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August 2013
Source Four LEDs Get Cyc-ed Up
When ETC began developing a lighting product for
cycloramas, the company didn’t want to introduce just
another cyc light on the market. It had to meet several
requirements to be deserving of the ETC brand: the
light would be bright, easy to use, provide seamless
coverage, and comply with the high standards ETC
sets for its products. The result is the Source Four
LED CYC, an adapter that affixes to any Source Four
LED luminaire, transforming it into a powerful tool to
illuminate cycloramas.
Using the x7 Color System, which combines up to
seven LED colours in one unit, Source Four LED
luminaires can provide a nearly limitless range of colours, from pure whites to refined pastels
and vibrant, saturated hues.
With the introduction of the Source Four LED CYC accessory, that colour flexibility can now be
applied to cycloramas. “The Source Four LED CYC can really jazz up monochromatic cloths,
and designers can experiment with bold as well as the most subtle and energy efficient colours,”
says ETC entertainment marketing manager Matt Armendariz-Kerr. “Painted cloths get the
biggest benefits. Designers can tweak the Source Four LED CYC’s colour to bring out or tone
down certain hues, completely changing the mood of a scene.”
With the strong beam that the Source Four family is known for, the Source Four LED CYC
can evenly distribute light across the cyclorama, so no gaps or seams are visible between the
“It’s great to see how really smooth the coverage is,” says ETC fixtures product manager Jim
Uphoff. “It’s hard to believe that the light comes from an LED.”
The Source Four LED CYC is a convenient and budget-friendly addition to stocks of luminaires,
because of the Source Four LED’s multi-purpose functionality. “Most venues keep a stock of
lights that can only be used to light cycloramas,” explains Uphoff. “If a show doesn’t have a
backdrop, those expensive fixtures are put back in storage.
The Source Four LED is much more versatile, because the CYC adapter can be removed when
a backdrop is not needed, and the luminaire can be used with traditional lens barrels to light
another part of the stage.”
Setup time is also greatly reduced with the Source Four LED CYC. Says Armendariz-Kerr: “You
don’t need a PhD in lensing to use the Source Four LED CYC. Designers can just apply the cyc-
lighting knowledge they already have. As soon as the CYC adapter is added to a Source Four
LED, it’s ready to use.”
Dry Hire Growth with
“It’s a busy time; we’ve just purchased
another large batch of Clay Paky Sharpys
for our rental inventory and they arrive this
week, yet we’ll still have to sub’ in a few extra
lights to keep our regular clients happy.” Rob
Merrilees at Dry Hire Lighting is managing
growth with a wise head; note how he wasn’t
tempted to buy just a few more to fill that
equipment gap.
“We will take those extra lights, check and
prepare them to our standards, then off they
‘Our standards’ seems to be what sets
Dry Hire apart, look at their website and
the intention is clear, ‘providing lighting
equipment to professional rental companies’,
it says. “We don’t rent to end users, we don’t
do production. This is plain black box rental,”
Merrilees confirmed.
The company has grown five-fold in the 12
months since foundation in August 2012.
“We build our relationships steadily. The
investment we have made in Clay Paky
equipment has been an important part of
that growth; their distributor Ambersphere
has given us fantastic support and truth
is, the range of lights Clay Paky has is
what everyone is asking for. We stock just
about every model in the range now, from
the 190W Sharpys right up to the 1500W
Shotlights,” explains Merrilees.
As if to underline that statement Merriless
added that “besides the Sharpys, we will also
receive our first Aleda K10s and K20s this
first demonstrated these to us we thought,
well there are plenty of comparable LED
heads already established in the market. ‘It’s
the right time’ said Glyn, ‘these are brighter,
faster and you can pixel map to them’. That’s
how pro-active Ambersphere are, and he
was right. Like the Sharpys, these too will be
going straight out. You can apply the same
rationale to the Sharpy Wash, another light
we have recently invested in; yes there are
comparably featured moving heads already
in existence, but the Sharpy Wash is more
compact and lighter; for a 330W lamp that’s
amazing and it’s why they will become
increasingly popular.”
Dry Hire’s continued growth looks assured.
“We set ourselves very high standards and
we expect the same from our suppliers,
that’s why we’re so satisfied with the back-
up and service we get from Ambersphere.
They go that extra mile, and that’s exactly
what we deliver to our customers.”
In picture: Rob Merrilees and
Nic Tolkien of Dry Hire with Glyn
O’Donohue (centre)
Showline SL NITRO 510 LED Strobe Luminaires
Now Shipping
Philips Entertainment has announced that Showline SL NITRO
510 LED Strobe luminaires are now shipping worldwide. Following
their successful debut at Prolight + Sound 2013, the SL NITRO
510 is a cutting-edge, LED-based strobe that provides intense
bursts of light and dynamic effects with over 1300 high-powered
LEDs. To ensure maximum performance and an even distribution
of light throughout your performance, the SL NITRO 510 also
includes features such as continuous-on and continuous full strobe capabilities making it a truly
revolutionary strobe luminaire unlike any seen before.
“The SL NITRO 510 is extremely unique and more versatile than any other strobe currently on
the market,” began Brad Schiller, Showline product marketing manager. “It uses less power than
traditional strobes, yet is extremely bright at over 68,000 lumens. It also has six programmable
zones to create a multitude of looks and it can be used as a featured light source through the
continuous duty cycle where the LEDs can be on at full for nearly unlimited amounts of time
without any loss in output.”
Currently in-stock at rental companies such as Neg Earth in the UK, SL NITRO 510 LED luminaires
include a built-in quick-connect system that allows them to easily connect together in both
horizontal and vertical orientations. The connection pins lock fixtures together while maintaining
a perfect pixel pitch alignment of each fixture’s six programmable zones. Additionally, to ensure
they fit perfectly into the Showline family, SL NITRO 510 luminaires can quickly connect with SL
BAR 520 luminaires to provide total creative flexibility to any lighting design. When the units are
combined, both the pixels of the SL BAR 520 and the zones of the SL NITRO 510 align allowing
symmetry and unlimited design possibilities.
Schiller concluded: “With its tightly-packed array of high-power LEDs, the SL NITRO 510 is
an LED strobe light built to be a strobe light, and the innovative quick-connect feature allows
unprecedented freedom of design. As more luminaires continue to make their way into our
Authorized Dealerships worldwide, we are excited to experience the new and interesting
applications that entertainment lighting designers around the world can now create with the SL
NITRO 510 LED Strobe.”