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Four Degrees West – Yamaha Training Visits Plymouth

Four Degrees West – Yamaha Training Visits Plymouth
Four Degrees West – Yamaha Training Visits Plymouth

UK – Yamaha Commercial Audio UK has a key commitment to training the sound engineers of the future. One of the ways that the company achieves this is through taking training ‘on the road’ to education facilities around the UK. BA (Hons) Live Sound degree students at the Plymouth campus of dBs Music have been the latest to benefit from a session, provided by Yamaha’s Tom Rundle and Chris Irvine.

Founded in 1998, dBs Music provides a range of professional sound courses, aimed at students who want to be a DJ, composer, performer, producer, a live or studio engineer. The Live Sound degree course started in September 2017, with the emphasis very much on practical experience.

dBs has invested in a Yamaha CL5 digital console, plus Rio3224-D and Rio1608-D I/O units, for the course. To give the Live Sound degree students a more comprehensive rundown on Yamaha’s digital mixing systems, Tom and Chris travelled to Plymouth with QL5, TF5 and TF3 consoles, a second CL5, plus DXR10 loudspeakers and headphones.

“An important part of our Live Sound degree is guest lectures and technical presentations to enhance the curriculum, allowing students to see the latest technologies and to network with audio professionals and subject experts,” says course leader Jim Parsons.

“We have a long relationship with Yamaha Commercial Audio and it was an excellent next step to get an expert like Tom to explain the more complex aspects of our CL5, as well as demonstrating other consoles in Yamaha’s digital range.”

Tom led the day with a series of practical exercises, as well as answering questions from the students throughout the sessions.

“It was important to give the students plenty of opportunity for hands-on experience, as well as working on a range of Yamaha desks, which can be found on everything from small corporate presentations and club gigs to festivals and tours by global acts,” he says.

“Everything ran seamlessly, thanks in part to the Dante networking of the console range. Students really enjoyed the experience, especially the hands-on time and the informal networking with Tom and Chris,” Jim concludes.

16th March 2018

Green Hippo SHAPE: 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass Draws an International Crowd

Green Hippo SHAPE: 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass Draws an International Crowd
Green Hippo SHAPE: 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass Draws an International Crowd

UK – This month saw Green Hippo hold its 3D projection mapping masterclass at Down Hall Hotel and Spa in Essex. The masterclass training course offered a deep dive into all things SHAPE and 3D projection mapping, and attracted participants from Dubai, Greece, Hungary, and Switzerland, as well as from all over the United Kingdom.

The 3D projection mapping masterclass event involved ten members of Green Hippo, plus two representatives from A.C. Entertainment Technologies, Green Hippo’s UK distributor and two trainers from Notch, the game-changing real-time visual creation tool that keeps up with users' ideas.

A unique aspect of this course was the opportunity for attendees to get ‘hands on’ 3D projection mapping experience. At the conclusion of day, once classroom sessions, delegates headed outdoors to pre-prepared projection mapping stations, equipped with Green Hippo kit, and eight HD Panasonic projectors, provided by VER.

The beginners’ area (at the beginning of the course, the masterclass was divided into two groups based on knowledge of SHAPE) counted four stations, all equipped with Hippotizer Taiga media servers or Hippotizer Taiga+, and each powering a projector. The advanced section was set up with a Hippotizer Montane+ outputting into a single 4K feed, splitting into four HD outputs via an Fx4 SDI. With practical input from the training team, the first group lined up the four projectors to produce a singular output, which was projected on to the building. The Montane+ system controlled four projectors each covering a section of a different building.

Day one ended with dinner and drinks in the hotel and day two opened with further presentations, closing with a question and answer session. Continuing the ‘real world’ theme, the training rooms were extensively equipped with the latest kit, including Green Hippo tech, as well as staging and cabling provided by NKN Productions. During the masterclass training, topics covered included alignment, blending/masking, content workflows, model creation, network manager, object manipulation, output manager, texture manager, vertex editing and warping, as well as case study tips and tools.

James Roth, head of sales and marketing at Green Hippo, commented: “This really was more than ‘just’ a training course. The classroom sessions are, of course, key, but the addition of hands-on sessions takes the learning experience on to a whole new level. Feedback from the delegates was wholly positive, and the training team reported that progress made by all attendees was exceptional. A big thanks to all concerned, including all of those behind the scenes involved in setting up this unique event.”
To check dates and details upcoming Green Hippo training courses please email

Green Hippo SHAPE: 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass Draws an International CrowdGreen Hippo SHAPE: 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass Draws an International Crowd

14th March 2018

Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance Launches Full-Time Online Theatre Studies Degree for under £6000

Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance Launches Full-Time Online Theatre Studies Degree for under £6000
Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance Launches Full-Time Online Theatre Studies Degree for under £6000

UK - Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance has announced a new full-time online BA (Hons) Theatre Studies degree as an affordable alternative route to more traditional undergraduate programmes.

Students opting to enrol on the three-year online degree course from September 2018 will pay from £5760 per year compared to the maximum undergraduate fee of £9250. In addition students will be saving on student living costs as they can access the modules remotely.

The programme offers students a comprehensive range of online modules led by a team of expert practitioner-academics, providing both theoretical and practice-based perspectives as they study working theatres, practitioners, playwrights and directors alongside theatre studies at large.

The College has been running a part-time distance learning programme in Theatre Studies for over 20 years with graduates progressing into a range of careers including directing, arts administration and teaching.

Programme director, Jayne Richards believes the full-time route will prove equally as popular: “Using our experience of developing a part-time online programme for mature students, we believe we have created a comprehensive but flexible programme of study to equip a diverse range of students.

They will receive a rigorous academic grounding in the practices, histories, contexts and methodologies of a very wide spectrum of theatre and performance-related subjects, as well as core transferable skills, which they can use in their chosen profession.”

The College’s principal, Clarie Middleton, says the awarding of Taught Degree Awarding Powers (TDAP) in 2017 has given the College greater flexibility to meet students and industry needs: “Gaining TDAP has allowed us to develop alternative, flexible and affordable provision with clear progression routes into employment. The onus is on higher education institutions, like ourselves, to encourage students from a non-traditional university background to consider studying for a degree.”

In addition to the BA (Hons) Theatre Studies programme the College also offers flexible online programmes in BA (Hons) Music Studies and BA (Hons) Opera Studies.

Full course and application details can be found at

photos: Photo credit Michael O’Reilly

12th March 2018

HD Pro Audio Holds Technology Workshop for Yamaha, Shure, KLANG and Dante

HD Pro Audio Holds Technology Workshop for Yamaha, Shure, KLANG and Dante

UK – HD Pro Audio has announced its next Technology Workshop, taking place in the Oak Room on the 4th floor of London's Hospital Club in Covent Garden on the 19th March from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

The presentations will include system design, setup and pro tips for Yamaha CL and QL consoles with RIO interfaces and a session on the new Shure Axient digital wireless microphones with Wireless Workbench 6 software. There will also be a demonstration of the new KOS 3.0 software, which introduces a host of new features including parametric EQ for KLANG:technologies unique 3D In Ear Mixing system. Audinate's Dante audio network protocol will be a common theme throughout, so this is a great opportunity to pick up some audio networking knowledge too.

Manufacturers' representatives will be on hand to provide a comprehensive overview of all technologies on show, as well as hands-on demonstrations. The event is free but numbers are limited, so anyone wishing to attend should book their place as soon as possible online at or by email to    

“Our previous workshops have proved popular and successful,” commented HD Pro Audio’s sales director, Andy Huffer. “It’s a chance to for attendees to familiarise themselves with new products and real life use of advanced technologies, in a relaxed environment with experienced professionals on hand to discuss and answer questions.”

7th March 2018

Eleven ESTA Proposed Standards in Public Review

Eleven documents are available for public review at no cost on the ESTA website at In order of comment due date and then alpha-numeric designation, the documents are:

BSR E1.6-1, Entertainment Technology – Powered Hoist Systems, establishes requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, inspection, and maintenance of powered hoist systems for lifting and suspension of loads for performance, presentation, and theatrical production. This standard does not apply to the structure to which the hoist is attached, attachment of loads to the load carrying device, systems for flying people, welded link chain hoists, and manually powered hoists. Comments are due before February 20, 2018.

BSR E1.46, Standard for the Prevention of Falls from Theatrical Stages and Raised Performance Platforms, offers guidance appropriate for theatrical venues on preventing falls from stages into orchestra pits, open stage lifts, and similar openings in stage floors. Comments are due before March 13, 2018.

The following nine documents all have comment due dates of April 9, 2018; comments must be submitted before April 10.

BSR E1.11, Entertainment Technology - USITT DMX512-A - Asynchronous Serial Digital Data Transmission Standard for Controlling Lighting Equipment and Accessories, describes a protocol for transmitting digital data over an EIA-485-A datalink for the purpose of controlling entertainment lighting equipment and accessories, such as dimmers, robotic luminaires, color changers, and motion effects wheels.The protocol is not intended to be used to control equipment where injury to people or damage to property could result from a message error. The existing E1.11 standard is being considered for reaffirmation without any substantive changes.  

BSR ES1.19, Safety Requirements for Special Event Structures, is one part of a larger suite of ES1 standards relating to special event safety being developed. This draft standard covers any temporary structure used for special events (e.g., concerts, award shows, dramatic plays) not otherwise addressed by existing standards, codes, or legislation. The purpose of this document is to identify design, fabrication, operation and use, inspection and maintenance requirements for the structures included in its scope. 

BSR E1.30-11, EPI 33 - ACN Root Layer Protocol Operation on TCP, is part of the E1.30 suite of standards documents that specify how conforming implementations are to operate in a particular environment or situation in order to guarantee interoperability. This part of E1.30, EPI 33, is an interoperability profile that specifies the operation and formats for the ACN Root Layer Protocol operating on TCP.

BSR E1.33 - 201x, Entertainment Technology - (RDMnet) -- Message Transport and Device Management of ANSI E1.20 (RDM) over IP Networks, describes a method of implementing ANSI E1.20 Remote Device Management messaging over an IP-based network. BSR E1.37-7 (also in public review) is closely tied to this document.

BSR E1.37-4, Remote Device Management over DMX512 Networks – File Transfer Control with Firmware Upload Capabilities, is part of the E1.37 project. It provides developers of RDM responder hardware with a standard means of implementing firmware upload using the basic communication structure provided by the ANSI E1.20 RDM standard. The design approach is intended to facilitate data transfers to responders that may be built using processors with very limited memory resources as well as devices that can support the largest possible [RDM] packet.

BSR E1.37-7, Additional Message Sets for ANSI E1.20 (RDM) - Gateway & Splitter Messages, provides additional Get/Set Parameter Messages for use with the ANSI E1.20 Remote Device Management protocol. This document contains messages relating to configuring managed splitters, proxy devices, and RDMnet Devices. It is closely tied to E1.33.

BSR E1.42 - 20xx, Entertainment Technology - Design, Installation, and Use of Orchestra Pit Lifts, covers the design, construction, operation, inspection, testing, maintenance, alteration and repair of permanently installed orchestra pit lifts and their associated parts, rooms, spaces, enclosures and hoistways, where located in a theatre or a similar place of public entertainment.

BSR E1.56, Entertainment Technology - Rigging Support Points, provides guidance for the design, fabrication, installation, and testing of permanent and temporary rigging points and rigging lugs and their connection to existing building and venue structures.

BSR E1.60, Guidelines for the Use of Raked Stages in Live Performance Environments, is intended to provide guidance for the use of raked stages in live performance environments. The standard intends to define a rake, and to offer guidance for production elements to mitigate the risks for the protection of actors and technicians.

13th February 2018

PLASA Rolls Out Professional Development Training Events for 2018

PLASA Rolls Out Professional Development Training Events for 2018

UK - PLASA, the professional lighting and sound association, has announced a new programme of professional development and networking events to support members and non-members working within the industry.

The training courses and workshops have been developed to be relevant to the current business climate and aim to provide cost-effective, tailored professional development. Every PD event will host a limited number of delegates allowing for a personalised and supportive experience with specialist tutors.

The first training event of the year is a two-day course for Sales Management Training on 20th February and 20th March. This course is aimed at sales managers who wish to significantly improve their team’s sales performance, those in a technical role who have been promoted to managing sales, or senior company members in need of a refresh

Steve Ramos of Rosco, who previously attended this course, comments: "The sales management course run by PLASA was focused on the industry we live in enabling us to very quickly identify and learn from the challenges that were common to each attendee."

An intensive one-day workshop in Brand, Communication and Strategy takes place on 28th February which explores the importance of developing unique branding, strong marketing and clear communications for business growth. This workshop is the ideal opportunity to learn how to stand out in a loud and crowded marketplace

Gareth Coleman, director of international sales for OHM (UK) attended this workshop last year and adds: "This fantastic group-based course has equipped me with the necessary skills (and beyond) to move my company's programme into the modern world, using every word, image and placement to their full potential."

As well as sales and marketing, PLASA will be organising a range of topical workshops throughout 2018 in the areas of human resources, management development, health and safety, general data protection regulation (GDPR), industry technical and many more.

Nicky Greet, director of PLASA membership, skills and technical comments: "We have had some great feedback from these workshops. We ensure our presenters understand the industry in the context of what they deliver to have real lasting impact. This coupled with learning alongside industry colleagues makes the time out of the office really valuable."

Further information about PLASA’s training events can be found at:

13th February 2018

Audiologic Introduces The Learning Space

Audiologic Introduces The Learning Space
Audiologic Introduces The Learning Space

UK – The Audiologic team has announced the establishment of a brand new demonstration and education facility at its Harlow headquarters. Construction of The Audiologic Learning Space began in August when the company expanded the size of its operation to meet ever-increasing demand for its products and services. A feature of the planned expansion was to create a bespoke space that would allow customers to visit and witness product demonstrations, receive hands-on training and work closely with the Audiologic team on project planning and product selection. This aim has now been realised.

The multi-room Learning Space features permanently installed products from across the Audiologic portfolio, as well as the capacity to set up temporary systems for demonstration and training purposes. This supports both Audiologic’s own bespoke training sessions and those of its suppliers who will be able to deliver their own specific education and demonstration events. The spaces can be used in multiple configurations allowing the simulation of project environments such as boardroom, huddle-space, studio and so on.

Sales and marketing director at Audiologic, Andy Lewis sees the development of the Learning Space as exciting and important in equal measure: “Audiologic is not just a distributor or shifter of boxes, we’re so much more than that. The development of the Learning Space is another tangible commitment in offering our customers the best possible ongoing support. In today’s technological climate, education and training in the AV field has never been more important. Amongst our extensive portfolio of products lie the solutions to every audio challenge to be faced but selection of the right products is critical to achieving the ultimate marriage of quality and value. By enabling our customers to come in and see a variety of products in action and discuss with our expert team the most effective path to successful outcomes, we believe we are offering them the indisputable advantages of experience, detailed consultation and better-informed choices.”

It is not just Audiologic’s customers who are set to benefit from the new Learning Space. Suppliers too will benefit by virtue of their products being more easily accessed by customers in a physical sense – whether this is driven by the brand’s own targeted training or customer curiosity – integrators (and their customers) can arrange to see products in action.

Lewis concludes: “The case for the Learning Space being of benefit to customers, end-users and suppliers is clear but it’s also worth making the point that it will be of huge benefit to us as well! Anything that brings us closer to our customers is good for business as it presents us with an opportunity to demonstrate not only products but also the depth and breadth of expertise within the Audiologic team. This goes a long way to cementing customer confidence in the fact that we can assist from the outset of a project through to its successful conclusion. By closely interacting with our customers, we can also gain valuable feedback that contributes to the way we shape our training. The whole concept is a definite win-win.”

The Audiologic Learning Space facilities include:

  • Room to accommodate 16 participants in the main training area equipped with 4m 4K projection wall.
  • Dedicated huddle space suitable for ‘hands on’ with products, or as an informal meeting area for up to six people.
  • Boardroom with seating for up to 10 people. This space can be used for formal meetings or demonstrations in an authentic space. 
  • Bluejeans VC end-point and QSC PTZ cameras with Q-sys Core 110f DSP throughout.
  • Cabling for up to 80 speaker points (free-standing, wall-mounted and ceiling) allowing for multiple combinations of speakers and amplifiers in a fully flexible demonstration space.
  • Permanently installed equipment includes Shure MXA and MXW ranges of microphone technology, Sennheiser MobileConnect and SpeechLine ranges with speakers and amplifiers from QSC, Nexo, Ecler, Audica and AMC.
  • Structured CAT6 cabling throughout all the spaces with HDMI switching between all the rooms.

7th February 2018

Martin Audio Extends Successful Webinar Training

Martin Audio Extends Successful Webinar Training

Owing to popular demand, Martin Audio has extended its successful series of monthly educational webinars to include additional products, software platforms and now guest presenters on application deployment.

A major development in Martin Audio's training initiative, these live sessions started back in October 2017, initially conducted by members of its product support group, and offered to audio professionals wishing to leverage Martin Audio's technologies. These webinars, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, are available free-of-charge and also provide the opportunity for an interactive Q&A.

Martin Audio's director of marketing, James King, commented: “We’ve been delighted with the take-up so far, with over 100 people participating in each of the modules around the world. Such has been the success that we’ve extended the modules to cover more products and software, and I’m delighted to announce we are also introducing guest speakers.” The first of these will be eminent FOH engineer, Simon Honywill.

“Simon has been a long term advocate of Martin Audio and his experiences of MLA in particular are rich and engaging,” continued King. “I’m delighted that he will conduct two new webinars, one on MLA Mini and one on MLA at Festivals.”

Simon Honywill added: “I’m delighted to take part in this series. I have lots of insights and stories to share which I think will be of interest to fellow professionals in how to maximise the use of Martin Audio products, particularly the MLA series.”

23rd January 2018

Green Hippo SHAPE: 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass – it’s the real thing

Green Hippo SHAPE: 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass – it’s the real thing

UK – Green Hippo has announced the ultimate 3D projection mapping masterclass experience. Led by the company’s HippoSchool training division, the projection mapping masterclass will take place in February and will deliver invaluable understanding of SHAPE, the hugely powerful projection mapping feature of Green Hippo’s award-winning Hippotizer V4 software.

The beauty of this course is not just the in-depth knowledge and expert training on offer, but also its ‘real world’ experience; after completion of the course, all delegates will immediately be able to practice what the Green Hippo team has just preached by projecting directly on to the Down Hall Hotel & Spa venue. The two-day event includes training, one night’s accommodation, plus breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Offering a mixture of instructor-led classes, small group exercises, case studies and real-world mapping, this masterclass is a unique opportunity to further delegates knowledge of working in 3D. Suitable for Hippotizer V4 users of all skill levels, the masterclass will be divided into segments to match course work with experience level. Green Hippo will cover a wide range of topics from basic set-up through to advanced generative content workflows. In the evening, multiple projection mapping stations will allow students to practice projector line-up, warping, masking and blending on the hotel. Later in the evening we will cover texturing methods, DMX control and using Notch in SHAPE.

To secure a place on the course please register online here.

Green Hippo SHAPE: 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass 13th - 14th February 2018
Down Hall Hotel & Spa (Matching Road, Hatfield Heath, Essex CM22 7AS)

18th January 2018

The Association of Lighting Designers (ALD) Launches the 2018 Lumiere Scheme

The Association of Lighting Designers (ALD) Launches the 2018 Lumiere Scheme

UK – At this year’s Annual Lighting Lunch, which took place in London on Monday, 18th December, the Association of Lighting Designers (ALD) announced that 2018 would herald the first full-year Lumière Scheme, which will run in continued partnership with Chichester Festival Theatre.

The scheme underlines the ALD’s steadfast commitment to emerging talent, enabling them to work in mainstream theatre with established lighting designers, fostering important relationships with those whom they may work again as assistants or associates on future projects. They will receive first-hand experience of the collaborative nature of creative teams together with knowledge of how various departments work together, creating further opportunities in the industry as they develop their careers.

Having previously run two successful six-month pilot schemes, the intention is to build up to three Lumières per year. ALD Chair Johanna Town explains how this step will develop the role and status of the lighting designer, “Every year that we run the Lumière Scheme in three venues, it means that that there will be at least 36 shows happening in the UK with a paid assistant working on them. Surely the producing managements will start to take notice, so that lighting designers can have the support we need to make better art – and with investment in people.”

The Lumière Scheme is designed to transform the working life of a lighting designer through opportunities and connection. As a successful participant of the pilot scheme, Rachel Cleary states: “Having now come to the end of my period as a Lumière, I cannot believe how lucky I am to have been part of this wonderful new scheme. Being able to work on a variety of different shows and with so many amazing people has been such a fantastic opportunity!”

The successful applicant of this year’s Lumière Scheme will, amongst other qualifications, be based in the UK, be a fully-paid member of the ALD, have lighting design experience, demonstrate a solid understanding of lighting and the production process and possess a strong commitment to developing a career as a lighting designer.

The scheme will start on April 27th, 2018, working at Chichester Festival Theatre for six months before spending the second half of the project being mentored directly by a selected group of well-known LDs. The closing date for applications is 6pm on January 31st 2018.

For further information and to apply for the ALD’s 2018 Lumière Scheme, head toère-scheme

22nd December 2017