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Quarter-century milestone for LIPA and Sennheiser

Quarter-century milestone for LIPA and Sennheiser

UK – For the past 25 years, Sennheiser has been sponsoring one of the best performing arts school in the world, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), with a Student Scholarship Programme, as well as its audio expertise and resources to the specialist institution.

The relationship between Sennheiser and LIPA goes back to 1996, when representatives from each organisation met to discuss the impending launch of an exciting new school to teach the performing arts and associated disciplines, from design and technology and management to sound technology. This cohesive combination allows different mindsets to work together right from the start, encouraging understanding of each element’s needs and ways of working. From that first meeting a quarter of a century ago and until the present day, Sennheiser has been an active partner of LIPA.

The scholarship is a way of helping the students chosen to study freely and achieve their full potential by covering school fees, accommodation costs and, for international students, transport costs to be able to travel home to visit family and friends. It is available to the chosen students for their full three years at LIPA. Every year, a new first-year student is selected, meaning this revolving programme always has three students benefiting from Sennheiser support each year. In order to qualify for the scholarship, students already need to be enrolled at LIPA. The scholarship is for those taking part in the BA (Hons) Sound Technology Course.

From the 25 submissions received this year, 12 students were jointly chosen by LIPA and Sennheiser to continue to the next stage, where they were asked to create and submit an immersive audio piece.

The second round of the process, which comprised two full days of virtual interviews and the selection panel listening to pieces the students had created, has just been completed. Five candidates have been shortlisted: Joe Morgan, Rudolf Korp, Tay Hui Yun, Theo Tighe and William Stringer.

“The quality of the submissions was excellent,” says Tim Sherratt, manager customer development application engineering EMEA at Sennheiser. “We really liked how the students handled the creative process of capturing immersive 3D sound, and were pleasantly surprised with each entry’s out-of-the-box approach.”

With the five candidates selected, the last stage will take place on the 23rd of September with a final round of one-to-one interviews, after which the successful students will be announced.

Sennheiser’s continuous provision of a high level of technical and product support to LIPA has manifested itself in different ways over the years. It includes the supply of wireless equipment for shows, equipping the new TV production facility, named the Sennheiser Studio, and a 7.1.4 Atmos Home Entertainment studio with Neumann monitors. This allows the students to work with 360 video, VR, AR workflows, and with Sennheiser’s AMBEO systems, for which LIPA is currently developing specific courses.

“It has been a real honour to have been part of the relationship between LIPA, our students and Sennheiser, and to see that relationship flourish over more than two decades,” says Jon Thornton, head of sound technology at LIPA. “From our inception as a new Higher Education Institution in 1996 to the present day, having a partner so committed and supportive has been truly exceptional, and of incalculable benefit, not only in the support for students, but in growing and learning as an organisation ourselves, and helping us be prepared for whatever the future of audio holds.”

“We feel deeply privileged to have been able to support such a haven for creativity and passionate individuals for the last 25 years, not just financially but also through our own 75 years of audio innovation and expertise,” concludes Sherratt. “We are proud to be able to help those who are keen to make their living from music, whether performing, creating or producing, or a combination of these. Once the current situation is over, we hope that we can all get together and celebrate this successful quarter-century partnership.”

7th July 2020

24th June Elation Hour: Elevating the House of Worship experience

24th June Elation Hour: Elevating the House of Worship experience

Join Elation on Wednesday 24 June for a special Tools & Techniques discussion of lighting for Houses of Worship. With the knowledge that dynamic lighting systems can positively impact the overall worship experience, houses of worship are finding success in growing their ministries through flexible stage and house lighting systems.

Gain insight into how dynamic lighting can enhance both live and broadcast worship from three HoW market lighting specialists. Hosts John Dunn and Bob Mentele welcome Josh Holowiki from E2i Design, Griffin McCravy from Church of the Highlands, and Chris Eguizabal from Harvest Christian Fellowship for a special Elation Hour discussion about elevating the worship experience utilising lighting and control technology.

The Elation Hour House of Worship discussion will take place Wednesday, 24 June at 10am PDT (US)

RSVP here.

The Elation Hour and Elation Innovation Hour are weekly virtual presentations that delve into the more personal side of product development. Broadcast since 22nd April, they include discussions with top industry designers who share their experience across the broad scope of entertainment lighting, and also include virtual product launches.

The Elation Hour, Wednesdays, 10am PDT: (schedule subject to change)

24 June: Tools & Techniques – House of Worship with Josh Holowiki, Griffin McCravy and Chris Eguizabal

1 July: Virtual Product Launch – Fuze Wash FR

23rd June 2020




Sennheiser’s #DontStopTheEducation series continues with two Crew Call panel discussions: On 23 June, you can meet the live touring team of singer-songwriter Mahalia, and on 30 June, the team from Harford Sound will discuss how their production company adapted to the Covid-19 situation. Also coming up in June is a new edition of the live RF Expert Round Table, as well as live webinars on pro headphones, multi-zone antenna systems and 8D audio. As always, all panellists and hosts in the live webinars are very much looking forward to answering your questions.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020, at 17:00 Berlin time (16:00 London, 11:00 New York, 15:00 UTC)

Crew Call – Mahalia:

Sennheiser hosts Andy Egerton and Tim Moore welcome members from the touring team of singer-songwriter Mahalia, Nominee for Best Female Solo Artist at the 2020 BRIT Awards. Guests include Mahalia’s musical director and touring bass player Charlie Fowler, tour manager Carl Lewis, front of house engineer Luigi Buccarello, monitor engineer Alice Asbury, guitar technician Jamie Hicks and merchandise manager and trainee backline technician Chris Bunt.

This webinar has something for everyone: If you are looking to get into the touring industry as a career, this webinar will highlight some key touring roles and requirements. If you’re already in the industry, this is a great way to gain insights into the life of another tour crew and an opportunity to catch up with some of the tour banter you might be missing during lockdown! Just sign up at, tune in and remember to ask questions via the live Q&A section.

Tuesday, 30 June, 2020, at 17:00 Berlin time (16:00 London, 11:00 New York, 15:00 UTC)

Crew Call – Harford Sound:

Sennheiser hosts Tim Moore and Andy Egerton welcome the team from Harford Sound, who discuss their approach as a production company and explain how they have adapted during the Covid-19 shutdown. Guests include Evan Kirkendall (CEO), Steve Wozniak (director of sales and marketing), Kyle Ryman (director of operations) and Zack Slater (warehouse manager). Please visit for the registration link.

25 June, 2020, 16:00 to 17:30 CEST, Berlin time (and 1 July, 16:00 to 17:30 Berlin time):

Due to the massive success of the first edition of this webinar, RF experts Volker Schmitt, Jonas Naesby and Vincent Tilgenkamp return to the round table ready to answer your questions about challenges when working with RF wireless microphone and monitoring systems. The team has experience with the biggest international live events and will share their concepts and best practice with you. Please register at

24 June, three time slots: 8:30 to 9:30, 13:30 to 14:30 and 18:00 to 19:00 (all times CEST, Berlin time):

Webinar presenter John McGregor invites you to take a closer look at the Sennheiser pro headphone series. He will take you through the development and history of the iconic HD 25 headphones and introduce you to some of the latest developments in pro headphone technology, including the new IE PRO in-ears.

Please register at

8:30 to 9:30 –

13:30 to 14:30 –

18:00 to 19:00 –

24 and 25 June, three time slots: 16:00 to 17:30, 20:00 to 21:30 (24th) and 1:30 to 3:00 (25th) (all times CEST, Berlin time):

In situations where wide area wireless coverage is required, such as large venues or broadcast studios, an array of many antennas must be deployed to ensure proper reception. In this 90-minute webinar, Andrew Kornstein will explain the process of site surveys and planning, design, and implementation of multi-zone antenna systems.

Please register at:

24 June 16:00 to 17:30 –

24 June, 20:00 to 21:30 –

25 June, 1:30 to 3:00 –

30 June, 2020, 9:00 CEST, Berlin time:

Christian Sander and Kai Detlefsen of Sennheiser partner Dear Reality and Johannes Kares from the Sennheiser AMBEO team will provide you with a solid technical background into the current and much hyped field of 8D music. Typical 8D productions are generated by binaurally rendering the stereo mixdown of a song, but there are certain limitations. The Sennheiser/Dear Reality team will show you how you can bring your 8D productions to a whole new level by positioning the instruments in the virtual space in your binaural mixes. Besides demoing binaural production workflows, they will also discuss the hype around 8D technologies and its impact on music production in general.

Please register at

Please visit  for a full, up-to-date list and to register free of charge for a SoundAcademy webinar of your choice. The free training sessions are often offered at several different times to allow as many people from around the globe to tune in as possible.

22nd June 2020

The Art of Online Teaching with Peter Fisker

The Art of Online Teaching with Peter Fisker

Denmark – At the end of 2019, after three years constantly on the road, Danish lighting, video and set designer Peter Fisker wanted to spend a bit more time at home!

Fortuitously, a part-time teaching post became available at EUC Nord in Frederikshavn, who needed a tutor for the lighting module of their well-known and respected event technician’s course.

The college administration asked if he was interested in applying, and he jumped at the chance as this would enable him to stay home part of the year, while also retaining the flexibility of touring and lighting shows via his design company, HeCameToEat.

The vocational event technician’s course allows rental and event production companies, music, and theatre venues, etc. to take on trainee technicians who work at their companies and learn the theoretical, practical and creative skills needed to master the craft over a four-year period with an emphasis on multi-skilled tasking and being able to juggle many balls in the air simultaneously. They also learn to be part of a hard-working team with long hours, plenty of pressure and little time off!

As part of the scheme, they attend the EOC Nord college for a ten-week block each year.

Peter started teaching in January, with the summer ahead already filled with touring shows and concerts after the teaching ended in early June.

At that point, like everyone, he had no idea of how much the world would change in a few short months!

He inherited an existing lighting curriculum butimmediately updated the classes on networking and utilising ArtNet, sACN and RDM with help from what he could find online, information from their suppliers and his own knowledge, and likewise with some of the working procedures on the lighting desks.

It’s very important that the students have a good sense of how to do a proper tour prep, so I’m trying to get up and running with all kinds of showcases in our own working studio. Technology and practices are constantly evolving in our industry, so it’s vital to be up-to-date.”

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, Denmark was the first in Europe to fully lockdown and all students were sent home mid-March as the teaching shifted to being online.

Peter’s ten 2020 finalists were allowed back on site in Frederikshavn in early May with extra precautions and social distancing as the Danish government cautiously started re-opening their country, having steered a very effective response to Covid-19.

At this point, they only had three weeks to prepare their final projects, ramping up the pressure further on top of the normal stresses.

“One challenge I found with with working online is that you can’t see, feel and gauge people’s reactions in the same way when they are behind a webcam, so in a case where someone doesn’t understand what you’re saying it’s a lot harder to instinctively know.”

Another was adapting material made for practical teaching to online. “After this, I think the students are pretty good at recording iPhone videos of their homework!”

In addition to the ten finalists, he has also been remotely teaching around 50 students in years 1 and 2.

The finalists are sitting a four-hour written exam – set by Peter – and also delivered a practical project in the form of a show event at the end of May in a real venue. The college has its own performance space and works in conjunction with several venues around the city.

The final shows must be accompanied by a detailed written report describing all the practices put in place to make it happen, from rigging plots to health and safety risk assessments. Just added are extra Covid-related safety requirements implemented to ensure social distancing and cleaning and sanitisation of the gig or event.

When it comes to lighting, they have to demonstrate that they understand how to design and programme a light show, deal with video and AV requirements, timecode, etc. and explain all the technical elements involved in building their show lighting system.

This year, seven of the ten finalists used Robe moving lights in their show designs, mainly MegaPointes, LEDBeam 150s and Spiiders.

This reflects the very strong presence of Robe in the Danish live show and event market, much of this down to the proactivity of Herning based distributor, Light Partner.

For the shows themselves, fixtures are sourced from the school’s in-house lighting rigs plus assorted rental companies. “Each of these physical lighting design show projects has a budget, and as part of their understanding of the production process, students also have to demonstrate that the money is efficiently spent,” explains Peter.

In normal years, the finalist shows, complete with band or artist on stage, will have a ‘family and friends’ performance in the venue, but this year these were cancelled due to the pandemic and instead all the shows were streamed.

Peter also proudly reports that all his finalists passed their exams and will be graduating!

He is really enjoying teaching, a talent that seems to come naturally to him, while his vast experience as a working and touring LD has clearly benefited his students.

For some years he’s also worked with some excellent event technicians all around the country who have graduated from this course, and is taking the responsibility of shaping the learning, skills and professional development of the upcoming classes very seriously. “Their enthusiasm, energy and willingness to learn is very inspiring,” he concludes.

photos: Peter Fisker

19th June 2020

Robe Lighting

Outline webinar: how to pass from CAD to OpenArray

Outline webinar: how to pass from CAD to OpenArray
Outline webinar: how to pass from CAD to OpenArray

Outline announces that on 18th June it will hold a free webinar in English on OpenArray, the 3D acoustic prediction, modelling and simulation software written in the Brescia company’s laboratories and now at its second release.

This will not be a general presentation, as is clearly explained by the webinar’s title "From CAD to OpenArray" users will be guided step by step through the preparation of the designs to be imported into OpenArray, starting from CAD programs.

The appointments on Zoom are:

  • "From CAD to OpenArray" – 18th June, 9am – Register

  • "From CAD to OpenArray" – 18th June, 6pm – Register

Giulio Gandini (pictured), who will host both sessions with the support of Paolo Calza, states, “I’m pleased to have the opportunity of explaining in depth what in my opinion is one of the software’s most interesting features: how to import designs into OpenArray directly from DXF files. We’ll begin with a recap of the key characteristics of the simulator and the audience section, focusing attention on the result and the amount of detail projects must have; after which we’ll explain what to import and how to do so. We shall then get to the heart of the matter with practical examples, for each of which the initial "datum" (Google image, CAD file) and the result to be obtained will be displayed. We’ll demonstrate how to import a simple area, for example a city square, then proceed with importing a more complex space, and answer participants’ questions.”

The Outline OpenArray webinars address system engineers, PA technicians, FOH engineers and everybody (even those who aren’t technicians) wishing to obtain more in-depth knowledge of one of the most powerful, fast and versatile programs currently available.

On 24th June, in the same time slots, Fernando Rey Méndez will host a webinar on Outline’s (patent pending) WFIR, the “warped” filters featured in Outline’s Newton processors, synonymous with top grade precision and musicality. A press release will follow.

Discover more and register here:

Outline webinar: how to pass from CAD to OpenArrayOutline webinar: how to pass from CAD to OpenArray

16th June 2020

Up close with Artiste Mondrian on June 17th Elation Innovation Hour

Up close with Artiste Mondrian on June 17th Elation Innovation Hour

Join Elation online for a special up-close look at the new Artiste Mondrian profile FX luminaire on the 17th June Elation Innovation Hour. Optimised for extreme output and coverage, the Artiste Mondrian is the latest addition to Elation’s flagship and award-winning Artiste LED moving head series.

Elation national sales manager John Dunn and global product manager Matthias Hinrichs will present an interactive feature overview, live demo and shoot-out, as well as a Q&A session, all focusing on the leading technologies in the Artiste Mondrian. The presentation will take place Wednesday, 17th June at 10am PDT (US) from Elation dealer Volt Lites’ facility in Burbank, California, an ideal location to show the full power and functionality of this exceptional fixture.

RSVP here.

The Artiste Mondrian partners alongside Elation’s Artiste Monet and Artiste Rembrandt and shares the same exclusive seven-flag SpectraColor colour mixing system (CMYRGB+CTO) and endless and continuous rotational framing system. The Mondrian is a true powerhouse (over 50,000 lumens) with a 226mm PC lens and a 3.3 degree narrow zoom angle. It utilises a custom hotspot LED engine for outstanding centre intensities at long throws.

The Elation Hour and Elation Innovation Hour are weekly virtual presentations that delve into the more personal side of product development. Broadcast since 22nd April, they include discussions with top industry designers who share their experience across the broad scope of entertainment lighting, and also include virtual product launches.

The Elation Hour, Wednesdays, 10am PDT: (schedule subject to change)

17 June: Virtual Product Launch – Artiste Mondrian

24 June: Tools & Techniques – House of Worship

1 July: Virtual Product Launch – Fuze Wash FR

15th June 2020


L-Acoustics accelerates plans for blended training with Online Education Platform

L-Acoustics accelerates plans for blended training with Online Education Platform

France – As many countries slowly lift confinement restrictions, L-Acoustics will re-open in-person education programmes this month. Simultaneously, to complement in-person training and to offer the greatest flexibility to users, L-Acoustics is pre-launching a new Online Education Platform. The first programme on the platform is a complete, but remote, version of its renowned System Fundamentals training, a prerequisite for all other L-Acoustics training modules. In 2019, L-Acoustics hosted training courses in 60 countries, completing 670 training days and awarding 6,000 certificates. Of these, 240 training days and 2,400 certificates were for the Systems Fundamentals course.

“This education platform will foster the creation of a learning community where participants can share questions and develop a useful network of L-Acoustics users, as well as benefiting from the expertise of the instructors and the other trainees,” explains Etienne Corteel, director of education and scientific outreach.

The online Systems Fundamentals course provides an overview of what an L-Acoustics system is, including electronics, loudspeakers and software, and puts them into the perspective of a global project workflow. The course is structured around the full, in-person training, and grants participants the exact same industry-recognised certification. The course is personalised, beginning with a virtual class, followed by several days where participants complete e-learning courses and practical exercises on Soundvision and LA Network Manager. During this week, participants access an online community room to exchange with classmates or pose questions to the instructor. A second virtual classroom closes out the program, with the trainer correcting the exercises submitted by students, followed by tips and feedback.

“The online System Fundamentals course is a great opportunity for us to try new collaborative and interactive learning methods for the L-Acoustics education programme,” explains François Montignies, head of education programmes at L-Acoustics. “It allows us to continue offering the same level of industry-leading training to the widest possible audience, and to meet the evolving needs of our users.”

“Our strictly in-person approach will evolve towards a blended approach, where the in-person courses remain at the core of the offering, complemented with additional online activities to reinforce the learning experience,” concludes Corteel.

Beginning in the week of 22nd June, in-person training will recommence at the company’s Marcoussis, France and Westlake Village, California headquarters, as well as at partner locations where local legislation permits. All in-person classes will follow a strict sanitary protocol to ensure the safety of instructors and participants, including adjustments to group size and agenda as well as supplying masks and hyroalcoholic gel for all participants.

Registration for both onlne and in-person trainings is accessible on the L-Acoustics website:

L-Acoustics is an official AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) Renewal Unit (RU) Provider. Engineers who complete L-Acoustics Systems Fundamentals either online or in person, will receive 3.5 CTS Renewal Units (RU).

12th June 2020

Yamaha’s Audioversity Training Delivers More RIVAGE PM Learning Opportunities

Yamaha’s Audioversity Training Delivers More RIVAGE PM Learning Opportunities

For many years, a key part of Yamaha’s professional audio service has been technical seminars, webinars and a wide range of other training and self-training resources. Recently an extended programme of webinars has been introduced for sound engineers keen to learn about the latest RIVAGE PM Series digital mixing systems.

As well as product-focused learning for sound engineers, systems integrators, venues, rental and event companies, Yamaha provides workflow-focused training on subjects ranging from how to approach live mixing, through to advanced theory like how to build a networked audio system using Dante.

With continually increasing demand, in 2018 these education initiatives were consolidated under the Audioversity banner. At the same time the company expanded and updated its studio facilities for webinar recording and streaming in various locations around the world, accelerating the provision of intensive learning opportunities.

Demand for in-depth information about the newly-introduced, compact RIVAGE PM5 and RIVAGE PM3 systems has been high. Joining the established RIVAGE PM10 and PM7 systems, they allow a much wider range of applications and budgets to benefit from Yamaha’s flagship mixing technology.

Produced by, and co-ordinated between, Yamaha’s three main technical centres in the UK, Japan and the USA, all live RIVAGE PM Series webinars are streamed globally and many are presented twice, to ensure people in as many time zones as possible can take part.

Yamaha also runs online Q&A sessions, where people from all over the world can directly interface with the company’s experts to get answers to any technical enquiries.

Upcoming RIVAGE PM sessions include:

System Design with TWINLANe and Dante

Wednesday 10 June at 10:00 CEST/17:00 JST and 18:00 CEST/09:00 PDT

What Makes It So Easy to Use?

Wednesday 17 June at 10:00 PDT/19:00 CEST and 19:00 PDT/Thu 18 at 11:00 JST

What Makes It Sound So Good?

Wednesday 24 June at 10:00 PDT/19:00 CEST and 19:00 PDT/Thu 25 at 11:00 JST

Making Scenes Without Causing A Drama

Wednesday 15 July at 10:00 CEST/17:00 JST and 18:00 CEST/09:00 PDT

All sessions are free, but participants will need to register to take part. Please visit for further details.

If you are unable to join the live webinars, don't worry - the RIVAGE PM webinar series is archived on its own YouTube channel.

Further self-training resources include the RIVAGE PM Feature Vlogs, which look at new features in detail, while the RIVAGE PM Training video series offers application-based suggestions of how to configure and use the system.

In picture: Andy Cooper.

10th June 2020

Avolites Innovation Tours

Have you booked one of Avolites' Innovation Tours?

Avolites is offering virtual group sessions focusing on its recent innovations and developments to give you the chance see what Avolites has been up to and to ask us any questions.

These sessions run weekly as follows:

Monday (4pm BST) – Avolites Innovations
Join to see some of key game-changing innovations including award winning Synergy integration that brings lighting and video together like never before.

Tuesday (4pm BST) – Introduction to Ai
Check out key features of powerful video software and see some of the incredible projects it has been used on.

Friday (4pm BST) – Titan Highlights
Find out more about the acclaimed lighting platform and how Avolites created many industry firsts that have become the backbone of lighting programming.

If you would like to join, email to book a place (limited spaces per session).

Avolites looks forward to seeing you.

9th June 2020




UK – Three more exciting live round-table discussions are coming up in Sennheiser’s #DontStopTheEducation series: meet members of the live touring crews of Tom Walker and Blake Shelton and join the Mixing Monitors Masterclass! Other live webinars in the series will look at Wireless Microphone Basics and new ways of voice pick-up and assistive listening in installed sound set-ups. As always, all panellists and hosts are very much looking forward to answering your questions.

Live Round-Table Discussion

Tuesday, 9 June, 2020, at 17:00 Berlin time (16:00 London, 11:00 New York, 15:00 UTC)

Crew Call – Tom Walker

Sennheiser hosts Andy Egerton and Tim Moore welcome members from the live touring team of Tom Walker, the UK’s No.1 album selling artist and winner of the 2019 “Best Breakthrough Act” at the BRIT Awards. Guests include Ali Thynne (drummer/MD and playback technician), Dave Glover (tour manager), Mike Platt (front of house engineer), Liam Shannon (monitor engineer) and Ben Dawson (backline technician).

This webinar has something for everyone: if you are looking to get into the touring industry as a career, this webinar will highlight some key touring roles and requirements. If you’re already in the industry, this is a great way to gain insights into the life of another tour crew – and an opportunity to make up for some of the tour banter you might be missing during lockdown! Just sign up at, tune in and remember to ask questions via the live Q&A section.

Join members of Tom Walker’s team at Sennheiser’s live round-table discussion on 9 June at 17:00 CEST (11:00 EST). #Don’tStopTheEducation

Live Round-Table Discussion

June 10, 2020 at 15:00 New York time (20:00 London, 21:00 Berlin, 19:00 UTC)

Mixing Monitors Masterclass

Sennheiser hosts David Missall and Tim Moore welcome five leading monitor engineers to discuss their approach to mixing monitors for touring artists. Matt Napier, Seamus Fenton, Karrie Keyes, Jon Lewis and Becky Pell will provide participants with a wealth of tips and tricks and are happy to answer any questions from the audience. Registration is now open at

In picture: The Crew Call panellists – Ali Thynne, Dave Glover, Mike Platt, Liam Shannon and Ben Dawson; The panellists of the Mixing Monitors Masterclass – Matt Napier, Seamus Fenton, Karrie Keyes, Jon Lewis and Becky Pell.

9th June 2020