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Two original, one revision: new American National Standards projects

Three new projects have been filed with ANSI. Two are for new standards, while one is for the revision of an existing standard. The projects are;

BSR E1.37-8, Additional Message Sets for ANSI E1.20 (RDM) – IPv6 & Improved IPv4 Configuration Messages, is a project to do what the title says: define RDM configuration messages for IPv6 and IPv4. This is a Control Protocols Working Group project.

BSR E1.73, Next Generation Entertainment Control Model: Uniform Device Representation (UDR), is a project to provide a framework by which manufacturers of entertainment equipment can describe controllable and visualisable devices in a digital format. A standard method will be provided to map controllable parameters to existing control endpoints, specifically endpoints associated with the control protocols defined in ANSI E1.11 (DMX512), ANSI E1.20 (RDM), and ANSI E1.31 (sACN). Future control protocols may use this format natively for real-time control. This is a Control Protocols Working Group project.

BSR E1.41, Recommendations for Measuring and Reporting Photometric Performance Data for Entertainment Luminaires Utilizing Solid State Light Sources, is a project to revise the existing standard from 2016. That one was written to give people in the entertainment industry detailed information about the lumen and colour output of units using LED sources. Recent lighting regulations have complicated the market by requiring minimum efficacies and color rendering. The revisions would give guidance on how to measure and report this newly required lighting data. This is a Photometrics Working Group Project.

People with a material interest in these projects are invited to become involved, either by commenting on the draft standards in future public reviews or by joining the appropriate working group. Documents in public review will be posted at Information about joining a working group and links to application forms are available at


26th February 2021

Two ESTA standards in public review for reaffirmation and two new published

USA - Two existing standards are being considered for reaffirmation and are posted for public review on the ESTA website at Comments are due before the end of the day on 5 April 2021. The standards are:

BSR E1.28-2011(R202x), Guidance on planning followspot positions in places of public assembly, offers guidance on the planning of permanent followspot positions, including recommendations on the locations of the followspot positions within the venue, the power likely to be needed, the waste heat generated, the amount of space likely to be needed, and the fall protection and egress issues to be considered for the followspot operator's safety. The existing American National Standard is being considered for reaffirmation; there is a link on the public review page to the standard.

BSR E1.57- 2016(R202x), Recommendations to prevent falls on or off movable parade floats, movable stages, and similar moving platforms, establishes minimum levels and measures needed to reduce the risk for performers and technicians in various positions on movable parade floats, movable stages, and similar moving platforms. The document provides guidance on mitigation methods. The existing American National Standard is being considered for reaffirmation.

Two more ESTA standards approved and published

Two more ESTA standards have been approved as American National Standards and published. The documents are available for download at no cost at, or you can purchase them for $40 each from ANSI and IHS.

ANSI E1.6-1 – 2021, Entertainment Technology – Powered Hoist Systems, establishes requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, inspection, and maintenance of powered hoist systems for lifting and suspension of loads for performance, presentation, and theatrical production. It does not apply to the structure to which the hoist is attached, to attachment of loads to the load carrying device, or to systems for flying people. Excluded are welded link chain hoists, and manually powered hoists, including “manual” hoists with auxiliary electric drill operation.

ANSI E1.59 – 2021, Entertainment Technology – Object Transform Protocol (OTP), describes a mechanism to transfer object transform information such as position, orientation and velocity over an IP network using a subset of the [ACN] protocol suite. It covers data format, data protocol, data addressing, and network management. Data transmitted is intended to coordinate visual and audio elements of a production and should not be used for safety critical applications.

15th February 2021

Zero 88 Presents New Free Online Training Sessions

Zero 88 Presents New Free Online Training Sessions

Back by popular demand, Zero 88 – renowned for its accessible and informative free training support – announces a new array of online product training sessions running through February and March 2021 presented in-person by product specialist Edward Smith.

Running via Zoom, participants can also request a link to the recording for handy re-watching, and use these assets as a tool for refreshing and reinvigorating their lighting console programming skills.

Most of the training is focused on Zero 88’s popular and powerful FLX range of lighting control consoles. These first sessions of the year will cover the FLX, FLX S24 and FLX S48, plus the ZerOS Server, and will also be applicable to other Zero 88 consoles running the ZerOS operating system.

This follows on from a huge number of regular training seminars initiated by Zero 88 throughout 2020, taking advantage of the unexpected free time that so many lighting professionals found themselves facing as lockdowns and Covid restrictions kicked in.

So successful was the programme that Zero 88 also started live streaming several sessions that can be re-watched at any time on its YouTube channel.

“We wanted to continue the trend and keep assisting with learning and refreshing in the areas people are demanding,” stated Edward, adding that the “astounding” training feedback they received from last year saw attendees giving average NPS (Net Promoter Score) scores of 80 (where anything above 0 is considered a success).

The sessions are carefully crafted for anyone who wants to know more about Zero 88’s powerful and easy to use FLX range and are aimed at three key groups: those interested in the brand and the architecture, those looking for a console that’s right for them and their application and experienced power-users wanting to maximise and get the most out of their tools.

“We love getting consoles in front of people, to show their full capabilities,” stated Edward. Rather than repeating the same sessions ad infinitum, the training programme is a dynamic and fluid project that is constantly kept fresh with new sessions exploring different and specific areas of the console.

Currently, the only difference is that it is a virtual console with the Phantom ZerOS offline editor being used to demonstrate.

Up to ten different topics will be covered in the coming weeks, ranging from general subjects like “Discovering the FLX Range: Getting to grips with the consoles and the powerful ZerOS software” which will be two hours in length, to specifics like “ZerOS & Capture: Understand how to connect these features and learn 2-way communication” which will require an hour of people’s time.

For full details and easy booking, interested parties should check the Zero 88 Training page:

All sessions are either one or two hours in length, with the two-hour sessions including that all-important halfway tea or coffee break, although right now it is a case of attendees bringing their own tea, coffee and biscuits! “This will change as soon as we are able to offer in-person training once again,” emphasised Edward, who, like everyone, is looking forward to this happening as soon as is safe and practical.

In the meantime, he is looking forward to connecting with the Zero 88 community and enhancing these great value learning opportunities.

12th February 2021

Obsidian offers Four-Part ONYX Training Webinar Series

Obsidian offers Four-Part ONYX Training Webinar Series

Obsidian Control Systems has announced a new four-part webinar series for its popular ONYX control platform. Starting 26th January, the webinar series will be presented in an easy-to-follow online format, allowing anyone with our without ONYX experience to get a comprehensive understanding of the powerful software.

The ONYX PC solution is identical to the software provided on all ONYX consoles like the NX4 and NX2, providing everyone a true hands-on experience from the comfort of their home. A matching capture presentation file provides immediate real-time feedback of a virtual stage, allowing all users to experience the newly introduced support of fixture and patch Synchronisation between ONYX and Capture.

The webinar, hosted by ONYX training specialist David Henry and product manager Matthias Hinrichs, will utilise the upcoming 4.6 Version of ONYX, allowing powerful effects using the DyLOS pixel composer, which now not only interacts with colour pixels but can drive any fixture’s parameter like movements and intensity with incredible ease and creativity.

Each training session is three hours long and will start at 10:00 PST (18:00 GMT):

January 26 – Beginner

January 28 – Intermediate

February 2 – Advanced

February 4 – DyLOS Pixel Composer

To sign up, please visit

20th January 2021


Brompton Technology embraces virtual training

Brompton Technology embraces virtual training

UK – With its in-person training currently on hold, Brompton Technology has set up an advanced virtual platform as a way to continue offering its global customer base access to the LED processing manufacturer’s renowned training programme.

Brompton’s initial foray into this new venture was a set-up devised by the company’s technical support specialist, Steve Harris, to deliver training videos from his home office during the height of the pandemic. Quickly recognising that a more in-depth approach was needed, the support team adapted the training room at Brompton’s Ealing headquarters to allow the delivery of a more sophisticated training format.

Using a powerful PC, Infiled DB2.6 LED screen, and a Brompton Tessera SX40 processor, the team developed a new environment to demonstrate the Brompton user interface, using a variety of in-depth, interactive ‘explainer’ pages covering common topics such as ‘what causes moiré?’ and closed loop redundancy, as well as going into detail on Brompton’s award winning HDR and Dynamic Calibration using the DynaCal UI, and also further explanations on how to use Tessera features such as OSCA (on screen colour adjustment), ChromaTune, Black Magic, etc. As well as training, the system is being used during sales calls and meetings to demonstrate product features.

“The platform is proving incredibly useful,” says Harris. “For example, if a customer is having an issue remotely, instead of sending them an email, we can now set up a meeting to show them how to resolve the problem in real time, or even do a quick screen recording video for them.”

Whilst Brompton’s in person training courses normally span a whole day, Brompton has recognised that sitting in front of a computer screen for that length of time becomes fatiguing and has condensed the virtual course into around two-hour segments.

“Big thanks to Steve for the online session,” says 80six’s Sam James. “Not only was it really useful in terms of training but the whole set-up is really slick, enabling attendees to join remotely, with very little participation needed other than verbal feedback. It is perfect for the current situation but also moving forward; as the software is continually updated, it saves coming into the office each time. Steve’s approach and manner were spot on; friendly, fun and informative.”

Brompton’s virtual training is also offering invaluable help to the customers preparing for the future. “We know there are a lot of freelancers who haven’t worked in the field for some time,” adds Harris. “We wanted to be able to provide a refresher course on our products, so they have the confidence that their skills are fully up to date, and incorporate some of the new features that they may not have had a chance to work with yet. This is an ideal way to do that.”

Harris and the team are continually refining and adding to the course, but the reaction so far has been extremely positive. There are also plans to schedule streams on Twitch each month, allowing questions to be asked in real time.

8th December 2020

Brompton Technology

ETC releases new training videos for Eos Augment3d, continuing a focus on education

ETC releases new training videos for Eos Augment3d, continuing a focus on education

New tools mean new workflows, and ETC has a long history of creating online tools to help Eos users evolve their programming skills. Now ETC has announced the release of a new video learning series focusing on Eos Augment3d, the new 3D programming environment released with Eos v3.0.

The 38-part video series may be found on YouTube or in the “Expert Topics” section of the Eos Family Video Learning Series, along with a new workbook to accompany the videos.

The video series includes instruction on getting started with Augment3d, with topics such as importing 3D models and objects, adding, patching, moving and focusing fixtures, working with focus palettes in XYZ mode, and working with Staging Mode in Live and Blind. Additional videos take users through the Fixture Position Estimation Tool, which uses a series of focus palettes to calculate your fixtures’ positions in 3D space, and the Focus Wand, which allows iRFR and aRFR focus remote app users to interact with their rig in augmented reality.

For additional in-depth discussions of Augment3d topics, users can explore the Eos and Augment3d Study Hall playlist on YouTube. ETC created Study Hall as a means of helping end-users use pandemic-induced downtime to improve their professional skills. Recordings of this summer’s Augment3d series are available on the YouTube channel, and additional Eos-related webinars continue to post on a regular basis.

ETC’s educational efforts with Eos do not end there. Because many end-users are teaching and learning remotely this year, ETC has also created an Eos resource page for educators. This page aims to help educators take advantage of teaching tools like the Augment3d virtual Light Lab, and to help them navigate other online Eos resources like the ETC LearningStage.

“ETC has a long-standing commitment to education outreach, from student mentorship programmes, to professional development workshops like CUE,” explains Nick Gonsman, ETC’s product manager for lighting controls. “As lighting control technology evolves, we continue that commitment by expanding our industry-leading education series – free and online – to help students and professionals grow their skills.”

ETC releases new training videos for Eos Augment3d, continuing a focus on educationETC releases new training videos for Eos Augment3d, continuing a focus on education

20th October 2020


Green Hippo launches HippoSchool Online

Green Hippo launches HippoSchool Online

UK – Video manipulation expert Green Hippo is launching an online version of its popular ‘HippoSchool’ training for the first time, making it universally accessible in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The move means more emerging users of its industry-leading Hippotizer media server range can access learning in a virtual environment anywhere, anytime, while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

HippoSchool Online offers complete basic training of the Hippotizer ZooKeeper software, the control interface for Hippotizer and the hub for real-time control of the engine and all of its components. Sessions consist of two online courses that take approximately five hours to complete, with more courses in the pipeline. They are modular, with videos that the user can follow in their own time, featuring ‘Try It Yourself’ tasks to ensure full immersion into as-real-world use of the feature-packed software.

“We’ve built the new online training sessions for HippoSchool to make it more accessible for our users, allowing them to do the training in their own time, anywhere,” says Green Hippo’s training manager, Suzy Stenning. “HippoSchool Online enables our users to take control of their learning. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved – a truly comprehensive and easy-to-access online version of the courses – and we hope those wishing to advance in the world of Hippotizer will agree."

Green Hippo says it acknowledges that previously, those undertaking the courses would need to take two or three days out of their schedules to complete the course, travelling to training locations, with the additional cost of flights and hotel accommodation. “The new online training means that people who were unable to do this before now can and even better, they can look back at the videos for up to six months after they've completed the training,” adds Stenning.

HippoSchool has been running for more than seven years, and in the past has involved in-person training sessions held either at the company’s London and Los Angeles locations or on-site, with a team of Green Hippo training staff flying out to teach. Green Hippo is keen to highlight that these sessions are not stopping, but paused due to the pandemic.

To date, HippoSchool has visited 38 countries worldwide across five continents, training more than 2,000 students, freelancers and professionals ranging from 14- to 70-years-old.

“We’re confident that after taking HippoSchool Online, users can walk away knowing that they have the skills to operate live visuals in whatever form,” Stenning continues. “And our famous Hippotizer Support doesn’t stop there, our team of experts is always on-hand to assist our growing Hippotizer family throughout their careers.”

Green Hippo is inviting those interested in HippoSchool Online to discover more at

19th October 2020

Backstage Academy Launches Live Event Postgraduate Degrees

Backstage Academy Launches Live Event Postgraduate Degrees
Backstage Academy Launches Live Event Postgraduate Degrees

UK – Backstage Academy has launched three brand new postgraduate degrees for 2021, to bolster the skillset of the sectors’ graduates entering the live events industry in a post-Covid world.

Located at the world-renowned Production Park in South Kirby, Yorkshire, the higher education institution has launched the degree programmes, which will start in January 2021, to reflect the changing needs within the live events and creative sectors.

With audience habits evolving, the Academy has seen a rising demand for graduates who can effectively move between different live events disciplines and demonstrate business acumen, in order to successfully navigate the post-COVID landscape as the sector recovers.

The new postgraduate degrees include:

MA Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Live events – offering the opportunity to develop leadership, financial, and strategic skills along with the business acumen necessary to be creative innovators and entrepreneurs within the live events and related industries.

MA in Live Event Design – offering the opportunity to cultivate the creative and collaborative skills required for emerging live event designers.

MSc Creative Technologies for Live Events – equipping students with the technical, academic and professional skills necessary to be creative innovators and technologists.

Rachel Nicholson, head of Backstage Academy, comments: “The development of our new postgraduate degrees is an important milestone for the Academy, as we celebrate our ten year anniversary next year. We’re really pleased to be able to offer graduates the opportunity to advance their training as live events professionals in the unique, purpose-built environment of Production Park.”

“With the issues posed by Covid, the degrees present an ideal opportunity for people to retrain and reinforce their employability, whether as graduates, or for those later in their careers, in developing new skills and getting ahead of the competition.

“If people are finding it tough at the moment, the new degree options present an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. They will be able to retrain from January-December 2021 and enter back into the industry with new additional skills in Spring 2022, when we expect the industry to be well and truly back on track.”

Backstage Academy was recently accepted as a member into the Independent HE group, which recognises training and regulatory compliance, institutional practice, and the professional development of staff.

Welcoming students to the campus this month, Backstage was also recently credited by the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) for its communication with students, providing FAQs, staff forums and blogs for mental health concerns. Students who remained in accommodation were also offered fortnightly one-to-one well-being checks from support staff.

Applicants looking to join the institution in October this year have been able to access virtual open days and participate in online chats with current students, academic and admissions staff.

Any current or prospective students who would like to hear more about the new degree programmes should visit  - call 01977 659880 or email

7th October 2020

ROE Visual Brings Short Online Crash Courses

ROE Visual Brings Short Online Crash Courses

ROE Visual has announced a series of short, online and interactive ROE Academy training sessions, so called crash courses. Offering its clients and AV technicians easy and quick ways to update their LED knowledge.

ROE Visual announces a series of short online seminars, both instructive and interactive. The sessions will be held in both EU and US time zones offering convenience for our global network of users. This special range offers both training on processing technology and interactive Q&A sessions. These online sessions will allow you to ask anything you need to know about LED technology, processing technology and types, bug fixing or your specific project requirements.

Lecturers Victor Kortekaas, Tim Hamberg, Mike Smith and Neil Abel are all seasoned AV technicians with a wealth of experience who will explain and clarify all the critical aspects and pitfalls of LED and processing technology.

Continuing its ROE Academy events online, ROE Visual has looked into ways to transform the ROE Academy training and other knowledge sessions into a different online training offering. “As ROE Visual we have a wealth of knowledge to share, but our challenge was to capture this and turn it into ready-made seminars. Having done several longer training events over the past months we felt a need to change this offering and turn it into short, more captivating sessions,” comments Luc Neyt, deputy director sales and service centre.

“Over the last months we have used online conferencing more than we ever thought we would. We notice it’s hard to keep up your concentration, while this is so different to the normal routine in an immersive live training. Keeping it simple, we now offer short interactive sessions, ideal to boost your knowledge on just one topic and with enough room to ask your specific questions,” continues Mike Smith, ROE Visual LED technician.

ROE Visual offers the unique opportunity to tune in with the best and boost your LED knowledge. During several online sessions you get the chance to talk with our experts directly on all technical LED issues or on your specific project challenges.

These ROE Academy sessions are open for all that want to attend, but spaces are limited to ten participants. The well-experienced ROE LED technicians will share their in-depth knowledge in this online class, touching on the essentials of LED technology.

LED processing explained for the 3 most used processing types ROE Visual uses. In a range of online sessions on processing technology you'll be thought how to set-up and use the processors, learn tips and trick and some basic trouble shooting.

These ROE Academy sessions are open for all that want to attend, but spaces are limited to 10 participants. The well-experienced ROE LED technicians will share their in-depth knowledge in this online class, touching on the essentials of LED processing.

Find more information and registration options here.

2nd October 2020

Full Steam Ahead for National Rigging Certificate

Full Steam Ahead for National Rigging Certificate

UK – PLASA's National Rigging Certificate Assessments have resumed following a postponement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Assessments have already been delivered successfully earlier this month at Unusual Rigging's HQ in Bugbrooke with stringent COVID measures in place that do not impact negatively on either the assessment process or the overall experience. These measures are under constant review and will reflect the current government guidelines moving forward.

Robin Elias (pictured), NRC Centre Manager at Unusual Rigging commented: "We are pleased to be able to resume our NRC assessments once again and to report back that those which have run to date have been extremely successful with feedback from candidates extremely positive."

He continued: "Our main priority right now is to reschedule dates for all those who had their assessments postponed due to the pandemic and to ensure they get the opportunity to complete their assessments. However, we know that the NRC certification is extremely popular and as such we will be looking to add more level 2 and level 3 dates to the calendar to meet demand.

Potential candidates should register their interest at

2nd October 2020