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SSE Audio Group to host first ISCE Sound Engineer ECS Card Health and Safety Assessment Event

UK – ISCE has announced its very first Sound Engineer ECS Card Health and Safety Assessment event, to be held on Wednesday 6th September 2017, at SSE Audio Group’s office in London.

Following the recent announcement of ISCE’s accreditation to assess and issue ECS cards to its members, a Health and Safety Assessment is a critical component of the ECS card application process. All ECS Card applicants must hold an up-to-date health and safety qualification in order to be awarded with an ECS card.

This inaugural Health and Safety Assessment event will take place at

SSE Audio Group 3 Cumberland Avenue, London NW10 7RX.

To find out more and register for the London September event or express an interest in future Health and Safety Assessment events please follow the registration link

21st August 2017

ANSI approves E1.50-1 standard for supporting video displays

On August 14 ANSI's Board of Standards Review approved ANSI E1.50-1 – 2017, Requirements for the Structural Support of Temporary LED, Video & Display Systems. It was published by ESTA on the same day.

ANSI E1.50-1 covers the support of temporary installations of large format modular display systems, LED, video and other self-illuminating display structures not otherwise addressed by existing standards. The scope of this standard includes planning and site preparedness, assembly and erection, suspension and safety of components, special access requirements, use, and dismantling of these systems.

ANSI E1.50-1 is now available on the ESTA website at for download at no cost, thanks to the sponsorship of Prosight Specialty Insurance. The standard also will be available from ANSI at and from IHS

15th August 2017

60K+ Standards Downloaded from ESTA's Technical Standards Program, Thanks to ProSight Specialty Insurance

USA – Since April 15, 2013, ESTA, the Entertainment Services and Technology Association, has been able to offer all of its American National Standards and other published documents for download at no cost on their website at As of August 3, 2017, over 60,000 standards had been downloaded by over 10,000 users. This total for four years is more than an order of magnitude greater than the number of standards distributed in the 16 years the documents were only available for sale. These 60,000+ standards, if purchased, would have a retail value of over $1.8 million, but they have been distributed at no cost to the end-users in the entertainment industry, thanks to the sponsorship of ProSight Specialty Insurance.

The most popular standard, based on the number of copies downloaded, is ANSI E1.11, USITT DMX512-A, Asynchronous Serial Digital Data Transmission Standard for Controlling Lighting Equipment and Accessories, with 2,850 downloads, followed closely by ANSI E1.20, RDM--Remote Device Management over USITT DMX512 Networks, with 2,769 downloads. Three rigging standards follow closely on them: ANSI E1.2, Design, Manufacture and Use of Aluminum Trusses and Towers, with 2,566 downloads; ANSI E1.6-1, Powered Hoist Systems, with 2,154; and ANSI E1.1, Construction and Use of Wire Rope Ladders, with 2,062.

For more information on the ESTA Technical Standards Program, or to make a donation to help support it, visit or email Learn more about ProSight Specialty Insurance at

4th August 2017

Interactive Tuning Plug-in

Interactive Tuning Plug-in

Powersoft has just released four more training videos, focusing on EQ Interaction and Interactive Tuning.

These features remark the newly added compatibility with Smaart in the latest release of Armonìa (2.10).

To learn more about these features, discover new ones, and keep updated with the latest information regarding Powersoft's technology, head over to Powersoft's Youtube channel.

4th August 2017

ISCE gains ECS (Electrotechnical Certification Scheme) Accreditation Status for Sound Engineers

UK – The Institute of Sound & Communications Engineers (ISCE) has been approved by the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) to assess and issue ECS approval for Sound Engineers and has also been accredited as an ECS health and safety assessment centre. This new agreement allows ISCE to issue and renew ISCE Sound Engineer ECS cards to existing and newly accredited personnel.

Partnered with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), an ISCE Sound Engineer ECS card will allow sound engineers to prove their identity, qualified status and occupation when working on-site. The ECS card scheme matches the requirements of the CSCS scheme, in that it is compulsory that all participants must hold an up-to-date health and safety qualification in order to be awarded with a card.

The ECS card scheme is designed to certify the skills and qualifications of those working in the electrotechnical and associated industries. It is often a requirement at venues and on building sites for all electrical site workers to hold an appropriate ECS card.

Phil Price, president for ISCE comments: “We have been working in the background on this project for some time and are extremely pleased to be recognised by the ECS for this accreditation. ISCE members are already regularly working at venues and building sites installing sound equipment. This new development will allow ISCE members to apply and become registered for an ISCE Sound Engineer ECS card, assuming they meet the qualification criteria and be issued with a card from ISCE, prior to working on site.”

“We shall be working in the coming weeks to make the registration, assessment and issuing process for ECS cards as smooth as possible for ISCE members with our first Health & Safety assessment date scheduled for September 2017 in the London area”, concludes Price.

28th July 2017

Helping you build great things – more than just a slogan

Helping you build great things – more than just a slogan
Helping you build great things – more than just a slogan

UK – “Helping you build great things” means more to Prolyte Group than just mere words or a marketing slogan. When Prolyte received a request for help from a theatre in Scotland with some doubts as to how to build their new truss structure in a safe way, they jumped to the task. Prolyte organised a one-day on site training to make sure the technical staff of the company can use their truss safely and efficiently whatever the project.

“Hi there, this is Adam from Scottish Dance Theatre. We have just bought a batch of H30V truss. After using it a couple of times, we now want to use it to build a tower system. I wonder if I could ask some questions…”

This was part of the request that Prolyte received through it’s website in late June this year. The Prolyte team knew this request could not go unanswered and decided to offer the assistance Adam was asking for. Together with distributing partner A.C. Entertainment Technologies, they set out to make an appointment for a full training day as part of their Prolyte Campus initiative.

On 11th July, Eric Laanstra, product manager for Prolyte Structures and Paul Hadfield, distributor manager for Prolyte, met the guys and girls from Scottish Dance Theatre to assist them with a day of training.

As Eric Laanstra commented: “We basically just took the team through the whole process of building their own grid. After a morning session to understand more of the technical principles of truss, we followed with a hands-on session, which was very useful to explain the principles of building and loading their structure in a safe way. It made the team more confident and now also more competent.”

Adam McCall, company technician of Scottish Dance Theatre adds: “Using 66 metres of truss to make a tower system was quite daunting, none of us had ever worked with making a structure so large without the aid and ease of utilising hoists, so we reached out for advice to find out the best way to work with it.

“It was quite a surprise that instead of a reply by mail, we got a full training day at our own base, centred around our own gear and set up! We very much appreciate the support, we’re grateful that Prolyte came out here to deliver on site training. This kind of support is invaluable. It’s a great opportunity to gain the theoretical and hands on skills to be able to confidently build the structure in a proper and safe way. To other technicians I would like to say, 'whenever you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask'.”

Matthew Millward, rigging sales manager at A.C. Entertainment Technologies states: “As a Prolyte distributor we’re always keen to make sure our customers can use the products we supply in the best and safest way possible and we’re keen to support industry leading training initiatives like Prolyte Campus. It’s always good to assist customers with direct support from the manufacturer in this way, just one of the reasons Prolyte is a market leader.”

Paul Hadfield concludes: “After many years of the Prolyte Campus programme successfully running in the UK and around the world, we understand that by offering our knowledge to our customers, this increases their overall confidence in our product range and in turn helps to promote safety within our industry. It was very satisfying for us to see the confidence and understanding grow within the crew during the day and we hope that Adam and his team can now enjoy working with their investment for many years to come.’’

Helping you build great things – more than just a sloganHelping you build great things – more than just a slogan

21st July 2017


USITT Presents: OSHA 10 Training and Theatrical Rigging in Honolulu, HI

Train with industry leaders Joe Aldridge, Coordinator for EED, and Eddie Raymond, ETCP Recognised Trainer, on 11th - 14th September for OSHA 10 and Rigging Training in Honolulu, HI.

The OSHA ten-hour programme (11th - 12th September) provides training on OSHA general industry safety and health regulations for entertainment professionals of all skill levels. Special emphasis is placed on those areas that are the most hazardous, using OSHA standards as a guide. Upon completion of both days you will have earned your OSHA 10 card.

This customised OSHA 10 training is brought to you by the IATSE Entertainment and Exhibition Industries Training Trust Fund and USITT as part of the alliance between these organisations and OSHA.

Stay for all four days to include the Theatrical Rigging Course, ideal for individuals that need to refresh or update their procedures, secondary educators who work with auditorium rigging, and entry level riggers. If you have ever wanted to know how to fly scenery, or to reinforce the skills that you already have, this is the course for you.

Early registration ends 15th August, so register and book your travel now before this deal sails away!

For more information, go to

19th July 2017

Audient Launches Tutorial Hub to Complement ARC

Audient Launches Tutorial Hub to Complement ARC

UK – “No matter what your experience, there is always something new to learn, especially from the likes of top music producers Cenzo Townshend and Ulrich Wild, or pro musicians Ash Soan and Cody Stewart,” says marketing manager Andy Allen, who is spearheading the launch of Audient’s online Tutorial Hub. Audient has gathered together videos, professional tutorials and user tips onto one easy-access platform to create a free learning centre for all visitors to its website.

To complement the recent unveiling of ARC Creative Hub, which gives new and existing customers access to a comprehensive range of free software, the Tutorial Hub contains general advice on recording, mixing, mastering and technology in different music genres, and helpful tips for users of specific Audient products.

Andy continues: “Anyone can benefit, even if you aren’t (yet) an Audient customer. If you’re looking to brush up on your mixing skills, get to know what your iD4 can do, learn more about tracking guitars or if you simply want an insight into other professionals’ recording process, it’s all there – completely free – on the Tutorial Hub.

“With regular updates planned and a handy search facility to browse by category and/or product, we suggest you grab a cup of tea, head over to the Audient website and have a look around!”

18th July 2017

Kinesys Stages Demo Day in Canada

Kinesys Stages Demo Day in Canada
Kinesys Stages Demo Day in Canada

Canada – Automation specialist Kinesys is staging its first product awareness demonstration in Canada on 8th July for one day only, to make people aware that Kinesys products have ‘officially landed’ in Canada and are available for immediate rental from Drifter Rigging.

The Demo Day is a collaboration between David Bond, who runs Kinesys’ US operation and Mark Desloges from Drifter Rigging, a new rental operation recently established in Toronto, with a selection of Kinesys kit. It will be held in a warehouse facility at 100 Carson St. Unit A Etobicoke, Toronto, M8W 3R9.

The objectives of the day include introducing people to Kinesys as a brand and highlighting the range of intelligent rigging and automation solutions available generally with particular attention to the newest ground-breaking Kinesys technologies available, the Apex system.

The Apex system is a leading-edge product line that incorporates the best of Kinesys’ extensive experience producing variable speed chain hoists to create a range of safe, reliable and rock-solid hoists and controllers designed to maximise creativity for shows, stage and environment designers and operators in all fields of entertainment.

The system was launched at Prolight+Sound Frankfurt this year with a new hoist controller and two new chain hoists, built to Kinesys’ exact specifications.

There will be a live demo of the Apex system in action, where attendees will be able to get close up and technical with it while David and Mark will be on hand to answer all queries.

Drifter Rigging’s own new Elevation 1+ / Libra load cell system is out working on the Calgary Stampede grandstand show, but literature and information on the complete Kinesys line will be available at the demo.

It’s hoped that the Demo Day will attract lighting designers, production managers, production companies and anyone else potentially interested in the brand and its capabilities.

Drifter Rigging approached Kinesys looking for an automated rigging product line on which to base a new business venture.

Mark’s driving concept was to offer the Canadian market access to the most widely used automation products for mid to higher range productions and he wanted compatibility to other international vendors’ systems as well as sub-hire options.

His requirements also demanded that load cells, trolleys, fixed-speed intelligent hoists and other elements could be added seamlessly to the same control platform in the future.

The first purchase was of Elevation 1+ variable speed chain hoists combined with Kinesys’ Libra load cells for additional safety monitoring. The same Elevation system can also run trolleys, rotators and more. His decision immediately started to pay off as his equipment was working before he even had a chance to make it available for this demonstration event!

Says David Bond: “We’re proud to have Drifter Rigging as our first and only Canadian customer, offering Kinesys products for rental and show services. High production values are in demand in Canada, safety concerns are paramount and creative drive is consistent and constant. This interest in programmable chain hoist control, integrated load cells and other movement elements is a very positive sign. This is the start of a new chapter in automation for Canadian productions.”

30th June 2017

Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance Named as One of the Highest Quality Higher Education Providers in the UK

Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance Named as One of the Highest Quality Higher Education Providers in the UK

UK Rose Bruford College of Theatre Performance has been awarded a Gold award in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), which was introduced by the Government to recognise and reward excellent teaching in UK higher education providers.
The TEF awards were decided by an independent panel of experts including academics, students and employer representatives. Drawing on national data, and evidence submitted by each university or college, the TEF measures excellence in three areas: teaching quality, the learning environment and the educational and professional outcomes achieved by students.

Based on the evidence available the TEF Panel (which is made up of students, employers widening participation experts and academics) judged that: “Rose Bruford College delivers consistently outstanding teaching learning and outcomes for its students. It is of the highest quality found in the UK.”

The statement of findings in particular reflected evidence provided which demonstrated:

  • An embedded strategy that develops students’ performance and vocational skills demonstrating that the course design and assessment practices provide scope for outstanding level of stretch
  • An outstanding institutional culture of personalised learning providing the highest levels of contact time, reflecting the creative nature and conservatoire approach to teaching
  • Outstanding links to industry that contribute to the student union experience, providing opportunities to work in simulated and real-life professional environments
  • High quality physical and digital resources that support learning and are consistently made use of by all groups of students
  • An embedded institutional culture that facilitates, recognises and rewards excellent teaching linked professional practice

The gold award is another external validation of the College delivering the highest quality of teaching and standards, following the awarding of Taught Degree Awarding Powers in January 2017 and the UK quality mark by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) standard in November 2014.

Principal and chief executive, professor Michael Earley, said: “The Gold TEF ranking is a major endorsement for Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance and the kind of teaching and learning excellence that led to our receiving Taught Degree Awarding Powers in 2017. We are in the top rank of UK conservatoires and now rank with the best universities in the Teaching Excellence Framework. The Gold award is something we share with all students, staff and alumni, all of whom delivered this tremendous result.”

Rose Bruford College vice principal, Dr. Andrew Walker, added: “We are thrilled to have received such an award. This reflects the tremendous work undertaken by all of the College’s staff in providing our students with a high quality learning experience during their studies on our wide range of undergraduate programmes, both full-time, part-time, on-campus and online, in our school of design, management and technical arts and school of performance.”

The results and the underlying evidence will help students thinking about which university or college to apply to for autumn 2018, and encourage teaching and learning excellence across the UK.

Madeleine Atkins, chief executive of the Higher Education Funding Council for England, said: “Students invest significant amounts of time and money in their higher education. They rightly expect a high-quality learning experience and outcomes that reflect their potential. The UK already has a high bar for quality and standards, which all universities and colleges must meet. But the TEF judges excellence above and beyond this, clearly showing the highest levels across the sector.

“The TEF measures the things that students themselves say they care about: high-quality, engaged teaching and a supportive, stimulating learning environment which equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their potential, and then to progress to a good job or further study.”

23rd June 2017

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