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Green Hippo SHAPE 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass is a Global Hit

Green Hippo SHAPE 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass is a Global Hit
Green Hippo SHAPE 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass is a Global Hit

UK – Down Hall Hotel & Spa was the glorious early autumn setting for the Green Hippo SHAPE 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass. The sessions took place on two September days with over 30 places taken and attendees travelling from Denmark, Finland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland, as well the UK.

The first day offered a fundamental introduction to SHAPE 3D projection mapping. Opening with talks covering models and basic content, topics progressed to Hippotizer set-up, closing in the evening with both building alignment and blending practice. Day two shifted up the gears, delivering an advanced-level masterclass – participants took part in a detailed look at complex SHAPE products and setting up complex projects. The advanced syllabus also involved creating content with Notch, as well as building practice and demo station work.

Both days involved access to an impressive selection of kit – outside, as well as in – as detailed below. Additionally, Stage Sound Services provided eight Panasonic PT-RZ21k laser projectors in Tempest weatherproof enclosures. Green Hippo’s media partner for the masterclass was LSi magazine.

SHAPE 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass – Green Hippo equipment

  • Hippotizer Boreal (x2)

  • Hippotizer Boreal+ (x1)

  • Hippotizer Karst (x2)

  • Hippotizer Karst+ (x2)

  • Hippotizer Montane+ (x2)

  • Hippotizer Portamus (x5)

  • Hippotizer Taiga+ (x2)

  • Hippotizer Taiga (x3)

  • Also – Datapath Fx4 display wall controller (x1)

"This year’s SHAPE 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass was a great success, our delegates learned a lot and gained valuable hands-on experience mapping the hotel. It was very exciting to work closely with our users; showing them SHAPE’s new features and exploring 3D workflows," stated Ryan Brown, product manager Green Hippo.

Green Hippo SHAPE 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass is a Global HitGreen Hippo SHAPE 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass is a Global Hit

13th November 2018

The EU Commission releases revised version of proposed Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations

The revised texts exempt a large number of significant tungsten lamps used in the entertainment, live performance and film industry, and provide several additional exemptions recognising the needs of the sectors.

Although the process so far has been successful and productive, there are still some important areas that need to be addressed, with the aim to continue providing the best experiences for film spectators and audiences of live events. As replacements on the market for available technical equipment is missing for certain special purpose lights used on stage and in film-studios, the following demands remain highly important:

  • Exemption from Standby Power mode and Networked Stand-by Power mode

  • Exemption for White Light Sources for specific needs

  • Colour tuneable light sources and widen the definition of wave-length of Green

  • Lamp bases for exemption when used in Professional Entertainment Lighting Products

The European Entertainment Ecodesign Coalition – a European-wide group of associations working in the entertainment, live performance and film/TV sectors, including PLASA and the ALD – continues to support the overall aims of the Ecodesign regulations and is currently working through the appropriate channels to request these changes. It has presented a joint statement to the EU Commission.

While there are no guarantees of success, support and contribution from members states across the EU will be most helpful in this process.

The regulatory committee will meet with the EU Commission on 17-20 December to decide on the final draft. The text is foreseen to be adopted in springtime and come into force from September 2021.

Sent on behalf of the European Entertainment Ecodesign Coalition.

The latest Ecodesign and Energy labelling regulations in full:

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact:

Silke Lalvani, EU policy adviser, Pearle – Live Peformance Europe  

25th October 2018

Revised Standard Published, Two Posted for Public Review

Three bits of news from ESTA's Technical Standards Program: one revised standard published, one revised standard available for public review, and one standard available for public review for reaffirmation (no changes planned).

ANSI E1.1 - 2018, Entertainment Technology – Construction and Use of Wire Rope Ladders, was approved by ANSI's Board of Standards Review on September 27. It has now been published and is available at for download at no cost. The no-cost download is made possible by the sponsorship of ProSight Specialty Insurance. It also may be purchased for $15 from ANSI and IHS. ANSI E1.1 - 2018 describes the construction and use of wire rope ladders in the entertainment industry. It is a revision of the 2012 standard, which was a revision of the 2006 standard with changed load ratings to accommodate heavier workers. Wire rope ladders are commonly used in concert touring for access to lighting trusses, but are rarely used in other industries.

ANSI E1.48 - 2014, A Recommended Luminous Efficiency Function for Stage and Studio Luminaire Photometry, is being considered for reaffirmation. It is available for public review for free at The standard specifies a V (lambda) function that more accurately reflects the response of the human eye at the extreme blue and red ends of the spectrum than the 80+ year-old function used with many light meters. The differences between the functions are significant when measuring the output of RGB LED luminaires. Public review is an opportunity for anyone materially affected by the standard to comment on it. Is it reasonable? Are there errors that need correction? Should something be added to it? Comments are due before the end of day on December 17.

BSR E1.20, Entertainment Technology – Remote Device Management over USITT DMX512 Networks, is a revised version of ANSI E1.20 – 2010, usually referred to as simply “RDM.” This revision is to clarify ambiguities, fix bugs, and incorporate some additional features. ANSI E1.20 is an extension to USITT DMX512 and ANSI E1.11 that allows for bi-directional communication on the primary data link. This allows a controller to discover RDM-enabled devices on the link, to set starting addresses and other configuration settings, and to request status messages. This too is available for free at Have we clarified it? Are the added features enough for this revision cycle? Comments are due before the end of day on December 17.

19th October 2018

Green Hippo and Kinesys masterclass presents automation for the people

Green Hippo and Kinesys masterclass presents automation for the people

UK – Green Hippo, in partnership with Kinesys, is running a two-day automation masterclass. Held in Kinesys’s London demo room, just 20 minutes’ drive from Heathrow airport and fully-equipped with chain motors, rotators, trolleys and truss, the course is essential for anyone looking to explore integrating moving elements with Hippotizer. No prior knowledge of Kinesys automation systems is required, though a good understanding of Hippotizer and basic SHAPE functions will help attendees get the most out of the sessions.
Course content includes:

  • Classroom component to comprehensively cover all aspects of automation, including connecting to an automation system, to visualising and pre-programming a show

  • Hands-on sessions in Kinesys demo room where students will work with hardware, practising object alignment, parenting and automation scripting

  • Use of Kinesys Vector and K2 motor control systems, throughout the two days, for 2D and 3D motion control, as well as a variety of chain motors and trolleys suspending projection screens, and truss and video panels

  • Complimentary lunch and refreshments

Dates: Tuesday 4th December and Wednesday 5th December 2018

Times: 10am - 5pm
Location: Kinesys, Unit 2 Kempton Gate, Oldfield Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2AF

Price: £400 (exc. VAT@20%)

Book now

15th October 2018

Yamaha and Audinate Present Live Multi-track Recording Webinar

Yamaha and Audinate Present Live Multi-track Recording Webinar

Worldwide – On Wednesday 24th October, Yamaha and Audinate are teaming up to present the latest of their exclusive joint, free webinars, titled Live Multi-track Recording Made Easy: The Power of the Dante-Yamaha Connection.

Moderated by Tom Kenny (content director, ProSound News), the webinar will feature Andy Cooper (manager, pro audio application engineering, Yamaha R&D Centre) and Kieran Walsh (Audinate director of application engineering, EMEA) alongside Colin Sheen, a studio owner, recording engineer, composer and musician with many years experience of digital audio systems and use of Yamaha equipment with Dante.

It will help participants learn how to make successful multi-track recordings and virtual soundchecks using Dante audio networking and Yamaha professional audio products, including the TF, QL and CL series digital mixing consoles, as well as the RIVAGE PM7 and PM10 systems.

Andy, Kieran and Colin will all be giving high quality tips, advice and passing on real world experience for running a stable network environment, including Dante Virtual Soundcard and the Dante Accelerator interface.

The webinar is taking place at 5pm European time, 4pm UK time, 11am US Eastern time and 8am US Pacific time, ensuring that as many US and European sound professionals as possible can participate.

Registration for the webinar is free, please visit this link to participate.

8th October 2018

tube UK Hosts Another Hands-On Training Event for Yamaha RIVAGE Systems

tube UK Hosts Another Hands-On Training Event for Yamaha RIVAGE Systems

UK – Such was the success of Manchester-based tube UK’s hands-on introduction to the Yamaha RIVAGE PM7 digital mixing system last April, the company is holding expanded sessions on Monday 15th October, again at the city’s Albert Hall.

The sessions are being run in conjunction with Yamaha Commercial Audio and will be an engineering-focused, hands-on introduction to both the RIVAGE PM7 and PM10 digital mixing systems.

Sessions will begin with an introduction to the key features of the RIVAGE range by Yamaha’s technical staff, after which both systems will be setup in two areas with virtual soundcheck media, to simulate mixing a live show.

The sessions are being held at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm and are strictly on an RSVP, first-come first-served basis. They are bound to be very popular, so please email as soon as possible to confirm a preferred time slot.

8th October 2018

PLASA Announces a Fresh Batch of Professional Development

PLASA Announces a Fresh Batch of Professional Development

UK – PLASA, the association at the heart of the live entertainment technology industry, has announced three new Professional Development Training events running through Autumn 2018 – Winter 2019 aimed at industry professionals looking to broaden their skill-set.

As part of a rolling programme of seminars and workshops led by experienced experts, the new additions will equip attendees with creative branding advice and problem solving solutions. Not only that, PLASA offers the opportunity to delve into the latest electrical and wiring regulations which come into force from January 2019.

An intensive workshop on branding, communications and strategy will be delivered on 21 November at Leisuretec’s premises in Leighton Buzzard. Led by PR guru Lauren Rogers of Burnt Orange who has worked with major international music and sporting events such as the Big Chill Festival and the FIFA Club World Cup Abu Dhabi, delegates will go beyond simple marketing by exploring the importance of unique branding and how to differentiate in an authentic way. This workshop will be beneficial for businesses of all types and sizes with the shared goal and wanting to stand out from the increasingly saturated market place.

The latest updates to the 18th edition Wiring Regulations come from chartered engineering consultant and industry expert, James Eade in a seminar and workshop on 22 November at Blackout’s premises in London. James has authored IET guidance on temporary electrical systems and represents the industry on the British Standards Committee for IET Wiring Regulations. Designed for manufacturers, distributors, venue owners and end-users, this technical day will help delegates understand their legal obligations of ensuring electrical safety in the workplace, be that on a factory floor or festival field.

A dynamic workshop guaranteed to shake up the way problems are tackled will be presented by the Ideas Centre COO, Caroline Russell on 14 February 2019 at Stage Electrics’ premises in Bristol. With an arsenal of out-of-the-box approaches, Caroline will challenge traditional thinking that trap delegates in a world of “more of the same”. Starting out as an analytical chemist in the sports anti-doping industry, Caroline made the move into operational and project management sharing the power of creative problem solving. This workshop is relevant to all those who are stuck in a rut or whose leadership has become stale.

More information regarding PLASA’s Professional Development Training events can be found at

5th October 2018

ESTA Publishes New Standard for Raked Stages

ANSI E1.60 – 2018, Guidelines for the Use of Raked Stages in Live Performance Environments, was approved by ANSI's Board of Standards Review on Friday, 21st September, and published on Monday, 24th September. It can be downloaded at no cost from the ESTA TSP website at The no-cost download is made possible by the sponsorship of ProSight Specialty Insurance. It may be purchased for $40 from ANSI and IHS at and respectively.

ANSI E1.60 offers guidance for the use of raked stages in live performance environments to mitigate the risks for the protection of actors and technicians. The guidance offered is fundamentally a risk assessment/risk reduction approach, with a process outlined and suggestions offered on what must, should, or might be done to control the risk.

26th September 2018

ESTA Posts Revised Standard for Mounting Overhead Equipment for Public Review

BSR E1.53, a revision of ANSI E1.53-2016, Overhead mounting of luminaires, lighting accessories, and other portable devices: specification and practice, has been posted for public review on the ESTA website at The standard covers specifications for the primary and secondary mounting devices for portable stage and studio luminaires and accessories (e.g., c-clamps and safety cables). It also covers their use. The existing standard is being revised to clarify marking requirements and environmental considerations. Comments are due before 20th November.


25th September 2018 releases new educational video series with Eric Porter releases new educational video series with Eric Porter

A new video series with Eric Porter has just been released on In this six-part video series, entitled “Basics of Truss Rigging”, Eric provides an entertaining and easy to understand view of truss rigging principles and methods that are beneficial for everyone to revisit.

Eric Porter can be described as a man who’s experienced almost everything concerning truss and rigging. With more than 40 years of international experience, he should know! And now he’s sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise through a new series of short educational videos on the internet TV channel.

Don’t miss out on this video series and get ready for more video series themes to be released soon on

Click here to see the videos.

19th September 2018