 7500K LED with an impressive beam angle of 0.1°, and field angle of 1°, with fast pan and tilt movements, the Exo Wash is an IP65 moving head Wash, containing seven 40W RGBW LEDs, and providing a wide zoom range from 4° to 54°.

Also distributed in North America by GLP, Cosmic Truss will present new additions to its F34DNA 12” spiral truss, its unique twisted truss design. In addition, it will show corner and new angled conical pieces for box to spiral conversion. Finally it will present a new ‘Ubase’ that features stabiliser arms for U-Torms, its flexible solution to create both hanging drop and ladder positions for lighting fixtures and other pieces of kit.

Scenex Lighting will introduce the latest innovation in pixel LED control, the PixeLit Control Manager. Breaking new ground and using revolutionary technology, PixeLit empowers control of up to 256 individual universes of DMX LED data. What makes PixeLit truly unique is that each universe can be run up to 1500 feet away from its source, with a constant refresh of 60 frames per second. All this is done from a compact 2U, 19” rackmount unit with built in 5” touchscreen.

PixeLit can be controlled via standard sACN and ArtNet DMX protocols, with unicast or multicast capability. The 5” touchscreen allows full user interactivity, including the ability to store and replay programmed sequences, and edit all functionality directly on the PixeLit unit. PixeLit is an expandable system with an affordable base unit that can be scaled up in blocks of 32 universes, making it a viable solution for applications, both large and small.


GLP Brands Out in Force at LDI 2019GLP Brands Out in Force at LDI 2019

6th November 2019


Highlite Announce UK Open Day on Tuesday 12th November

UK - Due to take place at their UK headquarters at Calne in Wiltshire, product specialist Jack Kelly will be on hand to inspire visitors through Infinity Chimp training sessions and demonstrations. And if you are looking for a cost effective Line Array solution you can also enjoy the power of a large Odin outdoor configuration including the Double 18” Ultra-Sub powered by Celestion.

And Highlite will also take the opportunity to introduce you to their latest range of products. On display will be moving heads from the Infinity series, the new IP-65 rated Polar series moving heads, Showtec Performer series, Infinity Signature series of Robert Juliat theatre lights, plus IP rated products such as Polar Series, Event spot, Helix Series, candela, LED blinders, DAP clubmate series, DAP XI series, Wentex Pipe and Drape, Showtec staging, Showtec confetti shooters, Antari Snow, Fog and SFX machines There will also be Special Offers available on the day

The event will start at 10.30 and last until 17.00, and food and drinks will be provided.

You will find the Highlite showroom and the Chimp training facility 15 minutes from the M4 corridor J16/17.

Highlite UK, Unit 16 Calne Business Centre, Harris Road, Calne SN11 9PT.


4th November 2019


Bandit Lites Nominated for Lighting Company of the Year

USA – Bandit Lites is once again celebrating a nomination for Lighting Company of the Year from PLSN and FOH Magazines’ 19th Annual Parnelli Awards. Bandit has been nominated every year of the event and has won seven times.

Bandit has been named Lighting Company of the Year in an industry-leading, 26-times from various organisations. Bandit is finishing their 51st year in business and is looking forward to 50 more!

Hailed as the “Oscars of the Live Event Industry,” The Parnelli Awards recognises the concert industry’s top technology, visionaries and innovators, both at a company and individual level. The evening seeks to shine a light on those who work hard behind the scenes.

In addition to Bandit’s nomination for Lighting Company of the Year, The Parnelli board of advisors announced Bandit Lites chair and founder, Michael T. Strickland will be awarded the Parnelli Visionary Award for his lifetime of innovation and dedication to the industry he so loves. Strickland has had one job in his life, and that is running Bandit Lites, since he was 12 years old.

This year’s event will take place on 17 January, 2020 at the Hilton Anaheim, located next to the Anaheim Convention Center. The ceremony will take place during NAMM’s annual convention and as part of NAMM Live. John Waite, prolific songwriter and one of rock’s greatest singers, will be the host.

“This is again a tremendous honor to be nominated by your peers,” Michael T. Strickland said proudly. “The fantastic team at Bandit goes to work every day with a single mission: to enable clients to experience excellence! Bandit has been driven by quality since day one and will always maintain that focus. We will be better today than we were yesterday! Thank you to those that have nominated and supported us, and we promise to always deliver at the highest level.”

Voting is open to FOH and PLSN subscribers, both magazine and digital, with voting closing on 6th December at 12:00 pm. To cast a vote, visit www.parnelliawards.com/vote.php

1st November 2019

Live for Broadcast Shortlist Announced for 2019 KOI-USA

Live for Broadcast Shortlist Announced for 2019 KOI-USA

USA – The organising committee of the 2019 Knight of Illumination Awards USA (KOI-USA) has announced the third and final shortlist for this year's prestigious Awards. KOI-USA honours the talents and achievements of lighting and video designers for their work across the United States in the sectors of Theatre, Concert Touring & Events, and Live for Broadcast. The judging panel in the Live for Broadcast category have reviewed this year's submissions and selected the final shortlist of nominees, which is as follows:

The Vari-Lite Award for Awards Show

  • Jon Kusner for Billboard Music Awards 2019

  • Jon Kusner for CMA Awards 2018

  • Tom Sutherland for People's Choice Awards 2018

The Green Hippo Award for Digital Content

  • Trevor Burk for CMA Awards 2018

  • Yussef Cole, Michelle Higa Fox, Jorge Peschiera and Marc Janowitz for Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (Netflix)

  • Drew Findley for Breakthrough Prize Awards 2018

The ARRI Award for Unscripted Series

  • Oscar Dominguez for The Voice – Season 16

  • Dan Rousseau for Cuomo Prime Time (CNN)

  • Kieran Healy for American Idol – Season 2 (ABC)

The Ayrton Award for Live Performance Special (Music)

  • Mike Grabowski for MTV Push: Billie Eilish episode

  • Joshua Hutchings for Amazon Prime Day Concert

  • Christien Methot for Kelly Clarkson Performs at US Opening Night 2018

The Astera Award for Live Performance Special (Non-Music)

  • Steve Brill and Monica Rose for Funeral of Former President H.W Bush (ABC)

  • Travis Hagenbuch for Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia

  • Tom Sutherland for Bethesda E3 Showcase 2019

The shortlist was chosen by the Live for Broadcast judges, a panel of industry professionals, each with expert knowledge in their field. Lighting designer Jeff Ravitz led the panel as the Live for Broadcast Chair joined by lighting director and production designer Tara Denise, Hall of Fame inducted lighting designer Bill Klages, lighting director and programmer Tiffany Spicer Keys, television director Lauren Quinn and cinematographer and associate professor at Cal State Long Beach David Waldman.

Jeff Ravitz said of lighting and video design in television: "It takes its place somewhere between scenery, the performers themselves, and as its own independent being. It can enhance, detract or distract. It can complement or thwart. Our judging panel watched these powerful elements closely to determine the best of the best."

The winners of all three categories will be announced at the 2019 KOI-USA Awards ceremony and gala dinner held at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas on Friday, 22 November.

In picture: Tom Sutherland's design for the Bethesda E3 Showcase 2019, shortlisted for the Astera Award for Live Performance Special (Non-Music). photo: Raj Kapoor's design for the Bethesda E3 Showcase

28th October 2019


Women Light Up LDI 2019

Women Light Up LDI 2019

USA – Leading women from the world of lighting, video and digital media design will host a series of panel discussions, knowledge-sharing and training sessions at LDI2019.

It follows a long tradition of women taking the helm at LDI, from founder Pat MacKay to creative director Ellen Lampert-Gréaux, to show manager Jessi Cybulski and Marian Sandberg, digital products content director, to sales managers including Kelly Turner and Jo Zola.

“Women hold up half the sky but have never been an equal force in the entertainment design and technology industry,” says Lampert-Gréaux. “Fortunately, that is changing, with more women in leadership roles and top design positions. Live Design and LDI are proud to be at the forefront and I’m happy to say there is a great list of women participating in our LDI professional training program this year.”

Starting in the LDInstitute, Green Hippo’s Hippotizer hands-on media server training will be taught by Rachael Cady, a freelance lighting and projection designer living in Kansas City, MO. Her design work has been seen all over the world, and she served as the head projections programmer for Green Day’s American Idiot (Broadway production), Jennifer Lopez’s AKA Tour, Jason Aldean’s Burn It Down Tour, Imagine Dragons, and Wintuk (Cirque du Soleil). In addition, Cady has worked as a Hippotizer media server tech and engineer for Pitbull, Cirque du Soleil, and Paula Abdul.

Instructors for A.C.T Lighting’s hands-on class with the MA Lighting grandMA3 console include Aria Grosvenor, who received her BFA in Lighting Design through Webster University.

Maegan Wilson will be at the head of the class for High End Systems Basic Hog 4 training. Wilson studied lighting and projection technologies at the University of Texas in Austin. During her time there, she started working as an intern for High End Systems and then became part of the product support team.

Lighting and projection designers appearing as featured speakers at LDI2019 include the esteemed Tony and KOI Award-winning Peggy Eisenhauer, who will discuss her “Lighting Design of a Lifetime,” for Le Rêve at The Wynn with the session taking place right in the fabulous aqua theatre that houses this award-winning show.

Also on the docket are NYC-based LD Jen Schriever, lighting and digital media artist Maranda Debusk, Solveig Busler executive board member at Schnick Schnack Systems, Anaheta Agahian and Catherine Pendleton, and Elaine McCarthy. LDI’s new Extended Reality sessions spotlight Ashley Crowder, Founder and CEO at VNTANA, and Audrey Lane of Strangeloop Studios.

In addition, Audrey Michaels of Extraordinary Events moderates a digital design session at our new LiveXperience Symposium, co-produced by LDI and XLIVE at MGM Grand.

Vickie Clairborne of disguise will be moderator for The Art of Programming sessions, four on lighting consoles and two on media servers. And Wendy Luedtke of ETC chats about colour.

Andrea Jepson of LMG will moderate the panel discussion “Shaking Things Up: The Case For Diversity in Live Events” with panelists including Ormilla Vengersammy and the winners of the Pat MacKay Diversity in Design Scholarships, where this year’s winners include talented female and non-binary students who represent the future of design.

The LDI Show is at the Las Vegas Convention Center 18 – 24 November.

In picture: Leading women from the industry will host a series of knowledge-sharing and training sessions at LDI, including Ashley Crowder (left) and Peggy Eisenhauer.

photo: LDI

23rd October 2019

KOI-USA Awards Reveal 2019 Theatre Shortlist

KOI-USA Awards Reveal 2019 Theatre Shortlist

USA – The Knight of Illumination Awards USA (KOI-USA), which celebrates the creative talents of local and international lighting and video designers across the United States, has revealed the nominees for the 2019 Theatre category shortlist, following long deliberation by the Theatre judging panel.

Dance critic Lauren Warnecke of the Chicago Tribune led the Theatre judging panel in her new role as panel Chair. She was joined by journalist, dancer and founder of Black Dance Magazine Norma Porter, critic and performing arts editor for the Independent (KC) Paul Horsley, editor in chief of Arts and Culture Texas Nancy Wozny, theatre critic for Chicago Tribune Chris Jones, lighting designer Clifton Taylor and dance critic for Eye on the Arts Celia Ipiotis.

The 2019 KOI-USA theatre shortlist is as follows:

The Notch Award for Projection Design

  • Roma Flowers for A Bon Coeur

  • Brad Peterson for Broadway Bounty Hunter

  • Tal Yarden for Network 

The ETC Award for Dance

  • Burke Brown for Framing Time

  • Brandon Stirling Baker for Reflections

  • Kaili Story for III. Third

The Altman Lighting Award for Plays (Large Venue)

  • Neil Austin for Ink

  • Natasha Katz for Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune

  • Jan Versweyveld for Network

The Altman Lighting Award for Plays (Small Venue)

  • Reza Behjat for Nina Simone: Four Women

  • Elizabeth Harper for Mysterious Circumstances

  • Thomas C. Hase for The Resurrection of Son House

The ACT Lighting Award for Opera

  • Heather Carson for Abraham in Flames

  • Josh Epstein for Ellen West

  • Jiajing Qi for Eugene Onegin

The PRG Award for Musicals (Large Venue)

  • Bradley King for Hadestown

  • Peter Mumford for King Kong

  • Justin Townsend for Moulin Rouge

The Rosco Award for Musicals (Small Venue)

  • Jason Lyons for Rock of Ages

  • Tori Mays for Spring Awakening

  • Christina Watanabe for The Wild Party

Commenting on the importance of the work of lighting and video designers, which is recognised and celebrated through the KOI-USA Awards, Warnecke says: "Lighting and video have the ability to transform the environment on stage, contextualising what might otherwise just seem like bodies moving through space."

The second annual edition of the KOI-USA Awards ceremony and gala dinner will be held at The Joint, at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel on Friday, 22 November, to coincide with the LDI conference and trade show.

photo: Sean Fanning

23rd October 2019


Brompton Technology unveils latest innovations at LDI 2019


USA – LED processor manufacturer, Brompton Technology, is officially launching its stunning High Dynamic Range (HDR) solution at LDI 2019, and will also be giving the very first public demonstrations of a unique new technology that it believes will make a real difference to the industry, in a dedicated showcase area in room N254 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“We are delighted to be able to bring some very exciting new technologies to LDI and let our customers judge for themselves what a difference Brompton processing can make. In our new technology showcase, we will demonstrate our latest innovation, alongside Brompton HDR that we have previously previewed at ISE and Infocomm, in addition to a wealth of other new features that these technologies enable,” says Brompton’s managing director Richard Mead.

HDR video offers a new approach to delivering better image quality, without requiring finer and finer pixel pitches, and LED is well placed to benefit from its trio of image quality improvements. For every pixel, HDR offers a larger brightness range, a wider colour gamut, and a higher bit depth, thus delivering greater detail within the shadows and highlights and increased contrast. Brompton’s new technology adds to this with more headroom for exceptionally bright content and saturated colours that might otherwise be 'clipped'. All of this is perceived by the human brain as a sharper, more detailed image with greater 'depth' and more vivid, more lifelike images than SDR video, even when the pixel count remains the same.

"Brompton’s implementation of HDR is very different from anything else already on the market and has required us to re-imagine the fundamentals of how LED video processing should work,” says Brompton’s CTO, Chris Deighton. “We’re looking forward to lifting the curtain on the complete package for the very first time at LDI.”

As well as showing HDR on its newly designed stand, which allows greater access to Brompton’s ground-breaking products, and in its dedicated new technology showcase room, Brompton will be giving LDI visitors another chance to see its latest Tessera Processor Software, which includes a number of new features for the SX40 such as High Frame Rate, Ultra Low Latency and advanced Genlock controls.

The SX40 currently offers support for up to 60Hz with 12 bits per colour output, but in the new v2.3 software High Frame Rate is set to increase this to up to 144Hz for panels that can support it. This will reduce input lag and deliver smoother motion, providing significant advantages for e-sports, broadcast and cinematography, where very high frame rates are required to achieve a perfectly fluid image. For situations that require industry leading latency, such as virtual broadcast studios and green-screen replacement, SX40 Ultra Low Latency mode halves Brompton’s end-to-end system latency (from input source to image on screen) from an already impressive two frames to just a single frame for compatible video sources. Advanced Genlock controls provides a suite of additional tools to help address common issues with on-camera performance.

Brompton will be on Booth 1161 and in room N254 at LDI, which takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Center from 22nd to 24th November 2019.


22nd October 2019

NEXT-proaudio International Distribution Meeting

NEXT-proaudio International Distribution Meeting
NEXT-proaudio International Distribution Meeting

Portugal – For the 2019 International Distribution Meeting in Porto, NEXT-proaudio welcomed over 70 international distribution partners, dealers, customers and designers from 18 countries.

This event started with a Welcome dinner on 14th October. This was followed by a factory tour, demo presentation on the demo room and LA26 official presentation on the morning of the 15th. On the factory tour, all the people could easily understand the vision of the company, all the production steps and organisation, including the the most recent expansion of the headquarters.

On the same day, during the afternoon, NEXT-proaudio had a Demo of LA212x, LA122.v2, LA122A and LAm114xA at Multiusos de Guimaraes, one of the most iconic arenas for international concerts on the north of Portugal. There, all the NEXT-proaudio family could listen the prepared demos as well as test all the systems with theirs songs.

On the 16th, everybody was welcomed on the NEXT-proaudio facilities again where Powersoft team started the day with “Armonia presentation” based on N-rak (The manufacturer power rack solution using Powersoft X8 amplifiers). After this, Antonio Correia, the R&D Director and NEXT-proaudio Owner presented the manufacturer own softwares (Soundware, Audio Tool and AST). The event finished at 4pm with a goodbye drink.

“We have received part of our distribution network, and it was a great opportunity for us to show all of them all our improvements on the facilities, on the products as well as on the team. We were more than happy to receive all these people from different parts of the world, all with the same ambition, to grow NEXT-proaudio worldwide,” said Andre Correia, NEXT-proaudio’s manager.

“It was exciting to see the passion, the enthusiasm of everybody on these two days. We're proud of our team and the distribution network. We could see our recent LA26 being one of the highlights of the event, with orders of more than 200 units after the meeting. We couldn't be more satisfied after the meeting,” said Sergio Pinto, NEXT-proaudio sales manager.


22nd October 2019

Theatres Trust launches Theatre Photograph of the Year competition with support from its Ambassadors Matthew Bourne, Miranda Hart and Jude Law

Theatres Trust launches Theatre Photograph of the Year competition with support from its Ambassadors Matthew Bourne, Miranda Hart and Jude Law

UK – Theatres Trust, the national advisory public body for theatre, has launched a new photography competition to celebrate the UK’s glorious theatre buildings and the magic that happens inside them.

Miranda Hart says: “Theatre continues to transform me into a childlike state of awe and wonder and I am never freer and happier watching it or making it. So to have the Theatres Trust Photograph of the Year competition as a way to find great talent to capture, curate and celebrate the majesty that is theatre is a wonderful thing. It will be hard not to want to pick them all!”

Open to amateur and professional photographers alike, entries are invited across three categories:

  • Beautiful buildings – photographs highlighting the wonderful architecture of theatre buildings, old or modern, small or grand. This could be the exterior of a building, an inside space or a particular design detail.

  • Connecting communities – photographs celebrating how theatres are central to their communities. This could be a theatre shown as part of its local area or how the theatre brings people together.

  • Entertaining evenings – photographs capturing the joy of going to the theatre. This could be the excitement of a performance or a lively bar / café before a show. Matinee photos are welcome too!

From the category winners, one image will be chosen as the overall Theatre Photograph of the Year.

There is also a special category for younger budding photographers – the Young Theatre Photographer of the Year prize is open to anyone aged 16 or under.

Entrants are also being asked to provide the story behind their photographs, whether that is their special connection with the theatre depicted or what the image says to them.

As well as the glory of winning the competition, there are also prizes, thanks to the generosity of Theatre Tokens. Each category winner and the Young Theatre Photographer of the Year will win £250 worth of Theatre Tokens, which can be spent in more than 250 theatres across the country. The overall winner will receive an additional £250 of Theatre Tokens.

The competition is open for online entries now with a deadline of 30 March 2020 for submissions.

The competition is sponsored by Aecom and Theatre Tokens.

The initiative has the backing of the UK’s major theatre operators including Ambassadors Theatre Group, Delfont Mackintosh Theatres, HQ Theatres and LW Theatres who will promote it to their audiences. Other theatres are encouraged to get in touch with the Theatres Trust if they want to support the competition too.

photos: Ian Grundy
Theatres Trust launches Theatre Photograph of the Year competition with support from its Ambassadors Matthew Bourne, Miranda Hart and Jude LawTheatres Trust launches Theatre Photograph of the Year competition with support from its Ambassadors Matthew Bourne, Miranda Hart and Jude Law

17th October 2019

Brompton Technology wins Processing and Distribution Technology of the Year at 2019 AV Awards

Brompton Technology wins Processing and Distribution Technology of the Year at 2019 AV Awards

UK – Brompton Technology has received the honour of being awarded Processing and Distribution Technology of the Year at this year’s prestigious AV Awards.

Marking its 21st year on 11th October at London’s Battersea Evolution and judged by an independent panel of AV technology end-users, the AV Awards is hailed as ‘the unrivalled badge of excellence for the AV industry’. The evening attracted over 1,400 professions from around the globe and is the biggest night in the AV calendar.

Established in 2011 as part of the Carallon group, Brompton focusses on supplying highly featured, rugged, tour-ready LED processing products that meet the specific needs of the live events sector and top-end install applications such as broadcast.

The company received the award for the Tessera SX40, its 4K LED video processor launched at the start of 2018, which combines the feature set and easy-to-use software interface of the company’s industry-leading Tessera LED video processing with its highest-ever capacity processor, delivering even more power and control.

The combination of SX40 and its accompanying XD Data Distribution Unit provides a cost-effective and powerful system which, in a very short time, has become the gold standard for LED processing in rental and touring.

The latest enhancement to the SX40 is Brompton’s new HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, which represents a disruptive step forward in visual quality that is set to make a real difference to the industry and will be officially launched with a new technology showcase in November at LDI2019 in Las Vegas.

“We were up against some very stiff competition, so to be awarded this accolade is a real honour,” says Brompton’s managing director, Richard Mead. “We are very proud of what we have achieved and being recognised in this way is testament to the talent, hard work and dedication of our team.”

In picture: Award sponsor Prospero Integrated’s Rob Grays, Brompton’s Elijah Ebo, Richard Mead and Rob Fowler, and the evening’s host, Sean Lock.

16th October 2019

2019 KOI-USA Concert Touring & Events Shortlist Announced

USA – The Knight of Illumination USA Awards (KOI-USA) ceremony and gala dinner return to Las Vegas this November, championing the work of local and international lighting and video designers across the United States. The Awards cover leading design work in the sectors of Theatre, Live for Broadcast, and Concert Touring & Events.

The KOI-USA Concert Touring & Event judging panel, led by judging chair and lighting designer John Featherstone, consisted of content director for Live Design Marian Sandberg, tour director and choreographer Barry Lather, designer and cofounder of sculpture design company HYBYCOZO, Yelena Filipchuk, tour manager Angie Warner, and director of production company Upstaging Inc, John Huddleston.

The Concert Touring & Events Shortlist has been revealed as:

The MA Lighting Award for Club Lighting

  • Sean Burke for Robbie Williams Live in Las Vegas

  • Steven Douglas for Hozier's Wasteland, Baby! Tour

  • Dom Smith and Kelly Sticksel for Lady Antebellum's Our Kind of Vegas Residency

The SGM Lighting Award for Corporate Event Lighting

  • Patrick Dierson for Blue Origin's Blue Moon Unveiling

  • Cory FitzGerald for Audi e-Tron World Premiere 2018

  • 59 Productions for Apollo 50: Go For The Moon

The disguise Award for Concert Video Content

  • Michael Figge and Ryan Chung for Lady Gaga's Enigma Las Vegas Residency

  • Emery Martin and Kerstin Hovland for The 1975's The Music For Cars Tour

  • Olivia Sebesky and Pixomondo for Aerosmith's Deuces Are Wild Las Vegas Residency

The Elation Award for Stage Lighting

  • LeRoy Bennett for Lady Gaga's Enigma Las Vegas Residency

  • Nick Whitehouse, Dom Smith, Tony Caporale, Erik Andersen, and Brian Vaughan for Billie Eilish's When We All Fall Asleep World Tour

  • Steven Douglas and Nick Whitehouse with Cosmo Wilson for Aerosmith's Deuces Are Wild Las Vegas Residency

The LMG Touring Award for Corporate Event Video Content:

  • Scott Stevens and Victory Hill Exhibitions for The Hunger Games: The Exhibition

  • 59 Productions for Apollo 50: Go For The Moon

  • Adam Young for 007 x SPYSCAPE: Driven

The Robert Juliat Award for Festival / One Off Lighting:

  • Bruno Poet and Richard White for Björk's Cornucopia

  • Ben Dalgleish for Posty Fest 2018

  • LeRoy Bennett for Ariana Grande's headline performance at Coachella2019

The GLP Award for Arena Lighting:

  • Baz Halpin for Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour

  • LeRoy Bennett for Paul McCartney's Freshen Up Tour

  • Cory FitzGerald for Beyoncé & Jay-Z's On the Run II Tour

Commenting on this year's Concert Touring & Events submissions, John Featherstone, chair of the CT&E judges said: "It has been such a joy being the category chair again for Concert Touring & Events at KOI-USA.

"I started in concert touring and event lighting design 35 years ago, and I would have thought by now I'd have seen everything, but I am constantly delighted and amazed by the creativity of all the nominees - many of them friends, colleagues, mentors and heroes of mine!

"My fellow judges Angie, Yelena, Marian, Barry, John, and I have had the hardest time deciding between all the remarkable, thoughtful, and diverse work that has been submitted. We are an industry full of so many amazing, talented, and creative people. This process always inspires me to work harder, dig deeper, and do better work myself, and count my blessings to be in such a rewarding field. My heartfelt congratulations to all the shortlisted designers!"

The second edition of KOI-USA will be held at The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas on Friday, 22 November, to coincide with the LDI conference and trade show.

16th October 2019


Nomadic Numpties return from Mongol Rally with over £6,000 for Backup

Nomadic Numpties return from Mongol Rally with over £6,000 for Backup

UK – After ten weeks on the road, having covered over 18,000 miles in their trusty car Poppy, which some might think was a wholly unsuitable vehicle, on 27th September the Nomadic Numpties, Abby ‘Henri’ Cooper, ‘Turbo’ Anthony Hall, made a triumphant return from their adventures on the Mongol Rally and have, so far, raised an amazing £6,435 in aid of industry charity, Backup.

“I’m still not entirely sure why we decided to do it,” says Henri. “I guess I’m just the sort of person that once someone mentions something, I can’t let myself not do it! So, when Turbo suggested it, he was on standby at a show and bored when he came up with the idea, I immediately said yes. I’m so glad I did. It was an amazing experience and we’re so lucky to work with such generous colleagues that support these crazy ideas!”

Making the epic journey in support of Backup was, the pair admits, a no-brainer. “We wanted to choose a charity that meant a lot to both us, our friends and colleagues,” says Turbo.

The trio travelled through 25 countries, some more than once, on their way from London to Mongolia, finishing in the East Siberian city of Ulan Ude.

“My favourite was Mongolia,” says Henri. “Only one percent of the land is habited or used for agriculture, the rest is a wild, stunning playground for horses, birds, camels, yaks and Poppy car!”

“It was Iran for me,” adds Turbo. “I have never visited a country where the locals are so friendly - a different level friendly. One example of many was being flagged down on a three-lane motorway to be given some home made figs. Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the ancient Achaemenid Empire was another. Wow, what a privilege to see something I had only ever dreamed of seeing!”

Although this was a journey with no lows, there were some challenging moments. For Turbo, it was not having any cheese and tomato sandwiches, for Henri it was the Anzob Tunnel in Tajikistan which, according the Wikipedia is the world’s most dangerous tunnel.

“It was the 5km tunnel of doom,” she recalls. “No lighting, oncoming traffic with high beams on, dust and pollution clouding the air, ditches on either side of the already thin road. I thought it would never end. It felt like I held my breath for the entire 5km.

“And there were so very many highs. The other Mongol Ralliers and the big community vibe, the locals that were so generous with what little they had, the views and vistas, the hour-to-hour living and freedom of life on the road. The Rally reminded me that, as humans, we naturally adapt to situations very quickly and change our perspectives. If you are thinking of taking on a challenge, do it. You’ll be amazed what you can endure!”

“My high was eight weeks with no cheese and tomato sandwiches,” laughs Turbo.

Although ready to come home, the weather having taken a turn for the worse and camping becoming cold and damp, Henri and Turbo admit that the novelty of home and the ready availability of cheese and tomato sandwiches may well wear off and they’ll soon be desperate to hit the road again.

“Actually, we’re already planning our next fundraising adventure,” Henri says. “We’re talking about our dream convoy for 2021, but our next project is going to be in a camper van! Poppy will be taking a well-earned break.”

“What an amazing adventure for Turbo and Henri and we’re immensely grateful that they chose to support Backup,” concludes Backup chairman, John Simpson. “The amount they raised is fantastic and will make a huge difference to those of our industry family who are in need. Thank you Nomadic Numpties!”

In picture: Turbo on Henri (far right) with convoy mates ‘Three Filthy Animals’ Dasha, Tom and Alexei.

16th October 2019

d&b audiotechnik Wins 2019 AV Awards in Venue of the Year Category for Royal Albert Hall Project

d&b audiotechnik Wins 2019 AV Awards in Venue of the Year Category for Royal Albert Hall Project
d&b audiotechnik Wins 2019 AV Awards in Venue of the Year Category for Royal Albert Hall Project

UK – d&b audiotechnik has been announced as the winner of the 2019 AV Awards in the Venue of the Year Category for its transformative audio system installation at The Royal Albert Hall. The installation features the world’s largest single-room audio system with over 450 individual d&b loudspeakers.

The Royal Albert Hall, located in South Kensington, London, is one of the UK’s most iconic buildings. Originally opened in 1871, the venue today hosts more than 400 shows annually in its main auditorium which maintains a seating capacity of over 5,200 people.

Understanding the project required the highest level of respect and care, the team worked within the parameters of Royal Albert Hall’s unique architecture to design a system that featured loudspeakers for all three levels of the venue. The system design ultimately delivered uniform coverage, imaging, level and control for the entire audience.

“The Royal Albert Hall installation was a once in a generation opportunity to deliver something outstanding to make the world sound better. This was a complex and challenging project that required strong collaboration between d&b, the sound contractor, and the venue to deliver a world-class audio system that would elevate the customer experience at this iconic venue,” stated Amnon Harman, CEO, d&b audiotechnik. “I’d like to specifically commend the work of d&b’s systems designer, Steve Jones, acoustic consultants, Sandy Brown Associates, Tom Jeffrey and Pat Smith, from our integration partner, SFL Group, and Ollie Jeffery, HoD Production and Technical for Royal Albert Hall who were all critical to this project’s success. We are honoured to receive this prestigious award and would like to congratulate all of this years’ finalists.”

2019 marks the 21st year for the AV Awards, attracting nearly 1,400 industry professionals from all over the world. The awards are a benchmark for the highest professional standards and industry best practices, recognizing the outstanding achievements of individuals, companies, projects and technology, across the AV, events and production markets. All judging is conducted by an independent panel of end-users of AV technology.

15th October 2019

AES Convention New York

AES Convention New York

USA – AES New York is soon to open its doors, with the convention not only presenting the latest in recording technology but also a host of practical workshops. One of the highlights is a hands-on Ambisonics production workshop where Sennheiser will collaborate with experts including Grammy Award winner and former AES President Andres Mayo to bring to life every stage of the Ambisonics production process.

The “Immersive & Spatial Audio Track Event IS08” on Saturday, October 19 (9am to 12 noon in 1E13) is presented by Sennheiser’s Brian Glasscock alongside Andres Mayo, Ianina Canalis of the National University of Lanús and Martin Muscatello of 360 Music Lab. This hands-on workshop will give 45 participants the opportunity to learn every step in Ambisonics production, from recording with the AMBEO VR Mic, to mixing in Virtual Reality with Dear Reality tools, to playback options for the spatial content. Participants can discover and experiment with both hardware and software. In addition to the technical aspects of production, the workshop will also explore the artistic questions that mixing engineers face in 3D, and answer participants’ questions. This ticketed event can be booked together with the convention’s All Access Badge. For more information please see http://www.aes.org/events/147/spatialaudio/?ID=6899

The Sennheiser and Neumann booth (#724) will showcase Sennheiser wireless, AMBEO recording gear, VR/AR mixing software from Dear Reality as well as Neumann mics, the full line of KH series monitors plus the NDH 20 studio monitoring headphones. While Dear Reality will demo its award-winning dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT software and the upcoming multi-channel feature of dearVR PRO at the booth, Sennheiser’s Dave Missall and a series of guest presenters will put the Neumann monitor line through its paces in a dedicated demo room (#1E04).

The demo room is fitted with a 7.1.4 loudspeaker set-up with KH 310, KH 420 and KH 870 models plus a stereo configuration with KH 310, KH 120 and KH 80 DSP monitor loudspeakers.

High-profile mixing, recording and mastering engineers will be playing their immersive audio content each day and present their approach to engineering for Immersive. Two sessions are dedicated to presenting the Neumann speaker line.

The demo room schedule in detail:

Wednesday, 16 October
11 am – 12 noon: Neumann monitor speaker presentation
1pm – 2pm: Morten Lindberg
3pm – 4pm: Andres Mayo
5pm – 6pm: Jim Anderson

Thursday, 17 October
10am – 11am: Jim Anderson
12 noon – 1pm: Elliot Scheiner/Gavin Lurssen
2pm – 3pm: Michael Bishop
4pm – 5pm: Michael Romanowski

Friday,18 October
9am – 10am: Neumann monitor speaker presentation
11am – 12 noon: Lasse Nipkow
1pm – 2pm: Eric Schilling
3pm – 4pm: Darcy Proper/Ronald Prent

Visit Sennheiser and Neumann at AES, booth No. 724 and demo room No. 1E04.

AES Convention New YorkAES Convention New York

14th October 2019

Lucid Technologies showcases the collaborative systems behind its art at ProLight+Sound Middle East

Lucid Technologies showcases the collaborative systems behind its art at ProLight+Sound Middle East

UAE – Lucid Technologies, the vibrant, young solutions company that expands creative boundaries with innovative workflows for digital media, will for the first time showcase the systems behind its art, on Stand 4B24 at this year’s ProLight+Sound Middle East exhibition.

Lucid Technologies’ recent presence in the Middle East has assured the success of vividly impressive projects such as the Saudi Arabia National Day projection at Samba Bank. With the company’s projection mapping expertise behind the event, the inherent difficulties of projection on to glass was meticulously overcome. Two facades of the vast 40-storey building in the new King Abdullah Financial District of Riyadh were rendered ablaze with colourful and flowing imagery for the celebration.

Lucid Technologies has a number of projects underway in the region and more on the horizon in the Middle East. The company will demonstrate the capabilities of BlackTrax for the tracking of both lighting and video, with a system driven by the company’s new Disguise VX4 media servers.

Specialising in the design of technical solutions to solve creative problems in live events and theatre as well as the corporate environment and for bespoke projects, Lucid Technologies is building towards a more permanent presence in the Middle East as the region prepares to host the world stage in 2020. The company maintains its focus on better collaboration, more highly integrated systems, and the break down of creative barriers caused by technical limitations.

11th October 2019

DiGiCo Spotlights New Software Enhancements and More at AES 2019

DiGiCo Spotlights New Software Enhancements and More at AES 2019

USA – With its renewed commitment to sound reinforcement and expanded roster of related presentations, the Audio Engineering Society’s 147th Pro Audio Convention in New York City will be a valuable experience for any live audio production engineer, from novice students to seasoned professionals. And on stand 629 of the Javits Center’s exhibition hall, DiGiCo will be taking advantage of the gathering to share its latest exciting software enhancements and product offerings with those in attendance.

Following the manufacturer’s preview of Mustard earlier this year, DiGiCo now reveals the first “flavour” in its Spice Rack processor collection for Quantum 7: Chilli 6, a six-band, dynamic, multi-band compressor/expander. Comprising a four-band, fourth-order frequency splitter with adjustable crossover and slope control plus two independent fourth-order parametric EQ bands, the new processing can be freely inserted on any channel type in any position. Controlled from the console’s Master screen and its worksurface controls, Chilli 6’s two floating bands allow complete, detailed control of envelope shaping for definable frequency bands. The compressor/expander’s Range control restricts maximum gain change between -24dB and +18dB, and a Dyn Angle control determines level at which maximum gain change occurs.

For those who haven’t already heard, Mustard is a forthcoming set of algorithms and options for channel strip processing for the SD7 Quantum that offer enhanced flexibility and choice when extra control and creative adjustment are needed within a mix. Making full use of the Quantum engine's seventh generation FPGA infrastructure, the Mustard channel can be used to deliver 64 channels of channel processing – in addition to the standard SD processing – to add pre-amp emulation, filters, EQ types, gate and a variety of compressor types to any existing channel strip. The Mustard Tube options include a fully controllable pre-amp modeller, which gives users access to every aspect of their front-end drive, while the Mustard Dynamics include Vintage VCA and optical compressor types that emulate some of the best-known devices available. All of this will enable users to add classic character and new textures to drums, bass, vocals, and guitars.

Working closely with design engineers at L-Acoustics, DiGiCo is pleased to also announce a number of L-ISA control enhancements for its SD-Range. In particular, the latest software update includes new L-ISA controls for stereo channels: two rows of controls are now provided, which can be optionally linked, and a new display shows two objects and an additional pan spread control. Furthermore, L-ISA “Groups” can now be selected and controlled from the console, and any console channel can be user defined to act as the L-ISA “Master” fader in the external control panel. The selected console channel can also be automatically selected in the L-ISA Controller, and a channel that is soloed on the console can also be automatically soloed on L-ISA.

Fans of Audinate’s popular Dante protocol will be excited to see that DiGiCo is exhibiting the new DMI-Dante 64@96 card in NYC for its 4REA4, S-Series and select SD-Range consoles (SD12 and SD7 Quantum). Providing 64 input and 64 output channels at both 48kHz and 96kHz, the DMI (DiGiCo Multichannel Interface) card is equipped with Primary and Secondary (backup) Gigabit Ethernet ports for connection and uniquely offers a Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) feature that enables the desk to run at a different sample rate than the Dante network. Natively allowing DiGiCo products to communicate with other devices on a Dante network, the DMI-Dante 64@96 effectively doubles the previous DMI Dante card’s I/O channel count at the higher 96kHz resolution.

DiGiCo will also have a variety of other products on display on stand 629, including its flagship SD7 Quantum, SD12, and S31 mixing consoles, the 4REA4 installed audio solution, and late-breaking examples of the deepening integration of KLANG:technologies’ immersive IEM mixing system into the SD worksurface.


DiGiCo Spotlights New Software Enhancements and More at AES 2019DiGiCo Spotlights New Software Enhancements and More at AES 2019

11th October 2019


ETC announces the launch of ETC Dubai – The Studio

ETC announces the launch of ETC Dubai – The Studio

UAE – ETC announces its newest base in the Middle East: ETC Dubai – The Studio. This new space will include a training and product demonstration area as well as providing users with a visualisation suite to use while pre-programming their shows. The company officially opens the space on the 31st October with a launch event for guests in the region to see what’s on offer, including the latest, award-winning 3D programming tool – Augment3d – alongside an exclusive preview of new and upcoming products.

As ETC continues to expand its work in the Middle East market, ETC Dubai – The Studio will act as a base in the region which provides regular training sessions, product demonstrations and showcase brand new products from both ETC and High End Systems.

“The Studio space will be a central hub for training both ETC’s Eos and High End Systems’ Hog 4 consoles in the Middle East presented by top product specialists. We plan to expand the range of courses on offer even more next year,” comments regional sales manager for the Middle East, Mark Larcombe.

“The addition of The Studio is a key move as we continue to grow our presence in the Middle East territory. We look forward to further building customer relations and being able to provide additional post-sales support in the region,” says sales manager for ETC Ltd, Darren Beckley.

The launch event for the opening of ETC Dubai – The Studio takes place on the 31st October 2019. From 4pm, ETC staff and product specialists will showcase and provide an overview of the new area, reveal brand new products, run demonstrations of Augment3d and much more. Find out more information and RSVP to attend here: http://bit.ly/2Il837B


11th October 2019


Unusual Rigging & Engineering, Doughty and SIXTY82 join forces for PLSME

Middle East - Industry leaders Unusual Rigging & Engineering LLC, Doughty Engineering and SIXTY82 will exhibit jointly at this year's PLSME. Visitors to stand 4-E22, Hall 4, will be able to see a range of equipment from Doughty and SIXTY82, as well as kit from Liftket, for whom Unusual Rigging is a distributor, and a selection of PPE gear.

Speaking ahead of the show, Denis Bramhall, managing Partner at Unusual Rigging & Engineering said: "We've been exhibiting with Doughty at PLSME for a few years now but this is the first year that we welcome SIXTY82 onto the stand. We look forward to it being a very successful show for us and hope it marks the start of an interesting and exciting working relationship with SIXTY82."

Denis continued: "From experience PLSME is a well organised show and attracts the right people. We look forward to meeting up with new and familiar faces, making the most of the networking opportunities that the show provides and of course demonstrating a selection of products on the stand."

Doughty's Fifty Clamp and Scaff Boom Arm will make their Middle East debut on the stand this year. Julian Chiverton, sales director for Doughty will be on the stand and said: "This is the first time we'll be showing the Fifty Clamp and Scaff Boom Arm in the region so we are looking forward to hearing what visitors to the show have to say about these new items. They've been big hits in the UK and Europe but PLSME puts us in front of a very different audience and it's great to really understand what's important to our customers in this part of the world."

SIXTY82 will join Doughty and Unusual for the first time this year, exhibiting a range of trussing and staging solutions. Speaking ahead of the show Fokko Smeding, CEO SIXTY82 commented: "We are thrilled to be getting on board with Unusual Rigging & Engineering LLC at this year's PLSME. We look forward to a productive few days working together and hope it symbols the start of a new partnership for us both."

Denis continued: "Unusual is primarily a services company, but we do sell and rent a range of products, with the Doughty range being some of our most in demand. We will also have a range of kit from Liftket and some PPE equipment on the stand too and of course we look forward to speaking with potential customers about any exciting projects they might have up their sleeves."

Unusual Rigging & Engineering has had an exceptionally busy year, working on a variety of projects, including the Special Olympics, the new Coca Cola Arena, Westlife's Twenty Tour and a performance at the Emirates Palace by the world famous Spanish Riding School "We've had an excellent year and the projects mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many others that we can't mention but are no less interesting or exciting," said Denis.


11th October 2019


Chauvet Professional Theatre Event Receives Enthusiastic Response

Chauvet Professional Theatre Event Receives Enthusiastic Response
Chauvet Professional Theatre Event Receives Enthusiastic Response

Belgium – Voted by the Dutch public as the “most beautiful painting in the Netherlands,” Johannes Vermeer’s 17th century masterpiece, Girl With a Pearl Earring, is renowned for its subtle use of colours, and interplay of light and shadows. These attributes made the painting (or more accurately replicas of it) an ideal prop in the successful theatre lighting education session held by Chauvet Professional Benelux in September.

Taking place at the CC De Schakel Cultural Center, the one day session featured a stage with three different scenes, each of which contained a print of the painting on an easel, along with a sofa, a small wooden table, and a white vase with flowers. The stage that housed the three scenes had a lighting rig that included traditional tungsten fixtures, stationary Ovation LED fixtures, and moving Maverick LED fixtures.

As part of the day’s presentation, the three scenes on stage were lit by the different types of LED and tungsten fixtures. This demonstration vividly illustrated the advantages of lighting with LED sources to the 80 theatre professionals who attended the event from across Belgium. It also allowed them to see the wide range of options open to them by lighting a stage with different combinations of stationary and moving LED fixtures.

In addition to this impactful demonstration, the all-day session included an opening introduction to the range of Chauvet Professional stage lighting products, as well as a concluding hands-on experience that gave those in attendance the opportunity to have a first-hand look at the fixtures that were used in lighting the three scenes. This collection of products included a diverse selection of Ovation ellipsoidals, Fresnels, PARs, and house lights, as well as the Maverick MK1 Spot, MK3 Profile, and MK2 Wash moving fixtures.

Following the event, the Chauvet Professional Benelux team received widespread praise from the professionals who attended. They thanked the company, not just for its quality products, but for providing them with a thought provoking experience that underscored the creative possibilities being created by LED theatrical lighting.

Chauvet Professional Theatre Event Receives Enthusiastic Response Chauvet Professional Theatre Event Receives Enthusiastic Response

10th October 2019

Chauvet Professional Ovation P-56FC Wins New Product of Year Award at WFX

Chauvet Professional Ovation P-56FC Wins New Product of Year Award at WFX

USA – The new Chauvet Professional Ovation P-56FC LED par has quickly won wide acceptance in theatre and broadcast applications thanks to its flat even field of single source light, and host of performance features. Now this versatile RGBA-lime fixture has also earned notoriety in the worship community after winning the prestigious New Product of the Year Award at the recent WFX conference.

Producing a beautiful homogenised field of light, this ground breaking PAR utilises the same advanced full colour-mixing RGBA-lime LED system found in the Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal. Thanks to this system, it is capable of producing a rainbow of colours from soft pastels to vivid saturates, as all as any temperature of white.

The extremely quiet operation of the Ovation P-56FC also makes it right at home in broadcast studios, theatres, churches or any venue where silence is essential. The fixture’s fan modes allow it to have its fans turned off and be convection cooled for virtually silent operation.

Adding to the fixture’s versatility is its compact size: it measures 12.48 x 12.83 x 14 inches, (317 x 326 x 363mm), which allows it to be used in tight quarters.

Interchangeable lens plates for medium and wide beam angles are standard with the Ovation P-56FC. The fixture also accepts standard 7.5” beam shaping accessories. The fixture has a beam angle of 21° with its medium lens and 52° with its wide lens.

Regardless of beam angle, smooth fades are easy to achieve thanks to the fixture’s 16-bit dimming resolution. Performance features like this, along with a high output, and smooth, even field of light, are proving to be a winning combination for the Ovation P-56FC in every market.

8th October 2019

ROE Visual Presents LED Solutions at Prolight + Sound Me

ROE Visual Presents LED Solutions at Prolight + Sound Me
ROE Visual Presents LED Solutions at Prolight + Sound Me

UAE – ROE Visual will present a range of its latest LED solutions at the Prolight + Sound ME exhibition, which is held from 15-17 October in Dubai, UAE. ROE Visual will exhibit in hall4 stand E24.

LED manufacturer ROE Visual is attending the show to raise more interest in the ME market for its innovative LED products, which find their application in rental as well installation projects. With its production based in China and its sales and service activities in the US and Europe, ROE Visual is famed for their excellent customer service and engineering support.

“Apart from presenting our latest LED products, our presence at the show aims to play into the growing demand for AV technology in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia specifically,” states Glory Gao, deputy sales director for ROE Visual. “The region is witnessing more demand for immersive environments and experiential branding, which calls for high-quality, innovative LED products, like our fine pitch LED solutions and 4K platforms.”

Following the success of the Black Marble LED floor, ROE Visual presents the stunning BM4 LED floor at the exhibition, showing it for the first time in the Middle East region. Combining LED panels for floors, multi-level stages and walls, creates a truly immersive experience ,as can be experienced at the show on stand 4E24.

In addition to the Black Marble LED floor, ROE Visual will showcase the Vanish V8 and the Diamond DM2.6 LED panels on their stand.

The Vanish V8 is a 50 x 100cm LED panel. With a transparency of 62%, this LED screen offers outstanding performance through its high-brightness and excellent viewing angles

The Diamond DM2.6 is an ideal cost-effective indoor LED display solution for rental, staging and fixed applications, that is available in both flat or curved configurations.

ROE Visual will bring a team of experienced sales and product specialists to the Prolight + Sound ME exhibition show, to help you with all your queries or projects.

Find the ROE Visual team in hall 4 stand E24.

4th October 2019

DPA Microphones’ 2028 Vocal Mic Makes US Debut at AES

DPA Microphones’ 2028 Vocal Mic Makes US Debut at AES

USA – DPA Microphones will debut its new 2028 vocal microphone, which aims to change the live performance landscape with its renowned natural sound, road-ready design and competitive price point, to the US pro audio market at AES 2019 (Booth 633). The company will also highlight its new 4097 CORE Supercardioid choir mic, expertly tailored to capture dynamic choir sound, at the show.

“DPA continually strives to provide the most advanced technology and best sound possible to meet the growing needs of current and potential customers,” says Christopher Spahr, director of sales and marketing, DPA US. “Our new 2028 vocal mic and 4097 choir mic solutions are the latest representation of our mission. From churches to concerts, DPA is proud to offer ground-breaking solutions that continue to push the limits of modern technology.”

Perfect for everyone from indie artists to international touring singers, the 2028 vocal mic is ideally suited for live stage performances, broadcast and pro AV applications. On a live stage, the 2028 delivers the same sonic qualities as DPA’s other great microphone solutions and needs no (or very little) EQ to sound just like you are standing next to the singer. This allows the artist to hone-in on their vocals as if not using a microphone, which puts less strain on the voice.

Offered in three variants: a wired XLR handle and two wireless configurations, the 2028 features a brand-new fixed-position capsule, as well as a specially designed shock-mount and pop filter. With the expected wear-and-tear that comes with live performances, both the outer grille and the inner pop filter of the 2028 can be detached and rinsed. Additionally, the 2028 exhibits a supercardioid polar pattern, with the famous DPA uniform off-axis response. This gives the microphone a very high-gain-before-feedback and makes it easier to handle bleed from other instruments in close proximity, picking up sound in a natural way.

Ideal for house of worship and other choir applications, the 4097 choir mic is one of the most natural-sounding solutions available. Intended specifically for capturing dynamic choir sound, it has the same sonic qualities as the brand’s 4098 supercardioid microphones. The 4097 features DPA’s famous flat off-axis supercardioid pattern, with a very high gain-before-feedback that makes the entire choir sound natural from all angles. This sets the possibility for multiple mics to be used on the choir without having to fight the artefacts created from uneven mic pattern pick-up, simplifying the process for a sound engineer.

Configured with a MicroDot connector and a DPA adapter for wired or wireless applications, the 4097 choir mic allows the user to go wireless, increasing flexibility on stages where there are multiple uses of the same space. Featuring CORE by DPA amplifier technology, a clear sound is achieved as it lowers the distortion and expands the dynamic range. Further, the 4097 includes three shock mounts to secure the rumble caused by movement on stage and offers effective dampening at a level not seen before in similar types of mics.

2nd October 2019