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August 2013
face of challenging economic conditions
The LEDWash range was soon expanded
to include 300, 800 and 1200 versions, all
built to the same high quality standards,
with seamless colour mixing and a smooth
homogenised output that eliminated any
‘blockiness’. Together with Robe’s innate
reliability and addressing the major issues
of first generation products of its class,
Robe’s LEDWashes are enormously
popular across all sectors.
In 2010 the reconstruction of “the old
bakery” building in Valašské Meziříčí was
completed and all Robe offices in Hazovice
moved to the new premises, which drew
the whole Robe family together in its
central location. The year 2010 also saw
Robe establish a new subsidiary in The
United Arab Emirates – Robe U.A.E with a
head office in Abu Dhabi.
In 2012 Robe Lighting had its most
successful year to date with a record
turnover. Their new showroom and
hospitality facility in Valmez was finished
and hundreds of visitors, including lighting
designers and customers from around the
world, were hosted.
Robe’s ROBIN series has also been
steadily expanded to include the DL range
of fixtures – DLX Spot, DLS Profile and
DLF Fresnel – together with the MMX Spot
and MMX WashBeam and the tiny super-
bright LEDBeam 100, all of which embrace
the principles of ‘smaller-brighter-lighter’
These all underline a progressive approach
to product design and development and the
future, coupled with a genuine commitment
to producing more environmentally
sustainable technology … minus any
performance compromises.
This philosophy which at the core of Robe’s
current strategies, is also very close to
Marketing manager Jiri Baros with Robe’s
PLASA Innovation Award for the DLF Wash.
Josef Valchar with Robe UK managing director Mick Hanaford at PLASA Focus Leeds 2013.
Anolis fixtures on test.
Another area of the expansive production facilities at
Valašské Meziříčí.