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Issue: 246
5 Star Launches New Industrial Rack
flightcase manufacturer 5
Star Cases has launched a
revised range of ‘Industrial
Rack’ products aimed at
professional lighting, sound
and video applications, and
also to house telemetry and
telecoms equipment for
installations and mobile use.
The Industrial Rack range
is currently available in
variants of 4U to 20U – in increments of 2U – to offer full flexibility
to users and specifiers working in different sectors. The rack shells
are made from 9 mm birch ply with a high-pressure laminate (HPL)
exterior, and like all 5 Star products, are built to rugged, high quality
specifications and tough enough for the most exacting environments.
Eight standard HPL colours are currently available offering a variety of
smart, dynamic finishes. The main body depth is a standard 550mm,
complete with 62 mm deep internal removable doors. The racks are
fitted with front and rear punched steel rack strip, together with quality
Penn Elcom butterfly catches and recessed handles.
Premium 4” inch casters are available as an option. Two of these
are standard and two are braked for hold position when stationary or
during transportation. Rear door casters fitted to plywood runners are
available for the 12U upward models, and these tip-able racks are also
fitted with an additional four handles down the sides in the crossed
configuration – for ease of handling. M6 rack nuts, bolts and washers
are all included in the price.
The range has been designed and built in the UK at 5 Star’s extensive
manufacturing facility in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, and further
expands their already comprehensive choice of excellent off-the-
shelf flightcase products. Custom orders can be designed and built
as required.
City Theatrical Launches New
Version of SHoW Baby
City Theatrical is launching a new
version of the SHoW DMX SHoW Baby
wireless DMX system called SHoW
DMX SHoW Baby 5.
SHoW Baby 5 now has five SHoW
IDs, allowing systems to be scaled up
to multi universe broadcasts by using
more than one transmitter, or as a way
of avoiding interference from other
SHoW Babys in the area. SHoW Baby
5 is still plug and play. Each unit is a
transceiver and by plugging a DMX
cable IN, it automatically selects itself to be a Transmitter. If nothing is
plugged into the DMX IN port, it selects itself to be a Receiver.
SHoW Baby 5 is the same price as the original SHoW Baby and is
compatible with all existing SHoW Babys in the world. There are still
seven indicator lights on the front of the SHoW Baby, four for signal
strength, one to designate whether it is a Transmitter, one to designate
whether it is a Receiver, and a data present light. In the SHoW Baby
5, the data light (now labeled ID/Data) serves a second purpose, and
this is to designate the SHoW ID. A small indented button on the back
of the unit, when pushed, cycles through the five SHoW IDs, and
the user selects the same ID/Data lightcolor for the Transmitter and
all intended Receivers. If there are two SHoW Baby systems in an
area, or if a user needs to scale up a multi universe system by adding
additional Transmitters, he needs only to select a different color of ID/
Data light.
All SHoW Babys are still compatible with the full SHoW DMX Neo
system and can be used as receivers on that system. The SHoW Baby
5 is available with either five pin or three pin XLR connectors.