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Chauvet Takes a Holistic Approach to Online Demos

Chauvet Takes a Holistic Approach to Online Demos

UK – Chris Hale is working out of his garage in Ashford, Kent. Ritchie Reed is 180 miles away. Yet, both are coming together (virtually) every day to offer a valuable service to designers, programmers, event specialists, and integrators with their 30-minute Chauvet Online Demo Sessions.

Working in tandem, the two lighting professionals take a holistic approach to their educational sessions, which air daily at 10am BST, demonstrating fixtures in a way that reflects how they are actually used in real world applications. For example, rather than showcase one fixture in isolation, they will look at paired fixtures, such as the Maverick MK3 Profile and Maverick MK3 Wash; or Rogue Outcast Hybrid IP65 and Rogue Outcast Beam IP65.

“For us, it makes more sense to look at fixtures from the perspective of how they are going to work together in real life,” said Hale. “We want our session to be meaningful, not just abstract product presentations.”

The daily demos also offer a thorough 360-degree look at products. While Hale takes care of the actual product demos, Reed complements this material by providing photometrics, images and weblinks.

“Our goal is to do a full product demonstration,” said Reed. “We share everything that we can get our hands on, whether it’s acoustic reports or DMX layouts etc. We also like to show families of products. This has been a great way for us to stay engaged with our friends in the industry and hopefully provide them with information that will enhance their work in the future.”

Viewers can watch the demos at 10 am BST weekdays by using the following link:

12th August 2020

THE ALD Lumière 20:20 Scheme

THE ALD Lumière 20:20 Scheme

The ALD’s successful Lumiere Scheme, which has for the last five years created pathways for lighting practitioners to work as an assistant to established designers on a diverse range of new productions, has been reformatted in response to the current pandemic situation.

This year, a modified scheme entitled ALD Lumiere 20:20, will pair 20 emerging lighting practitioners with 20 lighting designers, representing a wide spectrum of work, for a series one-hour online conversations across the ten weeks from mid-September.

ALD Lumiere 20:20 is an exciting opportunity to gain direct access to a designer and to inspire creative conversations about the art, the craft, the life of live entertainment lighting.

Lumiere 20:20 will involve weekly mentor sessions between Lumière and lighting designer, each having different topics to consider as a starting point. Although this is a ‘virtual’ project, it is hoped that there will be some real professional relationships established through the scheme that may come to fruition when we all get back to work.

Chair of The ALD’s Lumière working group Charlotte Burton (pictured) says: “Back in 2015 the Lumière Scheme changed my life and career pathway. With Lumiere 20:20 being a virtual scheme it allows us to open it up to more participants, and so we are actively encouraging applications from those currently under-represented in UK theatre or wish to return to the industry.”

One of the core values of the scheme is that The ALD do not just invest time in someone, but also invest money. Therefore, everyone involved, both lighting designers and participants, will receive a micro-bursary to acknowledge the belief bestowed in person and practice at this time.

This funding has been possible by the generous legacy of ALD Fellow, Mick Hughes (1939-2018).

Mick’s pared-back and beautiful work had “a subtle, almost stealthy artistry that drew attention to the play and players, not to itself.” (The Guardian). His designs have had a huge influence on the UK’s stages that still resonates today. He also loved nothing better than to sit at the production desk or in the pub and talk about light and life in theatre. He was always generous in sharing his knowledge.

Burton adds: “The exciting element of Lumiere 20:20 is the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations about the working practice of being a lighting designer as well as the realities of developing a career. It is wonderful for us to be able to do this in Mick’s memory and we believe that he would be delighted that he is supporting his fellow designers at this time.”

Applications for the scheme are open now with the closing date of Thursday 20th August 2020. Full details of the scheme, eligibility and how to apply can be found on The ALD website at

11th August 2020

Elation Professional launches new online Learning Centre

Elation Professional launches new online Learning Centre

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on our lives and industry, lighting professionals are taking the downtime as an opportunity to educate themselves and prepare for the eventual reopening. Elation Professional is offering just such an opportunity with launch of a new online Learning Centre available on the website. Designed to provide lighting professionals with easy-to-access learning options, the new resource site is full of free educational and training material.

View training videos from Obsidian Control Systems covering the Onyx platform, Dylos pixel composer, Capture visualisation software and more, or access Elation Educational Experience (E3) training videos, many presented by one of the industry’s top technical educationists, ETCP recognised trainer Richard Cadena. Other resources like white papers and how-to articles covering a host of topics relevant to lighting professionals are also available.

The entire Elation Hour and Innovation Hour webinar series is available to view. Elation’s popular virtual presentation series addresses the technology and process behind the company’s most popular product series and includes discussions with some of our industry’s most noted designers. Check out Elation’s virtual at home demos, a video series that sees Elation’s sales team and product specialists demoing some of Elation’s newest lighting products from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Another feature of the Learning Centre includes videos of product, trade show and showroom light shows. Visitors can also view and register for upcoming E3 events, as well as schedule a demo room appointment at Elation facilities in the US, Europe or Mexico.

The Elation Learning Centere will be continually updated with new material so lighting pros can return to it again and again. For access, follow the Learning Centre link at the top of the webpage.


7th August 2020


Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing

With over 35 years of experience in live production between them, both lighting director David Bishop and media server programmer Matt Lee play an integral role in the look of BBC Studio’s flagship show, “Strictly Come Dancing”. David and Matt will be having an open discussion about the challenges of producing live television on the scale and to the high standard seen on the show and will also guide us through the process of producing a show from concept to transmission.

They’ll be focusing on Hippotizer’s role in their creative process and the features they could not live without, whilst giving an insight into the dynamics of working closely under significant time pressure.

Hosted by David Bishop lighting director, Matt Lee media server programmer and Suzy Stenning Green Hippo training manager.

To register, click here.

28th July 2020

Unusual launches new rigging course

Unusual launches new rigging course

UK – Unusual Rigging has launched a new ‘General Event Rigging Course’ which is set to take place on a monthly basis at its Bugbrooke HQ. The training has been designed to aid riggers of all levels of experience with the course comprising a series of lectures, demonstrations and the opportunity to take part in hands-on activities.

Speaking about the company’s new offering, director Steve Porter commented: “As an industry we are poised to deal with new COVID-19 regulations and safety guidelines, and no rigger can afford to be complacent. The past few months have been an unsettling time for the live production sector and riggers – whether employed by a company full time or freelance – have seen their work drop off a cliff. That’s hours of hand-on experience lost and lots of time spent with very little to do. The aim of the course is to act as a refresher for those in the industry with decades of experience under their belts as well as relative newcomers who want to expand their knowledge and skillset.”

Courses will start in August and will take place in a safe and socially distanced environment. Over the course of the event, candidates can expect to cover

  • Current legislation and regulations, including HASAWA, PUWER and LOLER

  • Work at height regulations

  • Risk assessments

  • Working at height including work restraint, work positioning and fall arrest

  • Pre use checks to lifting equipment and PPE

  • Principles of lifting and safe systems of work

  • Marking out

  • Rigging with equipment including steels, round slings and shackles

  • Calculating simple bridles and weight distribution relating to bridling

  • Correct use of trusses, slinging and load distribution

  • Operating chain hoists using direct control and low voltage hoist controllers

  • Steel wire rope terminations

Steve continued: “We want to use this quieter period to help equip riggers with a thorough knowledge – both theoretical and practical – of the skills they need to work effectively in the industry. The UK rigging industry has always been the envy of the world, you can never have too many strings to your bow. All candidates will come away with a certificate of course completion and hopefully an enjoyable, albeit socially distanced experience and the chance to catch up with their industry peers.”

Dates for the August course will be confirmed shortly. Those interested in receiving more information should register their name and contact details by emailing

24th July 2020


Laughing with Loctambule

Laughing with Loctambule
Laughing with Loctambule

France - Having a sense of humour has proved a vital survival tool in some of the worst possible scenarios! Whilst absolutely not downplaying the seriousness of a global pandemic, Jacky Fregonese of French lighting and visual rental and production company Loctambule, based near Strasbourg, has put smiles on faces with a series of very amusing product and business tutorials that have gained a large fan following on social media.

With all events and shows cancelled and the industry closing down with the French Covid-19 lockdown, Jacky, who heads the company with his wife Catherine Saint-Georges, wanted to do something creative to boost morale while so many usually busy companies and talented technicians, designers, production managers, event organisers, etc., all push through until events can re-start.

Jacky is well known amongst his friends – and now his growing fanbase – for his wacky sense of humour and intellectual wit!

He was originally inspired to start the funny tutorials into products Loctambule has in rental stock, which includes Robe MegaPointes, ESPRITES, BMFL Blades and PixelPATTs, all of which have featured and generated interest amongst technicians and others.

In addition to lighting, the company provides LED screens and related infrastructure and works across several sectors, from corporate presentations and experientials to music events and festivals.

“I really just wanted to make people laugh during this difficult time,” commented Jacky, “that was the initial motivation for the tutorials, then it all started getting really popular, much to my surprise!”

Each tutorial lasts around two or three minutes and Jacky keeps it snappy, interspersing each one with user-tips about the products, with heaps of humour and some ridiculous things that you would never actually do in reality but to keep the amusement factor high!

In addition to all the Robe tutorials, he has covered other moving light products, consoles, and other useful business topics like administrative tips and even how to properly clean an office or the warehouse in line with additional Covid-19 regulations coming on stream.

After recording the tutorials, Jacky shares them with his IT manager via WhatsApp, who edits if necessary and then shares on the Robe France Facebook channel.

Jacky adds with a large grin: “From the feedback, some people clearly think the more silly things that I might be doing during the tutorials are actually true, but either way, they seem to like the crazy side of me!”

He intends to keep going as long as he is still enjoying it and can find meaningful subjects and topics to talk about! In the meantime, he, like everyone, is hoping that business will start to re-energise in the coming months so they can start getting cash flow going.

Loctambule started investing in Robe products five years ago as they started becoming an industry-standard on so many riders and specifications, but his first association with the brand pre-dates that and, in fact, it goes back to when Robe was an OEM manufacturer.

He likes Robe for the robust construction, excellent engineering, and reliability. “We can have the products out on the most demanding projects for many days and they keep working and working!”

He enjoys a strong and close working relationship with Bruno Garros and the team at Robe France and comments: “I love the family atmosphere of the operation Team in Paris and this is also the same at the HQ in the Czech Republic from what I can see. People matter which I respect and it’s also the way I like to work.”

photos: Loctambule

Laughing with LoctambuleLaughing with Loctambule

21st July 2020

Robe Lighting

ETC introduces The Hamilton Programming Project for Eos Augment3d

ETC introduces The Hamilton Programming Project for Eos Augment3d
ETC introduces The Hamilton Programming Project for Eos Augment3d

USA – As the world waits for venues and productions to reopen, lighting students and professionals alike have turned to the virtual realm to hone their skills. Now, ETC has partnered with an award-winning Broadway lighting team to create a new educational challenge: The Hamilton Programming Project. Participants will use actual touring paperwork from the hit musical to finish prep on an Eos show file and recreate Howell Binkley’s Tony Award‐winning lighting looks – all in Eos Augment3d.

The project stemmed from an idea Hamilton’s programmer David Arch had when he sat down to explore Eos Augment3d, a programming environment (currently in open beta) that allows Eos Family console or ETCnomad users to control and design in a three-dimensional space.

As a practice exercise, Arch decided to import the 3D model of the Hamilton set from the pre-vis of the first touring production and add in the lights. With Augment3d as his virtual venue he began to lay virtual focus tapes and cones, focus conventionals, touch up moving light presets and insert virtual performers on the set and turntables. “By the end of the day I thought, ‘this is quite an interesting learning experience',” says Arch. If he had found the project valuable, he reasoned, then maybe others would as well.

After getting buy-in from the Hamilton team, Arch set about collaborating with ETC to flesh out the project as a guided educational exercise. He pared down the show file to thirteen short cue sequences and put together a package of real paperwork – including a cone layout sheet, conventional and moving light focus charts, gobo images, preset charts, a magic sheet and more – taken from the third Hamilton tour. Students of the project can use this paperwork to recreate the cue sequences in Augment3d, checking their work against a series of images from Arch’s own Augment3d file.

Participants also get a chance to work with a virtual replica of the Hamilton set. “It’s the full 3D Vectorworks version that came out of [scenic designer] David Korins’ office for the Angelica Tour, so it’s beautiful,” explains Arch. “It is a unit set, but you can move the stairs around and have fun with the turntables, and there is a lot of detail to explore.”

The Hamilton Programming Projects contains both an introductory and an advanced track, each with its own show file. The introductory file provides a mostly-functional rig as a starting point while the advanced file gives students extra Augment3d practice as they work to get their rigs up and running. The project doesn’t provide step-by-step instructions, instead encouraging participants to use their own creativity and knowledge to create snapshots, macros, magic sheets and other programming solutions.

“Hopefully, at the end of it,” says Arch, “your cue images will look similar, or better, than our cue photos.”

The Hamilton Programming Project can be found at A round-table discussion with the Hamilton lighting team can be found at

14th July 2020


New seminars on conferencing and learning during the pandemic, a live visit to Aalborg University and learn new workflows for hybrid learning and contactless audio

New seminars on conferencing and learning during the pandemic, a live visit to Aalborg University and learn new workflows for hybrid learning and contactless audio

Join informative discussions about conferencing and higher education in Sennheiser’s #DontStopTheEducation series! On 15 July, Aalborg University opens its doors – albeit virtually – to show you how a university with three locations handles audio and control requirements. On 16 and 17 July, a consultant round table will discuss the new normal in higher education and conferencing. To best account for the breadth of challenges faced in various regions, this round-table discussion is available from a range of global locations, with different panellists for each region. In addition, further online seminars from Sennheiser will be looking at touchless audio and hybrid learning, and the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone. All hosts and panellists are very much looking forward to answering questions.

Wireless Microphones at Aalborg University

Wednesday, 15 July, at 8:30, 13:30 and 18:00 Copenhagen time (CEST, UTC+2)

In this one-hour live seminar, Aalborg University in Denmark demonstrates how they centrally manage and control all microphones at their three locations. Sennheiser’s Christian Almer, a sound engineer and RF specialist, is joined by Per Mouritzen from Aalborg University, who has been working in the AV industry for more than 20 years, both as an end user, installer and technician. Per holds a CTS and has a master in ICT and learning and is responsible for the classroom set-up at Aalborg University. Registrations are now open at:




Thursday 16 July and Friday 17 July – four sessions available for different regions.

In this 90-minute live round-table discussion, the panellists and hosts will take an in-depth look at the ‘new normal’ for corporate meeting spaces and universities and answer some of the most typical and pressing questions that have arisen in the wake of the coronavirus crisis: Are we ready for a post-pandemic technology shift to address the new social distancing norms – and what could this look like for online conferencing and e-learning? How do we continue being engaging and productive with travel restrictions and social distancing in place? And what new tech solutions and ideas would consultants wish to see designed and implemented?

Australia/New Zealand, 16 July, 15:00 Sydney, 17:00 New Zealand

Sennheiser host Jason Grbevski will welcome Christopher Khoo (Norman Disney Young), Graham Vincent (Beca), Jamie Pereira (Pereira Projects) and Peter Hunt (Hewshott International).

Asia, 16 July, 11:00 UAE, 12:30 IST, 15:00 SIN, 15:00 CHN

Sennheiser host Kenan Phang will welcome Gerald Stewart (Inhabit Group), Mradul Sharma (3C Design Networks), Ratnesh Javeri (Innovative Systems & Solutions) Robert Soo (Cogent Acoustics) and Stone Yao (Acoustics Design Institute).

Europe – 16 July, 15:00 UK, 16:00 CEST

Sennheiser host Christian Almer will welcome Christophe Bezault (Atelier Audiovisuel), Gert van Ginkel (Defender Projects), Kristian Glahn (Vowi), Paul Marshall (Recursive Digital) and Paul Rushbrooke (PTS Consulting).

Americas – 17 July, 13:00 EDT

Sennheiser hosts Dave Missall, Steve Wingo and Frédéric Girard will welcome Brian Brustad (Cerami Associates), Eric Kinsinger (Syska Hennesy Group), Jean Desarmenien (Jean Desarmenien Consulting), Mark Peterson (Shin, Milsom and Wilke LLC), Martin van Dijk (Engineering Harmonics) and Pat Galardo (Smith + Andersen).

Other seminars:

Hybrid Learning and Touchless Audio, 16 July, 16:00 Berlin time (CEST, UTC +2).

This online seminar looks at solutions for contact-free microphone capture of lectures and seminars and shows alternative delivery methods to avoid device sharing in a world with Covid-19. New workflows will be explored that allow for classroom collaboration between multiple locations to maximise student and instructor interaction in de-centralized classroom applications. Also, the seminar will show methods to implement voice lift in a space using ceiling microphones and BYOD mobile phone listening technology, in order to overcome some of the challenges of social distancing and shared devices in a classroom environment. Registration is open at

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 Live Demo, 14, 21, 28 July or 4 August, each seminar at 10:30 or 14:30 London time (UTC +1)

Eight opportunities to attend an in-depth live demo of TeamConnect Ceiling 2! Sennheiser’s ceiling array microphone with patented, adaptive beamforming technology can be experienced live in a meeting room setting. Registration is open at for the 10:30 slot and at for the 14:30 slot.

More SoundAcademy live seminars can be found at Participation is free of charge.

10th July 2020

Quarter-century milestone for LIPA and Sennheiser

Quarter-century milestone for LIPA and Sennheiser

UK – For the past 25 years, Sennheiser has been sponsoring one of the best performing arts school in the world, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), with a Student Scholarship Programme, as well as its audio expertise and resources to the specialist institution.

The relationship between Sennheiser and LIPA goes back to 1996, when representatives from each organisation met to discuss the impending launch of an exciting new school to teach the performing arts and associated disciplines, from design and technology and management to sound technology. This cohesive combination allows different mindsets to work together right from the start, encouraging understanding of each element’s needs and ways of working. From that first meeting a quarter of a century ago and until the present day, Sennheiser has been an active partner of LIPA.

The scholarship is a way of helping the students chosen to study freely and achieve their full potential by covering school fees, accommodation costs and, for international students, transport costs to be able to travel home to visit family and friends. It is available to the chosen students for their full three years at LIPA. Every year, a new first-year student is selected, meaning this revolving programme always has three students benefiting from Sennheiser support each year. In order to qualify for the scholarship, students already need to be enrolled at LIPA. The scholarship is for those taking part in the BA (Hons) Sound Technology Course.

From the 25 submissions received this year, 12 students were jointly chosen by LIPA and Sennheiser to continue to the next stage, where they were asked to create and submit an immersive audio piece.

The second round of the process, which comprised two full days of virtual interviews and the selection panel listening to pieces the students had created, has just been completed. Five candidates have been shortlisted: Joe Morgan, Rudolf Korp, Tay Hui Yun, Theo Tighe and William Stringer.

“The quality of the submissions was excellent,” says Tim Sherratt, manager customer development application engineering EMEA at Sennheiser. “We really liked how the students handled the creative process of capturing immersive 3D sound, and were pleasantly surprised with each entry’s out-of-the-box approach.”

With the five candidates selected, the last stage will take place on the 23rd of September with a final round of one-to-one interviews, after which the successful students will be announced.

Sennheiser’s continuous provision of a high level of technical and product support to LIPA has manifested itself in different ways over the years. It includes the supply of wireless equipment for shows, equipping the new TV production facility, named the Sennheiser Studio, and a 7.1.4 Atmos Home Entertainment studio with Neumann monitors. This allows the students to work with 360 video, VR, AR workflows, and with Sennheiser’s AMBEO systems, for which LIPA is currently developing specific courses.

“It has been a real honour to have been part of the relationship between LIPA, our students and Sennheiser, and to see that relationship flourish over more than two decades,” says Jon Thornton, head of sound technology at LIPA. “From our inception as a new Higher Education Institution in 1996 to the present day, having a partner so committed and supportive has been truly exceptional, and of incalculable benefit, not only in the support for students, but in growing and learning as an organisation ourselves, and helping us be prepared for whatever the future of audio holds.”

“We feel deeply privileged to have been able to support such a haven for creativity and passionate individuals for the last 25 years, not just financially but also through our own 75 years of audio innovation and expertise,” concludes Sherratt. “We are proud to be able to help those who are keen to make their living from music, whether performing, creating or producing, or a combination of these. Once the current situation is over, we hope that we can all get together and celebrate this successful quarter-century partnership.”

7th July 2020

24th June Elation Hour: Elevating the House of Worship experience

24th June Elation Hour: Elevating the House of Worship experience

Join Elation on Wednesday 24 June for a special Tools & Techniques discussion of lighting for Houses of Worship. With the knowledge that dynamic lighting systems can positively impact the overall worship experience, houses of worship are finding success in growing their ministries through flexible stage and house lighting systems.

Gain insight into how dynamic lighting can enhance both live and broadcast worship from three HoW market lighting specialists. Hosts John Dunn and Bob Mentele welcome Josh Holowiki from E2i Design, Griffin McCravy from Church of the Highlands, and Chris Eguizabal from Harvest Christian Fellowship for a special Elation Hour discussion about elevating the worship experience utilising lighting and control technology.

The Elation Hour House of Worship discussion will take place Wednesday, 24 June at 10am PDT (US)

RSVP here.

The Elation Hour and Elation Innovation Hour are weekly virtual presentations that delve into the more personal side of product development. Broadcast since 22nd April, they include discussions with top industry designers who share their experience across the broad scope of entertainment lighting, and also include virtual product launches.

The Elation Hour, Wednesdays, 10am PDT: (schedule subject to change)

24 June: Tools & Techniques – House of Worship with Josh Holowiki, Griffin McCravy and Chris Eguizabal

1 July: Virtual Product Launch – Fuze Wash FR

23rd June 2020