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ETC releases new training videos for Eos Augment3d, continuing a focus on education

ETC releases new training videos for Eos Augment3d, continuing a focus on education

New tools mean new workflows, and ETC has a long history of creating online tools to help Eos users evolve their programming skills. Now ETC has announced the release of a new video learning series focusing on Eos Augment3d, the new 3D programming environment released with Eos v3.0.

The 38-part video series may be found on YouTube or in the “Expert Topics” section of the Eos Family Video Learning Series, along with a new workbook to accompany the videos.

The video series includes instruction on getting started with Augment3d, with topics such as importing 3D models and objects, adding, patching, moving and focusing fixtures, working with focus palettes in XYZ mode, and working with Staging Mode in Live and Blind. Additional videos take users through the Fixture Position Estimation Tool, which uses a series of focus palettes to calculate your fixtures’ positions in 3D space, and the Focus Wand, which allows iRFR and aRFR focus remote app users to interact with their rig in augmented reality.

For additional in-depth discussions of Augment3d topics, users can explore the Eos and Augment3d Study Hall playlist on YouTube. ETC created Study Hall as a means of helping end-users use pandemic-induced downtime to improve their professional skills. Recordings of this summer’s Augment3d series are available on the YouTube channel, and additional Eos-related webinars continue to post on a regular basis.

ETC’s educational efforts with Eos do not end there. Because many end-users are teaching and learning remotely this year, ETC has also created an Eos resource page for educators. This page aims to help educators take advantage of teaching tools like the Augment3d virtual Light Lab, and to help them navigate other online Eos resources like the ETC LearningStage.

“ETC has a long-standing commitment to education outreach, from student mentorship programmes, to professional development workshops like CUE,” explains Nick Gonsman, ETC’s product manager for lighting controls. “As lighting control technology evolves, we continue that commitment by expanding our industry-leading education series – free and online – to help students and professionals grow their skills.”

ETC releases new training videos for Eos Augment3d, continuing a focus on educationETC releases new training videos for Eos Augment3d, continuing a focus on education

20th October 2020


Green Hippo launches HippoSchool Online

Green Hippo launches HippoSchool Online

UK – Video manipulation expert Green Hippo is launching an online version of its popular ‘HippoSchool’ training for the first time, making it universally accessible in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The move means more emerging users of its industry-leading Hippotizer media server range can access learning in a virtual environment anywhere, anytime, while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

HippoSchool Online offers complete basic training of the Hippotizer ZooKeeper software, the control interface for Hippotizer and the hub for real-time control of the engine and all of its components. Sessions consist of two online courses that take approximately five hours to complete, with more courses in the pipeline. They are modular, with videos that the user can follow in their own time, featuring ‘Try It Yourself’ tasks to ensure full immersion into as-real-world use of the feature-packed software.

“We’ve built the new online training sessions for HippoSchool to make it more accessible for our users, allowing them to do the training in their own time, anywhere,” says Green Hippo’s training manager, Suzy Stenning. “HippoSchool Online enables our users to take control of their learning. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved – a truly comprehensive and easy-to-access online version of the courses – and we hope those wishing to advance in the world of Hippotizer will agree."

Green Hippo says it acknowledges that previously, those undertaking the courses would need to take two or three days out of their schedules to complete the course, travelling to training locations, with the additional cost of flights and hotel accommodation. “The new online training means that people who were unable to do this before now can and even better, they can look back at the videos for up to six months after they've completed the training,” adds Stenning.

HippoSchool has been running for more than seven years, and in the past has involved in-person training sessions held either at the company’s London and Los Angeles locations or on-site, with a team of Green Hippo training staff flying out to teach. Green Hippo is keen to highlight that these sessions are not stopping, but paused due to the pandemic.

To date, HippoSchool has visited 38 countries worldwide across five continents, training more than 2,000 students, freelancers and professionals ranging from 14- to 70-years-old.

“We’re confident that after taking HippoSchool Online, users can walk away knowing that they have the skills to operate live visuals in whatever form,” Stenning continues. “And our famous Hippotizer Support doesn’t stop there, our team of experts is always on-hand to assist our growing Hippotizer family throughout their careers.”

Green Hippo is inviting those interested in HippoSchool Online to discover more at

19th October 2020

Backstage Academy Launches Live Event Postgraduate Degrees

Backstage Academy Launches Live Event Postgraduate Degrees
Backstage Academy Launches Live Event Postgraduate Degrees

UK – Backstage Academy has launched three brand new postgraduate degrees for 2021, to bolster the skillset of the sectors’ graduates entering the live events industry in a post-Covid world.

Located at the world-renowned Production Park in South Kirby, Yorkshire, the higher education institution has launched the degree programmes, which will start in January 2021, to reflect the changing needs within the live events and creative sectors.

With audience habits evolving, the Academy has seen a rising demand for graduates who can effectively move between different live events disciplines and demonstrate business acumen, in order to successfully navigate the post-COVID landscape as the sector recovers.

The new postgraduate degrees include:

MA Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Live events – offering the opportunity to develop leadership, financial, and strategic skills along with the business acumen necessary to be creative innovators and entrepreneurs within the live events and related industries.

MA in Live Event Design – offering the opportunity to cultivate the creative and collaborative skills required for emerging live event designers.

MSc Creative Technologies for Live Events – equipping students with the technical, academic and professional skills necessary to be creative innovators and technologists.

Rachel Nicholson, head of Backstage Academy, comments: “The development of our new postgraduate degrees is an important milestone for the Academy, as we celebrate our ten year anniversary next year. We’re really pleased to be able to offer graduates the opportunity to advance their training as live events professionals in the unique, purpose-built environment of Production Park.”

“With the issues posed by Covid, the degrees present an ideal opportunity for people to retrain and reinforce their employability, whether as graduates, or for those later in their careers, in developing new skills and getting ahead of the competition.

“If people are finding it tough at the moment, the new degree options present an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. They will be able to retrain from January-December 2021 and enter back into the industry with new additional skills in Spring 2022, when we expect the industry to be well and truly back on track.”

Backstage Academy was recently accepted as a member into the Independent HE group, which recognises training and regulatory compliance, institutional practice, and the professional development of staff.

Welcoming students to the campus this month, Backstage was also recently credited by the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) for its communication with students, providing FAQs, staff forums and blogs for mental health concerns. Students who remained in accommodation were also offered fortnightly one-to-one well-being checks from support staff.

Applicants looking to join the institution in October this year have been able to access virtual open days and participate in online chats with current students, academic and admissions staff.

Any current or prospective students who would like to hear more about the new degree programmes should visit  - call 01977 659880 or email

7th October 2020

ROE Visual Brings Short Online Crash Courses

ROE Visual Brings Short Online Crash Courses

ROE Visual has announced a series of short, online and interactive ROE Academy training sessions, so called crash courses. Offering its clients and AV technicians easy and quick ways to update their LED knowledge.

ROE Visual announces a series of short online seminars, both instructive and interactive. The sessions will be held in both EU and US time zones offering convenience for our global network of users. This special range offers both training on processing technology and interactive Q&A sessions. These online sessions will allow you to ask anything you need to know about LED technology, processing technology and types, bug fixing or your specific project requirements.

Lecturers Victor Kortekaas, Tim Hamberg, Mike Smith and Neil Abel are all seasoned AV technicians with a wealth of experience who will explain and clarify all the critical aspects and pitfalls of LED and processing technology.

Continuing its ROE Academy events online, ROE Visual has looked into ways to transform the ROE Academy training and other knowledge sessions into a different online training offering. “As ROE Visual we have a wealth of knowledge to share, but our challenge was to capture this and turn it into ready-made seminars. Having done several longer training events over the past months we felt a need to change this offering and turn it into short, more captivating sessions,” comments Luc Neyt, deputy director sales and service centre.

“Over the last months we have used online conferencing more than we ever thought we would. We notice it’s hard to keep up your concentration, while this is so different to the normal routine in an immersive live training. Keeping it simple, we now offer short interactive sessions, ideal to boost your knowledge on just one topic and with enough room to ask your specific questions,” continues Mike Smith, ROE Visual LED technician.

ROE Visual offers the unique opportunity to tune in with the best and boost your LED knowledge. During several online sessions you get the chance to talk with our experts directly on all technical LED issues or on your specific project challenges.

These ROE Academy sessions are open for all that want to attend, but spaces are limited to ten participants. The well-experienced ROE LED technicians will share their in-depth knowledge in this online class, touching on the essentials of LED technology.

LED processing explained for the 3 most used processing types ROE Visual uses. In a range of online sessions on processing technology you'll be thought how to set-up and use the processors, learn tips and trick and some basic trouble shooting.

These ROE Academy sessions are open for all that want to attend, but spaces are limited to 10 participants. The well-experienced ROE LED technicians will share their in-depth knowledge in this online class, touching on the essentials of LED processing.

Find more information and registration options here.

2nd October 2020

Full Steam Ahead for National Rigging Certificate

Full Steam Ahead for National Rigging Certificate

UK – PLASA's National Rigging Certificate Assessments have resumed following a postponement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Assessments have already been delivered successfully earlier this month at Unusual Rigging's HQ in Bugbrooke with stringent COVID measures in place that do not impact negatively on either the assessment process or the overall experience. These measures are under constant review and will reflect the current government guidelines moving forward.

Robin Elias (pictured), NRC Centre Manager at Unusual Rigging commented: "We are pleased to be able to resume our NRC assessments once again and to report back that those which have run to date have been extremely successful with feedback from candidates extremely positive."

He continued: "Our main priority right now is to reschedule dates for all those who had their assessments postponed due to the pandemic and to ensure they get the opportunity to complete their assessments. However, we know that the NRC certification is extremely popular and as such we will be looking to add more level 2 and level 3 dates to the calendar to meet demand.

Potential candidates should register their interest at

2nd October 2020


Outdoor LED Screen Structures Webinar is now available

Outdoor LED Screen Structures Webinar is now available

Enormous interest was shown in Norbert Tripp's live webinar from both the European and American markets. Capacity was completely filled within hours of being announced, and in a word, viewers' feedback on it was amazing!

Now the full webinar can be seen on

The corona pandemic and the associated restrictions on personal contact, has contributed to an increase in the popularity of drive-in theatres across many countries. The screens are usually inflatable movie screens standing on the ground or LED screens suspended by a truss structure.

Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Tripp, technical director of Area Four Industries, explains the peculiarities of "temporary outdoor LED screen structures" in a session that lasts about 90 minutes. With the help of descriptive graphics and on-site videos, the behaviour of LED screens is described, what effects they can have on the supporting structure and how these special characteristics are encountered in practice.

The session includes explanations of what to consider when hanging LED walls, what information is provided by the relevant standards and what a good structure should be able to do.



28th September 2020

Area Four Industries

Sennheiser supports sound industry’s future talent with backstage academy

Sennheiser supports sound industry’s future talent with backstage academy

UK – Sennheiser has reinforced its commitment to the UK sound industry’s future talent by forming a long-term education partnership with the Backstage Academy, offering a range of audio equipment for the audio professionals of tomorrow to hone their skills on.

Founded in July 2009 by Adrian Brooks, famous for developing the world’s first lightweight aluminium trussing system back in 1981, Backstage Academy quickly earned an international reputation as a centre of excellence for backstage training, specialising in degree courses, professional short courses and bespoke training programmes for the booming live events industry. For over ten years, Backstage has been praised for using best-in-class technology and equipment in state-of-the-art studio spaces, offering its students the opportunity to experience the industry first-hand by working side-by-side with leading professionals across the campus at the world-renowned Production Park, Europe’s leading live events destination in the heart of Yorkshire.

“Backstage was born out of the need for personnel,” says Miles Marsden, industry partnerships director at Backstage Academy. “We had built Studio 001 at Production Park, but we were finding that people were disappearing on tours all the time. We decided to grow our own staff, one that is passionate about educating the next generation and would allow us to bring new blood into an industry that was quite mature. When today’s 50- and 60-years-olds, who tend to be the leaders of this industry now, started on this journey, it was very amateurish. Now it has developed and professionalised. Backstage Academy is a great example of that.”

The Academy has gone from strength to strength, and now accepts 100 students per year across its three degree courses.

“We have a Live Events Production degree, which includes just over 70 per cent of our students,” says Jack Scarr, marketing and commercial director at Backstage Academy. “This particular course has four pathways: Live Sound, Lighting, Live Visuals, which includes LED video walls and projection mapping among other areas, and at the far end there is Event Business. There are also courses on Stage and Production Management and Live Visual Design and Production.”

Frazer Gall, the Academy’s live events production lecturer, explains the key benefits of forming a relationship with Sennheiser: “The main value is that students get a wide range of microphones that don’t just show them one path, but the variety of different types of mic sub-categories available.

“Sennheiser is one of the biggest microphones and headphones manufacturers in the world, so it gives students a chance to use the equipment they’re likely to be using from the outset when they walk into their jobs. I don’t know any hire company that I have worked with that doesn’t stock some form of Sennheiser product.”

Another benefit, as the team agrees, is the exposure that students get not only to the brand and products, but also to the Sennheiser team, who work closely with Backstage Academy and bring their wealth of industry knowledge with them. “It’s also a great networking opportunity for the students,” adds Scarr.

“We think it is very important to make the students aware of the range of job roles that are available because most of students come saying, ‘I’d like to do FOH sound’, or ‘I want to be a lighting or video designer’,” continues Gall. “Obviously, there is a much wider range of jobs that also includes after-sales support, manufacturing, and R&D, so it is great working with Sennheiser, as students get direct exposure to its staff and become further aware of a company’s internal structure and job roles.”

As part of the long-term loan agreement, Sennheiser supplied a mixture of evolution wireless G3 and G4 systems as well as IEMs, with a view that this will benefit students by them getting experience with a wide range of microphones for different scenarios and applications.

“From the outset, the first year Sound module the students cover detail on how a microphone works. Having a range of Sennheiser mics of all the different types helps them understand different pick up patterns and mic applications, “ says Gall.

“In the second year, they're actually working with live bands, as they are setting up outside now, so it helps the students to decide which microphone would be best to use; whether it’d be better to use a super or hypercardioid for that little bit of extra ambience, or if they should be using particular types of drum kit microphones. By the time they're in the third year, they're accumulating an in-depth understanding of RF and they should be able to set up RF for both in-ears and microphone systems, so there is a wide range of applications where the microphones and the radio equipment are being used.”

Before the pandemic hit the country, the Backstage Academy team had run their first class using Sennheiser’s e935 and e945 mics, comparing how each mic’s pick-up pattern affected the performance of three vocalists visiting from Leeds Beckett College.

Talking about the reactions received to their new array of microphones, Gall mentions that the best ones came from students that do some live work already, because then they are getting more experience with equipment that they are used to using in the field: “They are seeing mics like 906s here and say, ‘I’ve used this mic on a gig before and really liked it!’.”

Both Backstage Academy and Sennheiser agree that the partnership has been going extremely well.

“Generally, from a partnership perspective, being associated with a brand like Sennheiser really validates what we're doing here,” states Scarr. “We aspire to be industry leaders in live events education, so to be connected with an industry leader in audio is a complete recognition at that level.”

“It was a perfect opportunity to form a partnership with Backstage Academy and offer some equipment,” adds Mark Haigh, channel sales manager – professional audio systems at Sennheiser. “We’ve brought the G3 and the latest G4 gear, so students can see what the differences are between different products. We’ve seen smiles on student’s faces and that’s what we love. Our objective is to be able to supply more equipment in the future.”

Andy Egerton, Sennheiser’s artist relations manager, concurs: “Backstage Academy is offering its students a real taste of the industry. I would have loved to be doing this as a student. This quality of audio equipment and RF technology wasn’t available when I went to university. The advancement of this equipment and the teaching to deliver it validates just how valuable it is. I have already started encountering Backstage’s ex-students, who are getting in touch with me via the companies that they are currently working with. That proves this place is a success.”

“It was pretty obvious to me that Sennheiser had a real desire to be involved in the education of the upcoming talent, so, to my mind, it’s a marriage made in heaven,” concludes Marsden. “This partnership encapsulates what we aspire to at the Backstage Academy.

“We are helping to create tomorrow's users, hirers and specifiers. What more could we want?”

In puicture: Mark Haigh (Sennheiser), Jack Scarr, Frazer Gall, Miles Marsden (all from Backstage Academy) and Andy Egerton (Sennheiser).

25th September 2020

ALD Lumiere Scheme exceeds all expectations

ALD Lumiere Scheme exceeds all expectations

UK - The ALD – for people in performance lighting – has announced the participants of a hugely expanded Lumiere 20:20 mentorship scheme, which has tripled in size after an unexpected turn of events. In total, the ALD will now help 68 emerging lighting designers through the Lumière 20:20 scheme.

The original format planned to match 20 emerging lighting designers with experienced mentors. However, due to the generosity ALD members waiving their micro-bursary, 38 Lumiéres will now benefit from the one-on-one scheme.

Katharine Williams, project manager for ALD Lumière, explains: “It started with one person waiving their micro-bursary and then the whole thing snowballed as many others decided to pay theirs forward too.”

In addition, the standard of applications was so high that a separate, newly created programme, dubbed Team Lumière, has been initiated. A further 22 applicants will receive a place in the group where they will work as a collective through an expanded version of the Lumière course programme which focuses on creativity, craft and building community at a time when emerging lighting practitioners most need it.

Rory Beaton, leader of Team Lumière, said: “I’m extremely excited to be leading Team Lumière! Alongside copious interviews and discussions with lighting designers, we hope to create a real sense of community amongst the group. Imagine a world where 22 of your peers came to support you at your next press night! We’d all love that support and that’s part of what we hope to create.”

The scheme expansion means the ALD will help 68 emerging lighting designers in total. Participants from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England, Italy, Poland, Malaysia, Australia and the US have been chosen. Many of them identify as being under-represented in lighting design.

Charlotte Burton, chair of the Lumiere Scheme working group, adds: “We have been taken aback by the wonderful response to Lumiere 20:20. The quality of the applicants has made the matching process joyous and we are thrilled to be able offer additional places and the community of Team Lumiere.

“Lumiere 20:20 has become everything we wanted it to be and more. I believe this shows the talent that is out there and that our freelance designers want to support and encourage them especially at this unique time for the industry.”

Lighting designers taking part as mentors in Lumiere 20:20 are: Adam Silverman, Aideen Malone, Ben Cracknell, Bruno Poet, Charles Balfour, Charlie Morgan Jones, Daniella Beattie, David Howe, Declan Randall, Eleanor Higgins, Howard Hudson, Jason Addison, Jessica Hung Han Yun, Jon Clark, Kathy Perkins (USA), Ken Billington (USA), Lee Curran, Lizzie Powell, Lucy Carter, Malcolm Rippeth, Mark Jonathan, Matt Haskins, Mike Le Fevre, Mike Robertson, Natasha Chivers, Nic Farman, Nick Schliper (Australia), Paul Lim (Australia), Ric Mountjoy, Rick Fisher, Rob Sinclair, Sherry Coenen, Simon Wilkinson and Zoe Spurr. Rory Beaton will lead Team Lumiere.

Lumiere 20:20 will start on 14th September 2020.

photo: Mihaela Bodlovic

4th September 2020

ROE Visual and Backstage Academy Prolong Partnership

ROE Visual and Backstage Academy Prolong Partnership

UK – ROE Visual will prolong its support for the Backstage Academy, enabling a new generation of students to acquire relevant technical skills, working with the industry-standard ROE Visual LED panels.

ROE Visual firmly believes in the power of knowledge transfer. Next to the widely followed ROE Academy classes, supporting other training events and learning initiatives is self-evident in order to guarantee an influx of the next generation of young professional video technicians. The co-operation is an example of how industry-leading manufacturers can play a role in educating and inspiring the future generation of technicians.

ROE Visual has been supporting the Backstage Academy since 2019, enabling the students to work with a range of LED panels that are the standard choice for tours, events, film and broadcast productions. Backstage Academy Students has enjoyed access to BP3, CB5 and the Black Marble LED floor panels. These products have been deployed in numerous projects, assessments, workshops and showcases. With the continuation of the partnership, access to these products is secured for the Backstage Academy students.

“We are looking forward to enjoying another year of amazing support from ROE Visual,” states Miles Marsden, industry partnerships director at Backstage Academy. “2019 saw ROE products in numerous Backstage Academy practical lessons and special projects. Some of our students become noticeably animated and excited at the mention of ROE Visual products. With new developments for virtual production, we envisage this partnership will be even more mutually beneficial for the year ahead.”

“With this partnership Backstage Academy continues its strategy to link with the best manufacturers and brands. It means our students can work with the latest equipment available on the market, acquiring relevant and up-to-date skills, which is paramount for their future career. Moreover, it’s a great product to work with, the quality of the product and ease of deployment are clearly second to none,” Marsden continues.

"Being at Backstage Academy we have access to market leading technology such as ROE CB5 and the BP3 Panels. These are my favourite brand as they’re easy to put together and are very versatile in many different situations. One of my favourite things to do at uni is to book out the ROE panels, quickly construct a design and splash my content over it. The panels have bright LEDs and produce rich colours which is perfect for any live environment." adds Jack Dartford, third-year BA (Hons) Live Events Production student.

“Supporting starting AV technicians is important for our industry,” states Auke Meijer, operations and sales director at ROE Visual Europe. “Being able to add well-trained young professionals to your team allows you to stay sharp. New insights, technologies and profound knowledge are the basis for continuous development. We’re pleased to continue our cooperation with Backstage Academy.”

photos: Backstage Academy

ROE Visual and Backstage Academy Prolong PartnershipROE Visual and Backstage Academy Prolong Partnership

25th August 2020

With a week to go, apply for The ALD's Lumière 20:20 Scheme

With a week to go, apply for The ALD\'s Lumière 20:20 Scheme

UK – The ALD’s successful Lumiere Scheme, which has for the last five years created pathways for lighting practitioners to work as an assistant to established designers on a diverse range of new productions, has been reformatted in response to the current pandemic situation.

This year, a modified scheme entitled ALD Lumière 20:20, will pair 20 emerging lighting practitioners with 20 lighting designers, representing a wide spectrum of work, for a series one-hour online conversations across the ten weeks from mid-September.

ALD Lumiere 20:20 is an exciting opportunity to gain direct access to a designer and to inspire creative conversations about the art, the craft, the life of live entertainment lighting.

Lumiere 20:20 will involve weekly mentor sessions between Lumière and lighting designer, each having different topics to consider as a starting point. Although this is a ‘virtual’ project, it is hoped that there will be some real professional relationships established through the scheme that may come to fruition when we all get back to work.

Chair of The ALD’s Lumière working group Charlotte Burton (pictured) says: “Back in 2015 the Lumière Scheme changed my life and career pathway. With Lumiere 20:20 being a virtual scheme it allows us to open it up to more participants, and so we are actively encouraging applications from those currently under-represented in UK theatre or wish to return to the industry.”

One of the core values of the scheme is that The ALD do not just invest time in someone, but also invest money. Therefore, everyone involved, both lighting designers and participants, will receive a micro-bursary to acknowledge the belief bestowed in person and practice at this time.

This funding has been possible by the generous legacy of ALD Fellow, Mick Hughes (1939-2018).

Mick’s pared-back and beautiful work had “a subtle, almost stealthy artistry that drew attention to the play and players, not to itself.” (The Guardian). His designs have had a huge influence on the UK’s stages that still resonates today. He also loved nothing better than to sit at the production desk or in the pub and talk about light and life in theatre. He was always generous in sharing his knowledge.

Burton adds: “The exciting element of Lumiere 20:20 is the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations about the working practice of being a lighting designer as well as the realities of developing a career. It is wonderful for us to be able to do this in Mick’s memory and we believe that he would be delighted that he is supporting his fellow designers at this time.”

Applications for the scheme are open now with the closing date of Thursday 20th August 2020. Full details of the scheme, eligibility and how to apply can be found on The ALD website at

17th August 2020