Page 17 - Entertainmnet Technology 246 - August 2013

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Issue: 246
Robe ROBIN Pointe
The ROBIN Pointe, the latest luminaire
from Robe, and launched at Pro
Light+Sound in Frankfurt earlier this
year, is a new hugely dynamic beam,
spot and wash fixture from Robe –
a small, super-bright and very fast
‘signature’ unit with an intense and
sharp parallel beam … plus a host of
features making it a truly unique and
versatile light source. These include
a 5 – 20 degree zoom with full focus
control, variable frost, two separate
prism effects, a rotating and a static
gobo wheel and inbuilt colour wheel.
The lightsource is a 280W Osram
discharge lamp making the Pointe
a dynamic fixture for using to create
‘wow’ factors on a large and small scale
whilst also embracing Robe’s ‘smaller,
lighter, brighter’ and more eco-friendly
philosophy. Special characteristics
include phenomenal speed and an
impressive list of additional creative
features like the zoom, linear and
circular rotating prisms, rotating and
static gobo wheels … all of which set
it above the rest! A custom developed
homogeniser works with the rotating
gobos to spread the light evenly and
achieve optimum projection quality.
A variable frost effect instantly
transforms the output into that of an
efficient wash light.
Robe gets to The Pointe in delivering a
robustly built, reliable fixture weighing
just 15.2kg to meet LD’s wish-lists!
LD Leggy, lighting director / operator Alex ‘Junior’ Cerio – used Pointes (on their first live
event in Europe) at the DR2 Plaza Festival in Hannover.
Tom Kenny was the LD at the Beacon Theatre in New York. where he used 24 Pointes and
LEDWash 600s.
Robe Pointes in action
Valchar’s heart, and echoed right through
the company.
Bang up to date, in April this year Robe
organised its 5th International Distributors
Conference just ahead of the 2013
Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt,
which was attended by nearly 200
people. And, as you will have noted in
the July edition of this magazine, Robe
was the main sponsor and co-organiser
of the Showlight 2013 conference in the
picturesque town of Český Krumlov, a
UNESCO heritage site.
Today, over 330 empoyees work at
Robe’s primary 20,000 square metre
facility in Valašské Meziříčí, and the
products are exported via a worldwide
distributor network to over 90 countries
across all continents. The administration
side of the company is in a constant
state of expansion to keep pace with the
increases in production.
Central to the company philosophy is
the practice of working as closely with
their business partners and end users
as possible, listening to their needs,
thoughts and wishes and understanding
their markets. “Knowing that our business
is based on numerous individuals we
endeavour to meet as many of them face-
to-face as possible,” says Josef Valchar.
“Building the ‘Robe Family’ means that all
comments and feedback are welcome.”
The Robe brand is currently still
experiencing growth in all sectors, and the
products can be found on stages, in concert
halls and TV studios and illuminating
buildings and other structures worldwide.
The future is full of ambitious plans
and ideas. Robe continues to focus on
designing and producing well-engineered
products utilising the very latest available
technology to meet the creative, technical
and practical demands of their wide range
of users and investors.